December 13, 2007

Confederate Yankee on Foer Fallout [Dan Collins]

Apparently, Scott Beauchamp is back home on furlough, and Elspeth is expressing her unhappiness with Franklin Foer’s decision to retract before Scott came home and could adequately defend himself . . . which is as phony as Fauxer’s Proustian passive-aggressive snit.  In a Wedding Blog, apparently.  And don’t skip the post on Alterman at Owens’s place, or the other new stuff up at Burge’s.

 I say, let the guy have a rest, then have Breitbart.TV try and set up a little conversation with Beauchamp and Owens.

Posted by Dan Collins @ 7:45am

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  1. Hear that? It’s the sound of Chait throwing Beauchamp under a bus.

  2. as phony as Fauxer’s Proustian passive-aggressive snit.

    Iowahawk just made me DietCokeShower my keyboard, and also change my vote for post-of-the-year. Sorry, Karl — you still win in the straight-news-with-many-many-links category.

  3. It’s the sound of Chait throwing Beauchamp under a bus.

    It sounds like Marty Peretz is tossing Foer right behind him. And Mrs. Beauchamp is still an utterly incompetent “fact checker”.

  4. That would eb an entertaining Q & A, as Owens cowers cowardly under his desk, hoping a soldier, the people he purports to love, doesn’t run him over with a Bradley.

    Be sort of like the beat downs the former proprietor of this joint used to threaten to make to libs all the time.

  5. <THWAP!>

    Now go away or I shall beat you down a second time!

  6. Tbagziner – A mushroom bruise for you. Anyone was to try to help me get to the origin of this conservatives are afraid meme? It is de rigeur for the trolls, yet I have not yet been able to pin it down as to whom began this silly meme.

  7. It’s projection, JD.

  8. I have a feeling it was Atrios or Marshall that started this meme.

  9. It’s tough to find good trolls these days.

  10. By God, I’d sure hate to have Iowahawk pissed off at me.