February 5, 2014

Give governmental agencies control of health care and what could possibly go wrong?

Whether it’s contracting with Belarusian spies and hackers, or state fraud — in this instance, perhaps prompted by the feeling that the progressive overlords don’t take kindly to hearing bad news:

The Oregon Obamacare exchange has been plagued by failure. Its exchange chief, Rocky King, took an extended medical leave after his site managed to enroll only 44 people as of last November, even after receiving over $300 million in grants. Well, now we have a more devastating development: allegations of potential fraud.

Allegedly, Cover Oregon project managers may have designed fake web pages on the exchange site “to convince the federal government the project was further along than it actually was,” according to KATU.com, a local Portland news outlet.

Former Republican State Representative Patrick Sheehan, who has gone to the FBI with this allegation, says, “If it’s true, someone’s going to prison. It would be fraud.”

Additionally, Rep. Sheehan told radio host Lars Larson that he actually tipped off Gov. Kitzhaber, a Democrat, about the faults in the exchanges site about a year ago.  He also suggested that Lawson be fired.  It went unheeded.  Gov. Kitzhaber now says he was misled about the website’s progress.

Before I go any further, let me just point out that our Democrat betters always want more control of things, and yet when problems arise, they are always insisting they were uninformed, or misled, or somehow out of the loop.  It’s almost as if they want the power without the responsibility, and the lucre without putting in the work.

But that would be despicable, so I suppose it can’t possibly be.  After all, to be a progressive by definition makes you good, and good people by definition can’t do bad things, or they’d be bad people, which we know progressives can’t be, what with all the good they stand for.

Beyond that, let me just say this:  $300 million in grants to enroll 44 people is not a great return on one’s (forced) “investment.”  Which is why I don’t think taxpayers who had no choice but to contribute to this thing should have to eat the costs of those failures.  Instead, I propose that the 5 members of SCOTUS who gave this unconstitutional monstrosity — the corruption and flaws within which were perfectly forseeable — should have to foot the bill.

Well, them, and hellomynameissteve, who not only pushed for this thing nationally, but who was lauding what it turns out is a fraud-ridden Oregon system. Whether or not he’s one of the 44 who managed to sign up is another matter entirely.  Because even if he did, he signed on to live with a big pile of shit.

And that would be what we in the business call “poetic justice.”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:19am

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  1. The Oregon Obamacare exchange has been plagued by failure. Its exchange chief, Rocky King, took an extended medical leave after his site managed to enroll only 44 people as of last November

    A staff of six-figure comedy writers couldn’t make this up.

  2. Related: Californios discover signing up for health coverage and recieving health care aren’t the same thing.

    (via Glenn Reynolds)

  3. I’m not finding it, but didn’t Harry Reid say something almost as stupid? I seem to recall seeing that.

  4. I’m not finding it, but didn’t Harry Reid say something almost as stupid?

    Perhaps you’re thinking of cowboy poetic justice.

  5. Minimum wage $100/hr., maximum hrs per day 5 hrs Maximum work week 2 days. Problem solved.

  6. found it

    Funemployed free agents, agents who are free, free to stay funemployed!

    The new American Dream, not doing the jobs illegal aliens will do for you.

  7. OT:

    JD asked me to tell everyone who has posted their thoughts on his brother’s death that he appreciates them all and thanks all of you.

  8. Get with the program “folks”….enemy coded, loss of jobs, these are features not bugs. We should not want to be burdened with the meaningless trappings of privacy or jobs.

  9. Hey, it also appears that the number of 30 million uninsured about whom Black Nixon lamented in 2009, will remain unchanged in the future despite Obamacare.

    But at least the bureaucracy is in place, so we have that going for us.

  10. Black Nixon is a calumny on the name of Richard Milhous.

  11. – The day after candidate:

    Fluke now says she thinks she will be able to have a bigger impact working on matters she cares about — :working to protect our environment, ensure our access to health care, and create the jobs that are desperately needed” — in the state Senate.

    – Because, hey, everyone alive knows how efficient Socialists are at creating jobs and a healthy economy, right?

  12. Black Nixon is a calumny on the name of Richard Milhous.

    I’ll save that title until after wage and price controls get re-enacted.

    On the other hand, Nixon could at least bowl…

  13. In discussions of jobs maybe “create” is the wrong word. Makes it sound like you can just make something up out of thin air which is the what a Fluke thinks.

    Jobs evolve from necessity and the dynamics of the free market.

  14. Sigh. Dang-it Jeff. Why you got to egg him on. ‘Cause I’d rather party down on a couple a pounds of toe-jam on Ritz cracker canapes – garnished with cockle-burrs – than even try to ingest any more stale-Kool-Aid induced vomitus such as what hellomynameisshitforbrains upchucks all over the pages of PW.

    Down home, my cousin humping hillbilly friends and family tell assholes with shit-for-brains to just fuck-off and die. But ever since I moved out of the hills and got culturated, I don’t talk like that no more. So. before Stevie boy shows up, I’ll just say this: Yo, crackbrain, stay in your troll hole and download “The Power of Positive Thinking” and, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Once you’ve assimilated their gist, try to become successful. At hari kari. With a dull knife. Smeared with slug slime. And dipped in cobra venom. Then fuck-off and die. Asshole.

    Dag nabbit. Talking about down home, (and cousins,) sent me into reverie. And it seems that while I was thusly distracted, my fingers went all hillbilly on me – sprouted callouses – and just kept on typing. Dang them fingers all to heck and gone.

    Oh, well. I guess it just goes to prove this old saying: you can take this boy out of the hills but, you can’t make him drink the Kool Aid. Or was that something about putting the cart behind the horse? Geez, what an effing hayseed.

  15. Fluke now says she thinks she will be able to have a bigger impact working on matters she cares about — :working to protect our environment, ensure our access to health care, and create the jobs that are desperately needed” — in the state Senate.

    I thought the only matter she cared about was not being punished with a baby.

  16. Man, and I had forgotten about that whole “Proof it’s not working by mid Jan” discussion I had with him. Well, hopefully the stock market and Oregon failure would have been enough for him, but I doubt it.

  17. Wait, wait. In honor of Jay Leno:

    “Yeah, did you hear about this? Hear about this? The Health Exchange in Oregon is really bad, really corrupt. In fact, it’s gotten so bad, ER doctor’s have agreed to stop saying ‘ Massive organ failure’ and start saying: ‘Massive Oregon failure.'”

  18. Orwellian Language watch:

    The [Catholic] Church should change its teaching on abortion, according to a UN committee that monitors the rights of children.*

    Apparently children have the right not to be born, according to the U.N. But how do they exercise that right without being born? The mind. It assplodes.

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  20. Over fifty-plus years I have developed a fine sense of being able to predict how fucked up some thing will be based upon how disconnected the authority and responsibility for said thing is.

  21. Ernst, the Church has said they will read the crap from the UN, but they aren’t changing a thing.

  22. I thought reading crap went out with the Qing dynasty.

  23. Unemployment Is Freedom. Dependency Is Choice. Numbers Lie.

    – The great Karnak predicts that Progressivism will be officially deckared a mental desease, as soon as the current GOP is replaced by Independent T-partiers.

  24. While driving around today I was surprised and pleased to see a huge Gadsden flag flying from a tall flagpole at what I took to be a horse farm.

    It may spook the jackasses but the horses are fine with it.

  25. …of course, the Gadsden flag is pretty popular hereabouts…

  26. People in Che Guevara t-shirts should not be the ones casting civility stones at Gadsden flags.

    Caveat Crotalus.

  27. My race is ‘other’. Just ask all the people working so hard to demonize me as ‘the other’.

  28. >It may spook the jackasses<

    dude racisssty

  29. @paleomerus: I use “Human”.

  30. Maybe I’ll just put “Slow Jog” down.

  31. I do that too, Patrick.

  32. Translated: “I live in a dream world where a universally recognized epic fail is #WINNING!!!”

  33. OMG! Did you know that you can ride a wrecking ball bareassed? Thanks, Miley!

    Welp, off to get some healthcares!

    *31K paying (something) vs. 180K freeloading looks totally sustainable, btw.

  34. Demonstrated liar lies some more. In other news, the sun manages to keep its streak going and shines on the good and bad alike for one more day.

  35. Jeez Louise. The old “Who will build the roads?” canard.

  36. Oh, come on, TW! You don’t trust anecdotes from such a reliable source?

  37. A lying twerk.

  38. But whose hands shall be on the controls? Decisions, decisions.

  39. Lies include lies of omission. F’rinstance: you acknowledging that the Website is a clusterfuck conveniently elides every other problem with Ocare, which you think allows you to jump right into how loverly all them roads and bridges are. Stupid is as stupid does.

  40. And the trollhammer falls again.

    I do love the satisfying *splat* that it makes.

  41. Because fundamentally, you don’t want government involved in these sorts of thing *even if it makes things better*.

    Ironically enough, he’s half-right with this claim. The full truth would be that I don’t want the federal government involved, no matter how effective it might prove. This is because the federal government was never granted the power under the contract signed by the several states. If the federal government thought that having this power was necessary, it would appeal to the states to grant such power to it under a constitutional amendment, as was done in the past.

    What continues to disturb me is how this nincompoop will casually turn over every detail of his life to a government that doesn’t care about him and remains completely unaccountable to anyone, just because it “seems to have made things better” as far as he can tell. Never mind the parade of fraud and abuses coming from Washington, and the promise of more fraud and abuse to come. Never mind the inevitable claims that the feds must control our diet and exercise choices because of their impacts on federal health insurance costs. Never mind the rationing of care that’s been the result of every state insurance program devised through history. No — the fact is that this stalwart citizen thinks he might save a couple of bucks this year, and that’s all that really matters.

    He’s perfectly comfortable forcing the rest of us to buy a product we don’t want at a price we can’t afford, because it makes things marginally easier for himself. What really frustrates me is that this is the same creature who holds himself up as some kind of defender of liberty, and pretends to exist on a higher plane than the rest of us.

    If only there were a cure for Dunning-Kruger…

  42. Oh. Well. The Trollhammer may not cure Dunning-Kruger, but it certainly does wonders to relieve the symptoms!

  43. Where it comes to trollhammers (and their probabilities), best not to get one’s fingers or toes inadvertently caught dangling beneath, I’d guess.

  44. ““I live in a dream world where a universally recognized epic fail is #WINNING!!!”

    Yeah. We know.

  45. >Who will build the roads?”<

    gov't hired private contractors

  46. The private contractors who kickback contribute to the politicians and political parties that secured for them the government contracts in the first place.

  47. “The private contractors who”

    true. just pointing out it ain’t the state dot doing the constructing.

  48. “The private contractors who”

    are like cgi and eff a project and get hired to do more fed gov’t work.

  49. Translated: “I live in a dream world where a universally recognized epic fail is #WINNING!!!”

    Out of the mouths of babes, and so forth.

  50. One pitfall of the trollhammer is I never get to see what bit of mendacity steeeeeeeeve blathered earlier by the time I wake up and get to this site.

    Oh well.

  51. His blitherings bear a striking resemblance to what I flush into my septic tank.

    I don’t argue with that either.

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