June 4, 2014

“Footage of Obama’s Warsaw workout prompts security questions”

Uh, no it doesn’t. It was staged. Then leaked. This guy will do anything to get plaudits, including pretending to be an everyman, working out at the gym, keeping it real.

Only problem is, this is a guy who flies a personal trainer in from Chicago, yet he has arms smaller than his wife’s, and knees bigger than his thighs. And I’m sure those 5 lb lateral raises he’s grimacing over are turning his shoulders into balls of coiled, wiry steel.

Sorry. Good on him for working out. And I’m sincere about that. But let’s do note that his workout isn’t exactly Vladimir Putin wrestling a black bear. In fact, from the looks of things, he might have trouble with a particularly aggressive kitten, or an out of control vacuum cleaner hose.

(thanks to Blake)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:44pm

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  1. You beat me to it – damn you, Goldstein.

  2. baracky should stick to the choom gang. he’s good at dat.

  3. Satch could pin Obama with just one eyebrow.

  4. maybe we should wait and see what National Security Adviser Susan Rice has to say about this before we come to any hasty judgments

  5. I don’t like to brag, but I can do curls with two of those weights in one hand, Barry.

  6. even if Susan Rice is a lying whore with no credibility she’s still an ideal representative of food stamp and his administration I think

  7. IWonPenPhone looks a mite sickly in that video. Could be someone should rush to release him from captivity quickly . . . maybe do a trade for a SoftServeIceCream vendor. Just one, straight up should be adequate.

  8. I think he was doing a max of 7.5 lbs in each hand.

    The stud.

  9. After a long layoff due to multiple reasons, I’m barely back in shape enough to hit the gym three times per week.

    I’ll bet the weights I’m using to get used to working out again are beyond his ability to move, and they are so light I’m embarrassed to say what they are.

    I would certainly not make a video of myself except as a personal “before” record.

  10. I really just can’t go there. Even the very slight implication, that there might be an half-assed, half nekkid moron, is way too much to bare.

  11. Is this another of those [I] #don’tdostupidshit events?

  12. What does that weight vest you wear for incline jogging like some sort of crazed mesomorph weigh again, Jeff?

    For what it’s worth the last time I was training for real I was using a 10 lb weight in my left hand to make sure I was physically able to keep throwing a protective double jab for fifteen minutes.

    In case that sounds like bragging, no, it isn’t. It marks me as a girly-wristed tomboy like Obama. Just 10 or 20 times less so.

  13. It is fun to imagine the core Democratic voter such a thing is intended to impress though.

    I suppose it might be slightly more alpha than reiki healing or hot yoga. It might even be vaguely butch if you squint your eyes just right.

  14. Obama wants to be worshiped, and the left likes to worship their leaders.


  15. Remember that cable access show where the elderly lady showed other elderly ladies how to work out by moving their arms and legs while sitting in a chair?

    Now imagine if the trainer in that video wasn’t a nice and kindly lady but a ridiculously vain fop.

    Twice elected.

  16. From the article:

    Onlookers told the tabloid Obama didn’t hold back during his 45 minute workout, as he “heavily sighed and groaned” doing the exercises that were listed on a piece of paper he carried around during his routine.

    I wonder if his sighs and groans were as load as those he expels when thinking about we peons who will not behave properly and kiss his ass.

  17. I juggle 4 lb weight balls for fun. (3 x 4 lbs = 12 lbs which is > 10 lbs for all you math challenged lefties out there)

    No biggy. And yet I’m supposed to be impressed by the 2.5 lb or 5 lb stair step with weights? And those umm, flapping arms and moving weights up and down in imitation of a spastic chicken is an exercise?

  18. And those umm, flapping arms and moving weights up and down in imitation of a spastic chicken is an exercise?

    Perhaps rather than “footage” the headline would better read “frottage”.

  19. Jaysus!

    I’m a 60 y/o (tomorrow) post-menopausal woman who has spent the last 1.5 year trying to reverse the fluffy grandma syndrome … (yea, me, I’ve dropped almost 30 lbs)

    I go to the gym at lunch hour and do NOT grimace like that while lifting more freakin’ weight than IWonPhonePen.

    And WTF with the lame elliptic machine? That’s about the only cardio I’m allowed to do (herniated L5 disc, no running for me) and I just want die of embarrassment because he makes the machine look so gay!

  20. Happy birthday Darleen. And I must say, you look marvelous. Hillary sends her regards too.

  21. I woke up at 1:45am and went to Mcdonalds.

    1.) The fries are great once again like haven’t been since like the early 80’s or so.

    2.) The $1 Hot N’ Spicy McChicken is too spicy. No, it’s not painful or anything. )It did not make me cry or empty out my sinuses. Nor did I have flashbacks of an Indian restaurant waiter rolling his eyes at me as I begged to try the real thing instead of the Americanized version and ended up drinking three glasses of emergency milk as the staff laughed nervously and guiltily from behind the kitchen doors.) But it’s too hot. Back in the day Wendy’s almost had the same problem. You can’t taste the bread, mayo, lettuce or chicken on the other side of all that spice. If the goal was to use spice to mask and obscure the presence of a chicken sandwich then mission accomplished.

    3.) They almost talked me into getting some McNuggets. Almost.

  22. Obama has the those lame weights for the same reason he tried to make doctors wear white lab coats at a press conference about medical coverage. He’s a big corny mugging fake of an attention whore.

  23. Quidquid agas, prudenter agas et fugito Filet-O-Fish.

  24. Blake wrote: And those umm, flapping arms and moving weights up and down in imitation of a spastic chicken is an exercise?

    With apologies to Jonah Hill: ‘Obama’ looks like a friggin’ faggot.

    ‘Looks like’?…oh, wait….

  25. Wait. People want to taste mayonnaise???

  26. He’s fricking Steve Urkel, play-acting at being a man’s man. Just like he play-acts at every thing else.

  27. For “dollar” menu fare Wendy’s little “Crispy Chicken Sandwich” is better that McD’s too hot one. But I was more prone to get the McDouble and fries anyways.

    I always want to “taste the mayo” though I have dropped away from dipping my fries in it to using a combination of sour cream and horseradish as a dip.

  28. Hey, Barry, I did this twice, in a row, in 8 minutes and then 8:30. I would’ve done it a 3rd time for kicks but we got a call.

    I’m pretty sure the weight vest alone would’ve been enough to collapse your legs.

  29. And I’m an almost 40 year old, mildly out of shape enthusiastic beer drinker.

  30. It’s really quite extraordinary. Obama has simultaneously concentrated power in the executive to an unprecedented degree and diminished the office of President.

    This isn’t the Imperial Presidency of the Johnson-Nixon era. It’s the Ottoman Presidency.

    Makes you wonder who the grand vizier is, doesn’t it?

  31. As good a guess as any.

  32. bh: the vest I wear is 50-70 lbs, depending on the day.

    I’m slowly making my way back. Haven’t tackled any of the really heavy deadlifts yet (can’t find my weight belt, for one), but I am back to being able to curl an 80lb dumbbell 10x with both hands.

    When I can do it with the fat gripz on it, then I can say I’ve regained most of my strength. But it’s coming.

  33. Chris Christie lifts more weight waving “bye bye”.


  35. Jeff, should we ever meet, I believe discretion says I should fist bump rather than shake your hand.

    Happy birthday, Darleen.

  36. I believe, Blake, that was Stacy McCain’s recommendation recently – among others…


  37. It would be fitting, Ernst, to call it ‘the Ottoman Presidency’ since we’re on the verge of collapsing internally.

    The United States could, I think, truly be called ‘The Sickman Of The West’.

  38. Thanks, guys, for the b-day wishes. :-)

  39. Bob, thanks for the link. I usually keep up on RSM, but missed that one.