January 31, 2014

Obama tries to perform without TOTUS … [Darleen Click]



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  1. – The M ilitant S ocialist N etwork of the B alkanizing C ult. Will the real racists please stand up.

    – This has “Progressive school admin” written all over it. The soup Nazis are alive and well in Utah.

  2. – Oh yes, because a strongly worded letter is going to strike fear in their black Progressive hearts, fer sure.

    – This sort of wussy response is why the Left think they’re immune from consequences.

  3. black Progressive hearts


  4. he’s such a little bitch

  5. Second verse, damn near same as the first:

    Fry cook asks Obama about losing his part-time job b/c of minimum wage increase, Obama tells him Congress needs to pass an unemployment benefits extension.

    This is the song that doesn’t end…

  6. Yeah well that fry cook doesn’t understand his class interests well enough to appreciate all that Obama has done for him. He’s being manipulated b the bosses via his false consciousness.

  7. Of course he must be punished with fewer hours; fried foods aren’t an acceptable daily food!

  8. Duh!1 is sure a stupid effer, is he not?

  9. If I work one hr and get paid a million for it, that would probably get me through for a few years.

  10. If they keep inflating the currency we’ll all be millionaires soon.

  11. Shorter version:
    Citizen: Your policy destroyed my job.
    Democrat: Sounds like we need an additional policy to destroy your company.

  12. That’s nicely apt, Libby, but the full measure runs just a bit differently I think. Thus:

    Citizen: Your policy destroyed my job.
    Democrat: And yet you open your mouth against the policy? What will it take for you to get the message, peon?

  13. Thanks for that link, nr.

  14. How the Obama administration applies sanctions when they view the enemy as a real one.

  15. From the above link.

    There are the new revelations about the Administration intimidating banks to prevent them from doing business with a number of legitimate businesses. The until recently covert Operation Choke Point administered through the Departments of Justice and Treasury is already having an impact on the financial industry and other legitimate businesses the Administration is targeting.
    Documents inadvertently leaked by the Department of the Treasury from a briefing on Operation Choke Point clearly show that the Administration is looking to significantly impact legal businesses because it believes the public needs to be protected from industries and customers deemed more likely to engage in criminal activity. According to the Administration, those industries interestingly include ammunition sales, gun sales, home-based charities, gambling, pharmaceutical sales, short-term loans, raffles, Amway and Mary Kay-style sales businesses, and credit repair services.

  16. More TOTUS-free speech.

    Now, I’m hoping that Congress goes along with this, but I’m not going to wait for Congress. I could do more with Congress, but I’m not going to not do anything without Congress, not when it’s about the basic security and dignity of American workers.

  17. he’s such a cunt what’s wrong with you americans

  18. pickachus unite i say like Fatties United

  19. one on the wheel one around you baby

  20. does that fetus drink ginger ale? lifedoodles want to know. go sandra save the kwanza!!11!!

  21. Ya s’pose, O’Reilly will press him on this during the Super Bowl interview?

    Yeah, me neither.

  22. I don’t know where they are going to find a studio large enough to accommodate those two monstrous egos.

    I laughed my ass off at the promos. Billo sys “When you have two Aphas going at it mano a mano . . .”


  23. I’d sooner watch two alpacas going at it mano a mano.