July 2, 2014

“Obama Taunts Republicans on Executive Orders: ‘So Sue Me!’”

Consider this an addendum to my previous post — at least to its summation.

Here is the partial transcript from Barack Obama’s speech this week where he taunted Republicans:

As long as they insist on taking no action whatsoever that will help anybody, I’m going to keep on taking actions on my own that can help the middle class, like the actions I’ve already taken to speed up construction projects and attract new manufacturing jobs and lift workers’ wages and help students pay off their student loans. Middle-class families can’t wait for Republicans in Congress to do stuff. So sue me. As long as they’re doing nothing, I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something.”

For a supposed constitutional scholar, Professor Obama doesn’t seem to understand the critical importance of the separation of powers. It is up to the Congress to approve of Obama’s agenda, and up to the courts to decide if things are constitutional.

But there’s where we’re wrong, and need to stop making the same rhetorical mistakes: Obama understands the importance of separation of powers to constraining a progressive, centralized, soft-socialist government. He understands it in the same way Woodrow Wilson and FDR did. Which is why he is trying to normalize its abolition in the guise of weary frustration over an “obstructionist” wing of “extremists” who hate him because of their bitterclingerish racism.

He knows exactly what he’s doing: he’s out to destroy the middle class by pretending to protect it, and he is using a supposed championing of that “class” (against the effects of his own policies!) to justify the erosion of constitutional limits and the structural imperative of separation of powers necessary in a workable republic based around representative government and a stable rule of law applied equally.

Obama is the leader of a coup. Let’s stop pretending he’s a bit confused about the Constitution. He’s not. He’s its enemy, and he’s studied it in order to pressure its seams and weaken its constraints.

And he’s succeeding.

Boehner’s lawsuit is a joke. Congress controls the purse strings, and they should be using that to stop this (so far) velvet progressive counter-revolution. Instead, they are so worried about how they’ll be portrayed by the press (how’s that working out for them?) and frankly so comfortable with big government statism, that they act only symbolically and rely on us to be dupes and not recognize the complicity.

And that’s not working anymore, either. Which is why they need to be swept out of the way.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:55pm

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  1. I can’t decide if we’re on Page 8, 9, or 10

  2. I keep repeating this I know, Obama discovered that elected officials are on the honor system as far as the law and Constitution goes and that by the time you catch up with his dishonor, he will be long gone and out racking in the big lecture circuit bucks.

  3. No statute of limitations on treason.

  4. And a President cannot pardon himself for the violations of law he commits, and I can’t wait for that guy who got thrown in jail over Benghazi to sue Obama and Shrillary over the violation of his Constitutional rights, especially considering they both knew that they were peddling a lie. The discovery would be interesting

  5. Not only is it a coup d’etat, the Ruling Class is voting themselves a new population with the Children’s Crusade on the border.

    They’ve got us over a barrel, folks. I don’t know what to do about any of this…

  6. When in the Course of Human Events…


  7. Darth, maybe Darleen can update that pamphlet – get rid of the nazi look and emblazen everything with O Hopenchange symbols.

  8. They are counting on the country to either A: keep their party in power or B: wanting to “move on”


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  10. What do you do, Jake?

  11. I don’t know how much more of Obama’s “help” the middle class can take.

  12. Not only is it a coup d’etat, the Ruling Class is voting themselves a new population with the Children’s Crusade on the border.

    A reporter for KFI this morning was saying that a border patrol agent pointed out to him that the illegals being bused into CA are being dumped in GOP districts … deliberately.

  13. That seems to answer the question “How many ways can the government fuck with you? All the ways!”

  14. asshole news

    >ZC: And I think the argument I’ve heard from Cheney is that basically, things have been, have gone as Cheney had hoped, and there have been some, and maybe it should have worked out slightly better, we wouldn’t have been there as long, but that basically the reasons that he cited have been vindicated.

    HH: Well, Zach, again, when you read his memoir, come back and we’ll talk about that. But what I’m curious to ask you is why do you think Bill Clinton bombed Iraq in 1998?

    ZC: I’m not really familiar with Bill Clinton bombing Iraq in 1998.

    HH: Did you know that he did that?

    ZC: No<


  15. the illegals being bused into CA are being dumped in GOP districts … deliberately.

    It worked for Tony Blair.

  16. – If he loses the lap-dog media, and as I said yesterday there are signs its already happening, ( i.e. during todays presser the WH gaggle corp openly mocked Earnest and laughed at his answers to the border crisis), hes not going to make it through the rest of his 2 years+ 2nd term unscathed. Just isn’t going to happen.

    – Think of what awaits him if the legacy media stops covering his ass and starts covering the pile of scandals for real. As he fails he’ll take Hillary with him, guaranteed.

  17. – The nice thing about megalomaniac narcissists is if you give them enough rope they are compelled to hang themselves remarkably well.

    – So buck up di.

  18. They also manage to sqeeze more necks into the noose than their own. Way more.

    Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Kim 1, Kim 2, Hitler, Mussolini.

    Granted, we’re not a totalitarian police state –yet.

    But we’re not as secure in our liberty today as we once were.

  19. – I disagree Ernst. From my perspective I believe what the Left perceives as weakness is an over developed sense of fair play on the part of our Republic and the decent non-prog portion of the citizenry, and the fact that the Marxist bastards misinterpret that patience will be their certain downfall at some point.

    – Unfortunately many people will suffer before that happens and when it does the pendulum will swing too far the other way and cause more grief, but such is the vagaries of man and history.

  20. God, I hope you’re right, BBH.

    It would be wonderful if we could avoid any bloodshed, but such feelings should not prevent us from doing what is necessary to restore our Freedoms and Liberties. In other words, such sentiments must not cause us to hesitate, like modern John Dickinsons.

  21. Echoing BBH.

    The game theoretic of the liberal establishment presumes asymmetric behavior; that for ever iteration the West will act in a civilized manner while their opponents will behave customarily. That’s the only way the game works for them. What they are not prepared for is the possibility of symmetry; that everyone will play by the same rules.
    The Western elites may think they can “control” conflict on the basis of political correctness, but they should not be so sure. If there is any lesson taught by history it is that man when driven far enough is the most dangerous and merciless life form on the planet.

  22. Blow me.

  23. Just read that link, geoffb. It’s something I’ve been pondering awhile – when does the infinite patience of the American people (or the West) become finite? As I remarked yesterday, do the Bundy ranch stand-off and the blocking of illegal alien buses represent a move toward that end?

    I’ve long suspected that the Left is trying to push an armed confrontation of some sort thinking that they can control it and use it to justify a totalitarian response. I also suspect that it will engender “unanticipated consequences.”

  24. Blow?


  25. – Meanwhile, as Bumblefuck tries to stem the tide of dangerously low job approval poll numbers and support by open threats of continued lawlessness and thumbing his nose at the enemy to rally his base of Progressive bastards the corner that his gestapo is hiding in gets painted smaller and smaller.

  26. I’ve long suspected that the Left is trying to push an armed confrontation of some sort thinking that they can control it and use it to justify a totalitarian response. I also suspect that it will engender “unanticipated consequences.”

    – I’m pretty sure the day a group of Democratic bastards orders anybody to fire on a group of protesting T-partiers or Conservatives will be the beginning of the end for their movement.

    – I think they sensed that fact in the Bundy standoff, but generally they’re too full of themselves with arrogant stupidity so sooner or later they’ll make that fatal error.

  27. “Do you mean they’ve roused themselves at home and kicked out that pimple James?”

    ~ Errol Flynn ~

  28. I live in dread of that day. My “very good friends” on the Left claim I’m a bloodthirsty warmonger every time I warn them about the path they’re going down. I patiently explain that they’ve set up a regime in which peaceful protest gets rolled over, while threats of violence win respect and concessions. I ask them what they think will come of setting up such an incentive structure.

    I’ve explained any number of times about how the rattlesnake is actually a very polite creature, warning interlopers to step back when it could just as easily kill them with one bite. Yet here I stand, rattling and rattling as loudly as I can, while the idiot Lefties in their Keens keep insisting that I just shut up and let them stomp on me for my own good.

    I take some consolation in knowing that when worse turns to worst, none of us are really going to care about who takes the blame.

  29. Of course they poor kids would rather go to a Republican district than some bankrupt Democrat district.

  30. “Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good of the greatest number. The latter are surly curmudgeons, suspicious and lacking in altruism. But they are more comfortable neighbors than the other sort.” — R.A. Heinlein

  31. Just get with the program and support real “Economic Patriotism” and all will be well.

    Of course “we” must deal first with all those “teabaggin'” kulaks and wreckers but that’s why we have up-armored every agency from NOAA on.

  32. – The Prog bastards can pay now or pay later, but in any event they will pay, and in ways they never imagined, and large parts of several generations will know the true meaning of “sorry”.

    – Think of it as Pinocchio on a grand scale. But no mercy. none.

  33. Blow.


  34. ****The federal government has launched a $1 million media campaign urging Central American parents not to send their children to the U.S. as illegal immigrants in a bid to combat the recent surge in unaccompanied children attempting to enter the country.

    The message aimed primarily at Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador is two-part: The trip to the United States is extremely dangerous, and immigrants who make it here will not be allowed to stay.****

    Look, folks, one million dollars.


  35. A whole million? Gosh, he must really be serious.

    That makes the amount he has spent so far on transport and security for his family vacations REALLY serious. Eighteen times as serious, and all they did was go golfing and shopping.

    Considering the Federal Budget is handled in units of $100 million, that’s not even a frigging rounding error. The Feds spent more than a million bucks in the time it took you to read this response. (Federal expenditures for 2014 equal $3.77 trillion, or just over $10 billion per day, which works out to a tad under $7 million per minute.)

  36. “Satisfied?”

    “After telling their bank guards to stand down and refusing to prosecute criminals caught stealing from their branches, today Bank of America announced a $1 million ad campaign aimed at telling would be criminals that they can no longer come into their branches and steal. And that if they try to, they will be turned away at the door. And they really mean it this time.”

    So yes, you are a moron if you think an ad campaign smaller than what a typical Hollywood studio spends to promote the latest Adam Sandler movie is a competent response to this crisis.

  37. Quiet on the greens, please.


  38. Look, folks, one million dollars.

    Needs more Dr. Evil.

  39. I, I, I, but I repeat myself.

    Let me be clear, one mILLion dOLLarsss.

  40. Proggies see the constitution as an out dated document. duh. We KNEW this about him.

    The hubris of progressive thinkers really astounds me. They honestly believe man has progressed into a higher order of thinking, as represented by their views.

  41. Latest word (sorry, no linky – too lazy) is that the Feds are bringing in riot police to Murietta tomorrow to keep the unwashed citizens from interfering with the patriation of illegals.
    Shit gonna get real, homies.