March 13, 2013

Gun control has nothing to do with a dislike of gun owners

It has to do with public safety. For the children!

So howsabout you stop your griping. You stupid fat redneck paranoiacs. Submit! Because it’s not like liberal legislators are going to listen to your concerns anyway.


(h/t GeoffB)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:32am

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  1. The problem is that way too many young people, women, and Democrats are visiting gun shops and gun shows lately. Can you imagine what would happen if these folks started spending time at the range, or (God forbid!) heading out for a beer with their gun-toting new friends afterwards?

    Gotta nip this trend in the bud. Can’t have those evil libertarian types whispering in our minions’ ears…

  2. According to the General Social Survey, a project of the independent research organization NORC, the number of U.S. households with guns dropped from 50% in 1973 to 34% in 2012. This decline has shown up everywhere, including the historically gun-toting regions of the South and West.

    According to researchers, just 23% of people in urban areas have guns, compared with 56% of country folk. Even that rural percentage is down from 70% in the 1970s. The number of hunters is dropping fast. Only 10% of women own firearms. Most young people are shunning guns — just 23% of those under 30 have guns now, compared with 47% four decades ago. Latinos are a growing segment of the population, but their gun ownership numbers are small.

    What are the corresponding percentages for same-sex relationships within those demographic groups, and how would those percentages justify restricting same-sex marriages (which aren’t in the Bill of Rights) the way we do firearms (which are)?

  3. Wow. It’s like blacks and hispanics and their obscenely out-sized penchant for violence don’t even exist.

  4. By which I mean to say that it’s a false narrative, not that criminal blacks and hispanics acquire and register their guns like, say, teabaggers who think Obama’s a terrorist.

  5. About that survey, which is funded by the Joyce Foundation which has it’s own, and Obama’s, axe to grind.

  6. So, the answer to the riddle seems fairly obvious: While more and more Americans are finding guns unnecessary for sport or protection, the most paranoid among us are building personal arsenals and driving gun sales through the roof.

    Yeah, like the DHS, ATF, Dept of Education, Railroad Retirement Board, police departments, celebrities body guards, and Mr Giffords.

  7. Horseyzass is a reliable source of idiocy.

  8. Gun control ghouls and their ghoulish plans. The Party of Death likes dancing on graves, it’s in their bloodline and is much easier to do if the victims can’t resist.

  9. From the LA Times article: “Democrats and independents have disarmed in droves.”

    Ok. Sheep act like, well, sheep. This is news?

    As Clint Eastwood once said as Harry Callahan, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

  10. Please don’t speak out at any public meeting unless you wish to be disarmed, for your own good of course, questioning government officials is now terrorism in Christie-land.

  11. OK, now that we’ve established old, male republicans own most of the guns, how about a statistic of what identity group is using guns to commit most of the gun violence…

  12. Earlier, the NYT interviewed a self-styled “master marksman” who owned an AR-15 but thought they should be illegal. Guy happened to work for FEMA, and as far as anyone can tell, has exactly zero credentials to back up his shooter claims.

    It reminds me of some earlier expert-poseurs, but there were so many of them they have all blended together into an amorphous mass.

  13. I don’t recall — did these newspapers trumpet last year’s survey that showed gun ownership going way up for women, Democrats, and Easterners, in contradistinction to the perennially low GSS trend?

  14. Guy happened to work for FEMA, and as far as anyone can tell, has exactly zero credentials to back up his shooter claims.

    I believe you’re thinking of Mike Kundu, the racist school board member and pirate. Or perhaps there are more like him. I shouldn’t doubt it.

  15. Same guy, Squid. He’s lost all his up-top hair, but he’s still the same guy. This site has an in-between picture of him, for reference.

  16. Sea Shepard? I keep waiting for the Japanese to sink their ship.

  17. I am probably not the first to mention this but, I do believe that less folks are admitting to surveyors that they own guns. I wouldn’t either as an owner ( I am not sure I would admit I was a disarmed sheep either, OK, so I don’t answer surveys).

  18. Example: Anytime I have been at the range, there are several Asians practicing. I also see Asians at the FFL and gun shops. How are they answering surveys? They may be honorary whites to some people but,usually seen as Democrat supporters.

  19. I never answer surveys accurately. I do it just to screw with their results.

    The surveyors should know better anyway, since self-reports are notoriously unreliable.

  20. Lysenkoist study : Gun Owership since the 1970’s.

    Yep. It looks like a New Yorker journalism/poli-soc wetdream. Why tell a half ass lie when you can tell an outrageous one and then put the Science!(TM) stamp on it?

  21. I never answer surveys at all.

  22. 40% of America is obese. Not women, democrats, hunters, or young people though. . Just the angry older white guys that aren’t democrats. Good cartoon. Very wanky, ignorant, and NY/Beltway.

    Funny how the fat angry potentially unhinged and violent white guy in the red sweater looks kind of like Chris Matthews.

    And of course the cartoon somehow fails to tie him to Newtown, Aurora, the rogue “manifesto” ex-cop that burned up in CA, Famed Great White(hispanic) Hunter of neighborhood children George Zimmerman, Global Climate Warming Change, or even Tea flogging slut-caller Rush Limbaugh.

    Meanwhile the middle east and North Korea are blowing up and smart diplomacy doesn’t seem to work (Overcharge!) . We are spending ourselves into financial irrelevancy. Unemployment and malaise are not being tackled. But who cares. The big problem is that angry white non democrat guys might be buying “unneeded” military grade danger-kill guns legally while everyone else sensibly decided that guns are demons that stink like poopoo and turn otherwise nice people into killers which is why Mark E. Kelly is buying them. Also Sarah Palin is a $#@$ing stupid whore bitch. And there is a war on women in binders taking place in the safety net or something. And we need tranny’s in the navy now.

  23. Somebody popped their J-boner with that cartoon. Pullitzer!

  24. And we need tranny’s in the navy now.

    How else do you get the power from the engines to the props?

  25. It’s funny how narrow-minded Our Betters are.

    I have a FB friend who I knew only slightly in high school; he just posted a pic of Ryan and two women whom he referred to as “tokens”. He’s a Democrat, you see, and there’s no way a Republican would be caught dead in public with a woman that wasn’t his wife unless he was trying to pander. Is the narrative, I’m guessing.

    I had to remind him that one of those “tokens” is his own congressional representative. I haven’t gotten a response to that yet.

  26. Direct drive, Squid.

  27. I know we’ve covered that the gun owner is depicted as a fat shaved-headed racist sexist knuckle-dragging cousin fucker, but has anyone commented on the others? The hunter is pictured as a hunter (with paisley standing in for mossy oak, but what can you expect from Horseshit?). The kid is a kid, and the woman is a woman.

    Democrats, evidently, are now made up entirely of Mac from Night Court.

  28. ObaZma’s “charm offensive” has nothing to do with a dislike of massive deficit spending, nor with getting control of an expanding national debt. But then, which of these Congressional morons ever thought it did?

  29. The little god-king is a terrorist. He’s left the Constitution weeping in a fetal position many times.

  30. He’s left the Constitution weeping in a fetal position many times.

    Just don’t ask Darleen to illustrate such a thing…

  31. Study Question 1: Given how fucked up, repulsive, insane, and stupid gun owners generally are, do you own a gun, or guns, or plan to get one or more guns in the future?

    Study Question 2: Do you, ya fuckin’ weirdo ?

    Study Question 3: What makes you think you are so special shithead? You a tough guy? Go on! Come at me bro!

    Study Question 4: Why are you so full of hate?

    Study Question 5: How does it feel to know that your precious guns murdered the children of Newtown, scum? Does Jesus know how much you hate women, blacks, education, and gays? Because you are gay. And you are probably a cheap greedy jew owned by the Koch brothers and Bank of America too. I see you. Don’t think you’ll get away with having guns for long. We don’t have time for your shit anymore! You get in our way and we will knock you down and put video of it on youtube! We won’t put up with your crazy paranoid violence and sick unhinged demagoguery anymore! We’ll tak your kids away and lock you up. Forward! For the children!

  32. “How else do you get the power from the engines to the props?”

    Power? Why do you hate Gaia so much? Grab an oar swabbie.

  33. Just don’t ask Darleen to illustrate such a thing…

    Some other dude already did.

  34. The left believe they have Special Dispensation from the Anti-Religious Pope, Karl Marx, to be vicious, spiteful, hateful and bigoted.

    Pretty much my whole life that’s how they’ve behaved. Maybe they can throw oreos at a black Republican again.

  35. Just as nothing ObaZma says is true, so nothing Joe Scarborough breathes is other than his own waste gas, on account of he can’t seem to pull his head from out of his ass.

  36. Man that guy looks dangerous! I’m really worried that he’s going to continue to pay his taxes and not worship our lame President!

  37. Pat Condell: probably also not welcome at CPAC….

  38. Californication. Should be “interesting times” if The Big One or a long hot Summer does hit.

  39. CO Governor Tallying Emails on Mag Ban to Inform Decision, CYA
    MagPul logo courtesy

    Magpul is pointing out that Colorado Governor Hickenlooper is having his staff tote up the emails for and against the magazine ban, probably as a way of getting himself some political cover. If and when Magpul pulls up stakes, he’d then be able to say, “but most people who contacted me support this ban!” Or something along those lines. For those interested, may want to send him a short and polite note registering your opinion of the bill. You can do so right here. Just to be included in the tally, of course.

  40. Because there was a 4.7magnitude earthquake in Anza the other day – one feared to be a “foreshock.”

    And understanding that devastating earthquakes are often paired with devastating tsunamis, “Residents were urged to prepare for a number of disaster scenarios, including how to cope for being at least ‘two weeks on your own.’”

    At least two weeks. Depending on how bad things are, perhaps longer. Perhaps a lot longer.

    Might need to be getting more familiar with some Spam, happyfeet.

  41. Email to the Gov. My discretionary spending dollars will not be Malin any stops in CO this year. Though I need to find some Stranahan’s CO Whiskey. Jackson Hole instead of Telluride. Hopefully will find some Wyoming Whiskey on the shelf me t trip.

  42. Hasn’t anyone noticed all those old conservative White men killing all those Black kids in Chicago before this?

  43. i’m pretty prepared for erf cakes I think but we’re due for a really scary one the kind where you can end up without a place to live

    then you have the tremendous inconvenience of having to move all your prepareyness

  44. My e-mail to the Gov says that I’ll support his gun-grab if he can guarantee that Magpul will come to my community.

  45. Where the heck is Anza? It looks like it’s out in the middle of the Salton Sea from the map on teevee. I lived in SoCal for 33 years and never heard of it.

    4.7? That’s shaky, but the 6 and ups are the scary, structure damaging ones.

  46. The Senate Budget committee is holding a markup session on the Patty Murray budget, shown on C-Span 3. Take a dip in and look. It may well be the most disheartening thing you’ll see today.

    Sen. Mrs. Murray is a platitude spouting moron, praise Jesus. The entire Democrat contingent of the Senate Budget committee are a bunch of flopping fish.

  47. Google Earth puts Anza about 20 miles SSW of Palm Springs; about 35 miles due West-ish of Salton Sea.

  48. I was close. Thanks, Slart.

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  51. I think palaeomerus has the right of it. The number of people who own guns hasn’t dropped, but the number of people who will admit owning guns to a random stranger calling on the phone has.

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