September 4, 2013

“Texas high school stabbings: 1 student killed, 3 others injured, police say”

Wait, you mean school fatalities can be caused by something other than an assault weapon?  Because I had heard otherwise.

Reached for comment, a Beretta 9mm semi-auto pistol just kinda shrugged, then, remarkably, didn’t shoot anyone — though gun-control advocates were quick to point out that it probably really wanted to, and for that reason alone should be banned banned banned!*


Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:36am

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  1. Who cares to offer the odds that it was finally stopped by someone showing up with a gun?

  2. Probably some quick-thinking kid with a Pop-Tart and a good set of choppers.

  3. Guns are only safe in the hands of trained, capable people like the police.


  4. So that’s why Law Enforcement Chiefs are always talking about guys getting drunk in bars and shooting each other whenever they publicly oppose concealed carry laws.

  5. The fact that non-police who are licensed to carry don’t do stuff like this doesn’t enter into the equation of course.

  6. The stabbings happened around 7:10 a.m…

    Somebody gets in my face at that hour, I’m likely to do some stabbing myself. Especially if I haven’t had my morning tea.

  7. Oops, I was referencing Pablo’s link, not this piece.

  8. Spring is a very nice place it’s not even a little bit stabby generally speaking. You could tootle around Spring for days and days and days and not even come close to anyone brandishing any kind of cutting or slicing implement at you in a threatening way.

    I’m calling this a fluke.

  9. Oh hey. There’s another thread going on today…