March 10, 2013

Sheriff Terry Maketa, El Paso County, CO: “Democrats are threatening sheriffs’ salaries over opposition to gun control bills” [Darleen Click]

Here’s the podcast from the Saturday, March 9, KVOR Jeff Crank Show. Maketa’s segment starts at the 143:22 mark. The following portion is what I’ve transcribed, so any mistakes are my own.

Jeff Crank: You and I talked briefly last night about it. I was sort of amazed by what you told me that the sheriffs took some heat for testifying, for coming up and supporting the Second Amendment – and you know I’ve always, uh, and sometimes police chiefs aren’t always the most friendly to the Second Amendment but our current one here in Colorado Springs is – but sheriffs tend to be. Part of that tends to be is that they’re elected by the citizens. You’ve been a strong proponent of the Second Amendment. Many sheriffs around Colorado are. They know it helps them do a good job at law enforcement to have law-abiding citizens armed.

They were basically threatened in a way, you tell me, if they came up and testified or because they came up and testified – tell us a little about that.

Terry Maketa: Well you know there is probably 30 sheriffs who made the trip and there would have been a lot more of course but they have to come all corners of the state and we still have our responsibilities; but those of us that came were there as a group and speaking on behalf of those who couldn’t be there. And I’ll tell you it’s a vast majority that oppose all of these bills because factually and statistically they are not going to accomplish what they claim to – they are emotionally driven and they have no backing. And I think you are right, Jeff, sheriffs are elected so they have a much more direct contact and sense of how their citizens feel. They really do and I have been doing this a long time now.

One of the concerning things was I’ve always been able to testify on a bill and the rules were changed to only one sheriff could speak per bill. They would allow us to stand in support of the sheriff speaking and I had an extra privilege extended by our Senate Minority Leader, Bill Cadman, who got me on the stand to be able to testify and I felt honored but it was the citizens I felt for who made the trip that they never had their voice heard.

Having said that, I had to leave the capitol and fly out of town for a commitment I had in Columbus, Ohio, and when I returned on Wednesday – I was actually driving back Wednesday morning from DIA – and I received an email from a member of CSOC and basically the email said that the Senate Dem leadership is very upset with the sheriffs and their opposition to the gun control bills. There is an another bill that has been put off and put off and that is the salary commission that makes recommendations to the legislature for the pay of sheriffs and other county elected officials. As you know, Jeff, my pay is actually set by the legislature. Well, Gov Ritter under his tenure created a commission that would study these salaries and come forward with fact-backed recommendations. Now this salary bill has no effect on me, but the Dems have been dangling it out there, and refusing to follow their own created commission’s recommendations. They’ve put it off now for two years and basically in that email it said you sheriffs, the Senate majority leadership, the Dems, are very upset with your testimony and opposition on the gun bills and they are stating that basically we should reconsider our positions to gain a more favorable light for salary support from the Dems.

The email went on to say “I do not believe that this would be sacrificing our principles or positions on other gun bills if we choose to support 197.”

Well, I was absolutely outraged by that. Number one, the salary bill for elected officials is a mandate for the legislature – creating gun control is not a mandate. And in this case there is no factual basis for it. I made it very clear that I felt that it was almost bordering extortion, attempted influence of public official; but more so that we would be sacrificing our morals and principles and what we know is the right thing to do. I think that’s the type antics that we are seeing out of the leadership up there and it starts right at the top with the president of the Senate and the chairmen of those committees and the same tactics they used that prevented sheriffs from having the opportunity to testify on factual-bases toward these bills as well as blockading the hundreds and hundreds of citizens who made the trek who have never testified and have prevented them from testifying

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  1. This is Chicago Dem 101. It’s no different than the 5,000 illegal immigrant felon dump. They have all learned from their tiny petulant golf christ.

    “Nice job/ business/ children/ state/ Country/ etc you have there. Be a shame if something happened to it.”

    Imbecilic vicious little ankle biting tyrants, all.

  2. Imbecilic vicious little ankle biting tyrants, all.

    That is the whole reason for the Abu Ghaith bullshit I reckon, what kind of petty tyrant isn’t allowed to have a show trial every once and awhile?

  3. beemoe, saw Ingraham on the Fox panel this AM (which was early because silly farmers), and lean toward her thoughts for now. He ain’t KSM, his main tie, UBL, has been reduced to his component molecules, and strong federal prosecutors (like Andy McCarthy) have a history of knocking these cases out of the park.

    The other side argument (as I understand it) is his now right to remain silent, right to speedy trial, we can’t prepare in time, we could have gotten more in interrogation, etc, and, of course, Eric Freaking Holder.

    But this scumbag has been held in more than a few “blacksites” for a while now. Most recently the Turks had him in a dark, dank room. I think we got all he knows. Maybe not. I dunno.

  4. Andy McCarthy, given the choice today whether to try his own case against the Blind Sheik again would opt out, saying no thanks, just put him in Gitmo as an enemy combatant leader: no need to show the enemy what we’ve got and how we got it through the discovery process. This Abu Gaith trial is an unmitigated (because forewarned) disaster, which is the way ObaZma and Holder like it when it comes to U.S. interests.

  5. why doesn’t he say who he got the email from

  6. Progressives don’t realize that something bad has happened here.

  7. He does, readingcomprehensionishardfeet.

  8. who who tell me tell me

  9. I received an email from a member of CSOC

  10. yes but why doesn’t he say who

    it’s some piggy piggy sheriff fuck what wanted to support 197 cause he thought the fascists might pay him more money than they would otherwise and i wanna know who

  11. Call him.

  12. I’m too hungry i want mexican

  13. Doing the jobs The MFM refuses to do because they are mostly a bunch of fucking traitors.

    Everyone say it with me, “If It Were A Republican…”

  14. I received an email from a member of CSOC

    The email to the Sheriff was from a member of the County Sheriffs Of Colorado who had received a letter from the Colorado State Democrat leadership.

    And basically in that email it said you Sheriffs, um the Senate Majority Leadership…, the Dems, are very upset over your testimony in opposition on the gun bills.

  15. Democratic Senate President John Morse was just quoted in an article saying,

    “Cleansing a sickness from our souls doesn’t come easy. It’s gruesome,” Morse said in a short speech announcing the withdrawal of his assault-weapon liability measure.”

  16. deluded fascist fuck is deluded

  17. The email is not being released in order to preserve it as evidence in a likely investigation. We have been told that Sheriff Maketa is not accepting interviews, but we put a request directly into him anyway. Maketa is reportedly penning a statement for the Colorado Springs Gazette scheduled to be released either Tuesday or Wednesday.

  18. thank you Mr geoff that’s the missing explanation for why we’re not getting the whole picture

  19. I made it very clear that I felt that it was almost bordering extortion,

    Bordering? I’d say it meets the legal definition.

  20. Kind of like how Colorado borders the United States.

  21. The MFM will be all over this.

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