January 1, 2014

2014 inaugural fundraiser post: give, don’t give, whatever [sticky; new posts below]

… ObamaCare will probably just redistribute it anyway.

I’m at once through with fighting and eagerly ready to start lopping off heads with nothing more than sharpened spoons and prison shivs. Depending on my mood.

The injunction against a clear affront by ObamaCare on religious liberty, coupled with a NY ruling striking down an absolutely ludicrous gun control law pushed and passed by people whose knowledge of firearms extends to old episodes of the A Team, ushers in the New Year with a bit of hope.

But at the same time, the failure — or rather, intransigence — of “our” side to stop quasi-nationalized and brazenly unconstitutional socialized health care, despite a plurality of disgust by those from both parties, coupled with the continued secretive bipartisan push for amnesty (inevitable Chris Christie give illegals in-state tuition! Optics!), takes that hope out behind a dumpster and pisses the processed waste from three bottles of Mad Dog right atop it.

It’s a kind of yin/yang dynamic going on in my psyche, I guess.

At any rate, Happy New Year, if you can pull that off.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:18pm
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  1. Thanks, Lee, for the end-of-the-year Christmas gift!

  2. Thanks, di!

  3. Thanks Bill Q!

  4. Thanks, palaeomerus!

  5. Thanks, Billy H!

  6. Thanks, Terry H!

  7. Thanks, serr8d!

  8. Thanks, geoff B!

  9. Thanks, Patrick C!

  10. Thanks, McGehee!

  11. Thanks, RI Red!

  12. Thanks, Silver Whistle!

  13. Thanks, SDN!

  14. Where’s Steve?

  15. >inevitable Chris Christie give illegals in-state tuition! Optics! <

    Gov. Christie sends holiday cards to Iowa

  16. Thanks, Squid!

  17. Thanks, Bill S!

  18. Thanks, John B!

  19. Thanks, Richard B!

  20. Thanks, Cranky-D!

  21. “Where’s Steve?”

    I clicked the button, but it wants to send it to someone named Jeff. How would I route my funds to Darleen (you know, the one doing most of the work)? – See more at: http://proteinwisdom.com/?p=52377#comment-1048128

  22. I gave. I just haven’t been thanked.

  23. >I gave. I just haven’t been thanked.<

    you be idiot stevie !!11!!

  24. Some of OFA Steve’s demonstrable methodologies. Especially note the section describing information gathering (here’s my financial data, let’s see yours), thread dilution and hijacking, and discouraging (running off) regular posters (Pablo). And this latest manipulative gambit, attempting to drive a wedge between Jeff and Darleen.


    This one is slicker than amateurs Dr. Guitar and Space Titty. Because, it’s trained for and aimed specifically at this site.

  25. Thanks to Sammy S!

  26. Thanks, Jennifer H!

  27. Who ran off Pablo? Where? When?

  28. Thanks again, palaeomerus!

  29. Pablo is still here. He’s just sitting out until steve gets gone.

  30. Thanks, guins.

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