June 30, 2008

Barack Obama: Live by the crowd, die by the crowd? [Karl]

Jeff Jarvis flags the report at The Nation that Barack Obama supporters are using his own network to organize a protest against his support for bill updating the terrorist surveillance program:

[W]hen it’s a grassroots organization that makes you — rather than a party — and you say you’re beholden to them not to special interests and big money and lobbyists, well, then you really are beholden to them. If they rise up from within to tell you that they don’t like what you’re doing — when they use your own organizational tools to do that — then I’d say you ignore them at your peril. Live by the crowd, die by the crowd.

In theory, it is an interesting dilemma. At the moment, however, the protest group has attracted fewer than 5,000 members.  And if the comments at MyDD are any indicator, there are plenty of Obamatons living by the Al Davis credo: “Just, win baby!”

This would seem to be a perfect vehicle for someone like Glenn Greenwald to continue his campaign against the bill — and Obama’s support for it.  Of course, if he promoted this group and it ended up amounting to a paltry percentage of Obama’s web supporters, Greenwald would be further exposed as an extremist.  At the very least, he could get Rick Ellensburg, Thomas Ellers, Ellison, Wilson and Ryan to sign up.

(h/t Memeorandum.)

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  1. I say we start talking up a Ned Lamont-Cindy Sheehan ticket and siphon off all the moonbat votes. Could be key in WA, OR, WI, MN, IA, NH, ala Nader in FL in ’00.

  2. Paging Maximilien Robespierre… Monsieur Robespierre to the pink courtesy telephone, please…

    It would be highly entertaining to watch Obama attempt to throw himself under the bus.

  3. I think the word mob is better than crowd in this context.

  4. Do you suppose Hillary will be knitting while watching the tumbrils roll in?

  5. It would be highly entertaining to watch Obama attempt to throw himself under the bus.

    “I am not the me I knew.”

  6. Laughs at the sweet, sweet irony.

    Conservatives wrinkling their noses in delicate distaste at the credo “just win, baby”…..

    Laughs and laughs and laughs…

  7. Um, Lisa, we conservatives are loath to vote for McCain. Doesn’t that kind of suggest we don’t actually subscribe to that credo after all?

  8. Seriously, Lisa, you are still clinging to lots of idiotic stereotypes about the right.

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  10. Rob, forgive me if I don’t defer to your delicate sensibilities about craven ambition for dominance. You act like the last 30 years never happened. Just because the sun is setting on the New Conservatism movement (for now, that is) does not mean you get to rewrite history.

    And McGehee: A lot of people hate McCain (he dared to defend himself against the most scurrilous assaults from the Ratfucking Machine). Since he is considered an interloper and a traitor, it does not make you look less craven to be loathe to vote for him. He is all but a Democrat in your eyes anyway.

  11. It still contradicts your thesis that we are all about the “just win, baby.” If we were, we’d embrace McCain the way feminists embraced Bill “kiss it” Clinton.