April 11, 2014

“NSA said to have used Heartbleed bug and left consumers exposed”

But hey, more data mining, more consolidation of erstwhile private information by the state, more centralization of society through federal agencies and a runaway, post-Constitutional federal government = Utopia.

Because they say so, is why.

Consider this another one of those minor bumps in the road to leftist paradise.  Which, if you use stimulus money wisely, can pave right over the bones of dead liberty without even leaving a trace.

— Though prepare for that job to go over-time and over budget.  Still, think of the Greater Good.  And shut up.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:20pm

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  1. why anyone would buy american software is beyond me

    they must have some kind of cyber rape fantasy

  2. Wait until they improve this technology.

  3. America needs a fucking leash

  4. I’m actually hoping that this fiasco finally starts the industry moving away from C/C++ and towards programming languages that have rigorous bounds-checking, strong type safety and support formal verification. Say, something along the lines of SPARK.

  5. they lie, Mr. Slart

    that one guy what looks kinda like Donald Pleasence especially

    lying NSA piece of shit

  6. I swear, they don’t even care WHO they shoot anymore, they just want to shoot.

    “It was a very quick exit from the residence,” interim sheriff John Scott told the Los Angeles Times. “The appearance was he was assaulting the individual in the front.”

    Because of this appearance, Winkler was hit once. The other man, who has not been named, was also hit, even though deputies never mistook him for an assailant.

  7. One is reminded of two Asian women that APPEARED to be one large, black, rouge cop.

    I’m guessing nothing will happen (beyond a paid vacation) to these knuckleheads either.

  8. Los Angeles County Sheriff people are STUPID

    stupid stupid stupid

    I’ve met a representative sample

    good god

  9. like UAW stupid

    that’s how fucking butt-dumb they are

  10. but not as dumb as the los angeles fire department ones

    those ones are drooling can’t-wipe-their-own-ass momos

    and EXTRAORDINARILY racist to boot

  11. and EXTRAORDINARILY racist to boot

    – And you know this because they refuse to put out black fires?

  12. How the Heartbleed bug works, by xkcd.

  13. – Leading from the sand trap on #17.

    – So basically him and his gestapo are going to kick the can down the road until hes out of office. This is the core of Progressive policy.

  14. – Because its not about science or climate control, or saving the earth, its about saving the ass of the Progressive/Democrat party.

    – But them we already knew that.

    “It’s not pure science and it’s not just politics,” but a blend of both, Rayner said. (A whole lot of the latter and very little of the former.)

    – Maybe a growing number of scientists, even Progressive scientists, are beginning to demure when asked to fudge the data and lie outright for the cause.

  15. Happy, if you read some Hunter Thompson / Harlan Ellison the stupid in LAPD has been around for 50 years…

  16. Even longer than that, SDN. James Ellroy writes about Los Angeles in the 40s and the Zoot Suit riots among others.

  17. Oh, and I can’t recall the name of the movie but it starred Angelina Jolie as the mother of an abducted child in the late 20s or early 30s. It’s based on a true story that exposed a tremendous amount of corruption in the LAPD, as well as collusion with the newspapers.

  18. I need to read more

  19. i finally bought my own kindle

    the only thing on it is McGehee’s book though

    I must’ve gotten that many moons ago

    I totally forgot

    I read the first page already

  20. The movie is called “The Changeling.”

  21. Happy, if you read some Hunter Thompson / Harlan Ellison the stupid in LAPD has been around for 50 years…

    Harlan Ellison. Gotta love the guy. #NTTAWWT.

  22. If there’s a thing Harlan Ellison does not like, he flays it very well.

    “Sci-fi,” that hunchbacked, gimlet-eyed, slobbering village idiot of a bastardized genre, says only that logic is beyond us, understanding must be crushed underfoot, that the woods are full of monsters and aliens and conspiracies and dread and childish fear of the dark. The former is a literature that can open the sky to all the possibilities of change and chance; the latter is hysterical and as overripe as rotten fruit, that can turn all rational conjecture into a nightmare from which one escapes only by phenobarb-laced applesauce or a slug of grape Kool-aid straight up with cyanide. The former says responsibility for your life is the key; the latter assures you that you ain’t got the chance of a hairball in a cyclotron.

    And that is the dichotomy of science fiction, as opposed to the tabloid mentality of UFO abductions, triangular-headed ETs, reinterpreted biblical apocrypha, and just plain bone stick stone gullibility. It is obscurantism and illiteracy, raised to the level of dogma. It requires that you be as ignorant today as you were yesterday, that you be no brighter than the sap who keeps playing three-card monte on a street corner with a hustler who will never cut you a break.


  23. While I dislike the NSA snoops as much as anyone, I seriously doubt they did this. Not because they wouldn’t, but because they didn’t need to. SSL/TLS encryption is low grade and wouldn’t last 10 seconds against the NSA cracker engines.