April 18, 2013

“BREAKING: President Readying Executive Orders on Gun Control”

If Congress won’t do as he demands, he’ll do it himself. Because sometimes a republic can be messy, and, well, we can’t wait. Forward!

I sure hope he’s thought this through.

I don’t think the gun owners of the US are going to be as accommodating of his temper tantrums and subsequent attempts at dictatorship as, say, the GOP establishment has been. And I think if he starts labeling gun owners as mentally compromised, they may just learn to embrace the label.

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 6:47pm

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  2. “Your authority on this is what?”

    “An executive order by the President of the United States, sir.”

    “So basically, you got squat.” <shuts door in Fed’s face>

  3. Hahaha. My wife just thought of a great new motto for my business:

    When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Be an outlaw, make your own gun.

    These idiots seem determined to make me rich. I can hardly wait.

  4. This is one of those things you read and go, “ouch,” in response.

  5. people who pimp their own dead kids are a special kind of sick I don’t know what else to tell you

  6. BATF is probably salivating at the thought of more gun regulations.

    I love the people over at TTAG who are claiming an EO won’t affect anything.

    Yeah, tell that to the border gun dealers and customers who now have to deal with a long arm registry. Even though the long gun registery is blatantly illegal, and, I believe, has been adjudicated as such, government is doing it anyway.

    Heck, it’s been 20 years since Ruby Ridge and 15 since Waco. We’re overdue for another incident designed to scare the beejeebers out of the population. BATF is probably creaming their pants at the idea of killing a few more American citizens.

  7. James Taranto beats Gabby Giffords like a rented mule over her NYT editorial piece.

  8. I hate to say this – but did Gabby really write that editorial? I think her head injuries were severe. She may support the cause but her husband and others are doing most of the work. The way she was trotted out at the 2012 DNC was awful.

  9. Her husband probably ghosted it. He’s gunning, so to speak, to run for office.

    She’s like a female and more ambulatory James Brady.

  10. That’s it exactly, leigh.

  11. Another “jackboot” heel comes out to play.

  12. Hadn’t heard that Gabby’s husband was considering a run for office – now it makes more sense. While he’s no doubt intelligent (to be an astronaut) he likely doesn’t have the particular skillset or experience for political stuff. Just look at his failed AR-15 purchase stunt.

  13. Intelligence is actually surprisingly useless much of the time.

  14. OT: Cranky, my kid has decided to take a math major when he goes to college. Woohoo!

  15. No kidding. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi….

  16. Intelligence is actually surprisingly useless much of the time.

    Well, it does often serve as an ego fluffer when it’s not doing anything actually worthwhile. It’s always useful to remember Euler and imagine how we’re all worms by comparison. If that doesn’t work remembering that your boss was probably a C student at a party school might do the trick.

    And, OT: I just read a link from the AOS overnight thread that seems like a decent debunking of various aspects of those governmental ammo purchase we’ve all been hearing about.

  17. I suggest he start studying “Principles of Mathematical Analysis” by Rudin right now. That stuff kicked my butt so bad I failed and had to substitute a few courses to graduate.

    Trying to explain the notions of countable and uncountable infinity to an engineer (me) did not fly.

    However, all power to him. Math is amazing stuff.

  18. I don’t think that cranky’s point is that dumb people like Biden or Pelosi have risen to ludicrous positions that fools like them should be barred from but instead that other qualities like a strong work ethic or reliability are your everyday tools for success.

  19. Actually, my boss is a pretty smart guy (EE major) and is completely hands-off what I do as long as it gets done.

    However, your other points are quite valid.

  20. Electrical engineering? I’m unfamiliar with EE.

  21. I have come to the conclusion that the problem is too many people confuse having a really good memory with intelligence.

  22. bh —

    I had a spec op friend write that same kind of thing and I posted it here months back. Even sent it to Andrew Malcolm when he was writing columns on the buying up of ammo.

    Glad to hear the counterstory finally broke through. I smell awards!

    Well, not for me. But still.

  23. Maybe link it again, Jeff, with this newer piece as the peg. There are plenty of scatter-brained sorts out there like me who forget what they’ve read.

  24. I suggest he start studying “Principles of Mathematical Analysis” by Rudin right now.

    I’ll order it for him. Thanks!

  25. Biden and Pelosi are breathtakingly stupid. The problem is that they think they are the smartest people in the room.

    Well, one of many problems.

    As far as what my point was, I’m not sure, really, but I agree with bh that a work ethic and reliability will take you as far as you are willing to go.

  26. If you’re book shopping, leigh, maybe throw this on the stack as well. I think it’d be a good one for someone his age to help maintain that sense of curiosity.

  27. Link for bh.

  28. Thanks, bh. I have a ton of books about statistics but math was never my forte. Summer’s coming so I can go full on tiger mother on him.

    The poor kid.

  29. Thanks, Geoff. Feb 8th. Just a bit over two months.

    I might need to look into this ginkgo biloba stuff.

  30. Fair warning, Rudin is undergraduate level stuff.

  31. Does your son’s school offer AP Calc, leigh? I’d recommend that to anyone looking to get a good start at college. I suppose he might be ready to graduate already regardless though.

  32. “Trying to explain the notions of countable and uncountable infinity to an engineer (me) did not fly.”

    What approach was used? Cantor diagonalization?

    @leigh: this is a good book (and free): http://archive.org/details/coursepuremath00hardrich

  33. We meet our friend Cantor in the book I recommended, btw. It’s a fun book.

  34. That always made intuitive sense to me because we did it on the chalk board and it was simple and visual how the one to one correspondence kept moving a step ahead.

  35. Looks like a gunman might be loose on MIT campus.

    Bet it’s another “gun free” zone.

  36. Twitter news links say that the wounded police officer is now dead.

  37. Is this a person listening to the police scanner?:

    Suspects both described as 5’7. One is middle eastern, other lighter skinned. Both considered armed. #bostonbomber #mitshooting

    Suspects of car jacking paid cash at Shell Gas Station. Driver displayed firearm. Fled towards Harvard Square. #bostonbomber #mitshooting

    Car jacking reported in Boston. Two middle eastern men steal Black Mercedes SUV – plates are 137NZ1. Suspects armed.

  38. This guy says he is [listening to the scanner]:

    Police have located the stolen vehicle and are in pursuit. “Shots have been fired” at police vehicle from stolen vehicle. (in Watertown, MA)

    PD now linking car-jacking of a Mercedes SUV ML350 (plate MA 137NZ1) with MIT shooting. Two “middle eastern” suspects who are armed.

  39. cops are taking heavy fire in Watertown.

  40. scanner is saying they have explosives, some sort of “grenades” they are in between houses. “shots fired.”

  41. they are throwing explosives at police officers. loud explosions. shots fired.

    Just follow my last twitter link at 10:48. I’m gonna stop relating it back here.

  42. Actually they ought to score this as “double-plus-ungood.”

  43. Shit. Now there will be a movie made of this.

  44. – For anyone just waking up: One bomber suspect dead, another being pursued at the moment in Watertown Mass by about 9000 cops.

  45. Twitchy has a pic of Brosama #2, apparently named Sunil Tripathi, wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt.

    I’m going to take a wild guess here that he is not, in fact, a redneck Tea Party member.

  46. He’s an American kid of Indian descent. Aaaaaand…a bit of a neighbor of mine. He grew up in Bryn Mawr, PA but has been living in Providence, RI and attending Brown. Missing since 3/15.

    I’m going to take a wild guess that he isn’t Amish.

  47. New reports say it is not Tripathi.

  48. Yeah, now they’re both Chechen. I’m sticking with the non-Amish call.

  49. I have come to the conclusion that the problem is too many people confuse having a really good memory with intelligence.

    Honestly, I suspect duration and detail of memory are pretty much what the standardized IQ tests are able to measure. I think that’s the closest anyone’s been able to come to quantifying “intelligence.”

    Proving that no one really knows how it happens.

  50. I guess Dave Sirota was right: the two Chechen Muslim brothers are, technically, Caucasian males.

  51. He wanted them to be “white Americans,” Mike.

  52. Oops. Then I guess he’ll have to just go and cry in his beer after all.

  53. Or in his zima.

  54. Yes. They enjoyed multiple levels of privilege. Like being white. And being male. They might even be wealthy, by some third-world standard. Really, they havehad it better than literally billions of other people.

  55. I’d bet they probably enjoyed Douchebag Privilege like Sirota.

  56. Being a douchebag is its own reward, I think.

  57. Being a douchebag is its own reward, I think.

    As willie the racist hilljack skinflute player never tired of reminding us. No doubt he’s crying in his awesome paella this morning.

  58. immigration debate hardest hit

  59. From your lips to Congress’ ears, nr. Yet somehow 9/11 didn’t get them serious about this stuff.

  60. how reassuring

    Cindy Sin
    7:21 AM – Public
    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev won 2011 Cambridge City scholarship for $1500. Tiny photo: http://t.co/ygLRkKfiYh


  61. geoffb says April 18, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    Actually they ought to score this as “double-plus-ungood.”

    I am not a big NRA fan, because like all single-issue groups that I would at least nominally agree with, they blindly accept Democrats, despite the fact that having more elected Democrats is in and of itself an increased threat against gun rights. Democrats are more likely to confirm cabinet members and Supreme Court justices who are hostile to the 2nd Amendment. I will never forget, nor forgive the NRA tacitly endorsing Harry Reid (and don’t try to tell me they didn’t, because Wayne LaPierre gushed all over him in 2010 while adamantly refusing to endorse opponent Sharron Angle[who has been solid on gun issues]).

    I say all this for background to say that I suspected Reid of voting against Manchin-Toomey for his NRA grade, if nothing else. They have saved his bacon in the past, and he won’t openly cross them, until there is something to be gained. But make no mistake, if he can get something passed, he will cross them.

    Stupidity like that is not to be rewarded with membership fees from me.

  62. 92% believe in universal background checks. and this law wouldn’t go through.

    what does that tell you about the legislation?

  63. 92% believe in universal background checks.

    Fire in the hole!

  64. so glad the gov’t disarmed the people of mass. so that the authorities can tell residents they’re on their own this morning

  65. Every time I hear that 90% (now 92%, I guess) number for “support for (now universal, I guess) background checks”, I wonder whose rectal orifice squelched out that particularly inane, unbelievable-on-its-face number.

  66. Like “death and taxes” inevitable, or “dictatorship of the proletariat” inevitable?

  67. Like Nancy Pelosi rising to the Speakership again inevitable.

  68. 92% believe in universal background checks

    Assertion monkey is assertive.

  69. The Senate bill would have made letting my neighbor handle the new gun I bought to see how he liked it a felony. Does President Quacks-a-lot think 90% of Americans approve of that?

  70. If 92% believe we should require loyalty oaths from muslims, would that be a reason to support legislation?

  71. “92% believe in universal background checks”


  72. 92% believe in universal background checks. and this law wouldn’t go through.

    what does that tell you about the legislation?

    I think what he’s pointing out is that the legislation was so poorly written that even with (purportedly) 92% supporting (who did that survey? OFA?) the bill was doomed.

    Hard to tell from @psudrozz what he is intending; he’s locked down.

  73. Yeah, I couldn’t tell either, serr8d. So I opted for attacking the false claim and not the messenger. Because my heart is filled with love, don’tchaknow.

  74. 92% of Americans believe in the toothfairy.

    For the children.

  75. Since most of my high school and college friends reside on the left of the spectrum, I’ve discovered the 92 percent number comes from here:


    Notice, it’s only the “gun show loophole” and refers only to SALES, not transfers.

  76. Check out his blog and you’ll probably conclude that he was being ironic/sarcastic.

  77. So 92% want to “close” a “loophole” that doesn’t exist.

  78. – Based on the havoc two Chechen knuckleheads have been able to visit on the entire group of Bostonian/American keystone kops, god help us if we ever get in a war with Chechnya.

    – The only thing worse was listening to the news reports through the night. TV broadcasters are genuine morons.

  79. – Correction: Make that industrial strength morons.

  80. So 92% want to “close” a “loophole” that doesn’t exist.

    “I’m afraid you’re going to have to accept it,” said Mr Prosser gripping his fur hat and rolling it round the top of his head, “this loophole has got to be closed and it’s going to be closed!”

    “First I’ve heard of it,” said Arthur, “why’s it going to be closed?”

    Mr Prosser shook his finger at him for a bit, then stopped and put it away again.

    “What do you mean, why’s it got to be closed?” he said. “It’s a loophole. You’ve got to close loopholes.”

    So long, and thanks for all the magazine clips.

  81. The brother of the dad is on TV, and boy is he pissed.

  82. “Somebody radicalized them.”

  83. “Nothing to do with my brother. He worked all his life to support the family.”

    “Nothing to do with Muslim or Islam. That’s a fraud.”

    “These two bring shame on the entire family. The Chechen nation. The Muslim ethnicity.”

    “Just losers. They couldn’t establish themselves properly, and they hate anyone that does.”

    “Somebody radicalized them. Not my brother. Nothing to do with him.”

  84. “I will kneel before the families injured for forgiveness.”

    “To the loser….give yourself up. Stop the shame on the family.”

  85. you don’t have to be crazy to own a gun but, it helps