June 26, 2014

BREAKING: Enough improper votes to overturn a Cochran “victory”?

I don’t know, but there may be enough evidence and resulting unease to secure another run-off, if the political pressure mounts.

And let the NRSC and the US Chamber of Commerce come right out up front and use money donated by Republicans to court liberal Democrat voters then.

That’d be a hoot to watch, don’t you think?

(thanks to DarthLevin)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:33pm

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  1. Quite the hoot alright, hootier even than the blowback of Charlie Wilson’s War.

  2. So, if this turns out to be true, will the Eric Ericcsons maintain their mantra of hard ball won fair and square by working the rules to best advantage, or will they abandon it in favor of racisssss Teabagger seeks to disenfranchise black voters!.

  3. Speaking of Mantra’s, I’d like to add the following update to the list of items Dana ought to address when he get’s home from work:

    UPDATE: The Cochran campaign is reportedly asking county clerks not to certify the voting rolls until the last day possible so that the McDaniel people will not be able to look at the rolls and challenge them.

  4. No one would be surprised to see Rick Moran polishing Cochran’s apple and concomitantly denigrating McDaniel, would they? But to come upon it through Gateway without any mention there? Ah well, also no so much a surprise.

  5. there may be enough to secure another run-off.

    Why not just nullify the Cochran win and give it to McDaniels? Is it because MS can’t be bothered to have recount provisions?

  6. Also, I think this video is public: The 8 Steps of a Successful Movement

    It’s the only genuinely positive thing I’ve heard all week.

    No, “suck it up, crybabies, it was all legal” isn’t positive at all, nor is “Establicans > Dems.”

  7. I remain convinced Cochran went to all that trouble for nothing. The Democrats secured his nomination because they know he can’t win in November — even before he courted Democrats to save him from losing the runoff.

  8. It’s not so much that Cochran went through the trouble, it’s that McConnell made Cochran go through all that trouble.

    I swear, I’m to the point where I’d just as soon see the Democrats keep the Senate and win back the House as see the Republican keep the House and win back the Senate. Mostly because I’d rather have people I’m honestly opposed to running things instead of people I’d have to dishonestly support.

  9. At this point, what difference does it make?

  10. At this point, what difference does it make?

    heh, taking a surreptitious swipe at Michael Bradley’s inadequacies, leigh?

  11. And let us not forget to ask, where were all the “turn out for the party’s nominee no matter what” Republicans when less than savory people such as Todd Akin were the candidate? Where was the “team first” spirit then?

  12. The Stabs cannot learn, so they must be removed. As long as they remain in control of the “opposition” party, the Statists will be unopposed, and our position will continue to deteriorate.

    Defeating Democrats is meaningless until there are actual anti-Statists running against them. Otherwise it’s like ordering Pepsi to spite Coke, knowing full well that Coke owns Pepsi.

  13. I don’t know that the photo of the voter log in the linked story is a smoking gun. There was a Democratic House runoff the same day as the Republican Senate runoff, and there’s nothing to link this log to either race definitively.

    Going to be a wait-and-see for a couple more days.

  14. As long as they remain in control of the “opposition” party, the Statists will be unopposed, and our position will continue to deteriorate.

    What we need are some more Cruz missiles!!!

    “Attorney General Eric Holder should be impeached if he refuses to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the targeting of tea-party groups by the IRS, according to Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas).”

    Hot Air has the video.

  15. BREAKING: Turns out this guy was actually one of them there conservatives who ran against the GOP Establishment in a primary:


  16. “At this point, what difference does it make?”

    Toro! Toro!

  17. Going full Democrat.

    Misleading organization name? Check.

    Scandal plagued [black-gay-female-minister for added spice] operatives? Check.

    Lies, smears, dirty dealing, and denials that are simply assertions not facts. Check.

  18. We’ve found 1,000 illegal votes in one Ms county alone.

    Piffle. After all, there are only 82 counties in Mississippi.

  19. Oy, geoffb, articles such as Eliana Johnson’s exposé are so divisive! Can’t we ask her to keep such miserable stuff to herself? After all, THE PARTY needs her.

  20. And now we have at least one death as a result of this race.