October 8, 2013

Dear hatey, racist, teabagging Hobbitscum who hate: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has a message for you:

You are “traitors” — particularly if you support organizations like Freedomworks or other plebe uprisings against important people doing important things that your little lizard brains can’t ever hope to comprehend.

Because nothing says “I reject my country” more than standing up for its founding ideals and demanding that a government of, by, and for the people deserves elected officials who represent the interests of their constituencies and not their own political interests.

As I noted on Twitter, Senators Cruz and Lee must be feeling a bit uncomfortable today knowing that their Party’s Senate Minority leader believes they (along with 60+ million Americans, if not more) should be hanged.

I would think that could create one of those “hostile work environments” I hear so much about from liberal activists.

My advice?  Go straight to HR and lodge a complaint.  Or if that doesn’t work, two words:  Gloria Allred.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:27am

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  1. Meanwhile, on the alternate “Real World” timeline that exists outside the DC Pocket Universe:


    This quote is awesome:

    “”Of course, I want people to have health care,” Vinson said. “I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally.”

    This fucking idiot is a retired teacher.

  2. Neo-neocon has a whole thread on that quote, Spies.

    Jeff is right once again about the twisting of language to suit the needs of the Left. “Healthcare” indeed. No one is being denied healthcare. This, Obamacare is Health Insurance. Mandatory health insurance, comrades.

    But everyone here, excepting a certain drive-by poster, knows that.

  3. ’tis indeed a pity that the Mclintock response to such things has gone out of style.

  4. – Well don’t count on the WH to steer the ship of chaos away from the shouls of racism, I’ll tell you whut.


  5. I just hope this means that we can stop pussyfooting around and start the real fight for the future of the GOP. I’d suggest that the fight begin in Mr. McConnell’s home district.

  6. No one is being denied healthcare. This, Obamacare is Health Insurance. – See more at: http://proteinwisdom.com/?p=51423#sthash.6ukh83GD.dpuf

    I’d go even farther, Leigh. What we call health “insurance” isn’t insurance at all. It’s a healthcare payment contract. If we used car insurance like we use health “insurance”, your Geico bill would be hundreds a month, and probably more than your car payment.

    But more to your point, having an “insurance” card doesn’t make open appointment slots magically appear on your doctor’s calendar. When your GP’s receptionist says, “Our next available time is next Thursday at 3:40pm” and you respond, “But I have an Obamacare card!”, you won’t hear, “Wait, wait! You have Obamacare? The doctor can see you at 25 o’clock in Room 9¾, Mr. Potter!”

  7. No, I’ve heard that Mitch McConnell is a Good Man.

    Otherwise, how does he rise to the top of that virtuous organization, the GOP?

  8. – Actually a response like “The doctor can see you at 25 o’clock in Room 9¾, Mr. Potter!” is exactly what anyone can expect to get from the OCare disaster.

  9. Darth, it’s bad enough to get in to see your doctor (not your, she’s inhouse) now. Hubs and I have appointments at the ophthalmologist—-in January. The first available appointment.

  10. We should start making appointments now, so that we can auction them off to sick people on eBay.

  11. Traitors, Mitch? That implies that loyalty is owed to the disloyal. We’re not your foot-soldiers, we’re your customers.

  12. McGehee: More like “We’re not your foot-soldiers, we’re your customersemployers.”

  13. Not of the party, TW. We’re employers of Congress and POTUS, but the party wants us to hire them for those jobs; they have to sell us on that or go wanting.

  14. The GOP should stop complaining. The left certainly may have helped, but the GOP destroyed its own reputation where loyalty, fairness, listening to constituents, and strategy are concerned. McConnell is despised precisely because his behavior has been despicable.

  15. Wow. I guess I was wrong about how smart McConnell is.

  16. Shocking