March 17, 2013

Co-founder of “Conservative Victory Project” mocks Sarah Palin’s tenure as Gov of Alaska

But don’t let Karl Rove’s mockery of a TEA Party icon fool you, though: Rove is almost certainly a die hard conservative. Otherwise, why would he have named his campaign to beat back primary challenges to feckless, moderate, government-centric Republican technocrats and overspenders the Conservative Victory Project?

Yeah. That’s what I thought, Hobbits.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:29am

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  1. From a piece at PJM:

    It is not at all surprising that when Republican congressmen have to choose between the 30% of voters who are grossly misinformed or the 5% of voters who can actually tell you what the Kelo decision found or how much deficits increased after Democrats took over Congress in 2006, many members of Congress have no choice but to go with the ignorant ones. They have us outnumbered

    So how can we fix this? Not by running clever political ads. LIVs often do not watch political ads, or start out with the assumption that Republicans are all closet Nazis intent on exterminating homosexuals or whatever nonsense some actor has most recently said. Winning in politics is like invading an enemy beach: we need to soften up the enemy first with the media equivalent of an artillery barrage or the troops we land will be mowed down before they even get out of the surf.

    It’s especially difficult when you are taking fire from supposed friendlies. Ask Rand Paul.

  2. Rove just pissed away almost a half billion dollars of PAC money in the last election. Clearly he’s a winner if you ignore the last 8-10 years.

  3. Tea Party favorites like failed Senate candidate Todd Aiken

    repeating this over and over makes it true I guess

  4. Karl Marx Rove is what is wrong with the GOP.

  5. Well Karl, we’ve flown with ya 4 times crashing 4 times yet you want us all to board again? 4 million conservatives didn’t think so in 2012 Karl so you can take Kristol, Coulter, Will, Christie, Bush, Powell, Graham, McCain, Snowe and Romney with ya and don’t let the door……..because you Sir are done as well as your GOP panty party.

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