August 1, 2014

“Hamas Issues ‘Terrorism 101 Handbook’”

But wait, before you jump to conclusions, consider the sources, one a conservative outlet, the other a bunch of racist Zionist butcher kikes:

Hamas has been disseminating to its followers in the Gaza Strip a detailed terrorism training manual that teaches would-be bombers how to make explosives and conceal them in household items such as televisions, according to documents seized by the Israeli military during recent raids.

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers discovered the handbook on the ground in the Gaza Strip as they conducted raids of homes and other facilities used by Hamas to plan its terror activities.

Hamas’ terrorism manuals instruct readers on how to build homemade explosive devices and how to set them to explode in unlikely places.

Hamas has even strapped explosives to donkeys and attempted to send them after Israeli soldiers.

The terror group’s goal is to encourage the citizens of Gaza to plant explosives in unlikely places in the hopes that Israeli military personnel set them off during routine raids in Gaza.

It is just another example of how Hamas utilizes unconventional warfare techniques and civilian cover to carry out attacks on Israelis. Hamas has already been caught using women and children as human shields and firing their rockets from hospitals and United Nations-owned schools.

The detailed manual, excerpts of which werepublished by the IDF this week, explicitly instructs readers to camouflage their explosives, with one diagram demonstrating “how to fill a television-shaped bomb with shrapnel,” according to the IDF.

Soldiers in Gaza have reported seeing the techniques described in the handbook implemented in various homes. In one instance, an Israeli soldier entered a civilian home located next door to a school only to find eight mines connected together by cable and spread throughout the home.

Mines have also been discovered hidden in the shape of a chicken coop in other homes. Other diagrams in the handbook appear to detail methods to embed explosives in wall mounts, such as those used to hang televisions.

Is there any doubt that, just as it’s without question Israeli artillery is responsible for bombing innocent, missile-hiding UN schools, the Jews themselves are behind this false flag operation, willing to kill their own just to suggest, ludicrously, that Hamas is some sort of terror organization?

I mean, please, people. These are Jews.  Who control all the banks and Hollywood and the media.  Can we trust them?   I mean, honestly?

Factoid:   You can’t spell Benjamin Netanyahu without “Satan”.   If he had an “s” in his name.  Think about it!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:42pm

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  1. *** “They’re just running out of shit to blow up,” Stewart said, “maybe what happened here is the diplomats tackled Israel while they were reloading.” ***

    Low-life Jon Liebowitz Stewart continues to slander Israel for money to stuff in his own pockets to the delight of clapping leftist monkeys and sheep, but funny thing — ha ha — that low-life Jon Liebowitz Stewart doesn’t happen to notice that Hamas also continues to find hundreds of rockets and missiles to fire into Israel everyday. So much for running out of shit to blow up, I guess.

  2. *** “We know those parts. We are familiar with the geography and with the history. Not a single Arab Palestinian child will be hit by one of our missiles.” [except the ones in Gaza, of course — sdferr]

    “Our rockets are aimed at the Hebrews, the murderers, the Israelis, the criminals,” Barhoum is quoted as saying. “Don’t be afraid. Go on with your everyday life, and celebrate our victory, just like we will celebrate it here, in Gaza.”

    “We say to our people in Haifa: the missiles of Al-Qassam will not hit any Arab home,” Barhoum continued. “Rest assured, our missiles accurately target the homes of the Israelis and the Zionists.” ***

    This probably goes to include the conquering Muslims’ holy sites in Jerusalem as well, if the complaining Israeli Arabs happen to think about it for two seconds — or hell, if conquering Muslims anywhere on earth want to think about it for two seconds, for that matter.

  3. The donkey bomb is likely to work as well as the Russian dog bombs or American bat incendiary devices.

  4. Not to mention the dead Bedouins in Israel killed by falling mortar shells and rockets.

  5. Jon Stewart thinks he’s showing the world that he’s not one of those kind.

    The phony cosmopolitans laugh. The truly evil in the world — and those who recognize it — however, see his cowardice and desperation, his longing to be a not-Jew.

    It’s repugnant.

    I’m not really religious. I do have a spiritual side, but if anything, from a religious standpoint I’m a confident agnostic. And yet people like Stewart make me feel icky somehow, as if I’m tethered to them in some way, when they couldn’t be less representative of me were they to dress up like urban Maori and show an unprecedented prowess in both spear fishing and twerking.

  6. *** “I want to make sure that they are listening,” Obama said, addressing Hamas.

    “If they are serious about trying to trying to resolve this situation, that soldier needs to be unconditionally released, as soon as possible.” ***

    How hilarious is that?

    Hamas wanted to make sure ObaZma was listening when it broke the ceasefire this morning 90 mins. after it began, hoping he would understand that they are deadly serious about not “trying to resolve this situation”, but seeking rather to see to it that “this situation” continues until there is not one living Jew in their neighborhood.

    But no! Elephant-ears saw to it that his auditory collectors were stopped with cotton when the suicide bomber went off this a.m. (Egyptian cotton: only the finest for his funnels).

    On account of true ClownDisasters will do anything for peace.

  7. Well, except think, that is.

  8. The phony cosmopolitans laugh. The truly evil in the world — and those who recognize it — however, see his cowardice and desperation, his longing to be a not-Jew

    Peter Beinart at least doesn’t make to be intentionally funny, though he beclowns himself frequently enough to make some people wonder.

  9. Not being one of “those kind” of Christians is kind of popular as well.

    Like everything else, Christian democrats get a lot of cover from the press. Reid and Romney are apparently are two completely different kinds of people called Mormons.

  10. You know what you can spell without Benjamin Netanyahu?

    “Slow old fools lop off odd rows of good Dogwood logs. So cool!”

    Think about it ( or not ). Just being facetious here but Dogwood has some symbolic religious significance, so there’s that.

  11. Isn’t it nice to know the U.N. is siding with Israel’s enemies?

    Either that, or the U.N. is so completely incompetent it was unable to tell their building were being used as staging points for Hamas.

    Personally, I go with malice, myself.

  12. Saudi king mad with the radical Islamists.

    Abdullah also lashed out at religious extremism, urging “Muslim leaders and scholars to … stand up to those trying to hijack Islam and portray it as a religion of hatred, extremism, and terrorism.”

    “It is a shame and a disgrace that these terrorists kill, mutilate (dead bodies), and proudly spread (pictures) in the name of religion,” he said.

    His remarks were an apparent reference to Islamic State jihadists operating in Iraq and Syria.

    So true, after all those killed could have made perfectly good slaves. The king hates that waste and replacements are always needed.

  13. The Saud king may hate the idea of his family losing their reign in Arabia too. After all, there are very many Shia living within the Kingdom, and many more across the waters of the Gulf. Should the Shia see clearly their imminent destruction at the hands of the Sunni Arabs, what will they do in self-defense save rise to strike the heart of the Sunni Arabs first?

  14. There is no bad idea which IVotePresentandWonPenPhone or his SecOStateJohnKerryInternationalDiplomat will ever abandon, since neither can distinguish a bad idea from a good, and yet think themselves PoliticalScientists in possession of the truth:

    *** Palestinian sources in Cairo revealed on Monday that the United States and Qatar have again renewed their attempts to reach an understanding on a ceasefire in Gaza, even as Palestinian factions meet Egyptian officials in Cairo to forge their own proposal. ***

  15. IVotePresentandWonPenPhone and SecOStateJohnKerryInternationalDiplomat have “Peace Process” OCD. They have it so bad it continues even when they are traipsing about, golfing and windsurfing the vacations spots of the world.