January 15, 2014

“I am appalled, I am outraged, I’m ashamed of the Republican Party” [Darleen Click]

When Hugh Hewitt blasts Paul Ryan…

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt slammed Rep. Paul Ryan Tuesday in a heated exchange over the federal spending bill’s pension cuts for active duty military servicemen.

“This will destroy retention, it will destroy morale and it is deeply unfair to the American military,” Hewitt told Ryan, the Republican chairman of the House Budget committee. “…On every level it is an outrage to what we stand for in the Republican party.”

“If you think I wanted to do this…that’s not true,” Ryan said, later adding, “Look, I didn’t write this bill that’s coming to the floor tomorrow…this isn’t a bill that I wrote.” Ryan said that the House Appropriations committee wrote the bill that is expected to pass Wednesday. Ryan repeatedly claimed that he didn’t want to have to support veteran cuts.

“Didn’t want to have to”? Really? When facing Barry’s Mighty Pen and Phone, this is all you can bleat because … because … COMITY?

As Hugh later said

I am appalled, I am outraged, I’m ashamed of the Republican Party.

Welcome to Hobbiton, Hugh.

The audio embed seems to be on auto-play. I’m putting it here:

Thanks to dicentra, I’ve replaced the auto-play audio with one from YouTube! Yea!

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  1. We have an America hater as CoC. The military already has a leadership crisis. New equipment is totally beside the point. Democrats don’t care about the military, and don’t want to have a strong military (for the fairness!).

    If Paul Ryan wasn’t part of the establishment he would know and believe this.

    Unfortunately everything I’ve heard about Hewett is that he’s enabled and supported these guys for most of his career.

  2. Welcome to the party pal.

  3. StrangernFiction, to which I would add: Now, go sit in the penalty box until we’re satisfied you’ve repented.

  4. Blake, truth be told Hugh hasn’t really joined us. As I doubt seriously that he has left the R reservation.

  5. Does Hewitt have the guts to follow his admonitions to the logical conclusion? Did you hear the part where Ryan says something to the effect of “we can’t afford any more government shutdowns?” Does anyone know if Hewitt scolded those unhelpful, backwards tea party types for encouraging the so-called government shutdown that recently occurred? Because it certainly sounds like Hewitt wants the House Republicans to reject this bill if it is unchanged, and that would lead to another “shutdown.”

    It appears that he went is pretty comfortable with shutting down the wheels of Leviathan if his pet issue is unaddressed. Does anyone know how he viewed other tactics that defund or otherwise close down government? Because an organization man like Hewitt does not sound like the type who has the nerve to quit cheerleading for the team.

  6. Can anyone tell me the extent of the proposed cuts? The only dollar figure I’ve seen was from Jeff Sessions, saying, “For a currently-serving officer nearing retirement, this cut could exceed $120,000 in pension payments, reducing the cost of living adjustments by more than 60 percent.”

    Given that my cousin had his 30 years in at the ripe old age of 48, we could be talking about a $4,000 annual cut over 30 years. Which, okay, not great, but I’m having trouble getting worked up over the idea that some Army captain is going to have to keep his fishing boat for ten years, instead of replacing it every 5 or 6.

    In the end, it’s bullshit like this that reinforces the stupidity and criminal incompetence of those who allow omnibus spending bills to be the norm. Let every program in every department live or die on its merits; not on whether it’s attached to something “too important” to defund.

  7. P.S. Speaking of bullshit — I’ll give you a dollar if you keep the link to the DC page and dump that stupid autoplay audio.

  8. Let us add that if you find the dissembling and mealymouthed circumlocution on the part of Ryan to be disgusting, just think how much more of this we would have beheld from a Romney presidency, grimly determined to reach across the aisle and Get Things Done.

    At which point, evaluating a Romney alternate future versus the current L. L. Duce junta, some ask is it better to drift left slowly or quickly? Others ask to stop the drift altogether, but only extremist Visigoths say such nonsense.

  9. strangernfiction, I find it odd that Hewitt is still clinging to “Team R” at this late date. The big 4, Rush, Levin, Beck and Hannity are fed up with the GOP and make no bones about their complete disgust.

  10. You f*cked up, Ryan, by thinking you could work with a Democrat.
    And was it really necessary to pick the dumbest one in the Senate? Just because she’s dumb doesn’t mean that she isn’t a partisan hack. In fact, she probably has to be extra partisan and sleazy to make up for her lack of intelligence.

  11. – During the campaign Ryan showed himself to be a good “feather merchant” clerk level employee of the establish-cons, and nothing else, so nothing he says or does surprises me.

    – What surprises me is that anyone pays attention to him anymore. that is surprising.

  12. – I’m not at all sure that there actually is a definable, identifiable, tem R at this point. It would seem more like the truth that there is a 2nd lossly associated group of semi-Democrats (part time Democrats?) who make up everyone in the two houses that aren’t either Independents or stricktly labled as Dems.

    – I don’t think a true Republican has been seen in many years.

  13. – The way security works when you actually have a Homeland security division whos main task goes beyond cavity searches of 85 years olds and Nuns.

  14. Squid,

    What the cut is is a cut in the annual COLA adjustments by 1%, i.e., if the COLA was 1.5%, the retiree would only get 0.5%. The estimate is that this will save a gigantic 6 billion over 10 years.

    Now that may not seem like much, but most retirees, even after 30 years, are not rolling in the spondelux. Your hypothetical CPT retiring today after 30 would be making about $38K after taxes (per DoD calculators).

    The point is not so much that COLA-1% is going to make a gigantic difference either on an individual or DoD level, but the principle that DoD takes it in the shorts over what is budget dust so that illegal aliens and other assorted riff raff and ne’er-do-wells get their unearned perks is what the meadows are full of, and I am not referring to the livestock.

  15. – Or when your security system is rigged to get its SPy-cake and eat it too:

    “NSA cannot lawfully search to determine if any records NSA has received under the program have included metadata of the phone calls of any member of Congress…”

    – See how easy-peasy it is to use the Marxist hating “running capitalist dogs” system against itself. Alinski would be proud, Marx even more-so.

  16. Thanks for that, EA.

  17. Imagine what Bumblefuck and the FEDs would be like if we didn’t have Snowden and guns.

  18. Just curious, and I admit right away I’ve no idea of the conditions of the cost of living provisions, but wonder in that connection whether the conditions themselves are tuned to the possibility of a deflationary period in the currency? That is, will the sums reduce concordantly? Or will the sums (rigidly, stupidly) be calculated on a formula which assumes continuing inflation? Or how is that as circumstances change, should they change?

  19. This will destroy retention, it will destroy morale …

    FEATURE NOT BUG, I shouted in the Tribble feed. Who, BTW, agreed with me that the Establicans are fighting an active war against Conservatives and the Tea Party, and that they’re not cowardly so much as corrupt.

    Does anyone know if Hewitt scolded those unhelpful, backwards tea party types for encouraging the so-called government shutdown that recently occurred?

    Hewitt was on board with Ted Cruz’s filibuster and wasn’t troubled by the gubmint shutdown. However, he does tend to attribute the Establican folding to gutlessness rather than outright corruption.

    However, Paul Ryan’s mealy-mouthed refusal to fight the bill and subsequent sophistry was so overt that even Hewitt might take a step back and rethink his assumptions.

    Don’t know how long that lasts. Hewitt has torn into the GOP before and then resumed his cheerleading. Even so, the radio talk-show hosts are starting to talk to each other behind the scenes, and Hewitt respects Levin enough that he might just listen.

  20. Does this embed have the same problem?

  21. Ryan has always been a RINO. I don’t know from where he got a reputation as a “conservative.” And Hewitt isn’t much better. He supports amnesty.

  22. The Beltwayites think “leadership” means spitting in the faces of grunts, the help, and taxpayers and voters in general.

    Sometimes leadership means realizing that even if surrender is your only option, you may have a choice whom to surrender to.

    The Beltway Republicans have chosen poorly.

  23. “I am appalled, I am outraged, I’m ashamed of the Republican Party”

    Get in line buddy. But, It seems as if I have finally gotten to a place where I am no longer appalled by anything a political operative says or does. I am now officially on the other end of the spectrum and find my self shocked when one of them openly questions wrongdoing.
    This is probably a small middleaged mind’s attempt at self preservation. Otherwise, Gin.

  24. I am a motherless fish.

  25. Ah, the ancient contest between gin and bourb —

    What? Burble, not bourbon?


    Well, anyway — Scotch.

  26. Sorry, guys.. not to hijack the thread but I know a lot of you are gun guys..

    One more question to you gun guys.. This is going to sound stupid but is it normal practice when purchasing a handgun to buy the model on display in the dealers case as opposed to say an unopened factory sealed boxed model? I’ve owned 5 handguns purchased from different dealers and they all sold the model that was on display.. I told the last guy I wanted one in a factory sealed box and he looked at me like I was crazy.. but hey, I’m shelling out $1000.. I want the new car smell and no fingerprints… What’s your experience as far as this goes? Is asking for a factory fresh gun unreasonable?

  27. IMHO, fingerprints don’t concern me. If the gun is new it has probably had one bullet put through the barrel, whether the case is sealed or not. Unless you see evident signs of rust or dirt or it having been dropped I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I haven’t.

  28. Ouroboros, if anything, the gun in the display case has not been out for a test drive, other than a couple of rounds at the factory before shipping.

    It is possible to get a brand new still in the box gun, but, you would have to order online and have the gun shipped to your nearest FFL.

  29. He supports amnesty.

    Hewitt supports regularization, which means a path to legality, not citizenship and voting rights.

  30. I’m sure Mr. Hewitt will be sending them a very stern letter.

  31. Ouro, I dont think that is unreasonable…a little strange yes, but not unreasonable. Just ask before you start filing out the paper work if they have any new in the box.
    I’m with CharlesA though and actually previous handlers working the slide of a semi-auto handgun in the shop would theoretically shorten the break/wear-in period required by some.
    Also many NIB fresh from the factory will require dis-assembly and complete cleaning prior to use in order to remove storage protect-ants/anti-ox. So you will end up replacing the “new car smell” with cleaning chemical smell.
    Full disclaimer : I have often considered using a smidge of Hoppe’s No. 9 as cologne.

  32. – “The never ending train wreck” rattles onward.

    – But hopey dies hard in the Prog breast.

    – So basically, with 360 million to insure and over half the time gone already and less than 2% signed up (if you ignore the difference between insured and intentions), and with the youth basically saying fu to OCare, this moron thinks all will be fine probably.

    – The reason all the Lefturds believe and say that is because they would commit any crime, use any amount of tax payer money to bail out the law to avoid failure. The only thing that will stop them is death.

  33. – Another way to win on game shows. This is the game show equivalent of WalMart “falls”. after a few more someone will catch on.

  34. cutting the pensions is good cause America is a brokedick beggar state what sucks chinese dick for pocket change

    but there’s a LOT more pensions to be cut than just the military ones

  35. I have often considered using a smidge of Hoppe’s No. 9 as cologne.

    When you start sprinkling it on your popcorn you know you’ve gone around the bend.

    A while back I switched to Butch’s Bore Shine, a much better product, but not as sweet smelling as No. 9.

    FWIW I got my wife a Walther PPS in 9mm for Christmas. It is a USA made model and the first day at the range there were multiple instances of failure to go into battery. All with PMC factory ammo (only thing we had that day.)

    Nothing major, a gentle push on the rear of the slide and everything slipped into place. It was completely NIB and a thorough cleaning, and a little polishing of the throat and chamber (dremel, felt pad, and rouge) eliminated the problem.

  36. “The only thing that will stop them is death.”

    Then death it shall be..

  37. Anyone use Ballistol? I’ve been experimenting with it lately.

  38. Hobbes, Leviathan, Ch. 11, Of the Difference of Manners:

    *** So that in the first place, I put for a general inclination of all mankind a perpetual and restless desire of power after power, that ceaseth only in death. And the cause of this is not always that a man hopes for a more intensive delight than he has already attained to, or that he cannot be content with a moderate power, but because he cannot assure the power and means to live well, which he hath present, without the acquisition of more. And from hence it is that kings, whose power is greatest, turn their endeavours to the assuring it at home by laws, or abroad by wars: and when that is done, there succeedeth a new desire; in some, of fame from new conquest; in others, of ease and sensual pleasure; in others, of admiration, or being flattered for excellence in some art or other ability of the mind. ***

    Whence, Madison, Federalist 51.:

    *** But the great security against a gradual concentration of the several powers in the same department, consists in giving to those who administer each department the necessary constitutional means and personal motives to resist encroachments of the others. The provision for defense must in this, as in all other cases, be made commensurate to the danger of attack. Ambition must be made to counteract ambition. The interest of the man must be connected with the constitutional rights of the place. It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices should be necessary to control the abuses of government. But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions. ***

    It’s a use it, or lose it kinda deal.

  39. there’s a LOT more pensions to be cut than just the military ones

    The military hasn’t had a COLA in two years. Tricare, healthcare for vets, was supposed to be free for life if you made a career of the military. Jimmuh changed that in the late 70s. Its copays are to increase nearly 300% this year. No one is getting rich from their military pension.

  40. – Aside from the old adage that as a people we are basically ungovernable, it would seem that the body politic, or at least the largest part of it, has devolved into a sort of ongoing episode of survival of the fittest, with sub titles that clash through the media.

    – In the mean time don’t you dare point out whats actually happening. Reality is for T-partyers and suckers.

  41. – The arrogance is downright astounding at times. So great is their collective hubris they actually believe they can cast Hildebeast as a “victim”.

  42. I’ve switched to Butch’s Bore Shine as well. Great on bore scrubbing. Careful not to get it on the oiled walnut furniture.

  43. In similar news, this L.A. Weekly movie review of Lone Survivor can serve as Exhibit A in for why the Red States want a divorce from the Snarky-American contingent.

  44. Jimmuh changed that in the late 70s.


    Much as I’d like to lay that at Jimmah’s feet, TRICARE was CHAMPUS from 1967 to 1992 or 93 (IIRC) which is when things started going downhill. The only good thing about obamacare is that it makes TRICARE look good.

    Now for something different – gun cleaning stuff, M-Pro 7 cleaner and oil.

  45. Eingang, you are correct. I was referring to the lifetime benefit being nixed. I was unclear.

  46. Leigh, got it – there is still TRICARE For Life, which kicks in at age 65 and the stupidity of which is that it is great if you don’t live in the US as it picks up everything (less the deductables and co-pays) but in the US only pays what Medicrap doesn’t.

    I’ll blame Carter regardless…

  47. Same here.

  48. Gin is that rare drink that sometimes tastes better coming back up that it did going down.

  49. Gin & tonic, particularly with a lime twist or slice, is a health drink. The tonic has quinine to prevent malaria, and the lime prevents scurvy.

    Scotch, OTOH, as it is from barley, can count as a grain substitute.

  50. “The point is not so much that COLA-1% is going to make a gigantic difference either on an individual or DoD level, but the principle that DoD takes it in the shorts over what is budget dust so that illegal aliens and other assorted riff raff and ne’er-do-wells get their unearned perks is what the meadows are full of, and I am not referring to the livestock.”


    Eingang left off a few items.

    1. Government Service employees (one of the biggest beneficiaries of this agreement because of the elimination of the sequester and accompanying furloughs) were not included in this retirement reduction.

    2. Congressmen like Mr. Ryan; also not affected.

    3. These cuts affect all current AND all retired military members under the age of 62. Changes to retirement plans in the past have always been grandfathered in order to fulfill service member expectations (reasonable expectations imho).

    4. A committee led by Gen Odierno was looking into making recommendation on future military pay and benefits and they were completely bypassed with this cut.

  51. …Eingang left off a few items….

    Au contraire, I did mention assorted riff raff and ne’er-do-wells…

  52. -Here in New England, malaria is not much of a problem, which is why I prefer a Gimlet.

    -Scotch is turpentine; Bourbon proves that God loves Mankind – He gave us His only Son and His best booze recipe.

  53. Scotch is turpentine; Bourbon proves that God loves Mankind

    You, sir, are delusional.

    I’ve had supposedly good bourbon. It was meh. Waste of money.

    Single-malt Scotch, on the other hand, is the nectar of the gods.

    Hey, wait, if you don’t like it, then there is more left for me. Sweet.

    Carry on.

  54. Here in New England, malaria is not much of a problem

    It used to be, so never hurts to be prepared.

    Scotch is turpentine;


  55. “Au contraire, I did mention assorted riff raff and ne’er-do-wells… ”

    I thought they needed a little more props ;^)

  56. scotch is scotch and bourbon is bourbon

    the pikachu rule of thumb is

    when you have a piece of shit fascist in your white house, you drink the foreign stuff

    when you have people what are actually trying to create prosperity in your white house, you drink the domestic stuff

    it’s the same rule for cheese

  57. Bourbon is an American concoction – why do you Gentlemen hate America?!?

  58. is there a pikachu “rule of middle finger”?

  59. not at present

    not to my knowledge

    but to be honest I don’t think I get all the memos

  60. Single-malt Scotch . . . is the nectar of the gods.

    You mean it’s not the Water of Life?

  61. Eau de Vie is actually a brandy.

  62. why do you Gentlemen hate America?!?

    Gentlemen ? Did somebody else walk in ?

  63. …you drink the foreign stuff…

    You do realize Scotland is not one of the 57 US states, don’t you ?

  64. Cola -1% throughout the Federal Bureaucracy, including Congresscritters & their staffs, sounds like maybe a theme for 2014

    Make Congress feel the pain.

  65. how about a pikachu “rule of pinky”? please tell me you are not a digitists

  66. You do realize Scotland is not one of the 57 US states, don’t you ?

    On the contrary — based on ancestry it is at least 54 of them.

  67. Oroubouroetc, just think of it as buying a car from the dealer: “I want THAT ONE, right there, with all of its bells and whistles. Every gun I’ve ever bought has been lovingly fondled by other people, but I’m the one that loved it enough to commit to it till death do us, well, let’s think about that part.

  68. anyway yeah I’m drinking scotch while i can and then if we elect a for reals american I’ll switch to bourbons and ryes

  69. The most readily available rye whiskey in America seems to be Canadian Club.

  70. i drink templeton and bulleit

    Canadian Club is tasty too though it’s just that it comes in a big plastic bottle

  71. Hmm. 750 ml of Bulleit is cheaper than the same amount of 12-year-old Glenfiddich.

    Maybe next time I travel Out West I’ll get some of that and drink like an old time cowboy.

  72. Jameson.

    or JD.

    I used to give a bottle of Ancient Age to friends on their 40th birthday. Surprisingly, I think they drank the stuff. Or used it as paint remover.

  73. try it I really enjoy it

    did you know that the original manhattan was made with rye and not bourbon?

    it’s a true fact my aunt said so

  74. Per our host’s suggestion from several years ago, check out “Spicebox” Canadian rye whiskey. It is darned pleasant, and as smooth as an exceedingly-smooth thing.

  75. “Ryan repeatedly claimed that he didn’t want to have to support veteran cuts.”

    So why does he *have* to support the cuts? What is making him support the cuts? Or maybe I should say, who?

    If Ryan were honestly remorseful (and if Hewitt had asked him), he could at least tell America who is forcing him to do this. My guess is the usual RINOs: Boehner and McConnell.

  76. As far as blended Irish Whiskey goes, someone here recommended Tullamore Dew, and once I tried it I have never looked back.

  77. I guess Bourbon is good to prepare the barrels to age some scotch. I’m not sure you have to drink the conditioning agent afterwards, but to each his own.

  78. did you know that the original manhattan was made with rye and not bourbon?

    I had read that. When I was a kid, if we went to a restaurant that served cocktails my mom often ordered a manhattan.

  79. “Rule of middle finger”, exercised.

    Oh, and Jim Beam, you are forever lost to U.S..

  80. Beam has long been considered the most attractive big target for consolidation. Rivals like Brown-Forman, the maker of Jack Daniel’s, are controlled by families, performing well on their own and have shown little interest in potential takeovers.

    The only real way to stay American is to keep your business private. So, I must find a way to buy, and actually..drink..Jack Daniels.

    Ugggh..I much prefer the gins to bourbons.

  81. Maker’s Mark too.

    Instead of Jack Daniels, I suggest George Dickel.

    Funny what turns us protectionist, isn’t it?

  82. A great bourbon is certainly better than a so-so Scotch. A great Scotch, on the other hand, I’d rather have than any other variety of usquebaugh, of any age.

    I had a glass of 25-year-old MacAllan once; it was as aromatic as any Cognac. That was back when MacAllan actually made a decent product; I’m going to say 1995 or so, which meant it was distilled prior to 1970.

    That was one of the most expensive drinks I’ve ever ordered for myself, of any kind. But it was worth it.

  83. One of my fictional characters has tended to like Jim Beam. If I write him again he may have a new preference.

  84. I use Balistol on my black powder gear and leather stuff.

    If like me you like both Bourbon and Gin but sometimes cant decide of which to partake. …
    mix a “Seaboard”.

  85. Was able to snag a bottle of Bulleit today. Look forward to trying it.

    Also got a 12-year-old Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban, which was a tad more expensive than the Glenfiddich I’d been drinking.

    I don’t think I’ll be trying them both on the same night…

  86. Many moons ago, during a year long stay in England I accumulated 40 different single malts, including two bottles of a hand numbered 28 year old cask strength Macallan, but I digress). When I returned to the states I traded half of them for a couple of shotguns. And a cigar. Had to consummate the trifecta of alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

    In my office now I have Lagavulin, an Ardbeg Uigeadail, a 14 year old Balvenie (Carribean Cask), a 17 year old Balvenie (Peated Cask), and a Yamazaki. We started naming our software releases after single malts and Agile requires we celebrate our success every two weeks. This has proved rather, well, popular. The decanter has Talisker in it for a few more weeks.

  87. Just out of idle curiosity, and having nothing whatsoever to do with wanting to test my security-system-cracking skills, where is your office?

  88. Well, I have sampled the Bulleit. It has a nice aroma but for some reason the flavor seems more one-night-stand than let’s-die-in-the-gutter-together.

  89. hmmm I know what you mean it’s rough and a bit uncouth

    i wish i had some

    try the templeton

    the templeton is a pretty good deal in iowa where i first had it but they jack up the price on it out here really bad

    plus it has a theme song

  90. Cut it with some ginger ale and make a Presbyterian, McGehee.

  91. I remember a cartoon of a weird looking guy “smoking” a revolver like it was a pipe (smoke came out of the upside down pistol-grip somehow) with the barrel clenched in his teeth, pointing a bottle of what I took to be rum or vodka at the clerk of a convenience store(who is holding his hands up), and holding a highball glass full of cigarettes and cigars in his other hand.

    Next to him was an ATF agent (according to his badges) in a suit, tie, and black hat, shaking his head, and saying ” Mister, you’re going about it all wrong.”

  92. “Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms” ought to be a convenience store, not a Federal Agency.

  93. Anybody knows you can’t make decent Predbyterian without Scotch.

    Oh, you mean the cocktail…

  94. “Predbyterian”

    A Predbyterian is someone who believes in hunting and devouring discrete abstract volumes of data.

  95. I want to be friends with Charles Austin, at least until he runs out of single malt.

  96. At Bulleit price point but better IMLTHO – Elijah Craig 12yo

    More expensive and more better – Woodford Reserve

    Only Scotch I ever cared for – Knockando

    But I am down with a tasting at Charles’ office…