July 17, 2014

End game: the left, illegal immigration, and the ongoing coup

Progressives have always detested the founding and have long embraced the self-serving assumption (insofar as it gives them the rationale for counter-revolutionary impulses) that the US is an illegitimate, colonialist nation built on stolen land and stolen labor.  And Obama, steeped in this doctrinaire academic leftist cant, was nurtured and molded and in many ways created — as the moderate “pragmatist” and “post-racial” President — to be the left’s trojan horse, its Manchurian candidate. He is both figurehead and marionette for an ideology that has subsumed him and others who follow it with his same religious zeal. A servant posing as a king.

What we’re witnessing now — with collaboration from the Supreme Court and many within the GOP longing for kickbacks from the US Chamber of commerce, whose push for amnesty is a repudiation of our laws, laws written and passed by the very politicians who now call us “nativists” and “racists” for wishing to see them enforced — is part of the logistical endgame.  The left has sent out the message that our borders are open.  And they are secreting anchor children into various parts of the country, knowing full well that by the time we’re able to stop them the electoral map will be forever changed, and the soft-socialist, bureaucratic, command-and-control regime they desire, run by elites who manage we subjects, will have the veneer of legitimacy once the ballot box is overwhelmed by those who are able to vote for other people’s money.

The move to crush the middle class, which is what Alinsky, via Marx, advocated (that is, the bourgeois capitalism that comes with free market, self-interested enterprise and the mobility of wealth), is being systematically completed through executive fiat, bureaucratic legislation, currency manipulation, and the importation of government dependents with a low history of assimilation and a long history of straining resources and Balkanizing communities.

The center cannot hold, as the Cloward-Piven strategy postulates.  Which, in the mind of the Utopian statists, will lead to a great revolt in which the people rise up and socialism is begged for — even as the monied are at once demonized and protected, later to become part of the liberal fascist ruling cabal that has long been the end game of socialist political schemes.

Too, we’re seeing, in the various fomentings of envy from an Administration that laughs at our bitterclinging, that the importation of a particular set of illegal immigrants — those who are called in and then invited to join the reconquista movement — are yet another way the left intends to create crisis, strife, and ultimately violence, that they will then step in and claim to protect us from.

One need only listen to rhetoric like this, from Jose Angel Gutierrez, a one-time professor and a lawyer, to get the gist of what it is the elites will use to distract us as they maneuver through the various racial strife to form a borderless banana republic, one in which the governmental and public sector class runs things while the rest of us beg for the crumbs they’ll generously toss us:

Of course, it’s ironic (and believe me, not lost on this agitator, who gets rich off of his separatist advocacy just as surely as the race hustlers get rich off of their demands to “heal” perpetual oppression as a permanent victim class that must never be allowed to transcend that victimization) that Gutierrez has the freedom to stand in the US and spout what is essentially a call to overthrow the US government — or at least return the land governed by the “gringos” who must be eradicated, by attrition if not in other ways, to those to whom he says it “belongs,” a stance that is conveniently willing to bracket slaughter of indigenous peoples by the Spanish, or the various intertribal conflicts among the “natives” to the continent (which identification, of course, is always stopped arbitrarily, and never goes back to, say, hominid, or amoeba, or crystaline formations).

And in fact, the freedom to “migrate” that he claims is most vituperatively prevented by those he would claim are owners of all the lands of the Americas outside the Europeanized US.

He is a poser, but he serves a function, which is why the left — Bill Clinton gave this man the Medal of Freedom — embraces him: he will cause the kind of racial strife and agitation that, conjoined with progressive policy, will provide the logistical reformation of the electorate while at the same time distracting us with the reconquista rhetoric.

The elites have no fear from people like this. And that’s because people like this will form coalitions with the elites to keep up the agitation. Just look at the academic feminist movement, or the race industry, or the LGBT movement, or any other of the secular identity group movements aimed at disrupting our civil society so that those in power can pillage us while we are fighting too many battles to keep track of: Never reaching reconciliation — that is, remaining in a state of perpetual complaint — is what provides these grievance groups their justification for being. There can never be an “end” to what they claim to be striving for or they’d lose their already strained claim to usefulness.

Right now, we’re seeing citizens rise up to try and prevent the forced importation into communities of unvetted, undocumented immigrants; some Governors are joining them, including several who were supportive of Obama’s immigration policies when they thought it wouldn’t affect their states.

Obama played them for suckers, too. He is a rank ideologue. And as a lame duck, his politics have but one remaining purpose: to put in place policies, regulations, and poison pills that will lead to the inevitable destabilization of the US, to it’s “fundamental transformation.”

That is, if we lack the will to fight back.

And we have plenty of establishment GOPers and useful idiots among the “libertarian” crowd who prefer being looked upon as thoughtful iconoclasts “intolerant of intolerance” — as well as a media and academic infrastructure poised to shame and marginalize constitutionalists — who will make that fight far more difficult to wage.

And yet, what other choice do we have?

If we can’t get through the establishment GOP a presidential candidate that will run on sealing the border and rolling back federal control, then we simply must use a convention of the states to wage our own war against the federal government. We can at that time draft amendments that would ensure the sanctity of the franchise and prevent vote-theft and other electoral misbehavior. We can prevent the “legalization” of those who have not assimilated and who do not intend to assimilate.

Many of us now being called “nativists” and “racists” (by both left and some on the right) have long been in favor of an increase in seasonal work visas, etc., and view our immigration needs, from the perspective of national sovereignty, in terms of the importation of high-skilled labor and those who are willing to follow our laws, join our civil society, and assimilate within our American (legal) culture.

Practically speaking, the Constitution gives us a remedy to go around the federal Leviathan and reclaim our country before it is lost, logistically, forever (Argentina was not too long ago one of the world’s wealthiest countries; so the idea that it Can’t Happen Hear is dangerous, absurd, ignorant, and obscene). On the level of epistemology, however, we’re going to need to root out the leftist tropes that inform the way we think and are meant to propagate and eventually institutionalize as essential truths ways of thinking that I’ve been at pains to point out lead inexorably and inevitably toward collectivism.

This occurs at the smallest level of language, continues on through ideas about who controls meaning, finds its zenith within identity narratives and the robbing from the individual his ability to articulate legitimate heterodoxical thought outside the official group narrative, as well as his ability to mean outside of some consensus “interpretation” of his will as appropriated and controlled by some motivated political faction.

I would of course be willing to do my part to educate the American electorate, pointing out to them how certain of their embedded kernel assumptions — which are no more the incoherent assertions pushed as truths by the left — are enabling the left’s coup. And in fact, I once did this, to a rather large audience.

But that was before I realized that much of what passes for political commentary, even on the right, is nothing more than a new kind of self-interested tribalism — and that intellectual debate was not really the aim of this medium.

So I can try to find another medium, I suppose. Or I can continue to pressure this one. But either way, if we don’t learn why it is that we continue to drift leftward at the very structural level of our current cultural milieu, we’ll be left fighting small skirmishes while the war against us — our founding principles, the primacy of the individual, the citizen sovereign and the government as servant — is being won despite our best local efforts to fight back. And that’s because the why and the how of the thing are crucial for understanding how to combat the thing itself.

— Which, I realize this hasn’t been the most popular and lucrative of messages on the right. But that doesn’t make it any less necessary — and I’m of the opinion that if I can teach freshman college students already infused in faulty theoretics to re-examine their core beliefs using nothing more than a children’s book, then just about anyone with any intellectual curiosity can learn what it is that is eroding our epistemic foundation.

(h/t marklevinshow)

if you agree with any of what of written, or at least think the subject is worth some serious discussion on the right and that I’m worthy of being a part of that discussion, I urge you to go ahead and share or RT this. I’m always happy to answer questions — too happy, some would argue, which is why they find it easier to ignore me than to engage me, I guess. But since linking is now a networking thing alone, and I’m out of the preferred network, backdoor, grass-roots attention is my only means of communication to a potentially new audience.

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  1. even on the right

    Or especially on the right, whether the term is taken as a mere political position on a spectrum of partisan (and more or less unreflective, or calcified) political stances, or as, y’know, right, taken as the most fundamental sense of human justice and political order. People don’t like giving up their conventions in speech, and preeminently not political speech, as for instance, “value”, “culture”, “ideology” or what-have-we, for more reflective terms describing the limits of our knowledge or sketching the parameters of our ignorance. Too painful, I guess, to think.

  2. “Mr. Border Patrol, tear down this wall.”

  3. – What is most depressing is seemingly how easily the millennial’s have been persuaded to destroy their own home and futures for some quick freebees and other empty promises that are simply impossible for them to ever see in reality.

    – Yet they buy into it so willingly. Apparently the idea of peer rejection is so deep and terrifying they can’t and won’t ever resist.

    _ In other news…..How can they tell?

  4. If you want to erase a border, you have to do it the old fashion way. War.

  5. – The Marxist Progressive movement is, and always will be, at war with America.

  6. Does that let the non-Marxist Progressive party off the hook then?

  7. Coca-Cola and a host of other cronies are proud partners with the National Council of La Raza.


  8. Hey now, good to see ya motionview. Maybe kick up your heels and stay awhile?

  9. I’m a luddite in some ways (losing my avatar many years ago and never being able to get it back is but one example), and so I do not know how to “share or RT this”. If I knew how, I would. I think Jeff’s writing carry a very important message.

  10. writings

  11. FWIW, I would say that the kids I work with are very open to the ideas presented here, although they are not necessarily prepared to jump into the debate. The language and logic would be too much for them.

    What they DO know is that Obama, and everyone on his side of the isle, has fucked things up -but good. They are disillusioned about the hope and change bullshit and are open to the reality and logic that is offered by clear-thinkers.

  12. The language and logic would be too much for them.

    Perhaps begin by gratifying them with the thought that they’re too much for anybody in the most meaningful sense, such that any participation these youts would care to make (whether to themselves in the privacy of their own thoughts or in public speech) stand as far to the good as any others. The qualitative differences, of course, will reveal themselves as they play out.

  13. – I will always call a spade a spade sdferr, particularly when the only false defense of the totalitarian enemy is feckless name-calling such as racist, but I’m sure you already knew that.

  14. It’s not to detract from the proper naming of Marxist Progressives I spoke BBH (simply because there’s no denying the truth of your naming as such), but to add the reminder that there are two streams of Progressivism in the world which, though they agree on some matters, fundamentally disagree on others. So in that sense, I sought to avoid the elision from our discourse of that other set, the Positivists, who lean, not on history as do the Marxists, but on positivist science.

  15. – Unfortunately as a scientist I think I’m qualified yto say that the Positivists are even more deluded than the Marxists if thats possible. The key delusion they seem to share is their unbridled faith in whatever crackpot idea is voiced by a prominent if badly misguided scientist de jur of the moment.

    – Honest thoughtful scientists know how little we know and do not subscribe to inflated arrogant thinking. Progressives would never think to question the veracity of anything just as long as it agrees with their obsessive need to control.

  16. I have not been much of a twitterererer, but I think I just retweeted this. Does this put me higher up on the NSA list now?

  17. – “I was for it before I was against it, but that was before I was for it and you have to read it to see whats in any of my statements:

    – In “its” defense being a Catholic and hard Left Progressive at the same time will make anyone crazy.

  18. FYI, Allahpundit:

    Joining Beck’s charity drive is a way for Republicans who might take a tougher line on border enforcement than the rest of the presidential field to deflect the left’s inevitable accusations that they’re “heartless.” What Beck’s doing here, intentionally or not, by bringing people like Cruz into the fold is creating political space for conservatives to stand their ground on security.

    By taking care of mercy while insisting that the government hold up its end with justice, Beck is giving himself and his supporters credibility and leverage to make demands and, best of all, to make Obama look really bad.

    Worse, I mean. Worse than he already does.

    Plus, he disrupts the narrative. Which needs disruption at every juncture.

  19. – Continuing right along with disrupting the Narrative
    ™, the IDF has begun a ground action in the Gaza strip, something they apparently will need to do every 5 to 10 years it seems.

    – Let the screeching, pearl clutching and anti-semitism on the Leftbegin.

  20. If Beck happens to be a side show, one can only surmise how distant the cynical Allahpundit is from the heart of the matter.

  21. I’ll do what I can, Jeff, to spread the word around about this post.

    I’m busy with business until later this Evening, but I’ll try to get the ball rolling from my little perch.


  22. What is most depressing is seemingly how easily the millennials have been persuaded to destroy their own home and futures for some quick freebees and other empty promises that are simply impossible for them to ever see in reality.

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that they’ve been duped easily. They’ve had 12 or 16 or more years of State-sponsored programming education to prepare them for making the judgements they do. It shouldn’t be surprising that their de-programming re-education enlightenment should require some significant effort on our part.

  23. It shouldn’t be surprising that their de-programming re-education enlightenment should require some significant effort on our part.

    – I doubt that enlightenment will come from much of anything that is said to them, Jeff’s valiant efforts to achieve the same not withstanding. What will wake them up much faster and more completely is when they mature enough to feel the pain that their mis-steps will cost them. Trust is a funny thing. Once you lose it it almost never returns.

    ‘ Course the bastard Progressives are trying to re-populate with new uneducated replacements every day.

    – In other news…..Link for live blog of IDF Operation “Protective edge” in Gaza.

  24. I tried to retweet but I lost my Twitter account in a boating accident, along with all my old emails.

  25. – Next time McGehee maybe you’ll remember to keep all your tweets and emails in waterproof baggies.

  26. Live and learn.

  27. Interesting.

    Hewitt is calling for the churches to arrange quick adoption of any orphans who are here.

    Right now the country ought to act to end the humanitarian crisis of tens of thousands of what are, in effect, orphans and strangers in our land. The very young among them should find “forever families” right here, right now. They should become Americans. The process is not hard to imagine in broad outline or to implement quickly.

    Essentially, both he and Beck are calling for efforts to effing HIJACK the Sinistros’ efforts to create a crisis and benefit from it.

    The crisis is here. No reason we can’t benefit from it too. No reason we can’t make the Sinistros regret they ever thought of it.

    Or we can continue to bitch about how we’re being played by foodstamp and impotently fume and flounder while politicians attempt to vote themselves a new electorate.

    They haven’t been co-opted YET.

  28. I tried to retweet but I lost my Twitter account in a boating accident, along with all my old emails.

    And your valuable arms collection with every last ounce of ammo.

  29. Unfortunately, the govt. runs the adoption industry as well. They don’t want these kids placed in anything other than poverty.

  30. Levin just asked rhetorically apropos the border “What kind of government unilaterally surrenders sovereignty?”

    The answer is: “The same kind which unilaterally seizes sovereignty.”

  31. They don’t want these kids placed in anything other than poverty.

    – Well of course they don’t. That way they can be sure they’re raised as self loathing Progressive Democrats. Duuuuuh.

  32. “crisis of tens of thousands of what are, in effect, orphans and strangers in our land”

    i’m not sure their relatives think that back in central america

  33. And your valuable arms collection with every last ounce of ammo.

    Nope, that was the hard-drive crash.

  34. – Continuing crisis: Friday, July 18th, 12:32 a.m…… The IDF authorizes the calling up of an additional 18,000 reserve soldiers.

    – Doesn’t appear to be winding down. Hamas hasn’t caused the death of enough of its women and children yet for the Arab “cause”.

  35. Maybe Hewitt’s idea would work — maybe — if not too many of those invading our country were (1) actual children and (2) children who weren’t badly abused.

    Considering the rotten state of our Economy and, more importantly, the rotten state of our degenerate Culture, we cannot afford to take-in these people. Our own house is in Disorder.

    Let us not forget, as well, that our Health Care System is being destroyed. It will not be able to handle our needs very soon. How is it going to handle the additional burden of so many mentally and physically ill people?

  36. – What the hell good is 1 or 2 day protests going to do. The FEDs just lay low til the protesters go home and then resume busing and flying the illegals to sanctuary cities on the QT. The bastards are just not going to stop until something serious happens, and even then they’re too stupid and indoctrinated to get it.

  37. Seems the history of our Republic might be visualized like the arc of a doomed Malaysian airliner..coming to a sudden end without the passengers being able to do a damned thing about it. Because we can’t.

    The cake is baked, Obama was just the icing. All’s we need now is for Elizabeth Warren to pop out of it wearing nothing but a feathered headdress. Hissing,

  38. Do mind if I use that in a post, Serr8d?

  39. – Boo fucking hoo.

    – These are the very people whom should be sent home first to discourage the flood resulting from Bumblefucks bowel movement of the mouth to the effect: “Come on up…We’ll welcome you with open arms.” recruitment ads for new Democrap voters.

  40. – I’d pay good money to see that if it would end with a dump truck dropping a load of manure on her.

  41. I can’t RT anything right now. Or link, or anything else. I’m far from my trusty desktop. Hate it when this happens..

  42. >These are the very people whom should be sent home first to discourage<

    increasing their carbon footprint. send them home for gaia's sake.

  43. Heh. Sure, Bob, go ahead. Wish I could whip out the accompanying pshop. But that might cost you hits.. )

  44. Pingback: The Camp Of The Saints

  45. That’s, um, okay, Serr, you, ah, don’t need to ‘whip out’ anything.

  46. – This is starting to sound like a “Devo” concert tour.

  47. – So then, Microsoft, the corporation that changed sides from the 80’s and 90’s Conservatism to the money making Lefty cult followers, and is now, along with Apple, one of the flagship companies of the new Left has to carefully craft perceptions in the Progressive way of never ever simply telling the unvarnished truth.

    – Well what did you expect from a company that started life under an outright business thief? (Selling something you don’t own is called stealing in most non-Leftist circles.) Link.

  48. Unfortunately, the govt. runs the adoption industry as well. They don’t want these kids placed in anything other than poverty.

    Ay there’s the rub.

    Hewitt proposed that the churches vet the couples: two-parent homes with one working full time, married for 5+ years, demonstrated stability, etc.

    He implied that we did that with the Vietnamese boat people and other refugee chilluns.

    Not letting a crisis go to waste needs to be our motto, too. We just need to subvert the agenda of the mofos who created it.

  49. (2) children who weren’t badly abused.

    They’re the ones who need a good family the most. I’m talking about genuine orphans, not kids who are temporarily detached from their families.

    Hugh proposes those under 13: the rest shouldn’t be considered. They should be sent to Tierra del Fuego to prolong their return.

    Considering the rotten state of our Economy and, more importantly, the rotten state of our degenerate Culture, we cannot afford to take in these people.

    We’re not yet at the point where we cannot absorb one kid here and another there.

    As for the ones who are not orphans, those who have parents (not uncles and aunts) in the country already should go live with them. The rest must be shipped to Tierra del Fuego cuanto antes.

  50. – di, your compassion are is well placed but you’re just going to encourage additional influx. Yes there will be more anyway, whether you encourage them or not, such is the level of desperation in the source countries, but if you keep trying to absorb too many too fast you will eventually destroy everything, either by attrition or social breakdown.

    – Here’s my advice. Whatever we do we should maintain as much as possible a strong base in our country. A lesson I learned a long time ago says that you can’t help others if you are destitute yourself.

    – What that means is that contrary to the bleeding heart thinking so prevalent among the morons on the Left, you can actually hurt the needy by weakening your ability to be a solid source of help for these people.

    – You have to deal with people with BOTH your heart and your head or nothing will be accomplished.

    – Secure the borders first then adjust to a vastly minimized influx. Everybody, most especially the migrants themselves will be far better off.

    – Its been proven many times over in history and just makes common sense.

  51. > You have to deal with people with BOTH your heart and your head or nothing will be accomplished.<

    what beck said

  52. Latest from Israel:

    Friday, July 18

    5:27 a.m. The United States reaffirmed its stance that Israel has a right to defend itself but called on its close ally to restrict itself to a “precise operation” as the Jewish state launched a ground campaign in Gaza.

    The State Department said that during a phone call with Secretary of State John Kerry, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “explained his decision to launch an operation to target the threat of further terrorist infiltration through tunnels into Israel.”

    “The secretary reaffirmed our strong support for Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist threats emanating from tunnels into Israel and expressed our view that this should be a precise operation to target tunnels, as described in a statement from the Israeli Defense Forces,” the department said in a statement released late on Thursday.

    It said Kerry emphasized during the call the need to “avoid further escalation and to restore the 2012 cease-fire as soon as possible.”

    – Yes, like anyone needs humanitarian lessons from John fucking Kerry. Worse yet he just keeps preaching to the choir because he knows full well the Arabs won’t listen to anybody or stop attacking Israel until enough of their murderous Hamas leaders are dead.

    – What a feckless asshole.

  53. >what beck said<

    mercy and justice

  54. “Why is that? Because super PACs are required to disclose their donors, and Republican contributors fear reprisals from the Obama administration…”

    – Bullshit. If donations are down for the RINO’s its because people don’t like what they are doing in so many area’s. The press continues to mis-read the voters at every opportunity. I suspect this is the Lefts way of helping the GOP wing of the Democratic party, and hurting the T-partiers as much as possible by ignoring whats really going on and giving the GOP cover.

  55. > whats really going on and giving the GOP cover.<

    cause being labelled "absolute evil koch bros" 24/7/365 in the idiot media has NO effect.

  56. don’t mention soros or steyner we need the senate tea baggers

  57. (2) children who weren’t badly abused


    That should read: (2) children who were badly abused

  58. – Israeli TV video.

  59. – So tell me Progressives. Are you proud to count this ahole and business thief as one of you now. At this rate, if he keeps “helping” you, you will all be out on the street.

    – I don’t think you would have been nearly as keen on “diversity” if you knew it was going to cost 18,000 of you your jobs.

  60. NRs link above.

    But politically oriented nonprofit organizations that support Republican policies have had no problem raising money this cycle, and are in fact doing better than their Democratic counterparts. Republican operatives say that’s because, unlike super PACs, these nonprofits, classified as 501(c)(4) organizations by the IRS, don’t have to disclose their donors.

    Still, 501(c)(4)s have allowed Republicans to stay reasonably competitive. The Democrats’ response has been to make war on 501(c)(4)s. This is what the IRS scandal is all about: the Democrats were enraged because Republicans had found a way to engage in politics without risking retribution from the Obama administration, so the IRS, acting on suggestions from Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and others, tried to drive them out of business.

    That effort had considerable success, as many Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations were sidelined for the 2012 election. But it eventually ran into trouble when the IRS’s lawless conduct became public knowledge. Now, the Democrats are attempting a frontal attack on 501(c)(4)s. They have proposed a bill they call the DISCLOSE Act. … The most recent version of the bill, which you can read here, simply takes away the confidentiality that has always been accorded 501(c)(4)s. Along with various other disclosure requirements, it would require all such organizations that make “campaign-related disbursements” to disclose the identities of all donors of $10,000 or more. This will close the “loophole” that allows conservatives to participate in public affairs without running the risk of government retaliation, public vilification, death threats, and so on. It is noteworthy that the DISCLOSE Act applies only to 501(c)(4) non-profits. 501(c)(3)s would still not be required to disclose donors.

    Next Wednesday, the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, chaired by Chuck Schumer, will hold a hearing on the DISCLOSE Act. The Democrats’ witnesses will be Professor Heather Gerken and Professor Dan Tokaji. Their participation in the hearing starkly reveals the Democrats’ hypocrisy with regard to donor disclosure.

    Heather Gerken is a member of the Scholars Strategy Network, a left-wing 501(c)(3) organization that does not disclose its donors, and will not be required to do so by the DISCLOSE Act. Gerken and Tokaji are both active in the American Constitution Society, a liberal analog to the Federalist Society that is also a 501(c)(3) that does not disclose its donors, and would not be required to do so by the DISCLOSE Act. In truth, the Democrats’ entire campaign against “dark money” is funded by “dark money.”

  61. “Five things the Liberals really want.”

    – Once you get through the bloviating they boil down to:

    *1 Student loan debt, (because everything in life should be free.)

    *2 Campus sexual assault, (Because frustrating an entire generation of young turk males by ripping their balls off with Feminism is a sure way to peace and quiet.)

    *3 Paid leave, (because ebveryone knows its someone elses’ fault that you can’t keep your knees together.)

    *4 Gun violence prevention, (because everyone knows that legislating against criminal activity at the cost of our freedoms has always been the perfect answer.)

    *5 Voting rights, (because, and here I quote the always erudite Joe Biden: “I have to tell you, I never ever thought that I’d be standing here as a grown man in a battle for access to the ballot box in the year 2014,” Biden said. He went on to say that the “single most precious right that an American possesses is unfettered access to the ballot box.”. unquote.)

    – What he didn’t say is “Well, and also illegal aliens, felons, and misfits of all types also should have that unfettered access, else Democrats would never get elected to anything.”

    – Just offhand reading the infantile naive ideas of the Left you would get the feeling they’re on the youngish inexperienced side of the age group.

  62. – di, your compassion are is well placed but you’re just going to encourage additional influx.

    What Beck and Hewitt are advocating will NOT encourage additional influx. People are NOT going to round up several thousand dollars to adopt out their kids, NOR to get a teddy bear from Glenn Beck.

    They’re here for PERMISO, which they were falsely promised, partly by our gubmint, partly by coyotes who are drumming up business.

    Beck’s charity is too transient to influence influx, and Hewitt’s adoption is too permanent to attract any but gamines, who need good CONSERVATIVE homes anyway.

    if you keep trying to absorb too many too fast you will eventually destroy everything, either by attrition or social breakdown.

    It’s called swamping the life raft, and I GET IT. I was just over at David Thompson’s explaining that concept to Minnow, who asserts (through his hat, as usual) that any and all immigration is a net benefit to the economy. For example this comment and others before and after it.

    Neither I nor Beck nor Hewitt are advocating keeping the influx. Those under 13 who are truly orphans are a tiny.

    None of these charitable efforts negate the fact that the damned fence needs to be built or that most need to go home — neither do they diminish our ability to vociferously advocate for same.

    In fact, taking care of MERCY makes it easier to demand that the government do its job, which is to administer the law.

  63. …a tiny percentage.

  64. You have to deal with people with BOTH your heart and your head or nothing will be accomplished.

    At what point during the past several years did I establish myself as someone who does not think more than feel?

    HEART = take care of immediate needs of the exploited
    HEAD = continue to agitate for the rule of law

  65. Oh hey, let me quote me extensively on the subject:

    Dicentra: “As it turns out, it is possible to swamp a life raft.”

    Minnow: “A life raft, yes. But not a great nation like the USA.”

    What kind of magical thinking is that? Do you think our resources are infinite? All the Treasury has to do is keep running the printing presses (which is what they’re doing) and wealth is magically generated?

    (Which, if that’s all it takes, why the hell are taxes levied?)

    Are you HIGH?

    You remind me of the petulant teenager who has zero concept of his parents’ income and so reckons that the reason they won’t buy him a new car is that they’re just mean.

    The United States is the BROKEST nation on the earth: $17 trillion in operational debt and $100+ trillion in unfunded liabilities (“entitlements”). There’s not enough money on the planet to pay that debt.

    What cannot go on forever won’t. When the dollar goes into hyperinflation, the illegals will be the first harmed. They have the fewest assets, so when it all goes pear-shaped, they’ll be the highest and driest.

    I’m asking that all who come to live here enter by the front door, not that the poor stay out. Again, a malicious misreading of my intent, which is not appreciated. You just can’t bring yourself to see that my motives can be good (or at least reasonable) and that our disagreement isn’t a matter of Whose Character Sucks Worse.

    Why is that?

    Thinking things through to their final consequences is not a lack of compassion; rather, it’s the very soul of it. Those morbidly obese people who cannot leave their beds are being fed by someone who is motivated by “compassion,” usually family members who do so out of extraordinarily misguided love. The obese, food-addicted relative cajoles and cries and complains about being hungry, then slathers on the guilt about “being a good son/daughter/mother” and not making me staaaaarve!

    Sometimes, the most compassionate thing is to say “NO,” or “Yes, but not that way.”

    Or do you really, REALLY need me to be a hateful bitch so that you can congratulate yourself on Not Being One Of Those People?

    Do that strike you as Not Being Clear On The Concept?

    See, I figure that BECAUSE I understand with terrible clarity the consequences of the open border, I have earned the right to live up to my namesake as well.

    Furthermore, both Hewitt and Beck have earned the same right, given their vigor in investigating and exposing and agitating for securing the border.

  66. – I’m sorry di if I misunderstood your message, but I also think we are way past any sort of meaningful protest. The Left and Bumblenuts have seen no real blowback to their adventures, and even if they had their delusional thinking would avoid any sort of self presevational thinking they might practice which would prevent them from going all the way with this “transformation” of America into a Euro type Balkinized Socialism. They will not stop. I honestly don’t think they can stop. Something akin to an OCS sufferer.

    – The only thing left is armed insurrection, or if the mustard comes off the hotdog sufficiently that the majority of millenials see the light and turn.

    – Those are the only viable options for now. Maybe by some miracle that will change in the next few years, but its doubtful.

  67. Last night there was a local (Austin) news report about LaSalle’s La Belle, a french colony ship lost in Matagorda Bay. The wreck of the ship was located, partially restored and is now being shipped to the Bob Bullock Texas Museum in Austin for display (although there are rumblings that France may want the ship back).

    The reporters spoke to an archaeologist and historian.

    The historian looked at the camera and said (in English) ” If this ship had made it to its destination the French colony in Texas might have endured and we all might be speaking French today INSTEAD OF SPANISH.”

    You said it brother! Lol!

    The pop culture and political correctness had already got into his mind and half convinced him that Spanish is the only legitimate langiage in Texas, and he probably had no idea that he said what he did afterwards.

  68. I thought I had scored one of Cranky’s “edible truncheon” line of cudgels at the convenience store yesterday, but it just turned out to be a smoked turkey leg.

  69. Our most popular edible truncheons look remarkably like summer sausage.

  70. ….and I’ll bet they taste just like chicken.

  71. The only thing left is armed insurrection


    You definitely misunderstood my message; however, you do get that our policy preferences — securing the border, sending the kids home, cracking down on illegal hires — are not going to happen. Those in power to do the right thing have zero intention of doing so, and our agitations and protests fall on deaf ears.

    So that’s the list of things we cannot do because they’re not in our power. We cannot compel businesses to vet all employees, we cannot stand guard on the border, we cannot build the fence ourselves, we cannot send the kids home, we cannot stop PenPhone from giving them asylum.

    So let’s look at what we can do.

    Yes, we can foment armed insurrection. That genie, once out of the bottle, will not obey our commands and the violence we call down on others will also consume us. History shows that popular, violent insurrections terminate in The Terror or in Firefly‘s Browncoats.

    Neither scenario is an improvement over the current situation.

    Sorry to pull a cliché on you, but life has given us a whole mountain of lemons: we can either let them rot into a maggot-ridden heap or we can make lemonade, lemon bars, lemon tarts, lemon popsicles, and lemon vodka.

    The most significant victory in WWII was turning Germany and Japan into thriving democratic, free-market countries who were no longer vulnerable to the Totalitarian Temptation. In their smouldering-crater state at the end of the war, the absence of the Marshall Plan would have left them easy pickings for the Soviets and Red China.

    The Sinistros see those immigrants swarming the border as future clients/voters. They’re poised to tuck them under their wings, hooking them on the heroin of gubmint dependency, thus turning Texas purple then blue, and changing the electorate for the next century or longer.

    We cannot stop them from crossing the border nor can we force them to go home. Not at this time.

    What we CAN do is peel off as many of them as we can and turn them into conservatives. These folks know NOTHING of Enlightenment values or the Constitution or the Bill of Rights or self-sufficiency or the free market or anything that we value or understand.

    They don’t know because they’ve never been exposed to those ideas. It’s not taught in their schools, it’s not part of their political dialog, it’s not in their national history, it’s not on the Spanish-speaking radio stations.

    Which means that there’s a huge lacuna of ignorance to fill with the right kind of knowledge. Many of them will convert. Having uprooted themselves from their daily routines and customs, they’re far more open to new ideas.

    We Mormons know this from long experience: the Latino immigrants are much more receptive to our message than the Latinos in their home countries, because they’re not in their comfort zone anymore.

    Glenn’s charity drive is an attempt to gain converts. It’s already working. Instead of just going off half-cocked (of which he’s fully capable), he’s actually responding to requests from churches at the border who are overwhelmed by the thousands of helpless kids (and yes, rotten teenagers). He’s got people there already, and many of the pastors of those churches have not thought highly of Glenn in the past, so they’re astounded by the fact that the Evil Conservative is helping him and NOBODY ELSE IS.

    This morning, Glenn got a phone call from a self-identified “liberal lesbian” who started listening to him last month. She’d heard awful things about him and decided to hear how awful he is for herself. She’s not a conservative yet, but she’s delighted to find that Glenn isn’t a monster and that she agrees with his efforts to bring people together. She also acknowledges that there’s a LOT of disinformation out there about who we are.

    Kindness opens hearts and opens doors. The counterinsurgency in Iraq worked (back when it worked) when the Iraqis saw our soldiers performing acts of service and kindness towards them. Shooting terrorists was part of it, but building schools and repairing the electrical grid and cradling an injured child is what got them on our side, because they saw for themselves that we were not the monsters we’d been made out to be.

    Half the damned country thinks conservatives are monsters because they’ve been lied to and because they have never met us. Glenn recently co-opted a liberal NYC rabbi who freely admits to not ever knowing a conservative and having his eyes opened by, you know, actually listening to Glenn’s show and reading our media.

    Glenn is also “demonsterifying” himself over Common Core: he’s teaming up with whomever opposes it — especially a liberal ex-teacher from Florida — to destroy that abomination. Even Chicago teacher’s unions are jumping on board and are finding out for themselves that Glenn and Michelle Malkin and David Barton are not the monsters they’ve been made out to be.

    Turning putative enemies into friends yields better results than bombing them into oblivion. Small acts of kindness are the fastest way to do that.

    Think of it: if the starboard and port sides stop fighting each other and recognize that the Beltway is the common enemy, the politicians are toast.

    THAT kind of outreach is in our power, even when our policy prescriptions are not.

    Destroy the narrative; co-opt the crisis.

  72. “Our most popular edible truncheons look remarkably like summer sausage.”

    “It looks just like a Telefunken U-47… you’ll love it.”

  73. Di wrote: Think of it: if the starboard and port sides stop fighting each other and recognize that the Beltway is the common enemy, the politicians are toast.

    No. As I wrote in 2011:

    It is time we on the Right realize that there is no reasoning with the Left, that they will not listen.

    Their minds are closed and bolted shut to any arguments because they believe they have found THE ANSWER, the Way. The Progressives believe they are the only Enlightened Ones and that we are, at best, misguided idiots, and, at worst, dangerous and insane lunatics. This is what they believe. Don’t kid yourself that they view us as anything but fools or thought criminals. Just think of the ways they describe us and our ideas…go ahead, think…I’ll wait…well? In their depraved way of thinking, the Left believes that the Right is evil.

    Therefore, there’s no point in EVER arguing with them about anything.

    The time has come for us to refuse to deal with them in any reasonable way. To engage them in any conversation is to give them and their ideas legitimacy, to announce that their fantastical thinking is normal – it is not. Created in the sterile laboratories of their minds, the ideas and schemes of the Left are unrealistic, unworkable, and unsuited to human beings living in Reality. Therefore, we are only wasting our time in arguing with them. They are zealots, fanatics who cannot be persuaded with Right Reason. We must forego trying to argue with them and go on and do what it takes to restore and then maintain our freedoms and liberties. Perhaps, just perhaps, by the example we set, a few of the loons will recover their mental health sufficiently to see the light and fight against their crippling [and dangerous to others] retardation.

    Enough is enough – don’t waste your precious time.

    Source: http://thecampofthesaints.org/quo-vadis/enough-is-enough-conservatives/

  74. It is time we on the Right realize that there is no reasoning with the Left, that they will not listen.

    There’s the LEFT, and there’s rank-and-file Democrats. Those lefties we encounter all over the Internet are exactly as you say: impossible to reason with and a waste of time.

    Zealots. True believers. Sociopaths. You know that I know exactly who and what they are.

    But then there are the vast masses left of center who don’t troll conservative sites, who don’t engage in Twitterspats, who’ve never been on Daily Kos, who watch Colbert or The Daily Show or The View from time to time, who watch CNN & read the NYT and The New Yorker because that’s what everyone does.

    They’re generally conflict-averse and for that reason we don’t run into them very often in the ‘sphere. They post selfies on Facebook and are aware of some Internet fights but don’t like to wade into the thick of it.

    They’ve never been west of Philadelphia or south of Richmond except for Disney World or maybe a Caribbean cruise. They’ve never met a conservative in their lives. They’re like David Mamet: they assume that they’re liberal because that’s the water they swim in.

    And maybe they are liberal. But they’ve never met an actual conservative. Their heads are populated with vague caricatures that they accept without thinking, because nothing in their experience has conflicted with those stereotypes. Everyone they know thinks that way.

    These people are not fanatics. They don’t like the fighting and wish that everyone would just get along. If a conservative or group of conservatives performed an act of kindness toward them and theirs — or toward people we’re supposed to hate — they’ll be astounded, and then in many cases they’re hearts will soften and they’ll be GLAD that half the population doesn’t consist of monsters.

    They might not convert to conservatism but that’s OK — having people on the left who don’t hate our guts is more valuable than having Bubba’s guns.

    Again, these are not the lefties that we know from Twitterspats and blog trolling and seminar callers and MoveOn.org and Laurie Penny. They’re not the bottom-dwelling, malignantly narcissistic, foul-mouthed and even fouler-minded Sinistros that we scrap with online.

    They’re just people who live their lives in familiar waters, whose hearts can be softened by acts of service.

    Criminey. Don’t you know why Glenn and I totally understand this?

    I guess you’re not regaled regularly with stories from the LDS mission field, where a couple of missionaries go into an area where there are no members but the locals fully hate our guts because they’ve been lied to. The Elders get boiling water thrown on them, they’re spat on, sworn at, maybe even attacked and beaten.

    So they go out in their white shirts and ties and name tags and find ways to perform genuine acts of service, no strings attached, no attempt to proselytize, nothing but pure agape.

    It might take months or more, but eventually hearts soften. Most people don’t convert or even listen to the lessons, but having the goodwill of the locals, who know that the missionaries are Good People, means that the missionaries can finally find those who are looking for what we have to offer without the dark mutterings in the streets.

    MLK or Black Panthers?

    Who decided that Whitey was too racist to be reasoned with and who reached out in brotherhood to anyone who’d listen, especially to whites?

    Who eventually won?

  75. MLK was assassinated, while Black Panthers got away with intimidating “Whitey” with the official imprimatur of the Department of Justice.

    You tell me who won…

  76. Perhaps to bolster dicentra’s point regarding the former Democrat “liberals” as distinguished from progressives, give this conversation between Steve Hayward and Charles Murray a listen (on Bill Bennett’s morning show, Hayward sitting in as host), where Murray hopes to “save liberals from the progressives” by aggressively distinguishing them, bucking them up, suggesting they take courage to reassert themselves and their views. There’s more in the conversation too.

  77. But that is the same argument involving the so-called “moderate” Muslims. Unless and until they actually stand up and say “Hang on a minute, fellas, that’s taking it a step too far. You need to throttle it back, because you’re starting to act crazy…”, then we can only presume that their support isn’t just passive, and that their votes for all those Blue Dog Democrats who march in lockstep with the ones trying to push the country over the cliff (if you will pardon the mixing of metaphors) are a knowing advocacy for all of the acts taken in their names; to wit, flooding the borders, sacrificing our national sovereignty and security, destroying the health insurance industry as the Trojan Horse for government-run health care, and aborting every baby they can.

    They can no longer claim passive ignorance, not in an era of 24-hour news cycles, where even the most ill-informed knows the basics of the issues, because they are being fed only one side, and accepting only the one side, without even troubling themselves to learn any alternatives. Ignorance of the law might be no excuse, but neither is ignorance of the issues before stepping into the voting booth, and when the only real issue to 51% of the population is “Hey, there’s a black guy on the ballot”, then MLK has been well and truly forgotten. Obama’s character was as obvious as a punch in the gut and as eventually lethal as the Ebola virus, but Jeff (and others) were bashed for pointing out that he wasn’t a “good man”.

    All of the subsequent awakenings and online “hey, maybe he wasn’t such a good choice, after all” missives are the rhetorical equivalent to “hey, maybe jumping off the Empire State Building wasn’t such a good idea” as you are passing the 20th floor and picking up speed. The sidewalk doesn’t forgive…

    Meanwhile, The Gods of the Copybook Headings suit up for another round…

  78. Damn if I didn’t fuck up and leave out the link. Sorry ’bout that.

  79. For some reason – dunno what exactly — Thucydides’ account of the Melian dialogue leaps to mind. But hey, don’t give that a second thought.

  80. But we (conservatives) are in the position of the Melians, just wanting to be left alone, and the progressives (and their allies on the “right” side of the aisle) cannot afford to leave us be, because people, when given the choice, would obviously prefer to NOT have to surrender their freedoms, and NOT have to lick the jackboot, and that is REQUIRED in order to maintain the control of everything and everyone that progressives have to have in order to obtain their utopia, where anything not mandatory is forbidden and anything not forbidden is mandatory, where people are free to do exactly what they are told, and nothing more, all the while humming “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3”.

    Athens could not leave them alone, because it would betray their weakness, just as progressives allowing companies like Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor to ignore the mandate of the central government would weaken the power of progressives, by encouraging others to find ways around those mandates, even as the central government ignores laws the leaders du jour might not agree with (DoMA, Immigration, First Amendment, etc.). They are not interested in laws, merely the power behind those laws.

    Do as I say, not as I do. Laws are for those who obey the laws, not for those who write the laws. Guns are not allowed unless you need bodyguards.

  81. Like I said, not a second thought. Save those for later following Odysseus’ example.

  82. Who decided that Whitey was too racist to be reasoned with and who reached out in brotherhood to anyone who’d listen, especially to whites?

    Who eventually won?

    The battle was won, and then the movement was taken over by those who regarded it as a meal ticket instead of a cause.

    That’s essentially what’s happened to both parties now, too.

    I think that the rank-and-file Democrats, who have continued to think the party of Barack Obama is still the party of Tip O’Neill, are coming to realize that the firm ground they thought they were standing on has been falling out from under them just as it has from us. This was very much the same dynamic that created the Reagan Democrat bloc; experience is the most efficient outreach there is.

  83. But that is the same argument involving the so-called “moderate” Muslims.

    Please don’t miss the core of my point.

    Moderate Muslims who speak out (or don’t support the jihadists strongly enough) risk actual beheading; moderate democrats do not risk anywhere near that much.

    I’m not even talking about persuading them to change their policy preferences or to turn against their party. What I’m talking about is PRE-POLITICAL, and it has to do with their opinion of conservative people, not conservative positions.

    They think we’re monsters and therefore hold monstrous positions (or vice-versa). Remember how conservatives think the liberals have bad ideas but the left thinks the conservatives are bad people?

    Most of the liberals who think that have never met a real conservative. Furthermore, because they were not talked into that belief, we can’t argue them out of it. We can’t change their minds by pointing out the logical inconsistency, nor can we do it by telling them how self-flattering their position is.

    That’s what we do here, on the internet battleground.

    But in real life, it’s not the minds that can be changed but the hearts. We shouldn’t hope to convert them to conservatism, but convincing them that we’re not bad people, just misguided politically, is HUGE PROGRESS. It’s CULTURAL progress, and as Breitbart said, politics is downstream of culture.

    Furthermore, there ARE some ideas that normal people on both sides can get behind.

    (1) Common Core is pissing everyone off. Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin and others are ALREADY BANDING TOGETHER LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE from both sides to drive a stake into the heart of this festering stinkburger once and for all.

    (2) Regardless of your opinion of the proper size and scope of government, we can all agree that it shouldn’t be corrupt. The VA scandal IS ALREADY BRINGING TOGETHER PEOPLE FROM BOTH SIDES.

    (3) Cronyism and self-dealing goes against the values of every American, because it’s rank theft and cheating and abuse of power. Only the politicians and beneficiaries of cronyism are OK with it. How many rank-and-file democrats think it’s OK for Big Biz and Big Gubmint to siphon off tax dollars to fill their own personal coffers?

    None, that’s how many. Not one.

    They can no longer claim passive ignorance, not in an era of 24-hour news cycles, where even the most ill-informed knows the basics of the issues, because they are being fed only one side, and accepting only the one side, without even troubling themselves to learn any alternatives.

    It’s extremely difficult for people like us — for whom getting to the bottom of these things is a high priority — to imagine that vast swaths of people honestly do not care about politics, and furthermore lack the intellectual capacity to analyze the vast flood of information one must sort through to even start an analysis.

    They’re paying attention to other things, things that interest them, things that they can deal with, things that directly affect them. They don’t deal in ideas and concepts, they deal in quotidian tasks and interpersonal relationships.

    So the mission is to affect them at the interpersonal level. Acts of kindness to them and theirs or to people they think conservatives hate has an actual effect on them. It’s something they comprehend and something they care about.

    All the stuff you’re talking about it at the level of the mind.

    Now think about the heart. It’s a whole new territory. And if we’re really the good guys in this scenario, then we’d better get busy showing it.

    Crazy Evil Glenn Beck raises $2 million to take care of little brown chilluns but nobody else can be bothered.

    That’s what most people get. That’s what makes an impresson.

    Not our well-reasoned and brilliantly articulated essays on theories of governance.

    If you can’t win the arm wrestle through strength, reach over and tickle your opponent under the arm.

    Then crush his knuckles on the table.

  84. MLK was assassinated, while Black Panthers got away with intimidating “Whitey” with the official imprimatur of the Department of Justice.

    Who is universally admired as a great leader with his own holiday?

    Getting assassinated is usually what happens to great leaders who change hearts without the use of arms. Then they become martyrs and get streets named after them. Their ideals live on in people’s hearts.

    Glenn explains the similarities between the fight against Common Core and the immigration battle

    ‘We just have to cut down that hateful barrier’: Caller explains her recent personal transformation

    It sounds unforgivably soft-headed but it actually works: when you love your putative enemies (love = be anxious about their well-being) and “do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you,” you will (a) hang onto your own soul (b) persuade onlookers that you’re the good guy in the conflict (c) possibly soften the heart of the enemy.

    We Mormons (and tons of other Christians and religious folks) marinate in these principles and have seen them play out in a thousand tiny ways. We’re well-practiced in the art of standing for our beliefs WHILE serving those who think we’re awful.

    For America to heal, we must actively “bind up this nations wounds – to care for those who have fought this great battle, their widows and orphans.” We must be the good Samaritan. We must bind the wounds, care for and actually love those we supposedly hate or hate us.

    … Let us declare ourselves independent of the “old world,” full of old stereotypes and thoughts. Let us let go of people telling us who we are, what to think or what to do. Let us view our problems as “liberating strife” and begin the long process of being better men and women than we were even five minutes before.

    Let it be sung of us:
    “who more than self, their country loved –
    And mercy more than life”

    Yeah, I know you’re not all religious people here, but I’m here to tell you that these principles are true and they’re the ones we must follow if we’re not to decend into Hutus and Tutsis when it all goes pear-shaped.

  85. >But that is the same argument involving the so-called “moderate” Muslims. Unless and until they actually stand up and say “Hang on a minute, fellas, that’s taking it a step too far. You need to throttle it back, because you’re starting to act crazy…” <

    the "moderate" muslim does not have the koran at his side. the "radicals" do.

    death to allan's cult

  86. ****How many rank-and-file democrats think it’s OK for Big Biz and Big Gubmint to siphon off tax dollars to fill their own personal coffers?

    None, that’s how many. Not one.****

    Good stuff, ds. However, regarding the rank-and-file Democrat siphoner number:

    In Chicago, there were 181,157 total Democrat ballots cast in the 2014 Illinois primary.

    Figuring 15% for wiggly ballots, I’ll peg that number at 153,983.

  87. Tinkles!

  88. “Unaccompanied Alien Children” Transfers To Your Community ? – UAC Research – Where Are The Illegal Aliens and “Unaccompanied Alien Minors” Being Placed ?

  89. However, regarding the rank-and-file Democrat siphoner number:

    In Chicago, there were 181,157 total Democrat ballots cast in the 2014 Illinois primary.

    Figuring 15% for wiggly ballots, I’ll peg that number at 153,983.

    That’s the “any Dem is better than any GOP” vote. Just like our side, polarity reversed.

  90. Yet siphoners, I say, nonetheless.