July 4, 2007

Al Gore's Son Busted for Speeding & Possession [Dan Collins]

At least the Prius he was driving 100 mph was what they call a “hydroponic” vehicle. And it’s not as though the drugs he was caught with were non-natural, except for the Valium, Xanax, Vicodin, Adderall and Soma, for which he lacked prescriptions. I’m not sure what kind of mileage a Prius gets when it’s going 100 mph, though, so that’s kind of serious.

Unlike certain partisans who would like to see someone have the book thrown at them because a) s/he is socioeconomically privileged, and b) s/he belongs to a political party that I dissociate myself from in most respects, I hope the kid goes into rehab and gets the help he needs. And I hope he’s fined a bunch and has his license taken away for a long time. Other than that, I don’t see any particular point in anyone trying to elevate this stupidity into some kind of general indictment of any party’s principles, parenting prowess or anything else. He’s a goofy kid whose dad happened to star in March of the Penguins. I can’t say that that wouldn’t have left me emotionally scarred, either.

 UPDATE: TBogg’s all bothered that wingnut bloggers keep on expressing the view that the kid ought to be left alone for having been busted going 100 mph with a bunch of drugs in a hydroponic car (blue, not green) on an LA freeway and subsequently spending 12 hours in the pokey before being bailed for 20k, which is, you know, kind of hypocritical and concern troll-y because they just keep on repeating the facts, when they could just not mention it (which is what TBogg would have done had they not gone mentioning it), the way all the moonbats refrained from commenting on the Bush twins’ bust for underaged drinking, BECAUSE OF TEH HYPOCRISY.  I mean, you might as well not mention Silky-P’s unkind cut toward his stylist, or not crack wise about the NYT headline, “Clintons Adjust to Her Turn in His Old Role,” by asking who she’s biffing on the side, because if you didn’t, ol’ Special-T would be the first guy to extend compliments on your classy restraint.

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  1. Hell, I didn’t know a Prius could go 100 miles per hour!

  2. Tim,

    You have to peddle like hell. But if you are one scared sonofabitch……..!

  3. 100 miles per what? The story says “per hour”. Here I thought it was 100 miles per GALLON, but I must have misunderstood. So it’s 100 miles per Valium?

    No, wait, what? — what? 100 miles per carbon offset? C’mon, now, cut that out; this is serious.

  4. Funny that Reuters deemed the hybrid-vehicle detail central enough to the story to put it in the first paragraph — the illegal prescription drugs had to wait a few paragraphs (until after the environmental-friendliness of the vehicle had been touted . . . again).

  5. Who the fuck drives 100mph anyway? On a San Diego freeway? That’s suicidal and stupid. No matter what drugs were found, that alone should be worth no driving for a year or two.

    He’ll get a fine and rehab and a suspended license, but only serve jail time if he’s stupid like Paris and doesn’t remember he’s not supposed to drive. I imagine his handlers are smarter than hers, even if they only consist of a dayplanner or Blackberry.

    But the real questions are 1) how much would this ticket cost under the Commonwealth of Virginia’s new ticketing laws? and 2) if it was an SUV and not a Prius, would it be a bigger story?

  6. jon:

    It was 2:15 A.M. in the morning…there are lots of people driving 100 M.P.H. on SoCal freewys at that time.

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  8. None of the lefties who were so outraged by the Bush twins or Nicole’s problems seem concerned with this at all, I blame the patriarchy.

    I did find a nice bit here:
    marveling at the brilliance of deception and dishonesty.

  9. The Networks and PBS mention the Gore III’s getting busted, though they neglect his rap sheet on drugs and other unreported stuff like his getting kicked out of St. Alban’s—like his father Al III was a snitch and a miscreant at the same time.

    Al Gore II’s strange inability to get into law school has never been examined by an MSM avid for every sordid detail of your average Repub candidates CV. The urban legend is that he had what used to be called a massive “crack-up” during his college years—the lefty MSM has helped him cover up these factoids which would be fine by me had the MSM been even-handed in its cover-up mode.

    Al II is actually a decent guy in person and went out of his way to greet my 6-year old daughter in the White House Mess when he was on crutches due to a basketball Achilles-heel incident.

    But he has constantly played his hand as though he has a Full House even though every time he is unmasked, it’s been a busted flush!

    The secret sins of the fathers are passed on to their kids, which is why I fear for my now 18-year old daughter!

  10. One of the local news shows here in SoCal actually mentioned his priors for drugs and his previous stint in a rehab program. Sounds like he’s a young man with some problems.

    On a lighter note, have any of you seen what he looks like? Judging from pictures I’ve seen of him, it looks like he may have inherited his dad’s sparkling personality.

  11. He’s had a number of such run-ins. Considering this is a kid who nearly died after being struck by a car himself, “thrown 30 feet through the air and scraped another 20 feet on the pavement after he hit the ground,” it’s appalling.

    I lost a parent to a reckless driver who somehow managed to retain both insurance and a license notwithstanding a history of incidents like Gore 3.0’s, and the fact that this kid can still get behind the wheel makes me more angry than I can express.

    Sounds like he’s going to keep going until somebody dies.

  12. BMoe —

    What’s worse, is that the central premise is a lie — which makes the deception and dishonesty on behalf of a lie.

    Which entirely undercuts the supposed ironic power of the gambit — though I do admire the audacity.

    Of course, when you have cheerleaders like Phoenix Woman calling you “brilliant” for managing to con your way up to a podium, what’s to lose?

    The thing in itself is to be celebrated. The act of STICKING IT TO THE MAN — even if the content of your message is divorced from reality.

    I’ll post on this later. Unless Dan beats me to it, I mean.

  13. Naw, Jeff. I’m done for today. I’m at work.

  14. I was confused by tbogg’s point, until one of his posters explained it more clearly:

    “The difference between Al Gore III and the Bush Bimbos is that he’s a private citizen…”

    That site is too stupid to troll.

  15. Sounds to me like the poor kid is trying to attract daddy’s attention. But daddy is busy saving the world, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Your mileage may vary.

    Not an unusual story for politicians’ kids, unfortunately.

  16. Have the folks at Kos tied the arrest to a Rovian type conspiracy ? Perhaps Rove called in a favor from the folks in LA County, KNOWING with Rovian insight that the Gore in question was driving fast with lots of drugsi n the car with him. Personally, I think its payback for the criticism of the Bush twins and Scooter Libby.

  17. “The difference between Al Gore III and the Bush Bimbos is that he’s a private citizen…”

    <snicker> I was unaware that “first offspring” was an official post.

  18. Great googly moogly, that may be the single dumbest thing ever written on teh intertubes or spoken in public. Ok, ok, maybe “first time in history fire melted steel.” Well also “I heard the explosions on the levees!” Hmmmm, or …

    Never mind.

  19. Of course. Smooth it over with rehab. As is the typical celeb penance nowadays.

  20. #16

    AG III was booked in Orange County – a little more conservative that LA LA county. I’m sure that Rove’s got the fix in for him there already.

    OCCJ is not a nice place to stay – hopefully he didn’t find out the true meaning of a “tuck and roll job”

  21. I don’t think much of his Dad’s politics, but I do hope AG III gets the help he needs.

    Every time I go back to my village in Ireland, I run into a couple of shambling alcoholic wrecks utterly dependent on dole and drink. Can’t help but remember the kids they once were.

  22. I hear you, Patrick. In another country, that might be me.