March 4, 2009

Rick Moran on Rush and Newt [Dan Collins]

Rick’s got a post up, analyzing how, in his view, Limbaugh is a political fantasist who is hurting the Republican Party and conservatism in general. I’m not going to reproduce bits and pieces of it here, because it’s longish and you really should go read the thing in its entirety to get the full flavor of Rick’s complaint. To gloss, though, he’s saying in effect that classical liberals such as PWers are revanchists, and he completely cedes to the cynical framing of the issue that, if his piece is any indication, Emanuel, Begala, Stephanopoulos, Carville, Gibbs and company have aimed for successfully. Put aside for a moment “bellweather” and “appropos”–an overused and generally misapplied expression even when spelled correctly–and consider the claim that anyone who was anybody in conservative circles was at CPAC, with the possible exception of centrists. The arrogant chuckleheadedness of this formulation is nicely dispatched (in anticipation) by Jeff, when he says,

We OUTLAWS are, it seems to me, the real lost middle — the legal conservatives and classical liberals who have been framed, on the one hand, as rabid rightwingers by both progressives and big government GOP “pragmatists,” or else completely marginalized on the other by those on the right who have, through various market forces and (I suspect) a bit of self selection, come to be the filters for what kinds of arguments get read and considered.

And as both Jeff and Mike remind us, there is no advantage to ceding to the premises afforded us by progressive oppo researchers and gleefully repeated in the MSM. It is a losing strategy from the start. It may well be a mature thing to recognize that the social welfare state as it presently exists will not be dismantled, but that it’s not a realistic political prospect doesn’t mean that it’s not a useful philosophical objective and a necessary heuristic correlative to the Marxist Utopianism that is being foisted on us in the guise of hope and change–a utopianism that historically has never ended in increased quality of life for those who live under it, and that has never even been as fully realized as Jeffersonian yeoman landholder-ism.

Rick Moran thinks that it’s unreasonable to assume that people will willingly dispense with the benefits that they receive at present from The State. Perhaps that’s so, but it’s also so that Obama and company intend to grow The State to encompass more and more of the benefits that have been distributed by private entities. What he doesn’t speak to, and what Rush Limbaugh among others does, is the costs side of the ledger. Who needs to invest more in their education? Doctors, or lawyers? Why is one class, that represents real scientific knowledge, now going to be forced to subserve the agenda of the other, enforced by bean-counters and public relations morons who have no understanding of the practice of medicine? By all means, ferret out the waste in our health care system, but while you’re at it, why don’t you start to consider what the costs to our society are from nuisance lawsuits and insane malpractice payouts? If we can have high quality low cost health care for all, why cannot we also have high quality low cost legal representation for all? Hmmm?

Maybe, by educating people about the strings that come attached with all that government largesse, wrenched out of their pockets to be partially re-bestowed on them by people who understand their best interests better than they, people can be stirred to say, “Fuck you,” which really is the appropriate response.

Addendum: Insty thinks that Steele might have chosen a bad “juncture” at which to go after Limbaugh. I’m not sure what that means, but there it is.

Preston Taylor Holmes has related thoughts about Alan Keyes.

And right on cue, David Plouffe channels Alinsky at the WaPo.

Watching the Republicans operate this past month, it would appear that they missed that unmistakable signal.

Instead, Rush Limbaugh has become their leader.

Limbaugh, of course, told his radio listeners that he’s rooting for President Obama to fail — and hoping the president’s ideas for bolstering our economy fail with him. For many Americans, hungry for leadership and cooperation, this sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard. When Limbaugh reiterated the sentiment this weekend, hundreds of Republican conservatives cheered him on. But instead of rebuking the radio personality or charting their own course, Republican leaders in Washington are paralyzed with fear of crossing their leader. Less than 24 hours after committing the unforgivable sin of criticizing Limbaugh, RNC Chairman Michael Steele felt compelled to publicly apologize. He was not the first and will certainly not be the last.

I liked it better when I was receiving encrypted messages in terrorist videos from Karl Rove.

Warner Todd Huston (who apparently refers to himself by his initials, online . . . glad that his last name doesn’t begin with “F”) talking about this kerfuffle at the B-Cast, yesterday. If you watch the livecast today, say happy birthday to the guy who works with Liz.

Dan Riehl traces anti-Limbaugh ad to . . . well, let’s just say he gets it.

So does Stacy. So, that’s Hendrix, Riehl, Holmes, McCain (the other) who can count themselves among the extremists.

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  1. Rick Moran thinks that it’s unreasonable to assume that people will willingly dispense with the benefits that they receive at present from The State. Perhaps that’s so,

    The trick word there is “willingly.” Isn’t the idea of reform aimed at making people see that life can be better w/o the government hand-out?

    Regardless, this whole discussion makes me depressed. Once again, the democrats have somehow been able to jedi-mind trick conservatives into a squabble while they’re screwing the pooch.

  2. Rush eschewed a teleprompter – to his detriment I think while Newt used the device to say exactly what he meant to say.

    Eschewing a teleprompter is a bad thing? They should be outlawed. If they were, then we mightn’t have this dirty sanchez as President.

    But Limbaugh’s status is a millstone around the neck of conservatism.

    There’s the main reason I won’t ever read Rick Moran.

    As for a ‘civil war’ in the Republican party? We’ve needed that for years. Bring it on.

  3. sorry..should’ve been dirty socialist.

    Or, dirty catechisist, if you want to be like Bill Bennett.

  4. To all those who think moving to the center is a winning strategy:

    1) Which party is in control of both houses of Congress and the presidency?
    2) Have you noticed that party moving to the center? Compromising? “Reaching across the aisle”?

    Barky won because his communist agenda was successfully hidden by the MSM.

    They can still cover for him to some degree, but they won’t be able to paper over the failure of his policies.

    When Joe Sixpack and all his buddies are out of work, change will come, and the backlash won’t be pleasant.

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  6. Well put, Dan. The more the GOP elites run away from actual conservative values and individual liberty, the bigger their asskickings are going to get. And with a filibuster-proof Senate, the donks don’t even need the McCain/Graham/Moran/Morrissey wing of the party! FEMA camps, here we come.

  7. Thanks, Preston. If you know of any bands who might want to play the April 15th Tea Party in DC, tell them to start their preparations.

  8. It disgusts me reading press analysis on how the White House is using the office of the Presidency, and our tax dollars, to smear and attack a private American citizen. The press is providing this “analysis”, and citing how Emanuel is directing it to his buddies in the press, without any fuckin analysis of how disgusting this is. Like this is just normal every day operation of our government. I am sure this makes Rush feel really good knowing his tax dollars go to pay Emanuel while Emanuel is trying to destroy his reputation.

  9. It isn’t surprising that a vacuous, appearances-centric and principally adrift left-progosphere would cartoon not only the right and it’s voices, but also its fundamentals. Look, its Limbaugh! All the better to initiate servitude to the new sec-progg religion of State, eh left? It’s really not something you need to hide anymore.

    Me, I’ve been asking the left to frame its principles for years. Nothing (naturally). Flipping that coin over, I’d be happy to articulate the classical liberal’s platform for any sec-proggs who may happen to stop by:

    Classical liberalism seeks, via original, constitutionally-faithful truths, ethics, principles, historical statements, policies, laws, and history to reinforce, defend, and preserve personal rights, personal property, and personal freedoms.

    The left, not so much. If that game is afoot — and that game is surely afoot — why would its victims, us, piss around playing by its rules?

    The next leftist who rationally articulates a justifiable theory of leftism in America will indeed be the first: The first rule of theft club is you don’t talk about theft club.

  10. But this is a battle Steele, Frum and others should not fight and will not win. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are not the problem, but they are a symptom of the problem which is a vacuum of leadership in the GOP.

    Ronald Reagan was a pragmatic. He was not particularly religious. He was downright moderate in some of the compromises he entered into with Tip O’Neil and the Democratic Congress at the time. But he was at his core conservative, not out of ideological fevor, but because he believed it was the best course for the country. He knew what his goals were and he worked towards those goals.

    It is not that commplicated. Pick GOP leaders committed to smaller government, less taxes, strong defense, pro life. Most of the other social issues fall to the states to handle under federalist issues and judges who do not make law. Bush lost his way on many of those issues and that led to Obama whose goal is to completely abandon those principals.

  11. let me add to the people who don’t seem to get that conservatives are not synonymous with Republicans: I heard Frum on the Hewitt show yesterday toss this bomblet right at the end of his segment — he said that Limbaugh is to the Republicans as Jesse Jackson was to the Democrats.

  12. Did I mention pro 2nd Amendment? That too.

  13. I love the notion that for the Republicans to win, it just needs to become the party of Democrats-lite. You know, maybe instead of fighting for a 3.6 trillion dollar budget, we settle for a 3.55 and instead of multi trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, we settle for just an annual cool tril. I suppose this is why I’m not a registered Republican and probably never will be.

    Has anyone in the media ever asked the Democrats to examine a failed government program and then MADE SURE THEY CUT IT? Baracky said he was going to look for waste in the government…that waste seems to be composed entirely of farm subsidies for Red State farmers (which I would oppose) and the military in general. Has the media ever asked the Democrats if we should either significantly regulate (as per Republican’s request) Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae or if not, privatize them completely and make them feel their losses so the money pit to people who can’t afford their mortgages ceases? We need to stop playing nice with the media. They’re part and parcel of the Democratic party and we shouldn’t give them any credibility whatsoever about being fair.

    I know some of us can get a bit dejected at times these days, but remember, Republicans thought the same in 2004 (only 5 years ago) and some Republican “pundits” were talking about a permanent political realignment. How’d that work out again?

    I think Baracky’s approval ratings are high now because the American electorate is a) generally too busy watching the Bachelor to realize what the government is doing to the country, b) slobbering up the media narrative that Rush Limbaugh is secretly running the country (this will get old by Thursday) and most importantly c) they are more patient and fair than we are about new Presidents in general.

    Does that make us wrong to no longer be patient or fair with him? Of course not. When am I supposed to stop “giving him a chance”? When the budget hits 5 trillion? The people who made the rules are the media bigwigs who cheerled him to the Presidency. Fuck those rules.

    We have no reason to be patient and fair with this President since all of us have been PAYING ATTENTION from 2 years back when this idiot was running his Hopey-Changey campaign. But the electorate has been significantly dumbed down in recent years and public image stories about Michelle’s toned arms or “Isn’t it just the shiz-nit that we have our first black President?” will carry water for another month or so until people start to realize that this guy is incompetent and we never should have entrusted him to run our local McDonalds let alone the Presidency. You’re seeing it now with the mea culpas from various sources. “This is not the Barack Obama I thought I knew.” Of course it was, you were just too stupid to see it.

    Remember, Jimmy Carter had higher approval ratings at this point in his Presidency than Baracky does now. How’d that turn out again? Next time a liberal tells you how popular Baracky is, remind them Bush had 90 percent approval ratings once. How’d that turn out for him?

    Back to the main point, we need to bat away the Republican strategists who want conservatives to join some sort of Democrats-lite party. We need to be the party that stands for limited constitutional government, federalism, low taxes, equality of opportunity and freedom. If nanny-statism, trillion dollar deficits and earmarks are your thing, perhaps you’re in the wrong movement. And if opposing trillion dollar deficits makes me an extremist, then you’re damn fucking right I’m an extremist. And all of our kids will be too some day when they’re paying the bill for the “moderate’s” selfishness today.

  14. Did you hear of Denny’s Octomom special?

    16 eggs, no sausage, and the guy at the next table pays for it all!

  15. Epic fail.

  16. Over this past year and a half I’ve seen this thing happen several times to people I thought I knew well. They are so in love with the city they grew up/live in that they will embrace anyone who hails from it as the best thing since sliced bread. They see the “Chicago way” as the best of all ways. Political Stockholm syndrome.

    Or said shorter. Forget it, Dan. It’s Chicagotown.

  17. It really just gives me the warm and fuzzy to know that mine, and everyones else heres, tax dollars go to pay the salaries of Rahm Emanuel and his staff as they try to get people to hate a radio show host. Really when I pay my taxes this is what I imagine they should go toward.

    Who would have thought in the age of O!fuckinquarius that not only are we responsible for other people’s mortgages, healthcare, and college education, but we are required to pay for the demonization of a private citizen for political gain of some in our government.
    America, Fuck Yeah!!!

  18. “he said that Limbaugh is to the Republicans as Jesse Jackson was to the Democrats.”

    Frum has now got the Democrat’s psychological projection routine, of his own self failings onto his political enemies, down pat. He can soon stop with the nonsense that he has ever been a Republican or Conservative, and like Kim Philby, flee back to the ones who have owned him for many years.

  19. The Democrats are laughing And yeah it bugs the shit out of me Mr. Pink.

  20. Kathleen Parker on the topic.

    Hmmmm. What would Jeff ask her to do?

  21. “And right on cue, David Plouffe channels Alinsky at the WaPo.”

    They’re like fucking parrots.

    “Rush Limbaugh *squawk* Rush Limbaugh *squawk* Rush Limbaugh *squawk*
    Leader of the party! *squawk*”

  22. It will be a lovely little war.

    I read the whole thing and I was gonna respond but then I read that last line and that’s such a faggy thing to say I’m not going to bother. Limbaugh? Bored now.

  23. “Limbaugh, of course, told his radio listeners that he’s rooting for President Obama to fail — and hoping the president’s ideas for bolstering our economy fail with him”

    A clever lie this is.

    What Limbaugh said is he wants the socialist policies of Obama to fail to be enacted and made into law. If someone is trying to kill one I love why would it be wrong to wish that their gun misfires. I along with Limbaugh and millions of others love liberty. I hope Obama has a batch of bad ammo.

  24. I read a transcript of Rush somewhere and he was quoting Alinsky’s book and repeatedly said that there is a difference between Republicans and Conservatives. I’ll tell you what, I think he’s been reading you guys.

    The guy didn’t get as popular as he is by going wishy-washy. And let’s face it, there wouldn’t have been a Republican resurgence in the 90’s without him.

    There will be another conservative resurgence, once the Republican party has been dismantled.

  25. serr8d wrote:

    Eschewing a teleprompter is a bad thing? They should be outlawed. If they were, then we mightn’t have this dirty sanchez as President.

    And I thought (only briefly, serr8d) well that’s silly, it’s just not going to happen in this lifetime. But then I thought, y’know, serr8d might just be on to something here.

    Suppose for a moment that every time Obama stands before a teleprompter to give an address, and in particular a minor address, to use the thing in an introduction of a nominee, for instance, or to use one in any small speech where it likely isn’t necessary but merely convenient, he were to have one or two or three hecklers who shouted nothing more than “Why don’t you speak to us without the teleprompter! Loose the crutch man!” or “Hey, turn that thing off and talk to us as one man would talk to another! Get rid of the lousy teleprompter!” or “Lose the teleprompter! Can’t you speak with notes, is something wrong with you?” and be direct, insistent, focused on the teleprompter, what would happen? If this were to occur over and over, at every speech he gave, if a handful of citizens demanded that he speak directly without the tool, without the crutch, would people begin to notice the “wizard behind the curtain” effects, do you think?

    It’s a decidedly minor thing, I think, taken in the scheme of things as a whole, but it could be a powerful symbol of the confused impotence of the man, if done well.

  26. But what would Teleprompter Jesus be without his teleprompter?

  27. Technicolor?


    This misdirection by Steele helps divert attention from Obama. Steele needs to know his job is to tear down Obama’s failed policies every chance he gets. It is not personal. It should be done in a very civil manner. Do you think Rahm Emanuel worries he might offend someone? Get a backbone and do your job Michael or get the fuck out.

  29. When Limbaugh reiterated the sentiment this weekend, hundreds of Republican conservatives cheered him on.”

    You mean, like all of those folks, including Barak, Michelle, and Mchelle’s children, cheered on that racist hate mongerer Wright at Trinity United most every weekend..?

    That might be a good retort to start any discussion of Limbaugh’s “hating” off with…

    As far as rooting for Obama’s policies to fail? There’s nothing wrong with hoping that policies which lead to ever increasing statism fail. And, in a larger sense, isn’t Dissent! still the highest form of patriotism..?

    I just love the delicious irony and blatant hypocrisy of all the lefties getting their Outrage! on over Rush’s opinions. Especially when they were demonstratively expressing their hopes that Booooooooooooosh! would fail on a daily basis. And, lest anyone forget, they were wishing that horible military tragedies would occur, ones involving the death of multitudes of our soldier, their fellow countrymen, simply in order to advance their political agenda…

    At least we’re concerned with preserving the traditional American way of life and socio-economic system…

    So these points might not be bad to use when arguing about this situation with your left leaning friends, collegues, and relatives…

    Rick Moran is a very good writer, but he is among the Democrat-lite wing of statist enablers, who refer to themselves as “pragmatists” or “moderates”, within the Republican party. In their “pragmatism” vis-a-vis government entitlements, they miss the point that if the Federal budget could be substantially reduced, say by 1/3, and even if taxes were not reduced concomitantly, that the amount of national debt overhang being retired yearly would benefit the economy enourmasly; and not just by driving up the T-bill rates…

    To say that we can’t return to a government of reasonable size as well as minimum interference is to effectively cede the classical liberal oulook and supporting argument a priori. We simply need to soldier on, find better leaders, and more persualsive descriptive analogies and arguments…

  30. Kathleen Parker’s article is absolutely useless. It’s a shame she gets paid to write such nothing.

  31. Kathleen:

    If neither Limbaugh nor Steele is the leader of the GOP, then who is? The answer seems obvious: Mitt Romney… Where Limbaugh wants Obama to fail, Romney wants “our country to succeed, no matter who’s in power. We want America to be prosperous and secure, regardless of who gets the credit … in good times and bad, the interests of this great nation come first.”

    Romney is gonna be president one day like Kathleen Parker is gonna be a respected journalist. What a cheesy slut, both of them.

  32. When is Teh One going to start using the line-item veto to get rid of earmarks and programs that do not work?

  33. If Romney is a cheesy slut, then Timmy Geithner sits in a tub in his office and lets the rest of the cabinet pee on him for $1 a squirt. Think of it. He was a capitalist until he started working for Obama. Now he’s a little fucking environazi, raising the cost of Lucious’s drive to the chicken plant, so Lucious will be forced to invent a way to fuel his car on pork rinds. That little fucker needs someone to hit him with a round point shovel.

  34. Why let the subject be shifted to a talk radio host? The president is destroying the economy with his insane policies. Rush Limbaugh has no power to affect my life. Obama does, is (detrimentally), and wants to do more.

    He could have a lock on worst president in my lifetime by the end of the year. But it’s not his fault. He isn’t paying attention to the day-to-day gyrations of the market. The DOW being off 2000 since he took office is evidently a trend that Harvard doesn’t train one to notice. He can’t even hire people who don’t cheat on their taxes.

    Switch the subject to a radio guy, that’ll fix things. Maybe they won’t notice the pink slips getting handed out by the thousands. I think the supply of “willing suspension of disbelief” is running out. The budget is in trouble. We’ll spend, we just won’t pay. It works for community activists, and even election campaigns, not so much for countries.

    Yeah, pick on a radio host. Moran spells his own name wrong.

  35. Good point. Timmy the Tax Cheat doesn’t have the requisite self-respect to be a cheesy slut.

  36. With all his talk about never being rid of the scheme of the New Deal, Moran might ought to consider these personalities along the lines of the diaeresis plonked down by Virginia Postrel in her The Future and Its Enemies, namely who is the stasist in this picture and who the one willing to trust in genuine change? For my money, you get more change by leaving people free to pursue their interests on their own and less by subsuming their freedoms to government’s discretion.

  37. There is no line item veto.

    We lost 697,000 jobs last month. His plans are working – you can work for the government or starve.

  38. Mark Steyn’s latest in the Corner is spot on. It’s about time the Republican leadership cowboy’s up. Enough of this collegiality, centrist crap. Stop allowing the opposition to frame the debate. Maybe Rush isn’t the best spokesman for the party – who cares? Why fall into the trap set by the opposition? There are plenty of hardline voices on the right – Krauthammer, Steyn etc – who are not advocating this moderate approach. I find it tedious to be told “Limbaugh’s status is a millstone around the neck of conservatism”. He has an important audience that is vital in combating the re-election of Obama, fighting for increased Congressional representation, and generally proving a drag to progressivism.

  39. Anyone want to take a trip with me down memory lane and remember when dissent was patriotic?

  40. Oh Ricky, what a pity, you don’t understand. Anyone yammering about anything other than the dirty socialist perversion of our economy and the enthusiastic depreciation of the prospects our once-great little country doesn’t have their head in the moment. There is no lovely little war, you prissy effete fat-ass do-nothing. The war what the adults are engaged in is the one between dirty socialists and people what aren’t dirty socialists. This is a war in which you and Kathleen Parker and David Brookth are pusillanimous deserters what sit at home baking self-aggrandizing and irrelevant easy-bake oven cupcakes. I wouldn’t even piss on you head. Stop wasting my time and grow the fuck up.

  41. oh. the prospects *of* our once-great little country I meant. I’m glad there’s a new thread. I will go read that one now.

  42. Oh Ricky you’re purblind I think that you’re misled
    You can’t understand why happy’s pissing on your head

  43. I think Joe mentioned it earlier- the reason Rush is so prominent an issue is the giant leadership hole smack dab in the middle of the Republican party. After the 2004 election, I was saying conservatives better find a couple of superstars and start marketing them to the general public, because it was obvious the dems had already started doing that with Obama and the Clinton machine had been working since Gore choked in 2000. But the republicans sat on their asses and fiddled while the party burned, knowing full well what they would be facing. I mean come on- the best we could do was Romney, Huckabee, McCain, Guilliani ? Where’s the real conservative rockstar ? Where’s the conservative without all the baggage ? Last man standing was McCain, I think, because he had the name recognition though not the chops to be the republican nominee.

    And get this – the republicans are STILL sitting on their asses. Not only that, instead of looking for people who look like the party (ie white males and white females), they are bending over backwards to elevate minorities like Steele and Jindal, who may be talented but they are not rockstars. Jindal’s speech was fine and I like his policies but does anyone think he would be at the top of the heap in Lousiana if he was a white guy ? Or if Steele was white, would he be running the RNC. Its possible but I doubt it. So the conservative movement is trying to appeal to minority voters, by pushing minority candidates, who may not be the best candidates for the general election and certainly won’t appeal to the minorities themselves, who would vote democratic even if they were kicked in the nuts by democratic poll workers.

    The conservative movement needs someone who will talk like Rush Limbaugh – maybe even as brash and brutally honest because Americans, especially conservatives, like and trust thsoe people. Rush IS the de facto leader of the party- I agree with the dems there- because he’s simply the only prominent republican who standing up for the beliefs of the conservative party. Fill the void Repubs- find a CONSERVATIVE rockstar, someone who is blunt, admits he doesnt’ appeal to everybody and he really doesnt’ care.

    So far, 2012 is looking VERY similar to 2008.

  44. I didn’t see you over there, Dan, but I did see Rick Moran, he was hunched over his computer, so I don’t know how much imput he really had into his column, he ought to change his blog to the Moderate NutHouse if he’s serious about his point of view.

  45. Matt you are needed over at LGF immediatly.

  46. From the Riehl piece, quoting David Limbaugh.

    “While some Republican leaders have refused to join in the White House-orchestrated condemnation of Rush, a number of others haven’t been so bold, presumably preferring to retain their credentials in polite/elitist society or afraid to incur the left’s wrath.”

    I have maintained for a long time that the Left’s dominance of the social scene of Washington is the main force causing conservatives to “grow in office” the longer they stay there. The forces of social acceptence are powerful. Those who resist or are in some way resistant to them are the most reviled of all politicians.

    For Bush, his apparent nonchalance for the Washington social scene is, I believe, the cause of most of the BDS. That and forcing White House reporters to go to Crawford Texas in the Summer. Remember too that the Nixon “enemies list” was a list of people who were not to be invited to White House functions. The ultimate dissing from the one person in Washington who can set their own social agenda, separate from the liberal/left doyens. It’s an impeachable offense in D.C.

  47. he ought to change his blog to the Moderate NutHouse

    Heh heh. Perhaps it could be Moderate PoodleHouse.

  48. And why, pray tell, does anyone give a rat’s a$$ what that bully Rick Moran has to say about anything?

  49. I’ll look into that, Dan. And this is gold:

    Oh Ricky you’re purblind I think that you’re misled
    You can’t understand why happy’s pissing on your head

  50. I wasn’t there, takeshi. If I had been, I’d probably have been drinking with Stacy McCain.

    Sara, how’s he a bully? Who’s afraid of him?

  51. He was a capitalist until he started working for Obama

    Tiny Tim ain’t ever held a private sector job in his life. That in itself disqualifies him to be a “capitalist”. he’s a kool aid drinker. If he had a capitalist oz in his body as president of the NY Fed he would have been all over CDOs and MBS abuse a long time ago. So long as Buffett and Volker keep running cover to this mental midget, they will continue to blame banks, insurance companies and the capitalist system for failed liberal policies.

    But let Tiny Tim keep poking China in the eye. Go ahead Tim – poke the guy who’s holding the lever to the trap door we are all standing on.

  52. As i have reiterated many times here – and on his stupid blog, Rick Moran should stick to writing lengthy critiques of the latest episode of “24”.

    Apart from that he should STFU.

  53. Dan: I’m not going to open that can of worms again, let’s just say that when I was a new blogger with maybe 3 readers (my Mom, son and daughter), and Moran thought I’d overquoted him (with 3 links included to his post BTW), he called out his cyber Mafia to threaten me and my bank account & home. He scared the hell out of me, until I got over my tears and got angry and wrote him back and told him to call off his dogs (who were filling up my email box) and go for it if he thought he was man enough. He now denies this ever happened and calls me a liar. He’s a weasel, a small-minded bully who thinks he’s God’s gift to the world minus one.

    I see Moran as one of those people who can’t stand to see anyone rise up to any kind of prominence. Instead of promoting more voices, he is such a little man, he is afraid of anyone who gets more attention than he does. Not that I put myself in that category, since I’m a nobody as far as the blogosphere is concerned, and certainly not a threat to anyone’s status. I don’t blog for power or money, I’m not some erudite writer or opinion maker, I see myself as an aggragater . I’m glad to see people succeed, especially new bloggers. I’m happy to look back and give a helping hand to those struggling to move up. Not Moran. He wants to squelch anyone who he thinks could threaten his own self-importance. What’s his problem now, that Rush got more attention than he did at CPAC?

    I rarely listen to talk radio mainly because I’m pretty much housebound and rarely in my car with the radio on. But Rush is a powerful voice with a microphone at his disposal 3 hours a day. He is a conservative cheerleader, one who can rally people with a call to action. And God knows, we can use all the cheerleaders and pep rallies we can get in order to spread the word. Rush isn’t trying to get elected. He isn’t trying to raise money for the Party. But, Republicans/Libertarians/Conservatives are casting about for someone, anyone to lead, as is Rush.

    I lived under 8 years of Reagan as Governor and 8 more years as President. What I took away from the Reagan years was not his tax policy or his hardline stance against communism. The secret of Reagan’s success was that he was able to make us proud to be Americans again and as a military family, proud to wear the uniform of the United States (something, BTW, that Bush did too). To hold our heads up. The most effective thing Rush said: “I don’t see a Wal-Mart voter or a black or a Hispanic voter or a woman. I see the luckiest people in the world. I see Americans,” was a rallying cry to America to stand up and be proud. Speak up. Organize. Have your tea parties. Don’t be embarrassed or let the elitists like Moran squelch your enthusiasm to take back your country, take back your life. Be one of the “People” in “We the People,” not one of the “government not for or by the People,” who thinks you are too stupid or too much a loser to make your own decisions or manage your own money.

    How many people does Moran reach each day from his stupid Nuthouse, a few thousand? Rush reaches multiple millions. That’s why the White House is so afraid of him and apparently why Moran is too.

  54. Wow, I’m really sorry to hear that, Sara. Sounds kind of like an unhappy guy.

  55. I love it when people overquote me.

    Not that it happens. They generally just steal my shit and change the words. I create more templates than posts, I guess.

  56. BTW, has anyone besides me noticed how much Rahm Emanuel resembles Grendel? Fairly similar in personality too..

  57. Feh. He’s Grendelina.

  58. Damn, Sara, I guess he’s tired of being called Terry Moron’s little sister. That must have made him pretty bitter.

  59. Mr. Mora(o)n exposed himself as one of those “high road” Republicans a while ago. One of those guys who is so worried about what others from the left and middle may think of him that he would sell the rest of us out.

  60. Bah. Moron and the rest of the Prissy-pubs can go to Hell, or the Democratic Party.

    Same thing, really…

  61. Not that anyone will read this but I have to respond to the lying bitch “Sara” whose actual handle is “Squiggler” and who has been blogging since 2005 (

    The incident she refers to occurred in 2005 when she republished a post I wrote on the Katrina Timeline with no attribution. Below is the contents of the original email I sent her:

    Are you new to blogging? If so, I’d like to point out something you may not be aware of.

    It is considered impolite to publish someone else’s entire post – even if you give credit to the originator for it.

    I might also point out that the Timeline has been revised several times since the version you have on your site.

    I’m flattered that you consider the post worthy enough to link to and quote from. But if you go to Jon Hencke’s site you’ll see he gave you credit for authoriship. Something I’m sure you didn’t intend and are probably a little embarassed about.

    I’d like to ask that you highlight some specific sections of the Timeline and direct your readers to my site to read the rest.

    Well, she responded in not quite the same spirit of bloggy friendliness:

    You sick egotistical bastard … you can call off your henchman and the harassment … I’m no threat to you or anyone else. I don’t know what else I can do … I took your message down, I’ve removed any link to you on my site, I’ve published a public apology and I’m going to stop blogging. Sue me if you want, but I should warn you that I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income who is disabled and diagnosed with a terminal illness so if you are going to take it as far as the threats indicate, then you better hurry up. And I seriously doubt any judge would take such a suit seriously anyway, but then I wouldn’t have thought complimenting someone by making their writing available WITH A CITATION AND A THANK YOU would offend a rational and normal person, which you and your cohorts obviously are not.

    Leave me alone.

    To make a long, boring story short, she has been running around the internet since 2005 with this fantastically made up story about me threatening her with a lawsuit and some of my readers emailing her threatening her life. She is a fantasist whose lies have more than once been repeated to me at which time, I have to go through the whole ridiculous thing again.

    Should probably let it drop but the whole thing is so unfair that I feel it necessary when I find her repeating this story time and time again to respond.

    Oh – and the rest of you who would like to piss on my head and believe I’m a faggot? Love to see you have the wit and courage to say it to my face – but then that would grant you something you don’t have;

    Great big hairy balls like me.