June 23, 2007

Save Money on Beer [Dan Collins]

After Jeff’s last very sweet and decent post, I feel terrible posting this, but I imagine that some of the readership will value the information. Do you know someone who has an outstanding body, but a face that would astonish a Gorgon? Furriskey has discovered the (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) solution.

Image deleted by popular demand. Let’s just say it’s a reasonable use for a hijab. You can check it out tomorrow, if you want, at my place.

“Please? I get so turned on by the whole harem thing, baby.”


Posted by Dan Collins @ 12:40pm

Comments (25)

  1. the hands look weird

  2. Hmmmm. Fingerless lace gloves?

  3. What no ankle shots?

  4. maybe just a cigarette? she just kind of has an i-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-ginormous-hands look about her…

  5. i-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-ginormous-hands

    You have a wild imagination, Happyfeet.

  6. I have to call out-of-bounds on this one, Dan.  This isn’t Ace of Spades.

  7. What are you, cranky-d? Some kind of overeducated geek?
    Besides, I said it was not safe for work.

  8. I’m thinking (hoping) you’ll have second thoughts about this one Dan.

  9. I just wish there was a popcultural September 10 we could all retreat to and be safe. Deconstructive images are so disturbing and scary.

  10. Dan, can you rescue my comment from the moderation thingy? This seems to happen when I use more than one link.

  11. Oh. I think maybe for some reason when you have links it just takes longer.

  12. Hmm. All ur recent comments are belong to me!!!!

  13. Hmmm. Is this something Jeff needs to know about, happyfeet?

  14. Prude?  Not likely.  It’s just that, when you post unauthorized photos of me, I’m likely to sue.

  15. No – is just different. It just seems that if you use a couple links in a post, you may not see your comment until you refresh a couple times. On an earlier thread, someone with WordPress knowledge mentioned that comments with links have to sort of be evaluated by some big omnibus script, so it’s probably something to just get used to. I think this guy suggested the work around would be switching to an entirely different commenting module…

  16. Zoiks! Hubba hijaba!

  17. It’s ok, Dan.  I’ve been told I give good thread.

  18. No. 15 happyfeet — no, just stop the loading before the editor code loads and shows the icons. The fundamental script is buggy but usable. Problems occur when it processes the output of the editor, especially if the poster uses some of the neat features.

  19. I think I’ll try to get in the habit of keeping an HTML editor up and just
    copy and paste along the lines you suggest.
    That way I can be lazy and still post promiscuously. We’ll see if this
    one works…

  20. kinda sorta

  21. Im offended. Can somebody get that ugly birka off her head ? Thanks in advance. 

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