April 23, 2014

“Keystone Uncensored”


Republicans are denouncing President Obama’s latest delay on the Keystone XL pipeline, six long years after it was proposed. But for cold political fury they have nothing on Terry O’Sullivan, who runs the Laborers’ International Union that represents a half-million construction workers.

“This is once again politics at its worst,” Mr. O’Sullivan said in a public statement that deserves to be quoted at length. “In another gutless move, the Administration is delaying a finding on whether the pipeline is in the national interest based on months-old litigation in Nebraska regarding a state level challenge to a state process—and which has nothing to with the national interest. They waited until Good Friday, believing no one would be paying attention. The only surprise is they didn’t wait to do it in the dark of night.

“It’s not the oil that’s dirty, it’s the politics. Once again, the Administration is making a political calculation instead of doing what is right for the country. This certainly is no example of profiles in courage. It’s clear the Administration needs to grow a set of antlers, or perhaps take a lesson from Popeye and eat some spinach.

“This is another low blow to the working men and women of our country for whom the Keystone XL Pipeline is a lifeline to good jobs and energy security.”

The pipeline is expected to create some 2,000 new jobs from construction and thousands more related to the project. Many of those jobs would go to Mr. O’Sullivan’s union members, who do not live on San Francisco’s Pacific Heights like billionaire donor Tom Steyer who opposes Keystone.

Mr. O’Sullivan may feel especially bitter because he and the Laborers twice endorsed Mr. Obama for President, calling him a leader “who will fight to create jobs.”

Well, to borrow from Eric Stratton…

I’m sure it’s a bitter pill for Mr O’Sullivan to swallow.  But it’s not like he wasn’t warned.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:53pm

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  1. The useful idiots are usually the first to be lined up against the wall, because those who foresee what’s going to happen hightail it into the woods before the blackshirts show up.

  2. All that rumor-mongering about Clinton and Panetta giving the Go order on the OBL kill mission? All that talk about dragging Little Lord Fountleroy’s ass of the golf course and shoving him into the conference room for the large and in charge* photo-op?

    I believe it.

    This guy can’t make a hard decision to save his life.** And don’t think for one second that the Russians don’t already know that.

    *If stuck in the corner, shoulders slouched with a petulant, why-am-I-here? look on his face can indeed be said to be large and in charge

    **Where was Obama during the attack on our Benghazi Consulate? Hiding, that’s where.

  3. Don’t forget the part Valerie Jarrett plays, Ernst.

    I have no doubt that she is the power behind the throne.

  4. also don’t forget how warren buffett and his whore secretary are loving the shit out of this

  5. luddite nation!

  6. valerie sweet pickle you got a lil income inequality in your chin

    you look like whore

  7. *a* whore I mean

    i was proofreading and something went crunk in the kitchen

    I think I need to check on the roast


  8. check that temp. big gov’t says so.

  9. it’s at 300

  10. if you can’t eat it you’re good to go – big gov’t

  11. What O is is what he was in 2008, and it was there for all who had eyes to see and ears to hear. (Does “Senator Present” ring any bells?)

    Many tried to warn you, Mr. O’Sullivan. So pardon me if I can’t muster so much as a single tear for you and your ilk.

  12. No tears for me, TW, just uproarious laughter.

  13. If the lefties succeed in their takeover and fundamental transformation, will there be any joy in watching the environmentalists getting thrown under the bus?

  14. “If the lefties succeed in their takeover and fundamental transformation, will there be any joy in watching the environmentalists getting thrown under the bus?”

    Imagine a poorer Europe (who’s going to give us aid when we suffer socialist contraction? nobody. So, we’ll be poorer than socialist Europe.) with lots of biker gangs terrorizing it, collapsing into towns and city states probably run by neo-mobsters.

    That’s the post fundamental transformation future of the US. (Because socialism is destructive it can’t afford itself for long. Without a subsidy from an enemy seeking to stabilize it or an ally using it as a satellite, it rapidly dissolves its new order into more a anarchic tribal debris and gets picked over by criminals.)