June 27, 2013

“Expect more use of students to push government-preferred messaging” [Darleen Click]

I wrote earlier about the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars that Obama is pouring into California to build a permanent one-party system.

Looks like that includes a cadre of Obama Youth in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The Los Angeles Unified School District will use a state grant to train teens to promote ObamaCare to family members. Covered California, the state’s health insurance exchange, announced grants of $37 million on May 14 to promote the nationally unpopular law.

LAUSD will receive $990,000. The district listed as a primary outcome for its project, “Teens trained to be messengers to family members.”

Covered California spokeswoman Sarah Soto-Taylor said staff have not questioned this goal.

“We have confidence that the model LA Unified brought to the table will be successful in reaching our target population, which includes family members of students,” she said. […]

If the project is successful, Los Angeles families can expect more use of students to push government-preferred messaging.

“Teens are part of a ‘pilot’ program to test whether young people can be trained as messengers to deliver outreach and limited education to family and friends in and around their homes,” said Gayle Pollard-Terry, a LAUSD spokesman, in an email. “Teens will be educating adults that they already know (e.g., family or friends) and not other adults.”

Forward Pavlik Morozov!!

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  1. May I suggest brown for the t-shirts?

    I just think a nod to tradition is in order.

  2. Can we assume snitching reporting on anti-socialist, counter-revolutionary sentiments is part of the training curricula?

  3. … not other adults.

    Yet. But all the information needed will be at their fingertips.

    The Health and Human Services Department earlier this year exposed just how vast the government’s data collection efforts will be on millions of Americans as a result of ObamaCare.
    the ObamaCare data hub will “interact” with seven other federal agencies: Social Security Administration, the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security, the Veterans Administration, Office of Personnel Management, the Department of Defense and — believe it or not — the Peace Corps. Plus the Hub will plug into state Medicaid databases.

    And what sort of data will be “routed through” the Hub? Social Security numbers, income, family size, citizenship and immigration status, incarceration status, and enrollment status in other health plans, according to the HHS.

    “Routed through?” Maybe not exactly what most people think of as “through.”

    Not to worry, says the Obama administration. “The hub will not store consumer information, but will securely transmit data between state and federal systems to verify consumer application information,” it claimed in an online fact sheet .

    But a regulatory notice filed by the administration in February tells a different story.

    That filing describes a new “system of records” that will store names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, taxpayer status, gender, ethnicity, email addresses, telephone numbers on the millions of people expected to apply for coverage at the ObamaCare exchanges, as well as “tax return information from the IRS, income information from the Social Security Administration, and financial information from other third-party sources.”

    They will also store data from businesses buying coverage through an exchange, including a “list of qualified employees and their tax ID numbers,” and keep it all on file for 10 years.

    In addition, the filing says the federal government can disclose this information “without the consent of the individual” to a wide range of people, including “agency contractors, consultants, or grantees” who “need to have access to the records” to help run ObamaCare, as well as law enforcement officials to “investigate potential fraud.”

    Notice in the first quote that the “Peace Corps” is one of the groups that get the data. Now why would a youth overseas volunteer group need the health data on all US citizens? But never fear as “agency contractors, consultants, or grantees will also have it. Hello LAUSD, SEIU, OFA, and other alphabet soup groups of the Left. And we will pay them to paw through all of our private lives, for our own good of course.

  4. Peace Corpses help make it to where people don’t have worms in their butts

    this is a good fit for them

  5. So now Obama has enlisted the NBA, NFL, Hollywood, Cosmopolitan magazine, and LA Unified School District to promote Obamacare.

    It used to be that believing the government was monitoring your every move, and that it was brainwashing you with messaging through a variety of seemingly independent sources was paranoia.

    The next time the IPAB or some Lefty tries to tell you that, sorry, but we just can’t afford to provide X treatment to some demographic remember this: , they found over $37 million to promote healthcare instead of using that same $37 milling to provide healthcare.

  6. Geoff – I suggest you read my friend Teresa’s story:


  7. “Peace Corpses help make it to where people don’t have Peace Corpses help make it to where people don’t have worms in their butts this is a good fit for them ”

    Haven’t you heard? The SOCTUS says ” worms in their butts is good”

  8. We must be forever vigilant against counter-revolution.

  9. “Teens will be educating adults that they already know (e.g., family or friends) and not other adults.”

    Get off my lawn.

  10. We should start a counter education campaign, where we send our kids to school to “educate” their teachers about things like underfunded pensions, and how there’s not a chance in Hell that they’ll retire with anything close to what they’ve been promised.

  11. “You’re a THOUGHTCRIMINAL!”

  12. Forward! Doubleplusgoodness! Yes we can!

  13. If they are as illiterate as that “star witness” in Stanford Florida, I don’t think this will get much accomplished.

  14. bgbear says June 28, 2013 at 10:55 am – “star witness”

    She makes Judge Judy participants look brilliant by comparison.

  15. You guys need to watch Judge Joe Brown. He has the relatives of the “star witness” on quite frequently.

  16. If they are as illiterate as that “star witness” in Stanford Florida, I don’t think this will get much accomplished.

    That’s just your white privilege failing to recognize her authenticity.

    (And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go lie down. After reading those two articles, my head hurts something fierce, and I’m rapidly losing the will to live…)

  17. Someone should package all of those excuses for “star witness” bad behavior and sell them. There is more justification for her being an obnoxious dumb-ass who can’t speak English in those two articles than Carter has little liver pills.

  18. They had how many weeks to prepare this young woman? Did they never think to tell her what to expect on the stand, or how to respond?

    This “poor black teenager” that “white folk” just “can’t understand” is a load of crap. I’m sorry, but if you’re an 18-year-old “star witness” for one of the year’s most high-profile legal circuses, and your own damn attorney can’t help but make you look foolish, you may just have to come to grips with the idea that you really are a fool. Skin color don’t enter into it.

  19. Precious has the IQ of a carrot. She was their star witness because their case sucks. When have you ever seen a murder trial where the prosecution has to overcome and rebut the police investigation?

    If George Rodriguez has shot Travon, we’d never have heard his name.

  20. I keep wondering whose witnesses these are. They sure seem like defense witnesses, and yet they’re not.

  21. exposed just how vast the government’s data collection efforts will be on millions of Americans as a result of ObamaCare.

    I have never been more tempted to fraudulent behavior in my life.

  22. Perhaps there might circulate in the underground one Ur medical profile that everyone can use in place of their real one.


  23. #Spartacus, indeed.

    I intend to not comply. You can’t get blood from a stone, after all.

  24. No doubt we can find doctors who will comply with our non-compliance.

  25. eCurmudgeon says June 28, 2013 at 11:38 am
    white privilege

    The real privilege, of course, is media privilege, for being able to properly assess and explain the misunderstood genius of “star witness” while exposing the blind prejudice of a monolithic “white America”.

    One of these days, I’m going to find a job/store/club that accepts my “white privilege” tokens, and redeem them for fabulous cash and prizes…

  26. They keep giving us more reasons to home-school the kids. I imagine they will make that illegal at some point.

  27. and redeem them for fabulous cash and prizes…

    Wouldn’t you have to use “gay privilege” tokens for that?

  28. We whites need to form a grievance committee. I’m tired of getting blamed for historic grievances that happened before my family even arrived here.

  29. cranky-d says June 28, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    I knew I’d regret using the word “fabulous”. I was trying to use the catchphrase from 80’s game shows.

  30. Seems everyone has to tell kids to get off their lawn.

  31. I was trying to use the catchphrase from 80?s game shows.

    I knew what you were going, but I couldn’t leave it alone.

  32. going->doing


  33. Funny that the defense on the young lady is about her skin color. I honestly, and of course many others, are shocked that after spending all that money on public education that the schools could fail so miserably. No one linked even felt it was necessary to defend the public schools and just consider that she might be dumb.

    I was born a poor black bear