May 23, 2014

Land of the flawed, home of the corrupt

All hail judicial oligarchy.  “Judge puts Rep. John Conyers on primary ballot”:

A judge on Friday ordered U.S. Rep. John Conyers to be placed on the August primary ballot, overturning a decision by Michigan election officials who found the Detroit Democrat ineligible because of problems with his nominating petitions.

Many petitions were thrown out because the people who gathered signatures weren’t registered voters or listed a wrong registration address. That put Conyers more than 400 short of the 1,000 needed to run for re-election.

But U.S. District Judge Matthew Leitman issued an injunction reinstating Conyers, two days after hearing arguments from the American Civil Liberties Union and Conyers’ lawyer challenging Michigan’s law.

They said the law that puts requirements on people gathering petition signatures is unconstitutional, noting that a similar law in Ohio was struck down by a federal appeals court in 2008.

The Michigan attorney general’s office had urged Leitman to reject Conyers’ challenge. In defending the law, the state said Conyers had followed the requirements for years.

“Any midstream changes are confusing to candidates and voters alike,” Assistant Attorney General Erik Grill said. “And such a change is unfair to candidates who have already followed the challenged law and complied with its registration requirement.”

Conyers, 85, has been in Congress since 1965 and would be the longest-serving member of the House if re-elected.

Nearly fifty years — let that marinate a bit — nearly fifty years in Congress, and Conyers has already risen to the number 3 Democrat in the House!  So by all means, let’s cut him some slack.  He’s evidently still learning.

And if he lasts another fifty years, who knows?  He may even move up to the number 2 Democrat.   Now that Robert Byrd is dead and all, and for Democrats, Black is the new, well, black.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:13pm

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  1. Leitman is a Harvard trash piece of shit president food stamp put on the bench

    he probably doesn’t know law any better than food stamp does

  2. michigan should ignore it like baracky does things he don’t like

  3. Just wait. In 2015 I expect to see a constitutional challenge to the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution.

    This will be based on the argument that it deprives minorities of the ability to vote fot the presidential candidate of their choice and thus is a violation of the “equal protection” clause.

    I further expect said challenge to be upheld 5-4, maybe even 6-3, along with Justice Scalia immediately keeling over from apoplexy.

  4. We are no longer a nation of laws, only a nation of “what some liberal in a black robe can be persuaded to assert”.

    This is not going to end well. Think of it as the first hoofbeats of a stampede, but it’s nothing but cliff in all directions.

  5. A look at @RepJohnConyers‘ Twitter timeline would gag a maggot.

  6. We should just elect the judges and then let them appoint everyone else. on our behalf.

    Clear things up a bit, y’know?

  7. The law was good enough to keep Thad McCotter off the ballot. Ewww, this discretionary application of the law makes me angry, very angry indeed. Now I will have to annihilate your planet with my Pu-36 Explosive Space Mod-u-lat-or. Or perhaps produce an animated gif of Mark Cuban.

  8. Heh, bour3. Next you should surround that Cuban dot with thousands of ‘other’ dots moving in riotous brownian motion.


  9. From the book “Everything I need to know, I learned from the Westerns,” a book I’d actually write, if I didn’t know that I’d die of old age before I ever acquired all the nececssary permissions.

    Paraphrasing Forrest Tucker:

    There’s a fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans respect the law. These days, Democrats own it.

    L. G. Murphy & Co. practically invented crony capitalism.

  10. OT:

    Well. Isn’t that special?

  11. OT, [take 2]:

    Well. Isn’t that special?

  12. So, an FU to the Moor?

  13. baracky’s gov’t be so gay

  14. Why don’t they just skip that pesky election and just install him as Rep. for life? If he doesn’t have to bother with getting nomination ballots, why should Conyers be required to participate in the primary and general election? Getting signatures, votes, whatever.

  15. And there are actually people who think judges are the perfect defense for the rule of law.

  16. Three hours without a single comment, at PW?

  17. It’s a beautiful Memorial Day weekend after a long hard winter.

  18. I seem to remember a quote by that unhelpful, Hobbity, Visigoth…John Adams!

    “We are a nation of laws and not of men.”

    But, you know, that was a mere utterance by some old white guy-like more than 100 years ago 1!!1!1
    Times change, people-not so much…

  19. McG, out cutting the lawn for the first time this spring and looking forward to a well-deserved adult beverage. Now’s the time for scouring the intertubes. Also, the thunderstorm drove me inside.

  20. The comparison to McCotter is wrong. McCotter’s signatures weren’t invalid due to disqualified canvassers. They were fraudulent, either forged, or copy/pasted from past campaigns.

    The judge did take a bit of a step too far looking at the Ohio law, I think. If memory serves, the law in Ohio called for the arrest of the out of state canvassers, rather than merely invalidating the signatures.

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  22. It’s bad enough I rarely have the energy or time to work in the yard, but I’m also fat and clumsy and old, so about once an hour I have to rush back into the house to ice something down or stanch some kind of bleeding, making it harder for me to work without knocking something over or dropping and breaking something or breaking a stem off at the ground or stomping something into oblivion.

    I hate myself.

  23. I had time to get yard work done Thursday, and then about the time geoffb was answering me I was over at the other house collecting a few more pieces of furniture I had thought was going to be donated or discarded, and loading it up to bring over here.

    If I had my way we’d have half as much furniture and a tenth as much other stuff.

  24. jesus loves you

  25. Then Jesus can come zap my bindweed, see voo play.

  26. Chin up, dicentra. Every day you wake up is good. Although the arthritis in my wrists begs to differ.
    Headed out to your fair state this week for Westminster graduation, then driving Red jr. and his car back east. Will miss Utah.

  27. jesus gave god’s children roundup:)

  28. I have Round-Up but when the bindweed emerges from within my ground cover I can’t just zap it.

    Plus, some of the bindweed is acting like it’s developing resistance, the bastards.

  29. in the ground cover, buy a cheap poly brush from home depot and paint the weed

  30. Well, di, you have my sympathies. It took me at least 4 years of manual labor to rid my yard of these sombitches. My neighbors probably thought I was crazy, vacuuming the (mostly dirt) yard with a ShopVac – a half-acre of it.

  31. Well another dumb shit went on a rampage yesterday. A privileged 22 year old in community college. He has a manifesto. It amounted to ‘No pussy no peace’ I guess. And idiots are trying to make sense of it.

    Oh yeah he had semi-automatic pistols (hohn hohn bet uv curse!) and a BMW. Looks like he shot himself.

    Oh and he played vidja games.

    Move over Che, make room on the t-shirt.

  32. He called himself a “supreme gentleman.”

    Supreme gentlemen don’t go on murder sprees, just sayin’.

  33. Interesting that despite guns he stabbed three of his victims to death.

    Also, the last time Santa Barbara had a student flip, they used a car as a weapon.

  34. A “supreme gentleman”? Sounds like something a “/b/-tard” would write.

    Curiously, this kid was “under psychiatric care” and had posted threats on line before the killing spree, yet everyone is so damned “surprised”…

  35. dicentra, you might take a give a call to the local high school and see if a student is interested in part time yardwork. My wife did that and for the last year she’s had a minion to do all the grunt work. He’s a great kid and is willing to work and appreciates the extra bit of cash. The wife is happy because she can concentrate on the details and I’m happy because she has someone to micro manage and I’m not on my hands and knees pulling weeds.

  36. Hang in there, Di. I’m having a perplexing time keeping plants alive, since…
    Seems none are lawnmower-proof. This baffles me.

  37. Hey, McGehee, Darleen, we needs post to dissect the latest cray-cray killer in CA. I’ve read his140pp manifesto. Kid was Daddy-deprived like the Newtown one. And privileged without restraints or responsibilities. Also ran over nice plants with lawnmowers. And, WoW addicted.

    But, not his fault. GUNSFAULT!!!!11!11!!!1!

  38. Twitchy has already set out to disprove the four most popular myths regarding that idiot:

    — he only did it because he hated women (he hated most men as well, including his roommate and his younger brother)
    — he only killed girls (four of the six victims were men)
    — he only shot his victims (three of the six were stabbed to death)
    — he only needed some psychiatric help (he was already under constant psychiatric care and simply refused to take his meds)

    But a separate thread might not be amiss…

  39. Shitstain needed his Daddy, who left him with various nannies and baby sitters and step mother (who tried to set him straight) and of course, best nanny evah!, video games. #DaddyFail

  40. I didn’t even hear about the Myrtle Beach shooting.

    Man, FUCK television.


  42. Not Hollywood elite privilege?

    Oh look. God knew I needed a ray of sunshine so he sent one:

  43. ****”The Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (CWGS) at the University of South Carolina Upstate (USCU) will close on July 1 and the funding, previously allocated for CWGS, will be used to teach the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Federalist Papers.

    The South Carolina House of Representatives wanted further cuts at both USCU and the College of Charleston, which had already seen budget cuts over mandated gay literature for freshmen students. However, the Senate was hesitant to cut funds for fear of academic censorship.

    The chambers compromised by allotting the discussed funds toward teaching the provisions and principles of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Federalist Papers, as well as “the study of and devotion to American institutions and ideals.

    The move puts South Carolina colleges back in compliance with a 90-year-old state law which requires colleges to teach students a year’s worth of courses on the nation’s founding documents.”


    “The Morning News, owned by Warren Buffett, editorialized that this was ‘A chilling act of retribution’ and ‘Required reading programs serve several purposes. Most importantly, though, the programs are intended to prepare students for the expectations of college-level discourse and open them up for the diversity they’ll find both on campus and in the real world. We’re not sure reciting the Bill of Rights, no doubt important to know, qualifies in that regard.’”****

  44. Warren Buffett and his slutty whore secretary can both suck a bag of dicks I think

  45. Required reading of our nation’s founding documents? “A chilling act of retribution”

    Cisgender and “Male = Rapist” sensitivity training? Mandatory use of taxpayer funds, H8R!

  46. America won’t accept any flavor of sharia law — Islamic or progressive.

  47. that’s proggslam dude

  48. isn’t the the hollyweirdo just a proggslam suicide ‘bomber’ (with a broadway spin)

  49. Proggslam. I like it.

    Hereafter I shall refer to “political correctness” as proggslamic sharia.

  50. pickles

    America only knows about sharia cause sharia rammed a couple towers up america’s failshit loser ass

    and rather spectacularly

    then what happened next is, failshit america launched two very very expensive wars against the sharia

    in “Iraq” and also in “Afghanistan”

    and proceeded, under the leadership of Lord God Queen Captain Food Stamp, to lose both of these putative wars, and quite convincingly

    drink a lil drink smoke a lil smoke

  51. are they kosher baby dills?

  52. are they crunchy like clausen?

  53. In hf’s case they’re gherkins.

  54. claussen

  55. >Lord God Queen Captain Food Stamp<

    he's also on the golf team and the debate team

  56. claussen gherkins with cayenne pepper sprinkles

    they boost your metabolisms is what they say

  57. what interesting is that baracky’s “debate team” is the much lamented minstrel show.

  58. Q: How many inches in a happy foot? A: Pickles failslut lifeydoodle inches

  59. allan ackbar

    >He beat her with a stick that the family had found in the street and used to stir their laundry in a washtub, the court papers state.

    He then tried to clean up the blood that had splattered onto their bedroom wall before calling his son for help, Madni said.

    “I killed her. Hurry up and come over,” Hussain told his son, according to prosecutors.

    Madni also said Pakistani women who lived in the same building as the Hussains would testify about the beatings Nazar received at the hands of her husband.

    “They have told us about years of abuse they witnessed,” Madni said.

    Hussain met his wife in Pakistan and the couple married before moving to Brooklyn, prosecutors said.<

  60. hi billy & hillary clinton

  61. Next Up,” all healthcare, not just the VA.

  62. That time when you frantically Google all the images under “intestinal parasite” human because right before you flushed, the floating round thing snapped open to reveal itself as a maggot-looking thing, for the love of all things holy and not.

    And then none of the photos match and later you find that same grub in the garden.

    That time.

  63. I’d prefer bacon bits in my salad, but that might be just me.

  64. Nice follow-up, there, McGehee.

    No more appetite for moi.

  65. Well, di, you have my sympathies. It took me at least 4 years of manual labor to rid my yard of these sombitches. My neighbors probably thought I was crazy, vacuuming the (mostly dirt) yard with a ShopVac – a half-acre of it.

    Those sumbitches (puncture weed) are definitely worse than bindweed. I’d be using a ShopVac to get those nasty seeds off the ground, too. Not even leather gloves save you from their thorns. I’m lucky that I don’t live near open fields where they multiply sumthin fierce. I also love their Latin name: Tribulus terrestris. Best binomial since Crotalus horridus horridus and Crotalus atrox.

  66. So the HBO production The Pacific has a scene on Guadalcanal where boiled rice-slop is ladled onto a Marine’s kit, he looks, starts, sees crawling maggots and the cook says “Think of them as meat.”

  67. Spent half my day with veterans, sdferr.

    Pro: I hired two.

    Con: I haven’t lived a very hard life.

    Wait… that’s another pro, isn’t it?

  68. Civilians. Civis.

    Damn us.

  69. Imagine if The Return of the Ostracon wasn’t a Transformer movie.

    Imagine a functioning polity.

  70. Neither has mine been hard bh, more like pampered and leisurely, substituting Myles na gCopaleen’s The Poor Mouth for a sense of the gist of the business.

  71. I haven’t read it, sdferr. Might remedy this in the medium term.

    Today I couldn’t shake the sticky sense that while civilians, historically, can’t trust soldiers with the polity we’ve given them little reason to believe that we’ll do better internally with our family/in group/nation.

    We’re dangerous as well.

    We’re not self-correcting once the institutions fall. Not at all.

  72. As a vet, I got 10% off at the 99 tonight. Thank you, corporate 99. I’m serious.

  73. I suppose that we’ll find equilibrium again on a long enough time line.

    Never saw the romance in that though.

    On the plus side, we might rediscover how God only decides to imbue us with rights only after we all decide to buy some fucking guns to protect them. Funny, that.

  74. 99?

    I’m not quite following you, RI Red.

  75. wearing the uniform of the military of a hyper-fascist brokedick cuntstate is a mite over-rated

    going forward


    this isn’t even controversial

  76. The restaurant, okay, I get it. Sorry, I hadn’t heard of that joint before googling, RI.

  77. my nephew still kinda wants to be a navy seal

    kind of

    but you can tell he’s starting to get a clue

    and thank fucking god

    he might get hurt and

    and for what

  78. that incredibly expensive failshit nonsense you fuckmerican shitheads pulled in iraq and afghanistan?

    you faggots can do that with your own nephews

  79. The bosses think they can aim to build robo-nephews with wings which they can operate from nice clean air-conditioned rooms back here in terra firma, hf, and that those will do the trick. The bosses, they stupid.

  80. Once again it’s time for you to leave for a spell, hf. Please make it a few months at least. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  81. Please make it a few months at least.

    If he chose “years” instead, the site would become a better place. If, on the other hand, he chose to eat a high-speed shotgun shell, the world would.

  82. >you faggots can do that with your own nephews<

    hey #saveourgirls hollyweirdo

  83. i’m pretty sure they’ll succeed in their quest for robo-nephew

    they have to

    foodstampmericans aren’t dumb enough to volunteer for that job

    except maybe the odd prospective immigrant

    dream a little dream of me

  84. Met a guy today without his left leg. I was actually wondering for awhile how his prosthetic attached because it seemed like he was missing a third of his thigh.

    Talking with him he seemed pretty intelligent to me. Think he was an engineer out of college.

    I wouldn’t use “dumb enough” when referring to him. I’d feel like an overwrought emo-chick to second guess the man.

    There’s a difference between wishing we’d do better here at home and pretending that people signing up are just simpletons. They’re not.

  85. I recommend 12 gauge.

  86. pickles

    going forward it’s a whole different ballgame

    this guy i met in an airport lounge named malcolm

    he called it a tipping point

    and you know what i believe him

    all you people can’t you see can’t you see

  87. the vast majority of nazis didn’t sign up to be nazis don’t you know

    they just got lucky

  88. I think there’s a great deal of difference between a policy of expressed national socialism and a policy of hidden international socialism.

    Regardless, again, it’s just dumb to call them dumb. (However you want to timestamp it we’ve needed a military post 2008.)

    For one, there are threats out there. They aren’t imagined threats. We can’t just call time out when we have people like Obama in the White House. It doesn’t work that way.

    For another, fuck off with all this intentionally inflammatory phrasing.

  89. all you people can’t you see can’t you see

  90. Somebody needs to stop listening to npr.

  91. If memory serves, listening to that Michael Ledeen talk about Machiavelli I linked awhile back Ledeen does go on somewhat about the problem Machiavelli understood regarding republics and getting the people who make them up desire to fight for them, and possibly lose their lives in the doing of it. Whereas, the tyrant, by contrast, can’t depend on the people to fight for him and often has to hire it done with mercenaries, who aren’t altogether trustworthy themselves. This is said to be straight-up the reason tyrannies don’t tend to last very long, though the damage they do may last a very long time indeed. It’s a problem.

  92. > We can’t just call time out when we have people like Obama in the White House. It doesn’t work that way.<

    it works exactly like that for the proggtard media. baracky be their creation.

  93. pro-tip: your republic should stand for something worth fighting for

  94. fighting dying

  95. The trouble with the interim between having a regime worth fighting and dying and a regime that is not worth fighting and dying for is that the country isn’t a regime and yet remains through changes of that sort regardless. And how much worse a condition when in the presence of thermo-nuclear devices deliverable from vast distance away? So, sumpin’s got to be done about it.

  96. the key thing is to be somewhere other than where the thermo-nuclear devices a

  97. re apt to boom boom pow

  98. On the plus side, we might rediscover how God only decides to imbue us with rights only after we all decide to buy some fucking guns to protect them. Funny, that.

    Found this series, Guns: The Evolution of Firearms, through a link here, and I think we will watch the first 3 episodes or so tonight in that spirit. Watching the youtubed tonight but ordered the DVD to keep. The price is very reasonable.

  99. >your republic should stand for something worth fighting for<

    pikachu please stop with your "white priviledge". or put a trigger warning up.

  100. IRS: Employers Face $36,500 Per Worker Tax for ‘Obamacare Dumping’


    I thought ‘Obamacare Dumping’ was the feature not the bug, not that you can tell anymore.

  101. The law is what the Tsar says it is.

  102. now be a good tsar and make us some popcorn

  103. They even got a name for it: ukase.

  104. Some just call it ‘Tyranny’.

  105. What’s a bit messed up here is that ‘feets actually has a case to argue but he won’t.

    I’ve never understood that about the guy. Hundreds of little throw-away lines but no desire to give a dozen better ones.

    No one here thinks that America (2014) should be bringing her mainstream ideas to foreign shores. No one. No one here thinks this.

    There are things worse than twitter wars. Worse than hashtag wars.

    There is death. Physical death. Personal annihilation. On a broad scale. Just because it hasn’t happened lately doesn’t mean it’s not on the menu. It’s always on the menu. Always.

    I can not grasp this lack of historical perspective even if it is common. We are the eastern front. All of us. All the time. This is the normal state of human affairs.

  106. i have to go watch the conjuring with my friend f

  107. Grubs again, grumble grumble.

  108. >i have to go watch the conjuring with my friend f<

    that's icky. oof i denounce myself.

  109. You crack me up, sdferr. Always have.

  110. “There’s a difference between wishing we’d do better here at home and pretending that people signing up are just simpletons. They’re not.”

    The problem BH, is that ‘Wacko the Shithead’ here only values short stories written before 1975 and whatever badly-kneaded crap the foodie dicks are still kind of blogging about.

    Engineers and courage under fire don’t make his little dick hard, so he shrugs that off and then bitches and harumphs about papa Duck Commander’s gay-killer bible or sears catalog shopping lifey doodle Christer women what shit out the precious little retard babies.

    He’s a real charmer.

  111. This is the normal state of human affairs.

    There’s around 92,900,000 Vietnamese peoples in Vietnam, and suddenly (ha!) we see, they’ve all got a very serious problem to attend to.

  112. >The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded.<

  113. Why would anyone want to kill nice Vietnamese people?

    Silly China, acting like it has territorial goals.


    Don’t they know that there’s a new iPhone coming out soon? Why are they acting so weird about this stuff?

  114. When the U.S. has a weak president, the world suffers for it.

  115. the proggtards want more vote people

  116. Yeah when your esteemed president still thinks that some ” 21st century barrier” prevents Putin from going old Imperial AFTER Putin went old Imperial for the 2nd time…wow.

    That is some thick skull for the facts to tunnel through.

    Reality is wrong; just don’t pay attention to it and it will quit acting up eventually.

  117. To be fair, people usually die at the Sturgis Rally too. I’m not sure if as many get shot, though.

  118. Why are they acting so weird about this stuff?


  119. metrosexual killer news. blacks killing blacks no “news”. and don’t talk about the black peeps problems. cracker.

  120. Don’t they know that there’s a new iPhone coming out soon? Why are they acting so weird about this stuff?


    There. That should do ‘er.

  121. “cranky-d says May 26, 2014 at 6:06 pm”

    So, when PW consists of you, Jeff, and a couple of other guys that never say anything you disagree with, will you be happy[feet]?

  122. That is some thick skull for the facts to tunnel through.

    Still assuming that Obama does not want Pooty-Poot to go Full Soviet, are we?

  123. happyfeet is a griefer. He does not contribute anything worthwhile around here. I have endured his obnoxious behavior for many, many years. He could easily couch his opinions in a more civilized and adult manner, but he doesn’t bother. Instead he always seeks to be offensive for no reason.

    You would know that if you had been around here long enough, and paid attention.

  124. i made beans

  125. So, when PW consists of you, Jeff, and a couple of other guys that never say anything you disagree with, will you be happy[feet]?

    You don’t pay attention, do you?

  126. y’all are ruining memorial day with your incessant bickering

  127. #BeNiceToVietnamesePeopleYouChinesePoopyheads

    I have my fingers crossed, di.

  128. >y’all are ruining memorial day with your incessant bickering<


  129. nobody cares

  130. I have paid enough attention to know there used to be hundreds of commenters here, now there seems to be about a score left that can’t wait to run off/ban the next one.

    Last one out shut off the lights.

  131. How do I know you jsjbst? Give me a hint.

  132. My 10:12 would have been clearer if I had posted it 27 minutes earlier.

  133. I have also been around enough forums like this to know if there is a commenter I find (offensive? really? You a woman’s issues major?) uninteresting, skimming over their comment is effortless.

    I contend there is no lack of ability for anyone else to do the same, but instead an agenda.

    I have discovered protestations aside, many on the right have no real problem with re-education camps, they just want to be the ones deciding whom should populate them.

  134. That’s interesting, jsjbst.

    I have discovered protestations aside, many on the right have no real problem with re-education camps, they just want to be the ones deciding whom should populate them.

    You want to try this again?

  135. Seriously, I deserve better sport.

    You sure you don’t want to try this again?

  136. Jsjbst has discovered that many on the right want to put people into re-education camps.

    Exciting discovery.

    I’m sorry to have doubted you.

  137. “How do I know you jsjbst? Give me a hint.”

    Uh oh. I also been here long enough to know a PW threat when I hear one.

    Too long. Later.

  138. Yep.

    That wasn’t very hard.

  139. Uh oh. I also been here long enough to know a PW threat when I hear one.
    Too long. Later.

    A Threat? Really? Are you a woman’s issues major?

  140. A very manly one, Erst. Very manly.

  141. The best part of a PW threat is the way that I haven’t spoken to Jeff (The Guy Who Actually Writes the Good Writing) for a couple months and I never could have banned anyone anyways nor have I actually asked to ever do so for years and years and years.

    But, yeah, it’s a PW threat. By a guy who doesn’t run the blog and never even hinted he’d do anything regardless.

    I’m pretty sure this is how the myth gets made. Funny how left wing trolls seem to know the script somehow.

  142. He’s right about one thing though. If us wingerz weren’t so busy planning re-education camps, we’d have more time to devote to education camps.

    And that would purely annoy the hell out of the NEA now, wouldn’t it?

  143. Imagine if kids learned how to read and write.

    No, this wouldn’t bode well for some [of] us, Ernst.

  144. That was really trippy, guys. Seriously.

    Wasn’t that really trippy?

    A troll had that “threat” script in hand apparently. Just too dumb to know when to use it or who actually ran this blog.

  145. That hill to die on wasn’t even a worthwhile speed bump.

    How does anyone know hf hasn’t been the one causing people to drift away, because of his threadjacks and his War on Women and his tiresome slurs that show zero imagination and hint at precisely zero honesty in expressing his actual views?

  146. Lotsa trolls would disagree with you, McG. Vehemently. For about two comments when questioned.

  147. Happy Memorial Day All!

    Nice to read you again, bh :^)

  148. Ehhh, what put the screws to pw has been the blockade from the right though. That’s the honest answer.

    A good man who appreciated another good man did it. That’s the truth of the matter.

    Shit, this witless troll just pulled the pw “threat” card out of his ass. He was trained to bark at that whistle.

    Brought a tree to his own hanging, Jeff did.

    As Perry Farrell once said, “Idiots rule.”

  149. Good to read you as well, Danger!

    Hope you and yours are well, buddy.

  150. “A troll had that “threat” script in hand apparently.”

    If you can call Darleen pointing out a troll using a Proxy server. Is this a vampire troll?

  151. Whaddya mean “lotsa,” bh?

    We’ve only got coupla.

  152. I thought the reason for using a proxy server was to eliminate any possibility that a RW threat would arise from VR “actions.”

  153. We’ve only got coupla.

    But they’ve all got multiple handles, so that makes them extra strong (and kinda retro 70’s;^ )

  154. We’ve only got coupla.

    It’s been awhile since I was paying them much mind. The three main ones had/have rather obvious verbal tics. As they’re personal keys they’re unlikely to figure out by themselves I’d rather not say what they’ve been.

    This one displayed a couple obvious ones but they’re just freshman writing issues. Started each paragraph with “I”. That sort of thing. Nothing really stands out. Just dummy talk from a dummy. Could be anyone.

  155. Our friend from Murfreesboro was the bestest ever because he was essentially illetereatively but it’s unlikely we’ll find his fine ilk again.

    One in a million, that guy.

  156. Troll: “I see through you and shall reveal your secrets! I shall terrify you with my deep knowledge of the real you that you try to hide!”

    PW: “Yeah? Okay?


    PW: Yawn. Burp.

  157. “Oh, there ain’t no ticks on me,

    No, there ain’t no ticks on me.

    There may be ticks on some of you chicks,

    But there ain’t no ticks on me.”

  158. On its third post into this thread, “jsjbst” decides that it has been threatened, and flounces off to more friendly parts.

    Seriously, the doings of the Kardashians are more interesting and relevant than this drama queen.

  159. At least ‘jsjbst’ attempted to somewhat ingratiate itself before it went Full Retard….it failed, but you’ve got to give a half-a-point for trying.

    As we say up here in he Nor’East, troll: I’ve got ya re-education camp right here.

  160. That link he posted? It’s somehow supposed to imply that Darleen threatened him.

    I am having difficulty stifling my laughter. Darleen would probably just have taken his knees out with no warning.

  161. I’m always surprised at the “wisdom” of random trolls who have posted here a dozen times or so. They aren’t even good at this internet threat thing.

    Chickenshits, the lot of them.

  162. Chickenshit! That’s a threat!

  163. I don’t like the way that rooster is looking at me.


  165. An OT selfie not an ussie.

    There are so many lies stacked on lies and even we believe at least some of them because refuting them all takes a lifetime of embittering work.

    An example from 50 years ago which is still believed and pushed even today.

  166. [W]hat put the screws to pw has been the blockade from the right though. That’s the honest answer.

    Jeff’s blog doesn’t have a easily defineable brand ready at hand. That confuses small minded partisans accustomed to telling other small minded partisans that they’re doing it (whatever “it” happens to be) wrong.

  167. Shut up they explained, again and again.

  168. The Proggslamic Jihad tolerates no heresy. Science must submit or be beheaded.

  169. leigh says May 27, 2014 at 8:38 am
    I’m always surprised at the “wisdom” of random trolls who have posted here a dozen times or so. They aren’t even good at this internet threat thing.

    I’m just bored with the low quality of their critical thinking skills. Surely there must be someone on the left that can make a cogent arguement for their side.
    Or not.
    The intelligent ones saw the error of their positions and are already on our side.

  170. LGBT seagulls.

    Watch out for them.


  171. I’m with you, Mueller: bored with their low-wattage repartee. If their only tool is pronouncing everyone else to be stupid, I prefer to just let them rant on and not bother to engage them.

    I have a general question for everyone. Is it just my perception or are there a massive number of special snowflakes on the interwebs these days? I know we seem kind of a rough bunch (to the uninitiated), but that isn’t the case at all. I’ve found that if I ask people to clarify what they mean or to help out by citing a source, Holy Mother! You’d have thought I just pulled a knife on them or questioned their paternity.

    This place is a shelter from the storm of stupid that surrounds us.

    Now, we’re due for a visit from Zombie Billy Jack.

  172. From Geoff’s second link:

    University of Virginia legal scholar Douglas Laycock is facing criticism from gay rights groups for his support of religious freedom laws that activists say could lead to discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Activists also are upset at his support for Hobby Lobby in an ongoing Supreme Court case involving contraception coverage.

    Laycock, who is married to UVa President Teresa A. Sullivan, is the subject of a Freedom of Information Act records request by two UVa student activists — Gregory Lewis and Stephanie Montenegro. In an open letter to the professor, Lewis and Montenegro said that while they respect[!] Laycock’s right to academic freedom, they believe his writings supporting controversial religious freedom laws are holding back progressive causes such as access to contraceptives and gay marriage.

    “As leaders on the UVa campus, we strongly believe in engaging in dialogue[!!], and, equally as important, for professors to truly understand the implications of their work,” the letter continues.

    The doublethink is strong in these ones.

    I wonder if jsjbst would infer that a threat was implied in that last bit.

  173. I would certainly say that anyone with a name like “Laycock” is the progressive one in that bunch.

    Nyuck, nyuck.

  174. “[D]eliberate ignorance”

    That just about says everything there is to say about the Left, doesn’t it?

  175. Imagine the outrage if his name were Ordainedcock.

  176. Is it just my perception or are there a massive number of special snowflakes on the interwebs these days?

    Beck estimates there are about 100,000 highly dedicated misinformation trolls out there who keep creating new identities so that they can flood the tubez with their lies and create the illusion of a majority. He mentions the trolls on The Blaze; his peeps prolly are onto the multiple identities and anonymizer proxy IPs and such.

    Wouldn’t surprise me a bit. I’ve run into some on Twitter. Their talking points are highly polished and their technique so bulldozing (emphasis on bull) that they have to be operatives and not just random people with an opinion.

  177. I’m sorry to disagree about jsjbst. I’ve looked back over comments he has made and see someone who is fed up with the direction that the nation is going and doesn’t believe it will be saved by normal electoral political means. He also appears to be a Christian and doesn’t like the right using the personal attack tactics of the Alinskyite left, believing that to do so will debauch the right more than it will hurt the left.

    His one failing, I suspect, is not knowing the history of ‘feets comments over all the past years and the back and forth that has taken place over them.

  178. Beck estimates there are about 100,000 highly dedicated misinformation trolls out there who keep creating new identities so that they can flood the tubez with their lies and create the illusion of a majority.

    The malign spirit of Willi Muenzenberg lives on.

    As for jsjbst, I would agree with geoffb except for this asspull here.

  179. ****”…highly polished…”****

    “We likes to keep our fire engine clean…”


  180. Someone who sees a threat in the “outing” of a proxy IP might not be all that bright.

  181. Now, here’s a threat:

    “I don’t care how you do it, you must succinct the Bismarck.”

    ~ Winston Churchill ~

  182. Well, jsjbst wouldn’t be the first to be fooled by ‘feets (raises hand).

  183. this ‘feets sounds like he must be extraordinarily cunning and wily not unlike the famous animated coyote

    plus i heard he made some tasty beans for memorial day and also he’s gonna put together some mole tonight for all the chicken breast he cooked

  184. Cunning and wiliness do not necessarily denote intelligence.

  185. well that’s depressing

  186. The truth begs nobody’s pardon.

  187. “extraordinarily”

    Sure, in the same sense that typical youtube comments are extraordinarily cunning and wily.

    Example: I got a big bag of SUCKABLE(TM) Brand Dicks here for a Mrs. Joyce Carol Oates? Anyone here by that name? Just sign here ma’am.

  188. Joyce Carol Oates is not the enemy

  189. She’s a Friend. X

  190. Women who go by three names ought to have a middle name that at least sounds like a surname, like Doris Kearns Goodwin or Debbie Does Dallas.

    So let it be written, so let it be done.

  191. lewis carroll for example wrote a book what had this talking egg in it what he anthropomorphized

    the egg made several pointed remarks

  192. You should try to be more like the egg then.

  193. this ‘feets sounds like he must be extraordinarily cunning and wily not unlike the famous animated coyote

    So cunning and wily, he would walk straight off the nearest cliff and forget where he left the lethal equipment. If it weren’t for the cork on the end of his fork, he would poke out his own eyes while eating his applesauce. I still suggest the 12-gauge solution.

  194. be like unto the egg

    that is very zen Mr. Schreiber

    I shall so endeavour

  195. ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’
    ‘The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’
    ‘The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.’

  196. that egg cracks me up

  197. I think you meant “cracked”

    Lord knows you’ve been yolking all over this site for years now.

  198. i know how to make perfect scrambled eggs and i do it all the time

    here’s the video the chef’s name is gordon and he drives a really nice car, maybe even an escalade

    instead of creme fraiche at the end though i just use low fat sour cream – it’s healthier and way easier to keep on hand

  199. To borrow from Carroll O’Connor’s General Colt:

    Do you mean fresh cream Booker

    Then why’n the hell did’n you say so?!

  200. On topic addendum.