February 15, 2008

Dems 2008: White Men support Obama [Karl]

At Pollster.com, Margie Omero notes (as I have) that the media is misleadingly latching onto Sen . Barack Obama’s performance in groups like white men in the Potomac primaries as a sign of broadening support for his candidacy:

In fact, Virginia was neither the first state (nor even first Southern state) where Obama bested Clinton among white men. Nor was it the state where he won this group by the largest margin. Obama has been doing well with this group since the beginning of primary season.

Omero then lays it all out in a table for you.   She follows with brief analysis broadly consistent with the breakdown from Jay Cost noted here on Wednesday.

Nothing earth-shattering, but it’s a quick and easy variation on Cost’s more academic style, showing that Obama’s support often includes white men, northern whites generally, and even what Cost labels “homogeneously white” states.  Moreover, as Cost himself admits his model explains only about 69% of the election results, it is interesting to see some of the exceptions noted, e.g., Obama winning white men in Georgia.

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  1. I blame it on what I believe Al Sharpton called the “magic n*gro” effect.

  2. I think Sharpton picked it up from the L.A. Times.

  3. No. I really don’t think so at all. The media aren’t misleadingly latching onto Sen. Barack Obama’s performance in groups like white men in the Potomac primaries as a sign of broadening support for his candidacy and all that. They’re in full-on Obama whore mode. It’s very broadbrush and not at all sophisticated in the sense the you can pick this or that leitmotif of the coverage and say hey would you look at that, permit me if I may to correct you on this point. No no no. It’s more he is your new fucking God, plebe, and what you do is you bow your fucking ass down or stand exposed as the fucking bigot you are. Like that.

    You should listen to NPR more.

  4. Oh. In the sense *that* is what I meant.

  5. Yes, white male communists do support Obama. It’s true. I am surrounded by them. Obama 08 bumper stickers everywhere. Gay white men, too, seem to love them some Obama.

  6. This particular white man from Georgia will not be voting for Obama, though I do like his stance on drugs(which I’ll soon be on with any luck).

  7. Good luck, Mr. Chairman.

  8. Haven’t seen the Chairman in a while! Good to hear from you.

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  10. They’re mostly the white guys who were the scorekeepers on their High School Basketball team who almost believed that they were on the team, and that they looked good in the warm-ups. They were really excited to have Jamal and Tyrone high-five them in the hallways, but have missed being down with the brown since.

    Now, the Nation is the High School hallway. The bumper stickers are the warm-ups. And their vote is the high-five.

    I wish they would have just played soccer like all the other skinny white kids instead.

  11. Edit to add: In many primaries in which he won the white male vote, his name appeared on the ballot as “Brock Hugh O’Bama.”

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  14. Not anymore. <evil, maniacal cackle>

  15. Delicious, tasty spam!

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    Personally, I prefer bacon.