April 12, 2014

The American Left and commie kitsch [Darleen Click]

Via The Week comes a second look at a rather toe-sucking cover piece on Obama’s execrable press secretary, Jay Carney, and his family from Washingtonian Mom. The article includes photos staged in the Carney home, and leads off with this:


Now the over-the-top spread of food on the counters does point to a cheekiness on the part of the photographers (the rest of the photos in the piece confirm it). However it’s unclear whether the photographers would have also been replacing the wall art, and that’s where some “keen observers may notice the kitchen decor in the photo: Soviet propaganda posters.”


Now, whether these are the decorator choice of the Carneys or of Washingtonian Mom editorial staff in a subtle troll move directed at their non-Left readers (which probably numbers in the tens of twenties), the disturbing mindset here is that no one sees anything disturbing about putting up propaganda posters from the most blood-thirsty, genocidal movement of the 20th Century.

It’s all just a joke. Everybody just have a hearty belly laugh and just enjoy the nice colors.

Would anyone — well, let’s be clear, would anyone of the Left, from media to academia to The State — find any “joke” if a non-Leftist had decorated their home with fascist kitsch?


Or displayed this Americana kitsch?


Why ever should Carney be allowed a pass on this?

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  1. There is a tremendous amount of food on those counters for a family of four. Whoever styled this photoshoot clearly believes that more is better. Maybe it’s an inside joke, juxtaposing such abundance with the Soviet posters?

    Probably not.

  2. It’s like the other picture of the Carney family playing Jenga with 2x4s …

    Bigger is Better … even The State … for the insiders, of course.

  3. Allowed a pass?

  4. Well, yes. “Our betters” and all that.

    What crap.

  5. jsjbst

    Carney won’t be called on it, no one on the Left will run articles demanding explanations or apologies or making dire speculations on how revealing it all is…

    see: Rick Perry and “N*ggerhead”

  6. Remember the Mao Christmas ornaments from a few years ago?

    There are people who continue to whitewash Soviet history, because they sympathize with the ideals and methods and simply think “the wrong people” were in charge of that little experiment, just like France and Vietnam and China and Cambodia and Cuba and Venezuela and…

  7. For all the light(weight) spewing out of that article, subtones of The Confidence-Mom: Her Belle-of-the-Ball are difficult to avoid.

    Yet again, for all that, politically speaking: these are worms. Or something lower than worms, if that’s possible. In either case, they’ve taken quite enough of my attention for the day.

  8. Darleen, I hate to tell you but America is awash in Marxist propaganda. Carney rarely opens his mouth where it doesn’t gush out all over the place.

    And you think something should be done about his home decorating choices?

  9. No, jsjbst, it isn’t about the posters, but about how the Left (as Merovign points out) whitewashes, minimizes, fetishizes Communist/Socialist atrocities and reduces 100 million deaths to kitschy art.

    I’m surprised the kids’ pj’s weren’t emblazoned with Che.

    It is rank hypocrisy in fealty to dogma.

  10. fight the patriarchy for the motherland

  11. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be overly critical, it is interesting to catch them when they expose themselves like this. Having said that, wondering “why ever should Carney be allowed a pass” on it has shades of straining at a gnat while a camel is being shoved down our throats is all.

  12. Well.

    Maybe they DID learn something from Waco.

  13. Heh, what’s that saying about fighting bad speech with more speech?

    Dueling posters.

  14. his wife is a propaganda whore for state television and this Jay Carney person is a propaganda slut for your piece of shit fascist president

    what exactly *should* they have on their walls?

  15. Those posters at Augusta are a scream.

    Racissss, too, no doubt.

  16. – Dar, this is what the elitists do in their spare time, which they have whenever they’re not too busy pretending they’re still in Kansas. Its the “edgy” nuanced side of tittering into their hands because the slow witted Neocons will never catch the kitsch.

    – You remember; the way the “smart” kids who were too ugly to mix would put one over on the pretty dummies and jocks.

    – Life for Progressives, who are always hopelessly at odds with the real world, is all about fantasy.

  17. Would anyone — well, let’s be clear, would anyone of the Left, from media to academia to The State — find any “joke” if a non-Leftist had decorated their home with fascist kitsch?

    Why should a a non-Leftist decorate with fascist kitsch, beyond decoration, since fascism is a decidedly left wing conceit? National Socialism, and all. Vintage Pere Ubu show posters, maybe….

  18. Maybe they DID learn something from Waco.

    – Nothing happens in gestapo-ville that doesn’t track back to jug ears eventually, so I’m guessing his cellar-door job approval numbers means he just doesn’t want ANY bad PR right now. For the overzealous Nazi Feds to back off so quickly and completely, someone on high cracked the whip.

    – The nice thing about Progressives is that everything they do is based on phony derivatives, and thus imminently predictable.

  19. There is also the Photoshopped bookshelf to make them look more well read.

  20. I’m pretty sure most of us here at PW have more books than that, without the photoshopping.

  21. i just have the McGehee one

  22. what no pikachu book club?

  23. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is the result of enemy action. But with the nirvana of utopia so close at hand, they don’t care if it smells like team traitor in Washington.

  24. Sounds like wretchard fully endorses the Limbaugh Theorem regarding IWonPenPhone governance: hands off, commit no traceable acts for so long as one has control. And après le déluge? Let the blame fall on . . .

    . . . . . . . . Bush!

  25. By the way, notice that reports of poison gas attacks have been renewed in Syria (that makes twice now in the last two weeks)? We might suppose that Mr. Putin’s attention is directed elsewhere for the time being. Of course, Mr. Putin’s attention hardly begins to account for the attention of Pres. IWonPenPhone, but then, what with the NCAA Basketball Finals just concluded and the Masters in full swing, we can guess as to that.

  26. Mr. Putin’s attention is directed elsewhere for the time being

    Putin and his people, unlike our own administration, seem perfectly capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time.

  27. – The Feds under jug ears wrote the book on all hat no cattle.

  28. – OTOH just maybe this had something to do with the Feds sudden change of heart. Scratch a Reid, find a felon.

    – Everyone in the known universe knows that old commie bastard is riding dirty, and always has. You don’t become a millionaire on Senators pay. He has a long history of shady real estate dealings in Nevada, so this would be right up his alley.

    – Hes come close to getting outed several times. How great would that be if he finally steps in the cow manure for real.

  29. – So when you don’t want to risk being ignored (again) you send in the 2nd team, which in this case isn’t even leading from behind, its sacrificing a useless pawn.

    – The Bumblefuck regime has achieved total dysfunction and he still has years left to go.

  30. if hairplugs is the answer, it must be an ‘effin’ stupid question

  31. why the fuck would ukrainians care if they have fagmerican support or not

    they have serious problems to worry about

  32. we could at least ship some pierogies to ukraine

  33. and spicy sour cream too

    that would be very thoughtful

  34. the french onion blend for the surrender

  35. to you foodies out there: the feds went after free range cattle.

  36. Me, I resized and primed a metric shit ton of brass today.

  37. the girl isn’t flipping the egg because of the patriarchy

  38. is the “egg” photoshopped too? young pr claire is pointing at the frying pan while big claire is looking elsewhere. commies the lot of them

  39. small claire is pointing at the 2 espresso makers

  40. let’s MOVE no doubt

  41. Why ever should Carney be allowed a pass on this?

    Because he’s one of the Elect, saved by cheap grace alone?


    Joseph Bottum has a whole book on the subject.

    Not that I’ve read it. Yet.

  42. happyfeet says April 12, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    I’m still working on the next.

  43. ….Yeah, because if you don’t we’re going to give you such a nuggie, and if thats still not enough Bumblefuck will cancel his subscription to Pravda weekly.

    – What total freaking pussies.

  44. Who the hell flips a sunny side up two feet in the air? It’s not an omelette or a crepe or a pancake and high flipping THOSE is dumb stuant territory. Much less some weird non-composited cartoon of a fried egg floating on top of a staged photo.

    This is like those weird 80’s ad photos of kids fake-playing video games where they are waving the controller around in front of them and sometimes the controller is held backwards.

    Real life? Who cares! Optics!

  45. I miss Tony Snow.

  46. Joe Bottom?

    First guy to do a sub-20-second 50 free, IIRC.

  47. Obama at Sharpton Event: Voter ID Supporters Are ‘the Real Frauds’

  48. Sunnyside up eggs aren’t flipped. It defeats the purpose and makes you rename them “over”.

  49. If you flip eggs like that your kitchen will be spattered with egg yoke. But of course the yoke is on us.

    I have nesting dolls making fun (sort of) of Russian leaders. But pro Soviet posters? Who hangs that shit in their home? Well Jay Carney of course!

  50. I think what we learned today is that the Carneys think they are brilliant, that we are stupid, that they eat out a lot, that they have no idea how to cook but are sure they’d do it better than us if they did due to their brilliance, and they find it hilarious to tell us that because cooking is for poors, stupids, and losers. Aristocrats get feasts brought to them from the front door by delivery nobodies, or that mysterious servant staffed place hidden behind the dinette.

  51. Note that we have no evidence of a heat source like a stove or hot plate. That magical imaginary egg was cooked in a self heating pan that uses carbon neutral zero point energy and good intentions. Or perhaps the egg is cooking itself because it is on the right side of history.

  52. Honey why are their blueberries all over the kitchen counter?

    Shut up ma. I’m cooking.

    With what? Are you a fire-starter now? Is the Shop after us?

  53. Magazine: “Look at de happy black folks up on the shelf all safe wit de penguins. They so happy and safe and grateful they got cookies in der tummies! In a republican kitchen they’d be dangling from branches of trees or chained up in a bread box. ”

    Anybody. “Bullshit! ”

    Magazine: ” Why you so racist? Admit it. They’d all be lying on the floor of a republic kitchen with skittles and tea and gun shot wounds in their chests.”

    Anybody. “Bullshit! And fuck you. Zimmerman was a democrat anyway you fucking asshole! And a hispanic until you tried to white wash him! Most importantly he was attacked and beaten and defended himself from someone bashing his head on the ground after sucker punching him, pinning him, pounding on him…”

    Magazine: ” Yeah, whatever racist. And you want rape to be legal and hate women too. And you work for the Koch Brothers because they tea bag you so well.”

  54. I’m betting that , based on how badly the other photos were Photoshopped, that the posters were ‘shopped in as some kind of in joke.

    Articles like this are all bullshit anyway. “Look how much better this extraordinarily well-off working mother handles her life than you! Read how she attempts to shorten the gap by mentioning how well her effeminate husband does laundry! Sympathize when she describes not knowing what to food bring home from the Whole Foods hot bar that her whole family will enjoy! Wonder at how well she handles the INS when they try to deport 2/3rds of her staff! It’s almost EASY when your husband is the VOICE OF GOD!”