April 5, 2013

Chump change [Darleen Click]


While the NYTimes puts up a headline that Obama is proposing “cuts” to his budget, what he really wants is yet more and higher taxes.

Congressional Republicans have dug in against any new tax revenues after higher taxes for the affluent were approved at the start of the year. The administration’s hope is to create cracks in Republicans’ antitax resistance, especially in the Senate, as constituents complain about the across-the-board cuts in military and domestic programs that took effect March 1.

Mr. Obama’s proposed deficit reduction would replace those cuts. And if Republicans continue to resist the president, the White House believes that most Americans will blame them for the fiscal paralysis. […]

As Mr. Obama has before, his budget documents will emphasize that he would support the cost-of-living change, as well as other reductions that Republicans have called for in the popular programs for older Americans, only if Republicans agree to additional taxes on the wealthy and infrastructure investments that the president called for in last year’s offer to Mr. Boehner.

Meanwhile, this is our robust economy that Obama claims can easily handle whatever additional money is sucked out by the Feds.

U.S. employers added just 88,000 jobs in March, the fewest in nine months and a sharp retreat after a period of strong hiring. The slowdown may signal that the economy is heading into a weak spring.

The Labor Department said Friday that the unemployment rate dipped to 7.6 percent, the lowest in four years, from 7.7 percent. But the rate fell only because more people stopped looking for work. People who are out of work are no longer counted as unemployed once they stop looking for a job.

The percentage of Americans working or looking for jobs fell to 63.3 percent in March, the lowest such figure in nearly 34 years.

Heck of a job, Barry! You are such a good man!


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  1. Hey now! What about the stock market? This economy is hotter’n hell on a holiday!

    You just can’t stand to see a half black man succeed, can you?


  2. Hey now! What about the stock market?

    DJIA is down 155 points in less than an hour of business this morning. Smoke and mirrors can only mask so much reality.

  3. Are to ObaZma rats finally beginning to jump ship?

  4. we should make it to where if you have an older car what isn’t super efficient the government will give you monies for to buy a new car!

    plus the best stimulus to the economy is food stamps cause those people will spend their food stamps instead of just hoarding them like rich people, plus there are multiplier effects Mark Zandi says

    also high speed rail

    and then we will google map the brains

    this is april – we are barreling towards a recovery summer and I for one am very excited

    dow record rally bitches

    buy buy

  5. The stock market is wholly dependent on 85B of fed funds a month sopping up derivatives. This is why banks are perpetually up and banks are what run the markets.

    Obanomics has nothing to do with it except that O-nomics are just this era’s branding for our debt and tax servitude.

    It’s not political. It’s systemic.