March 20, 2015

Starbucks racing to help cartoonists … [Darleen Click]






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March 20, 2015

Friday music video: That’s 70s! [Darleen Click]

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March 19, 2015

Racist student group at UC Berkeley [Darleen Click]

If these students are serious, they need to be expelled from the UC system and any professor or administrator who takes them seriously should accompany them.

A black student organization at the University of California at Berkeley is demanding the university rename a building on campus after Assata Shakur, a former Black Panther, convicted cop killer and the first woman named to the FBI’s Most-Wanted Terrorist List.

A jury convicted Shakur of killing a New Jersey State Trooper in 1979. She escaped prison and fled to Cuba. The FBI calls her a domestic terrorist. In 2013, the agency added her to the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List, alongside several members of Al Qaeda, airline hijackers and bombers.

But to the Black Student Union at Berkeley, Shakur is an “icon of resistance within oppressed communities (who) represents black resilience in the face of state-sanctioned violence.” They demanded the university rename Barrows Hall, named after former Chancellor David Barrows, “Shakur Hall.” In 2013, Shakur declared her innocence and called her trial in 1979 a legal lynching by an all-white jury. Shakur, formerly known as Joann Chesimard, belonged to the Black Liberation Army at the time of the shooting.

“We want the renaming for someone — Assata Shakur — who we feel like represents us as black students,” said Black Student Union spokesman Cori McGowens. “Black students on campus have a feeling of isolation, marginalization. We’re at a crisis on campus.”

The renaming of Barrows Hall is just one of 10 demands the Black Student Union delivered to Berkeley Chancellor Nick Dirks last month.

They’re also demanding a meeting place solely for black students, $300,371 for two black admissions staff focused on black recruiting, $113,932 for another staffer to handle black retention, two black psychologists who understand the “racially hostile campus,” two black advisers to mentor black athletes and a fully-funded ‘Get into Graduate School’ mentoring program.

Expel these shit-for-brains. Now. Disband all race-based groups, faux studies programs and professors. Now.

It is a scam that is bilking taxpayers, both Californian and federal, of millions a dollars a year.

This unconscionable insanity must be stopped.

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March 18, 2015

Obama’s EPA “If you like your hot shower, you can keep your hot shower” [Darleen Click]

“We just want to monitor it. For now.”

Next time you’re enjoying a hot shower, don’t.

The Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to crack down on shower sneaks. You know who you are. You’re the type of selfish person who steps into a hotel shower and lingers too long.

Maybe you’re trying to get clean. Maybe you’re shaving. Maybe you enjoy the sensory blast of instant hot water on your skin that isn’t going on a home water-heater bill.

The EPA doesn’t care about such frivolous things. Its concern is the amount of water you are “wasting.” Whatever it is, it’s too much.

So, the agency has issued a grant to the University of Tulsa to develop a shower water usage monitor by Aug. 14. Assuming market support, one would be installed on every hotel room’s shower head to measure water consumption and radio it somewhere.

Perhaps the yet-to-be-developed gizmo could shut off water after a specified time; never mind if you’re still soapy. You’re wasting.

Perhaps the data could go to a shower supervisor who’d knock on your door with the unwelcome news that you should have been clean two minutes ago. Or it might go to the front desk to add a shower surcharge to your tab, like the mini-bar bill.

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March 18, 2015

Stay classy, Obama! [Darleen Click]

WH Spokeshole Davis Simas

On CNN this morning, White House aide David Simas avoided congratulating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the Israeli elections. Instead, he would only congratulate the Israeli people on having an election.

“We want to congratulate the Israeli people for the democratic process for the election that they just engaged in with all the parties that engaged in that election. As you know now, the hard work of coalition building begins. Sometimes that takes a couple of weeks. And we’re going to give space to the formation of that coalition government and we’re not going to weigh in one way or another except to say that the United States and Israel have a historic and close relationship and that will continue going forward,” Simas said.

King Barry seems to have no problem picking up the phone to congratulate American foes.

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March 17, 2015

“Another St. Patrick’s Day” [guest post by shermlaw]

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, wherein we celebrate our Gaelic heritage by doing nothing productive, eating bad food, drinking heavily and insulting people who have the temerity not to wear green clothing. Today is also marks the first week of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament which we Americans celebrate by doing nothing productive, eating bad food, drinking heavily and insulting people who went to a different college than we did. All in all, it is a “perfect storm” of indigestion, alcoholism and general misbehavior. Before all of that starts, however, let us pause to think back seventy years to this day in 1945. Let us transport ourselves to Kodiak Island, Alaska, specifically to the Aleut village of Karluk, sitting on the west shore of the island. It is foggy. Visibility is nil. The sun has set. The temperature is barely above freezing. Fortunately, it is unusually calm with mere five foot swells. A Baptist missionary is in the village. He teaches school. He is standing outside his house when he hears the drone of an airplane overhead. This is not unusual as planes constantly traverse the island between Seattle and the outlying Aleutian Islands, where they are stationed and from which they fly to drop bombs on the Empire of Japan. Nonetheless, there is something strange about the sound of the plane. It doesn’t fade away but continues circling above the village, out of sight in the dark and fog. The missionary wonders if there is a problem. Fade to the interior of the plane. There are six crew members and a passenger. They are on their way home after many months stationed on the island of Attu. They are happy to have survived and anxious to see their wives and sweethearts in Seattle. Against better judgment, they have left Umnak Naval Air Station late in the day and are trying to get a few hundred more miles behind them. Now, they are lost. They cannot find the commercial landing strip on Kodiak, which is on the other side of the island. They are running out of gas and are running out of options. They are preparing to ditch the plane in the frigid waters below.

Zoom to the back of the fuselage. There, sitting on the luggage is the passenger. He is a 27 year old Lieutenant in the Navy Reserve, the squadron’s electronics officer. If one could see the name tag sewn onto his flight suit underneath all the foul weather gear, one would see it reads “Shermlaw’s Future Father.” He had been assigned to ride on this plane when the squadron transferred back to the States. He is not a warrior. He is a technician. But he is an officer and therefore, he is in charge of a life raft. The Lieutenant is scared; scared that he will die; scared that he will not do what he is supposed to do; scared he will make some blunder which will cost someone his life. As the plane descends toward the ocean, the Lieutenant grips the duffel bag holding the raft and stares straight ahead. He marvels that so many things can be going through his mind at one time with a clarity that comes only in dire circumstances. He rehearses what he will do when the plane touches the water. He thinks about his family and friends in Missouri. He searches his soul for each and every imperfection and beseeches God to forgive him. Most of all, he prays that he won’t screw up. In the midst of these thoughts and prayers, the Lieutenant hears the pilot order “Brace for impact” and immediately, he feels the first bump of waves against the underside of the aircraft. Then there is another, stronger this time; and a third, stronger still. Finally there is a fourth which throws the occupants of the plane against the bulkhead and causes the Lieutenant to lose his grip on the raft. He watches it slide out the hatch that had been braced open while the plane is still moving. He panics because he sees failure in front of him and dives out the hatch after the raft into the water.

It is dark, but the Lieutenant catches a glimpse of the raft in the water. He inflates his Mae West and dog paddles over to where the raft is. He takes the bundle and pushes it under the water and lies on top of it, pulling the inflation lanyard at the same time. He hears the reassuring “hiss” of CO2 and the raft inflates, lifting him out of the water. He looks toward where the plane is to see its empennage disappearing into the black water. It is silent. The Lieutenant wonders if he is alone. The Lieutenant finds the raft’s paddle and begins searching for his shipmates. He begins to hear voices in the darkness and following them he finds first one, then another and another until all seven who were on board are accounted for. The seven are huddled in a four-man raft. They fire flares, but they wonder if anyone can see them. One of the men, the co-pilot, decides to try to swim the mile or so to shore to see if he can find help. He does so against orders and eventually they lose sight of him.

They think he’s lost. Then they hear voices in the distance. They have one more usable flare and as they attempt to load it into the Very pistol, it misfires, shooting out horizontally a few feet above the ocean.

Fade back to the village of Karluk. The missionary listens intently and realizes that the plane is in distress and that it will ditch offshore. He summons the villagers and they launch a boat to begin a search in the dark for any survivors. They see flares and row in their direction. Finally, they see one last flare shooting out directly at them. It explodes a few hundred feet in front of them and in its glow they see a body in the water. They row to the body and pull it into their boat. It is the co-pilot. He is alive. The villagers then row in the direction of the flight of the last flare until they see the raft with the other six crewmen. The officers and crew are rescued, rowed to shore, given hot food and drink, dry clothes and have the run of the village until a Navy ship picks them up two days later. The officers and sailors go on their lives. One transfers to another squadron and is killed later in the war. The rest go back to the States, marry, have children and grandchildren.

Some pass away.

Ultimately, forty years later, the remaining three survivors of that night meet again at a reunion in Seattle. They are the co-pilot, the navigator and the passenger. They begin to call each other on St. Patrick’s Day and on one such day, they learn that the navigator has located the Baptist missionary. A year later, the four, together with their wives meet for a weekend. They talk about the twists and turns their lives have taken since they all shared an experience many years before. Within a few years after that reunion in New Jersey, three of the four are gone. Only the navigator remains. For years, he picks up the phone in his home in Maryland and calls my mother in Missouri to check on her. They talk for a while and she listens to him recount the events of that night.

And then he is gone, too.

So, now, it is up to the rest of us to remember that cold St. Patrick’s Day, 1945. It was nothing really in the great scheme of things. Just regular American men doing what they were taught to do: Serving their country. Cheers.

Supplement: For those who enjoy reading military reports, the original report of the above in the Navy archives may be found [link coming soon]

As for the photos [coming soon], the first is an official US Navy photo of a USN PB-1 Ventura patrol bomber over the Aleutians. The second is Dad as a freshly minted Ensign in the United States Navy Reserve. The third is the crew, taken the morning after the rescue on the beach at Karluk. Front row, left to right: Radioman Fred Beurskens, gunner Bill Glennon, Plane Chief Harry Moran. Back Row, left to right: VPB-136 Electronics Officer Shermlaw’s Dad, Co-Pilot Lt. (jg) Patrick Tierney, Pilot Lt. A. F. “Jim” Moorehead, Third Pilot/Navigator Ens. Charles Fitzpatrick, all of Squadron VPB-136. (A big bundle of Irishmen for a St. Patrick’s Day rescue.)??The fourth is a posed Official Navy Photo taken in Seattle upon the crew’s return to the states. I believe it may have been published originally in the Seattle daily newspaper. From left to right: Pilot, Lt. Jim Moorehead; Gunner, Bill Glennon; VPB (Patrol Bomber) Squadron 136 Electronics Officer, Lt.(jg) Shermlaw’s Dad; Co-Pilot, Lt.(jg) Pat Tierney; Radio Man, Fred “Rollo” Buerskens; Chief Mechanic, John “Harry” Moran; Third Pilot/Navigator, Ens. Charles Fitzpatrick. The last image is a scan of the local newspaper article in New Jersey when the three survivors of the ditching met with the Baptist missionary who rescued them. From left to right, Stephen Zdepski, the missionary; Shermlaw’s Dad; Charles Fitzpatrick, the third pilot/navigator; Patrick Tierney, the Co-Pilot. Finally, I’ve yet to find any official commendation or thanks to the villagers of Karluk for what they did that night. My letters to the Department of the Navy have been ignored. I hope this essay corrects that oversight in part.

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March 17, 2015

Starbucks to have its baristas engage their customers in a “conversation on race” [Darleen Click]

I’m all ready to visit my local Starbucks during its “Race Together” week …

In partnership with USA Today, Starbucks has launched a week-long campaign under the banner “Race Together” to get staff and customers talking about race. In a video message, Schultz urges “partners” to write the phrase on their paper cups “to facilitate a conversation between you and our customers.” A USA Today supplement, set to be published March 20, includes a number of “conversation starters,” including the fill-in-the-blank question: “In the past year, I have been to the home of someone of a different race ___ times.”

I just so want to have some college-attending, hipster baristas hand me a cup with the hope of a conversation.

They will really get a conversation from me.

I can hardly wait.

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March 17, 2015

Can we now call this fascism? Al Gore: “Punish climate deniers” [Darleen Click]


Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore proposes to “punish climate change deniers.” Gore also suggests that politicians who reject “accepted science” should also pay the price.

Gore, an active environmental activist, spoke about the climate crisis at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, revealed that many smart investors are now investing in alternate energy companies rather than on companies that invest in fossil fuels.

We need to put a price on carbon to accelerate these market trends. And in order to do that, we need to put a price on denial in politics,” says Gore. “We have this denial industry cranked up constantly. In addition to 99 percent of the scientists and all the professional scientific organizations, now Mother Nature is weighing in.”

Actually, I think Mother Nature takes a couple of long measuring looks at the Gorical and says, “Ew.”

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March 16, 2015

Compassionate Racism: the White Left Liberals dark vein [Darleen Click]

White Liberals have found the perfect way of keeping those darkies in their place demonstrating how much they care about black children — “restorative justice”!!

New York public-school students caught stealing, doing drugs or even attacking someone can avoid suspension under new “progressive” discipline rules adopted this month.

Most likely, they will be sent to a talking circle instead, where they can discuss their feelings.

Convinced traditional discipline is racist because blacks are suspended at higher rates than whites, New York City’s Department of Education has in all but the most serious and dangerous offenses replaced out-of-school suspensions with a touchy-feely alternative punishment called “restorative justice,” which isn’t really punishment at all. It’s therapy.

“Every reasonable effort must be made to correct student behavior through…restorative practices,” advises the city’s new 32-page discipline code.

Except everywhere it’s been tried, this softer approach has backfired.

Yes, other large urban school districts are reporting fewer suspensions since adopting the non-punitive approach. But that doesn’t necessarily mean fewer infractions.

An aside here. This is the trick of the Progressives in California who got Prop 47 based. Want to see how to reduce the incidents of certain felonies? Make those charges misdemeanors!

In fact, many districts are seeing more classroom disruptions and violence — a national trend that ought to set off warning bells for New York school officials.

What’s more, the movement — which is driven by new race-based anti-discipline guidelines issued by the Obama administration — is creating friction between teachers unions and the liberal mayors they otherwise support.

Politicians can praise the new system, but it’s teachers who must deal with the disruptive and sometimes violent results. […]

In June, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that the district, as part of a “Suspension and Expulsion Reduction Plan,” was “moving away from a zero-tolerance policy and promoting restorative practices.”

Students who bully classmates can no longer be removed from classrooms except for the worst offenses, and only then with the consent of a district supervisor. […]

[S]o far this school year, the Tribune reports students have suffered little consequence for infractions as serious as groping a teacher and bringing hollow-point bullets to class. […]

Los Angeles Unified School District is seeing a similar spike in campus offenses after its school superintendent followed federal orders to reduce suspensions of African-Americans. Even threats against teachers are ignored, as administrators’ hands are tied by the new policy.

“I was terrified and bullied by a fourth-grade student,” a teacher at a Los Angeles Unified School District school recently noted on the Los Angeles Times website. “The black student told me to ‘Back off, b—h.’ I told him to go to the office and he said, ‘No, b—h, and no one can make me.’ ” […]

In neighboring Orange County, teachers are dealing with increasingly violent and disrespectful student behavior since schools there also switched to the restorative strategy.

Recently mandated “positive interventions” have only exacerbated discipline problems in the largely minority Santa Ana public school district, where middle-school kids now regularly smoke pot in bathrooms — some even in class — and attack staff — spitting on teachers, pelting them with eggs, even threatening to stab them, according to the Orange County Register.

According to a recent teachers union survey, 65 percent of Santa Ana educators said the softer discipline system is not working. Dozens of teachers have filed hostile-work-environment complaints.

The list goes on. Teachers are admonished by their administrators not to discipline, even when violently assaulted, they are blamed.

Especially for the crime of White Privilege

After spending millions on restorative justice and “courageous conversations about race” training, Portland public schools have seen their students only grow more violent.

After a black high-school boy repeatedly punched his teacher in the face, sending her to the emergency room, the teacher, who is white, was advised by the assistant principal not to press charges. The administrator lectured her about how hard it is for young black men to overcome a criminal record.

Worse, she was told she should examine what role she, “as a white woman” holding unconscious racial biases, played in the attack, according to the Willamette (Oregon) Week.

A white sixth-grade teacher at a mostly black Washington, DC, school told the US Commission on Civil Rights she had similar “conversations” in which she was told that the bad behavior of black boys is mainly the teacher’s fault. “I have been encouraged to examine and question how my own racial dispositions affect my teaching and my students,” Andrea Smith testified.

During cultural sensitivity training required of school districts under restorative justice programs, teachers are told they are largely to blame for bad behavior of black students because they “misinterpret” African-American culture.

The training sessions, which often run several days, are led by civil-rights activist groups seeking “racial justice.”

I’m sorry, but exactly how does one misinterpret a punch to the face?

See this is where the Compassionate Racism of the Left is exposed — African-Americans are savages and We.Must.Make.Allowances for them.

Never mind that if these kids don’t learn a measure of self-control and appropriateness while in school, they will never be able to fully function as adults in modern society.

But that’s kind of the Left’s goal now, isn’t it?

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March 15, 2015

“Bad family structure defeats good economic numbers.” [Darleen Click]

George Will revisits Patrick Moynihan

In the mid-1960s, a social scientist noted something ominous that came to be called “Moynihan’s Scissors”: Two lines on a graph crossed, replicating the blades of a scissors. The descending line charted the decline in the minority male unemployment rate. The ascending line charted the simultaneous rise of new welfare cases.

The broken correlation of improvements in unemployment and decreased welfare dependency shattered confidence in social salvation through economic growth and reduced barriers to individual striving. Perhaps the decisive factors in combating poverty and enabling upward mobility were not economic but cultural — the habits, mores and dispositions that equip individuals to take advantage of opportunities.

This was dismaying because governments know how to alter incentives and remove barriers but not how to manipulate culture. The assumption that the condition of the poor must improve as macroeconomic conditions improve was to be refuted by a deepened understanding of the crucial role of the family as the primary transmitter of the social capital essential for self-reliance and betterment. Family structure is the primary predictor of social outcomes, as Daniel Patrick Moynihan knew in 1965. […]

Academic sensitivity enforcers and race-mongers denounced him as a racist who was “blaming the victim.” Today, 72?percent of African American children are born to single women, 48 percent of first births of all races and ethnicities are to unmarried women, and more than 3?million mothers under 30 are not living with the fathers of their children.

In 1966, Sargent Shriver, head of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” was asked how long it would take to win the war. He replied, “About 10 years.” The conventional wisdom was John F. Kennedy’s cheerful expectation that a rising economic tide would lift all boats. America now knows that bad family structure defeats good economic numbers.

Today, a nation dismayed by inequality and the intergenerational transmission of poverty must face the truth that political scientist Lawrence Mead enunciated nearly 25 years ago: “The inequalities that stem from the workplace are now trivial in comparison to those stemming from family structure. What matters for success is less whether your father was rich or poor than whether you knew your father at all.”

“America” may know it, but the Left not only refuses to acknowledge it, but will viciously attack anyone that dare whisper it.

Among the reasons for the Left’s stance towards observable facts is the Left’s obsession with controlling others whether it is through indoctrination in government schools (with concurrent efforts to block or ban school choice) or separating children from parents. The relative independence of functional two-parent families is loathed.

The Left dominates the so-called social sciences not to merely observe, but to get into the drivers seat of policy making.

“The role of social science,” [Moynihan] would write, “lies not in the formulation of social policy, but in the measurement of its results.” Not in postulating what will work but in demonstrating what does work. And, increasingly, what does not work.

The Left has never forgiven Moynihan for that.

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