July 12, 2007

Thanks, everyone

…for the kind words and support. As many of you now realize, I’m more than a bit dismayed with how slowly the justice system is moving — allowing a certain crazed, vodka-sodden pole dancer to continue her postings about my family and friends, including (most recently) the public posting of phone numbers — a full year after she started her descent into the ranks of the terminally unemployable and the near-universally despised.

Because of this, I’ve decided to take a little more time off to redouble my efforts to see that she’s stopped. In fact, I feel it a civic duty, at this point.

Watching her attack the spouses or the dead children of my online friends and acquaintances has been too much to bear — and her latest attempts to draw attention to herself (and that hair! Good God, how that hair mocks us all!), pathetic as they’ve been, have convinced me that I can’t, in good conscience, keep allowing her to rack up collateral damage in her attempts to keep me from seeing her either punished or institutionalized (that’s for the doctors and courts to sort out). Which is why I decided to quit posting. If only temporarily.

The good news is, I’m making progress, and I plan to take affirmative steps to apply even more pressure over the next several weeks. In the last year — behind the scenes — we’ve managed to shut down a number of her sites, though we’ve been unable to convince Blogger (Google owned) to take away Frisch’s account; meaning that, as one blog comes down, she puts a new one up — and invariably violates the terms of the restraining order we have against her, as well as the preliminary injunction issued by the Colorado court.

This has been a source of frustration — I spend much of my time taking screen caps, cataloging her legal transgressions, filing paperwork, attending court hearings (for all her bluster, she’s shown up to none of them) and conferring with my attorney. For legal reasons, I’ve kept all this quiet. But at this point, I can see no reason to keep quiet any longer. And besides, I feel like I owe you all an explanation for my erratic posting schedule and my (too frequent) despondency.

This shit wears on you, believe me — and for the last year, this has put a daily strain on my family. Some days, I just don’t feel like posting after having spent the morning chronicling her latest verbal slime, rendered in the pidgin speak of a jilted teenager who, after being stood up for prom, decides to treat her wounds with a cocktail of Grape Mad Dog and Zyprexa.

Thus far, I’ve been able to keep Frisch from finding out confidential information about my family. Not that she hasn’t tried, ordering copies of police reports, trolling through every legal filing, etc., in order to pull out and publish every bit of information about us she can get her hands on (including, laughably, a description of me from a police report). And of course, there’s been her consistent attempt to link me to child molestation, posting the accusations on line while using my son’s name and my full legal name.

Her goal — as the court understood in weighing the terms of the injunction — has been to get this libel cataloged in search engines. She has noted that she hopes one day my son and those who know him stumble across these things on line. At which point, Auntie Moonbat will smile. And then hand somebody a large fries and fish sandwich, her hair thankfully stuffed in an elastic net and tucked away beneath a triangular paper hat.

Such is the grubbiness of her soul and the depth of her perversion.

Her family, for whatever reason, seems unable to talk sense into her. Perhaps they feel they shouldn’t have to keep an eye on a 45-year old woman with no observable source of income. Or perhaps they want nothing to do with her, either — who knows? But she doesn’t seem to be having a problem keeping her DSL line paid for, leading me to believe that our harcore socialist friend is living off the filthy lucre accumulated by the capitalist pigs she pretends to despise.

Eye-ron-ick, no?

Once I’ve cleared my head and completed this latest round of legal maneuvering, I’ll be back.

Hopefully some of you will stick around. But if not, I understand, and I thank you for supporting this site.

One day, the armadillo will dance.

Or, you know, make up some excuse for blowing you off yet again. Suckers.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:03am

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  1. Thank you, and God bless.

  2. The RocketLawyer ad, it, too, mocks.

    TW: enjoin against. That’s just cruel.

  3. We’ll be here. Take care of you and your’s.

  4. Jeff,

    You’re doing what needs to be done, and we all understand. Take care of Mrs. Wisdom and Wisdom, Jr. We’ll be here waiting for you to get back.

    If you need anything, anything at all, you know where the Mrs. and I live as well as how to get in touch with us.

  5. Best wishes for a quick and satisfactory resolution of what has to be an absolute “nightmare.” Take care and hopefully a measure of comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

    Good luck!

  6. I still think that we, as a community, should be able to pursue some type of class action for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

  7. Best of luck Jeff.

  8. Somebody needs to say it: SWMNBN is the living incarnation of the left-wing blogosphere.

  9. All I can say is that I don’t have the type of restraint that you show. If my child was ever threatened like yours, I’m not sure I wouldn’t break several Peaceable Journey laws.

    Don’t worry about losing this reader, I’m like Motel 6 – I’ll leave the light on for ya’. But you take every precaution to protect your family and all the time you need.

  10. Good luck with all of it, and hopefully it moves faster as the crap piles up.

  11. Glad to know that you haven’t hung up your mad blogging skillz forever. Whatever you need from us, we’ll be happy to pitch in. Pony up for legal fees? A straitjacket (for her, not you)? A fine bottle of spirits? Massive e-mail attack on Google or Blogger? We’re up for it.

    Just say the word.

  12. Kick this crazy stalker b*tch to the curb, Jeff. Legally speaking, of course.

    Court-mandated legalese is a language all progressives claim to understand.

    Unless it comes to drugs and sexual assault/harassment in the White House. In which case, it’s Katy-Bar-The-Door!

    Good luck, G-dspeed, and come back as soon as possible. That’s an order.

  13. Jeff,

    This is truly horrifying stuff. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I dearly hope this lunatic gets what she deserves.

    I only happened on your blog a few months ago but it quickly became one of my favorites. Best of luck with this and hurry back. You will be missed.

  14. Good luck, Jeff. I’m for the most part a lurker on your site, but I usually visit a few times a day. The fact that you are going through this truly, truly sucks.

    Nonetheless, I’ll try to put my sense of entitlement to your amusing and insightful classically liberal blog entries that I get for free on the shelf while you take care of this.

    Of course, this won’t prevent me from asking (I’m NOT begging) that you keep an open mind to throwing a bone to those of us who stick around by posting on some of the more major events that occur during your absence.

    Again, good luck.

  15. Thanks for the update, Jeff. Good luck & god bless.

  16. Something to be said about the efficacy of ceement Galoshes. The legal system has become so twisted that interpretation has muddied the systems ability to call a spade a spade. (witness this scumbags ability to continue harassment or Libby or the 54 million dollar pants – crap that should have never made it this far)

    The Tony Supranos of the world have no such interpretation issues. The legal system could use a little of that from time to time.

  17. There you go, Jeff, a couple of sawbucks for you. Please have a couple of cocktails on me. Best wishes to you and yours.

  18. here.

  19. What I meant to say was:

    Best wishes for a speedy resolution Jeff.

  20. I just got back from someone else’s traffic accident, but at least it didn’t follow me home like Frisch!!! Good luck with the slow wheels of justice, may they turn “exceeding fine,” and we’ll be here when you get back.

    Just keep us updated if anything cool happens, like she shows up in court in an aluminum foil clown outfit and claims exemption from harassment laws because aliens ate her brain.

  21. Good luck, and Godspeed, Jeff. We’re rooting for you and will keep a weather-eye for the return of the armadillo.
    (Mediaeval bases are belong…)

  22. Godspeed, Jeff.

    Don’t forget to let us know what we can do in the meantime.

  23. Do what you must. I ain’t going nowheres, Mistuh Jeff.

  24. When she’s finally locked up (whether behind bars or padding), do you think she’ll have access to a writing instrument? I bet her journals would make Martha look tame.

    Oh, wait — we’ve already been subjected to her mad raving for far too long. Never mind.

  25. I am also mostly a lurker, but have been reading this site more and more lately. Best of luck in getting this all to go away, this site is high quality and will be missed while you are away

  26. Jeff,

    I don’t believe I’ve ever posted here, but I felt compelled to do so after your latest update on this horrible situation with the deranged Frisch. I just wanted you to know that I have apprectiated and enjoyed your numerous posts, and have found your philosophical musings and analyses of the state of thought and dialogue in modern culture extraordinarily compelling. I hope you are able to return to blogging, and that above all you are able to put the shadow of this monstrous woman behind you forever.

    I’m beginning law school in August. If, God forbid, this isn’t resolved by the time I’m on the bar, I’ll be more than happy to offer my assistance.

    God bless you and your family.

  27. “One day, the armadillo will dance.
    Or, you know, make up some excuse for blowing you off yet again. Suckers.”

    Attaboy. Break it off in her ass, with a big grin on your face.

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  29. Jeff
    Honestly had no idea the extent of the harrasment you have been dealing with. On top of all the tracking you have catalogued. Best of luck. Keep your head up and hopefully you can put this issue to rest for good. Because a day without PW and a good slice of PIE, is not good living. Once again stay the course Mr Goldstein, good luck.w


  30. Nice post, Jeff, and thanks for the update. Frankly, you sound more relaxed and poised than I’d expected, and I take that as a sign of progress. Speaking from experience, the justice system is about the last place to find justice — do not, sir, let it get to your health. In its zeal to not condemn somebody, justice condemns everybody. There goes neither logic or reason with any dependable tradition.

    As you’ve seen. But you shall prevail.

    tw: salt attentive. Indeed.

  31. And when the Armadillo dances, I will be there. Been with you too long to give up now.

  32. we’ve been unable to convince Blogger (Google owned) to take away Frisch’s account

    Just one more reason why I use Ask.com for all my search-engine needs.

  33. Do what you need to, Jeff. I can’t imagine you would lose ANY readers. I know I’ll be waiting for the triumphal return. Most likely with a dram of Balvenie Doublewood in my hand. Thanks again and Godpseed!

  34. Jeff,

    Your commentary is irreplaceable. Take the time you need to brush off this noxious nutbag, then please hurry home. Hopefully, one day this will all serve to provide a wealth of cathartic fodder.

    In the interim, the best to you and yours. Including the ‘dillo.

  35. Obviously, I’ll be sticking around. Let me know if there’s anything you think I can do to help, either with the site or in meatspace.

  36. Most bloggers who stop blogging are quickly forgotten. When you took a year and a half off in 2002-2004, you were not forgotten. I know I thought of you often in that time, wishing you would come back, and was thrilled when you did. We’ll wait. We’ve done it before.

  37. We’ll wait – you go take care of business. If you ever need any help my way, let me know.

  38. One day, the armadillo will dance.

    I’m all done waiting for that little bastard to deliver.

    tw: muscular Reichstag

    Indeed. Burn it up, baby. And photos of the flames would be nice, if, you know, you have a chance.


    Jeff – That was your position on July 10, 2006 and should equally be applicable on July 10, 2007, 2008, etc …

    One of my all-time favorites, and even a bit curious to think that you had been restraining yourself up to that point.

  40. Jeff,

    While I don’t visit your site nearly as often as others, I was nonetheless shocked to see your ‘goodbye’ post of the other day. Your words were short and simple, and I didn’t know the specifics that caused that post – but yet I can relate to your succinct ‘goodbye’.

    I read up on Frisch a while back when it was screaming around the blogs. One thing is utterly clear at this point – she needs to be put down as we would any dog would rabies. A lesson needs to be delivered and meted out to her to serve as a warning to all who think they are untouchable as they froth away from the safety of their keyboards.

    Continue your fight. Know in doing so that you firmly hold the high ground. And unlike similar battles waged twenty years or more ago, you have the power of the blogosphere on your side. Your fight is just. You must prevail, for the sake of all. Post any details on how readers can help in addition to spreading this continuing story of the deranged amongst us.

  41. um… maybe just bonk her on the nose with a newspaper and take her dsl away

  42. What happened to that school-marmish dominatrix “goddessoftheclassroom” ? I can see her and Pellegri (arms crossed beneath ample bosom) scolding us in some of our more rambunctious threads. Good times.

  43. Good luck, Jeff. I hope the moribund legal system manages to get this one right, eventually.

  44. Take care, Jeff, and good luck.

    I’ve sent you a few things from your Amazon wish list. I had intended them to be a mildly disturbing collection of items, but Amazon, in its infinite wisdom, split the order up into individual packages. So it won’t even have the mild chuckle factor it may have had.

  45. Give ’em hell, JG. The hell she deserves.

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  47. Yeah, right. Armadillo. Whatever.

    As for deb, do what you have to do. I’d say she’s not worth much effort, but a tumor is a tumor.

  48. Is there any way to prevent her from owning a DSL or setting up an account with an ISP? Maybe the phone company (Qwest?) can be persuaded to deny her that kind of service. With a little prodding from a court order.

  49. Best of luck, Jeff. I can only imagine the hell you’re going through. I’ll be reading whenever you’re writing.

    TW: Bring to bear the full weight of the law’s “accrued policies”.

  50. Jeff,

    God bless and preserve you and the family. All of you mean a lot to your readers. You have my prayers.


    P.S. Your new Turing-word generator looks promising.

  51. badger6 to mommabear: xrhks ggedp vrsiv kdgry

  52. I can put you in touch with some people (touches side of nose), it would be much quicker. It also might be cheaper, it’s a one time cost.

    Stay safe and fight the good fight.

    tw, dragooning law, this thing is real good

  53. Between the hair, the 1970’s glasses, and her routine psychotic escapades, thestalkerbulldykeformerpseudohusbandhavingkrazychick has managed to alienate both men and women, and has been forced to turn to concrete light posts, stop signs, and guardrails for her jollies these days.

    Surely somebody with Photoshop skillz could put something together with thekrazyprof shaving Rosie’s back hair, while Andre the Giant gazes upon them, wearing a tu-tu, a beret, and drinking absinthe from a baby bottle.

  54. Man, can you imagine just what that little drug-fueled alcoholic rodent has been up to this whole time?

    I can’t wait to catch up.

    As others have said, anything I can do Jeff, lemme know. I know I speak for your fans in stating that we’re glad to hear the “goodbye” post wasn’t anything permanent.

  55. Jeff,

    I just found out about your blog, and this incident recently. It’s a darn shame what some people are capable of. No one deserves to be, or to have their family subjected to such horrors. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and I’m looking forward to your continued blogging. We don’t agree on evrything politically, but that’s OK.

    Oh, and you’re fellow Towsom alum! Cool.

  56. You go do what needs doing.
    We’ll wait.

  57. Out of curiosity .. how does she feed herself? What’s she do for money?

    Or do I not want to know the answer?

  58. Jeff, first of all… wb.

    Secondly: Post links to her little blogs after you’ve catalogued things, let us all fervently click on “report this blog”. We live to serve!

    tw/fastenings docs (yeah, I’m tying mine on right now…)

  59. Thanks a lot for the “pole-dancing” crack. I had to figure out why you said it, and now I’m in pain. I’m trying to hate you to death now.

  60. In general, there is nothing wrong with vodka-sodden pole dancers. Just sayin’

  61. JD; In general has nothing to do with it.


    Because if my head spontaneously combusts, you will be sued like the end of days!!

  62. Have you put any pressure on UofO where she is listed as a prof?

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  64. Hey Jeff,

    Good luck and God bless both you and your family during this ordeal. I’ve never commented on your site before, but read it almost daily. It never ceases to amaze me how this blog contains not only the most absurd and clever posts out of all the sites I visit frequently but also some of the deepest and profound pearls of wisdom. (Not to mention pigs to cast them before.)

    I hope the time of your contention with that wreck of a human being is soon coming to an end. (I need my daily PW fix again.:()


  65. Do you have a link where she’s listed, RS?

  66. And thanks for the kind words, everyone. I feel a bit like Billy Squier today, what with all the stroking.

    Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m wearing parachute pants again.


  67. It’s the pants, Jeff. It’s always the pants.

  68. http://www.uoregon.edu/~uocomm/experts/faculty-data/Frisch+_Deborah.html

    I didnt notice that this is from 97.
    Sorry, but best of luck in your struggle.

  69. Jeff G.

    You have my empathy and sympathy for the trials you are going through. Good luck on getting done what needs too be done. You are ‘truly’ a voice in the wilderness and would be greatly missed by me were you to quit blogging for good. And oh, thanks for having the nuts too stand up this lunatic person.

  70. Yeah. She was denied tenure. And tried to blackmail them into giving it to her by claiming sexual harassment.

    She left and went to U of AZ, where she was an adjunct at the time of her “stepping down.”

    She claimed the other day that the U of O is going to throw her some work in the fall (as an instructor, presumably), but I rather doubt that. She took down the post after it was linked.

    I’ll say this, though: if she does get a job at U of O — or anywhere — I’m signing up for the course.

    And we can’t have her violating that restraining order, now, can we?

    So it looks like Papa the Capitalist is going to have to keep Deb on an allowance indefinitely.

  71. Good luck, Jeff.

    An armadillo ate my lawn once. I ran over him and served him in a savory bisque.

  72. There — hit the tipjar. Legal costs ain’t cheap, especially since Auntie Moonbat doesn’t have a discernable source of income from which to reimburse you for your fees.

  73. Take all the time you need. We’ll wait here.Now. I’m warning you, some of us might get bored. So, just for my own information, is the CD collection and the liquor cabinet covered under your homeowners?

  74. Wow. Just wow.

    Can’t say more than what’s already been said. So I won’t.

    Just another poor sap that loves your work and would do anything you asked to help.

    TW: phenomena forth

    uh, well, ok, if you say so…

    (ba dee bedebe)
    (ba debe dee)
    (ba dee bedebe badebe badebe dee dee de-de de-de-de)

  75. Good luck from someone who has been dealing with another psycho for years. No matter what happens now, I will never fully recover from the attacks. I hope better for you.

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  77. Armadillo bisque. Mmmmmmmm. In the shell.

  78. Jeff, I so sorry to hear about this. Truely.

    A little background – I’m the guy whose deceased young son Dr. Frisch posted pictures of many times over the last two weeks on two of her blogs. She even threatened to make jokes about him unless Sinner revealed his real identity. I had used his picture in a memoriam post I did on the occasion of the forth anniversary of his death. I also posted a picture of my deceased father and one of my deceased mother.

    The extreme cruelty of Dr. Frisch is mind boggling. It is telling that the only picture she used of the three I posted was that of a young boy.

    I wish you well and if you need anything from me, please contact me at my email above.

  79. Jerrie–that sucks.
    Seems she’s forgotten to mock the fact that one of my sons has Childhood Onset Schizophrenia. Got any good stand-up about that, Deb?

  80. It is infuriating to me that you have endure this!!!!

    Jeff, I don’t know how I can help, but if I can in ANY WAY. Let me know.

  81. Btw, my son took a job in Louisiana instead of Brighton, so that is why you haven’t heard from me.

  82. Do what you need to do for your family, Mr. Goldstein.

    Please accept my best wishes for a just and speedy resolution to your struggle.

    We live in wondrous times, but the even the Yellow Brick Road has got to have some potholes.

  83. Dan ,
    I e-mailed you about this back in March and mentioned Steve Janke’s blog ( Angry in the Great White North ) regarding she who couldn’t be named aloud . He linked all of her sites that were up at the time (http://stevejanke.com/archives/219195.php). I had screen captures but they don’t seem to work now . As a blogger Steve might have have relevant links or screenshots . The only screen capture that still works for me is from inbredgisterguard from Mar 20 2007 . Hope you and your family are well Jeff . And you Dan .

  84. Thanks, Bill. Doing fine. I was able to append a couple of new things to my complaint, today.

  85. Jeff,

    I read everyday and have replied from time to time (mostly during this sorrid event last year).

    I’m constantly amazed at your wit, and intelligence and find you truly funny and informative to read. You blessed with an abilty to put your thoughts so cogently on paper; I only hope we are not deprived of that blessing for too long. I know that’s selfish and of course wish for peace and safety in your family first and foremost.

    I will miss your thoughts and insights and will continue to check daily to keep up with any updates.

    Keep you head held high and know you have an enormous army of fans who care.


  86. Jeff , Dan ,
    Steve Janke’s e-mail is agwnblog@gmail.com . He’s a standup guy , any help he can give , he will . He posted on this March 15 , 2007 . See above link , it’s still good .

  87. Here’s an example of how helpful Blogger/Google has been in this matter, despite the fact that I come to them with a RO and an injunction:


    After investigating the post at heckallow.blogspot.com/2007/07/count.html,
    it appears that the blog administrator has removed the content. We therefore assume that this matter has been resolved.

    The Blogger Team

    True, Frisch removed that post and replaced it with a “protein gism rest in pees” post (since removed), and now another one in which she calls me a pussy [update: since removed]

    But you know the Blogger Team — it’s all about free speech. Unless we’re talking about China. In which case it’s all about the yuan.

  88. Thanks for the update, Jeff. I couldn’t imagine how droll a week without reading your material would be. Good luck with the psycho-dyke. Can’t wait until you’re back for good. I’ll hit the tip jar shortly.

  89. I wonder if a complaint to the IRS wouldn’t be useful, for her and her family. She can’t be reporting her income, and maybe you could get them to track her down.

  90. If it’s all about free speech , why remove the links ? It posted a ton of crazy earlier this year . Why expunge the record ?

  91. Check out How to Be Invisible by J.J. Luna for a range of tips on how you might better protect yourself from such persons.

  92. Normally I just lurk here, but since the can of worms is already open…

    I am the target of the “twitchy” attack. My wife has seizures, sometimes frequent but most times completely under control. She attacks me because I started “Don’t Hire Deb” (DHD) and currently admin “Teh Squeakywheel”. I monitor her and post teh rantings, which for some reason she hates… I mean don’t we all publish on the net to be read?

    Anyways… Jeff you have my full support.

    I’ve always wanted to do this:

    TW: mindful sensation

  93. I think I might have a workable solution. Howzabout a little .50 caliber loving and a nice cozy habitat to retire to. Plus, it would be educational for the kids, and Dr. Demento aspires to teach, so everybody wins!

  94. Oh… and for the Gerbils…


  95. Sinner , you were working with Kirk , no ?

  96. Hang in there, Jeff. It’s scant consolation, but nobody would want to live her life.

  97. I still think that we, as a community, should be able to pursue some type of class action for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

    If you can tie her to George Soros or some other billionaire Democrat maybe you can get paid for the disruption of your life, Jeff. Or maybe one of those billionaire Democrats that cares so much about people would be forced to take some action to make sure this crazy lady gets the help she so obviously needs.

    Probably not, though. After all none of them ever helped Cindy Sheehan get better.

    Maybe I’m just too cynical about Democrat billionaires?

  98. Jeff, I’ve stopped frequenting TSW, but I’m still available to do whatever I can. You and Paul know how to reach me. DFC!

  99. I think Sinner has something there:


    (because of the oysters)

    tw: acts assistance

  100. Yes, Kirk is a “good gerbil”

    Hi DFC

  101. Sinner–send me your email addy, would you? croolwurld-at-earthlink.net

  102. When does the spin cycle end ?

  103. Don’t complain. When I was a kid, all the washing machines were black and white.

  104. You don’t really want teh spin cycle to end, do you? Next would be Brenda’s Dryer.


  105. Just re-read some stuff …. usually cats hate gerbils …… now , not so much . Please give the help you offer .
    Regards ,

  106. Well, duh. Karl Rove runs the cabal.

    tw: Taft playground

    Fun for a progressive Republican. Whoda thunk?

  107. Jeff, hang in there, man. Bask in our good wishes. Rub them all over yourself like so many lime Jell-o cubes.

    TW: Service Forbes (Really. I feel icky.)

  108. Well now….I have it on good authority that Brenda’s Dryer is warm and cozy. SBH said so.

  109. I would ask that you all remember burrhog, please. Come back, Keith.

  110. Sir, I wish you well. More, I wish you success against this lunatic. I don’t always agree with what you write, but I find you witty and a worthwhile read.

    There is no excuse for this garbage among civilized humans, regardless of whether we agree or disagree.

    I look forward to your return full time.


  111. Jeff,
    I have enjoyed your your humor, your intentionalism, your conceptual dialogues, and everything else for lo, these many years. It’s a shame that your reward for being so useful is to be hounded endlessly by someone so useless. Best wishes for a speedy and satisfactory resolution of the mess. We will be here when you get back. G-d bless you.

  112. Hang in there, Jeff. I’ll tip back a few glasses of Solera Reserve in your honor this weekend, and Monday, and Tue…well, you get it. As for the dillo, he has to get his own. The little shit.

  113. It’s a shame that your reward for being so useful is to be hounded endlessly by someone so useless.

    If you ask me, Jim Taylor wins the thread with that.

  114. Jeff,

    [Insert wishes for luck for you and your family here]

    Seriously, I have long enjoyed your combination of irreverent humor and brilliant philosophical analysis for years now. I know you have a lot to worry about, and all we want is for you to do what you need to do for yourself and your family. If and when you choose to resume, we’ll be waiting.

  115. Good sir, as you well know, there is such a thing as evil. Without intending to, you have become a victim and antagonist of it. Your fight is the fight for decency itself.

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  117. God bless you G. Do what you have to doto protect your family.

  118. So one looney has to ruin in for the majority. I’m pissed to see it come to this, Jeff, but we all know how unhinged the Left becomes, and allowed to get away with it. (and Debbie is representative of it)

    Keep in mind though, to not let her silence you. That is what they want to do. Please come back when you think it is the right time.

    Oh, and Debbie? Google “suicide”. I’ve heard they’ve got a lot of good tips to get the ball rolling…listen to the voices in your head, “girlfriend”.

  119. I will not be taking down your link and I will check back frequently. If this blog can short-circuit someone as thoroughly as it has Deb Frisch, it’s too good to lose. Good luck with everything.

  120. Bitch crazy. Got too close to her work, I’d say. I’m sorry you’re the ones she’s stalking and harrassing, guys. Besta luck putting this wack job in the poorhouse/hoosegow, Jeff.

    TW: chosen Pitt…is that you, Angelina?

  121. JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH… JeffG, I had not idea that the OR scuzbucket was still on the ‘net, let alone still stalking

    I an confused, when the hell does this stop being a civil action and move on over to criminal???? I certainly would be pushing this to criminal action because then when she violates a term of probation of not even OWNING a ‘puter, she goes to JAIL.

  122. I’m glad to hear that you’re not gone for good, Jeff. Keep fighting the good fight against that whackjob.

  123. Even with things going “BLAM!” in the IZ, I think I’d rather be here than confronting that vile gibbering from Eugene.

    Oh and Google? “Don’t be evil.” Remember that?

    Hang in there, Jeff. Easy for me to say, I know.

  124. Crap…now I have to think up cutting arguments by myself.

    Maybe with myself.

    Man, I wish you back as much as I would like to see simple prose in a discussion.


  125. Aw, hell, Jeff — we’ll just hang around until you finish with business. Myself, I’ll just make myself comfortable in the corner and clean my toenails with my Kabar while I wait.

    And chunk a few coins in the tipjar.

  126. Jeff, good luck and I hope you can move past this as soon as possible.


  127. Good luck, Jeff, and keep your chin up.

  128. Jeff, I’m the guy who sent you the box set of classic Japanese movies after your Celluloid Wisdom hiatus. I believe the message said “Welcome back!” I’ll be hitting your wish list again when you come back this time. Illegitimi Non Carborundrum.

  129. Good Luck, and I will be here.

  130. I am impressed by the turnout here of names I do not recall. Cool, especially since it is to support Jeff. I hope the tip jar hit helps, even if only a little!

  131. Godspeed to you and yours. We’ll be anxiously waiting for your return to posting or any good news at all. May Frisch find her way off a high cliff with no one else around.

  132. oatmeal: Don’t you have news to … summarize or something?

    JG: Priorities, you know…

    oatmeal: So why are so many people still checking your site?

    JG: …

    JG: …

    oatmeal: You are so having a Sally Fields moment.

  133. Deb Frisch, reconfirming all our worst stereotypes of “psychological professionals”!

    Judging from that practiced pole dance I’d say we don’t need to guess what she’s been doing for a living, although I shudder to imagine the venue that would have her. And now it will be days before I can get Tina Turner’s Tiny Dancer out of my head. Gaaa!!

    TW: physically were. For sure.

    Hang in, Jeff!

  134. Give the crazy bint hell…..when you go after family, its personal. No quarter.

  135. We have your back Jeff.

  136. That’s go’s double for me. (All of above.)

    (Including the guy who weirdly just said “Nipple.” Which because usually they come in pairs.)

  137. Some “specialists” even have extras.

    tw: full Philippine.

    Yup, that’s exactly who I was talking about. $75 extra but well worth it.


  138. Hopefully some of you will stick around.

    Are you kidding? I wish I could quit you, Goldstein.

    (It’s so sad reading about all the people that have been hurt by this horrid woman. My thoughts go out to all of you.)

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  140. Jeff, I’m sure you’re already getting lots of good advice from actual lawyers.

    But I would love to see you get an injuction shutting Google down as a public nuisance, because they won’t act against people like SWMNBN.

    I think I already set all my browsers to use Ask.com instead of the Index of Evil.

  141. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m wearing parachute pants again.

    Why did anyone ever stop wearing them? That’s what keeps me up at night.

    Best of luck with “Teh Crazy”!

  142. It’s just too bad that being a lunatic bitch is not a capital offense.

  143. It’s just too bad that being a lunatic bitch is not a capital offense.

    I feel yore pain, Jay.

  144. Comment by wishbone on 7/12 @ 11:28 pm #

    Oh and Google? “Don’t be evil.” Remember that?

    There, fixed that for ya.

  145. Jeff – Is a “full phillipine” anything like a “dirty sanchez” ?

  146. Dirty Sanchez? Doesn’t she represent Bob Dornan’s old district?

    (My TW is “deutschen pleasing,” which is right in so many evil ways.)

  147. It’s hard to believe this is still going on. We all have your back in whatever way we can. Take care of business and come back when you can. We’ll be here. To paraphrase the great song “Haunted House” — ain’t no psycho skank gonna run me off.

  148. First things first. We’ll catch you again when it’s over.

  149. Not stick around, Jeff? Perish the thought.

  150. Good luck! Keep up the fight!

  151. Marketing.

  152. Pablo, get you ass on this thread. Stat.

  153. Chips! Wondered when your delusional self would show again.

  154. Dotiros, get you self in counseling. Yesterday.

  155. Dotiros, get you self in counseling! Yesterday.

    tw: battering subject

  156. I don’t post here very often (I know when I’m outclassed…:), but have been lurking for quite some time, and well recall the Cupid Stunt’s previous predations here.

    That this nonsense is still going on is nothing short of astonishing. Unfortunately this silly bitch is clearly a sociopath, and one’s choices for dealing with that sort are very limited.

    All the best to Jeff and his family, and I fervently hope that this issue with the…hmmm..I was going to say “skanky bulldyke”, especially after seeing those photos on the OC site, but that would be a grievous insult to the skanky bulldyke community, so I will refrain from doing so…:)…well, that the issue is satisfactorily resolved and very quickly.

  157. Oh, one other thing, since based on what I’ve seen today (reading this and other blogs), she is getting closer to the edge. If you are successful in seriously muddying her waters, as it were, damn near anything might happen. Therefore I recommend the following addition to your household (if you have not already done something similar); Smith & Wesson revolver, caliber .38 special, K or L frame, with a 4″ barrel, and Pachmyr grips, using Winchester Silvertip or Federal Hydra-Shok loads. And put a few hundred rounds through it at the range so you are comfortable with it (those Pachmyr grips will make it feel like an extension of your hand). And there are a variety of ways to safely secure it so that the rugrat doesn’t get hold of it, and still be readily available to you in the unfortunate event that you need it.

    Yeah, autos are fine, but something tells me you are not a big gun aficionado, and the S&W is a simple and effective self-defense weapon and easy to learn. And while it has the knockdown power you want, the .38 special load does NOT have the muzzle velocity to pass right through assorted psychobitches, walls, engine blocks and neighbors…:)

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  159. holy shit. I found this stuff in Wikipedia. Jeff is sure famous but Deb is too thanks to the VRWC.

    Jeesh, Jeff and friends dish it out but can’t take it when it returns to them.

    it’s obvious that the ‘troll’ (Deb) was not a real threat but you are making her lose her job and sanity well that’s the price of going on boards such as these.

    really revealing on the hypocrisy here. Dish it out but when it comes back at ya? Maybe you’ll have to tighten up the registration and such..but then it’d be just like Freep’s right?

    I’ve been called worse things than she said by PW regulars and don’t expect to get lock and loaded over it.

    but then what’s that crap above?

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  164. So please be warned

  165. Why is this so sudden?! Anyyway,Thanks too! Take care!

  166. cracked.com has some stalker/stealing people’s iden’s be warned he is a sexual preadtor also.

  167. Some stalkers believe they love you or they hate you because of something there holding back they or you done. Mine is mad because I told him to stop being so racist. He says calling someone blackie or the n words not racist. Oh please. I look back & don’t think he’s a troll or an idiot. He’s just nuts. Yes he is a hater & stalker you look at all the things he posts about people. No wonder people go off & report his pages online. He’s got little friends. Loser !!!!!!! -Coward !!!!!! Is what he is. So he goes & stalks people wanting revenge. He gets none really. No one believes him. People like him are pure evil. Do not belong with the world. They belong in a mental ward or jail.He still rants every once in a blue moon. He slowed down. I think he finally took a hint after people name calling him & going off & reporting him. They won’t put up with it.

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