November 16, 2012

Who knew that Zombie Rose Mary Woods was working at the White House? [Darleen Click]

I mean, who else could be responsible for using WhiteOut on the CIA Talking points?

Former CIA Director David Petraeus stoked the controversy over the Obama administration’s handling of the Libya terror attack, testifying Friday that references to “Al Qaeda involvement” were stripped from his agency’s original talking points — while other intelligence officials were unable to say who changed the memo, according to a top lawmaker who was briefed.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., told Fox News that intelligence officials who testified in a closed-door hearing a day earlier, including Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Acting CIA Director Mike Morell, said they did not know who changed the talking points. He said they went out to multiple departments, including the State Department, National Security Council, Justice Department and White House.

“To me the question right now is who changed those talking points and why. … I’d say it was somebody in the administration had to have taken it out,” King told Fox News. “That, to me, has to be pursued.”

Ya think?

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  1. axeldude to win, place and show

  2. 1. CIA “Initial intelligence assessment” aka “original talking points.”
    2. ????? — [Jarrett]
    3. ????? — [Axelrod]
    4. Clapper’s “speaking points” aka Rice’s story of “the best intelligence we have”.

    Not quite Tinker to Evers to Chance and those Cubbies brought fame not ignominy to the toddlin’ town.

  3. We need to get Tinkles on the stand and find out what he knows.

  4. that whore went on the tv and lied out her ass

    she should say I’m sorry to everybody she lied to

  5. that whore went on the tv and lied out her ass

    sexist, racist and maybe pikachuphobe

  6. We know who changed the talking points, or had them changed; Valerie Jarrett.

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  10. ‘feets, you’d better be in Florida still. Try that crap in Alabama, you’ll get run up a flagpole.

  11. We know who changed the talking points, or had them changed; Valerie Jarrett.

    That’s a surety. That woman wears the pants in the White House.

  12. Obama isn’t even re-inaugurated and he’s already causing a shit-storm. I don’t think my health is going to be able to take four years of non stop lying and goal-post moving.

    This is already worse than last time.

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    you need to go to more baracky rallies

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  16. that whore went on the tv and lied out her ass

    she should say I’m sorry to everybody she lied to

    Petraeus lied his ass off too.

    What a piece of shit.

  17. I’m in North Georgia in a little motel in a sleepy mountain town


  18. – feets. If you’re in a NC motel on a friday night, you definately do not want to turn the heat on. Just take my word for it.

    – So now we know that the WH not only edited the CIA intel, they obviously added all the bullshit about the riots and the video. In other words they completely invented the entire lie to get Jug ears safely across the finish line, and they kept it going for two+ weeks.

    – But never fear, King Rat is going to “get to the bottom of this and pursue those responsible.” It’s simply amazing, and scarey, just how easily these bastards all lie to the countries face. Nixon was just garden variety stupid, these mo’fos are outright evil.

    – High crimes and misdemeenors anyone?

  19. Petraeus lied his ass off too.

    What a piece of shit.

    Obama used him like a condom. Now he’s hanging from a tree just off a dead-end lover’s lane.

  20. Here ya go, ‘feets, some tastefully done soul musics to remind you of…home.

  21. that’s really nice thank you

  22. All Nixon had done (and I’m not minimizing his crimes) was burglarize a campaign headquarters.

    He lied. Nobody died.

  23. was burglarize a campaign headquarters.

    but it was the demonrat hq how dare he?

  24. Poor Chuck Colson went to prison for stealing one FBI file. Hillary is Secretary of State.

    Something’s wrong here.

  25. And yet how many of our friends, family, and neighbors are still asleep? That think the greatest issue of our time is some mysterious “War on Women.”

    Run against THIS Republicans, not amnesty dreams. That stupid third debate, when Romney softballed this issue. I really wonder if it was an election losing mistake. When you’re on a hot streak, that’s when you go all in, dude.


  26. – You know, you think about the way these fucks played the American people, the way the press pushed the video story, and probably it all got out of hand and led directly to the attack on Benghazi, you’d just like to see a bunch of them sitting in the damn fed penetentuary.

    – I typed out a series of the “events”, and what happened becomes pretty obvious. It all accidentily erased, so I’ll have to do it again when I’m more calm. It screams to be put to a timeline, because you start to see all the connections. You get so fucking mad just laying it out, its hard to get through it. I know how things work behind the scenes, so the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place, and it just makes your blood boil.

  27. With all due respect, I don’t think Nixon had anything to do with Watergate. He did, however, have a lot to do with trying to cover it up and needed to go.

    As far as Benghazi goes, I find it hard to believe that more than about 5% of us care. All our righteous indignation will raise our blood pressure but Obama isn’t going anywhere. Yeah, it’s pretty damn depressing as well.

  28. All our righteous indignation will raise our blood pressure but Obama isn’t going anywhere

    Is the new reality folks. The fucker went to war and toppled a nation with no Congressional oversight at all. How can the aftermath be a problem?

    Think about it. We killed Saddam and Qaddafi for being what we just re-elected.

  29. With 100% of the vote on places…

  30. In, not on. Dammit

  31. nixon had to go because he be republican proggtard. baracky not so much

  32. watergate was the “plame affair” with 70’s visuals

  33. Heres a starting list:

    * The protests were anticipated for weeks, possibly months throughout the intel community.

    * The Brits and Canadians pulled their people out a full week prior to 9/11.

    * Benghazi was a full blown CIA operational station, not just a Consulate.

    * Al Qaeda knew about Benghazi. One or more of the hired security was feeding the facts of the CIA ops to Al Qaeda, for months probably.

    * In the days lesading up to 9/11, the whore media started pushing the video story 24/7. Probably from info feeds to the press from the CIA/WH.

    * The idea was to push the video narrative. Couldn’t let it be about senseless Islamic hate for America.

    * Al Qaeda saw the opportunity to act under the cover of the “protests” and take out the CIA station. They probably thought about doing the same in places like Tripoli, another CIA ops station, but apparently it was too well fortified.

    * The video agitprop worked TOO well, and they had to sit and watch 4 Americans die, or the entire cover up comes unraveled if they try a rescue and somethmng goes wrong.

    * In the days following the attack, they STILL tried to keep the whole thing low profile. Wouldn’t even go there, afraid to draw attention to the scene of the crime. So damn obvious. They were trying so hard to make it not important, there was reporters walking through the ruins picking up scraps of intel and Stevens diary.

    * So the CIA, the WH, and the Commie media were all directly responsible for the attacks and the deaths.

    * Then we get into all the actions of Bumblefuck. Axelrod, Penetta, Hillary, Carney, Rice, Jarrett ect.

    …..To be continued.

  34. Me, I’m going shooting tomorrow, and taking my daughter to learn.

  35. That stupid third debate, when Romney softballed this issue. I really wonder if it was an election losing mistake. When you’re on a hot streak, that’s when you go all in, dude.

    Ted Cruz (a bright light shining in the #TEAParty) questions Romney’s ‘dudeness’

    “It was the one time we actually contested ideas, presented two viewpoints and directions for the country. And then inevitably, there are these mandarins of politics, who give the voice: ‘Don’t show any contrasts. Don’t rock the boat.’ So by the third debate, I’m pretty certain Mitt Romney actually French-kissed Barack Obama.

    “I have no doubt that there is a focus group somewhere of undecided Ohio voters who have been living in a cave for the last 30 years, who decided they liked that. ‘Don’t show any disagreement whatsoever with the president. Don’t rock the boat. Just be a nice guy.’”

  36. All Nixon had done (and I’m not minimizing his crimes) was burglarize a campaign headquarters.

    He didn’t even do that, or have it done. That was just the storyline that was run with at the time since it was useful to the parties that had many things to hide.

    Haven’t you seen this type of thing play out enough times to realize that we are told useful lies by the beloved media and the democrats at every crucial turn of events. The truth dribbles out eventually but is only on page F-28 at the bottom is it is covered at all.

  37. I’m just going by memory on Watergate, geoff. I was in the eighth grade then. But, you are right about our beloved Pravda lying and sticking to their lies.

    I get it now and have since 1980. I am glad to find a place with like minds.

  38. Please forgive the length.

    It is always said “It’s not the crime, it’s the coverup” and then Watergate is pointed to as evidence. Now I agree, but the thing pointed to in Watergate as the “crime”, the break-in and bugging, were not the “crime”, they were the coverup[s].

    The “crime” was singular, the CIA was using/bugging a call girl ring to gather the information on various powerful people, from the U.S. and other nations, which could be used to build psychological profiles which they needed in order to make predictions of what these people would do in various circumstances. They were doing this for the future when these, powerful but not in highest leadership, did become the highest. But the coverup depended on who wanted what covered up.

    The CIA didn’t want its operation exposed, or if exposed their involvement minimized. The DNC wanted to not have it publicly known that they were supplying hookers as perks to big donors and their high level employees. John Dean didn’t want there to be evidence available to the DNC or anyone that his, soon to be wife, Maureen had been one of the call girls.

    So Dean planned the break-ins and was working to use them to retrieve the evidence of his wife’s former life. The evidence which was in a drawer on the desk of Ida “Maxie” Wells who was the secretary to Robert Spencer Oliver who was the Director of the Office of State Chairmen who was rarely in DC as his duties were with the 50 State Party Chairs so his office was used to set up the trysts.

    The CIA got their own people on the break-in team to limit the damage and deflect blame. One overt operative who was Howard Hunt, and one covert, who was James McCord a CIA operative from their Office of Security.

    The DNC, since no bug was found on any phone in their office at the time of the break-in and yet it was reported that telephone calls were monitored, planted a bug themselves and called in its discovery to the investigators who then found a clunky, radio-shack parts, and inoperative, bug.

    These were all part of the main coverup which was successful as they did coverup the hooking enough to allow a new narrative to be planted for public consumption. That of an out of control, criminal, President.

  39. I wasn’t going after you Leigh, I just used that quote as a takeoff point. This Benghazi thing is much worse and getting much more complex in public but that is probably a way to cover up the real crime which happened in the run up to the attack and the [lack of] response to it.

  40. The following is a possible excerpt from House select committee testimony during the Benghazi investigation. It is speculative, NOT factual:

    Select committee chairman Senator, SCCS
    WH cabinet member, WHCM

    SCCS: “….So you were saying that the rising potential for widespread protests throughout the middle Eastern countries was being discussed among the various intel groups in the days, weeks, and months leading up to 9/11….. is that correct?

    WHCM: “Yes. All the ME staions were trading info, and trying to scope what to ecpect and the best way to respond…..or handle it.”

    SCCS: “Was the WH also privey to that intel?”

    WHCM: “Well, the intel was being fed up the line to the CIA director, and diseminated at all the NSC meettings as is the normal routine, and the WH and the president are a part of that process, so yes, they….he would have been aware of the majority of the facts, maybe not every last detail, but certainly the high points. His staff would be made aware of the entire intel block on a minute by minute basis, Particularly in the face of a building crisus, and he would have been briefed on it because of the obvious urgency.”

    SCCS: “What would make us sure that was or is the case?”

    WHCM: “Well because…..first of all, that decimination process is standing policy…..and…..Its imparitive for the president and his NSC staff to have timely intel because there are any number of….. there are a wide range of scenarios that potentially would require reactions to events…..decisions that can only be made at the highest level… he has to know the facts in order to act. No one else can make some of the highest decisions but himself…..well or of course the next in line, so all the highest leaders are briefed for that reason.”

    SCCS: “Ok….lets get back to the early warnings of things developing that you talked about……intel that was being traded among the various intelligence groups…..”

    SCCS: “When your station people began to be aware of the impending protests was any discussions……..did any discussions take place about pulling out…..bringing our people home from the various consulates located in the expected hot spots….I thibk thats how you reffered to them… spots….anyway…..were those sorts of actions ever discussed?”

    WHCM: “….As I recall several communications and personal meetings were held between the Secretary and consulate staff about the general situation….. I wasn’t in the actual meetings, but the general consensus that came out of them was we didn’t want to give up the operations, and staff felt…..the people involved in those sorts of decisions….they felt we could ride it out, so it was decided that we would stay on.”

    SCCS: “Do you know if the Secretary of state was involved in that decision?”

    WHCM: “…..Certainly…. she would have had to be. Station operational assignments and station status decisions are her reponsibility.”

    SCCS: “Well lets elaborate on that a bit…….because there’s a very mitagating situation we have here….and….I’m…..we have to be careful where we go with this…..but we can do that…..We now know that Benghazi station was also a relatively large and active CIA ….. um….. CIA operation…..So the question then becomes… want to ask what part the Secratary would have….that is what say would she have in the decisions of….. lets say the decision to stay or go for the compound……does that……does the status of CIA operations….would that sort of decision fall to her as well?”

    WHCM: “…..That….thats a difficult question to answer…It gets into inter-agency responsibilities…What I can say is it would be the call of the CIA head of course, but cerainly the agencies woiuld try as best they could to act in concert…..Generally a consulate depends on the intel that any local operations can give them for all station conditions and statue decisions….so I’ll leave it at that….most simply it would have been a general decision agreed to by everyone in most practical cases…..any final decisions would be decided by the NSA as the responsible group…..and of course the president…..”

    WHCM: “….but as I said, as a practival matter the Secretary would consult with the Comsulate staff……in this case Mr. Stevens, and his people, and weigh all the facts, and she would make a decision……the status of the CIA station would be a different,,,,,that would be handeled by others as I said…..but she would have been a part of that procrss as well in this case, since the Consulate and the Annex were so closely aligned… least that would be my expectation and understanding of the process…”

    SCCS: “…..Ok….but clearly she would have been a part of that……had input in some regard….and…..and the decision as far as the Consulate would have been hers….well and as you say….the presidents.”

    WHCM: “…..Yes Senator….that would be my understanding.”

    SCCS: “….I see my time has expired….I yeild back the floor to the Senator from New Hampshire for 10 minutes…”

    ……(to be continued)

  41. I do miss the pub.

    I’m thinking that the whole of the Benghazi affair, perhaps even including the latest Petraeus/Broadwell/Kelley wrinkle though I’m mostly leaving that out for now, can be inferred from a few things.

    The CIA, with Presidential authorization (for which they, the CIA, have ironclad proof) was running a detention/enhanced interrogation center at the then top secret Annex in Benghazi. Its purpose was to find WMD and other weapons which we don’t want in terrorist hands which were there in Libya. Money is not a very effective inducement to committed terrorists to give up something like WMDs or Manpads.

    The so called Consulate was more of a fig leaf for the presence of American personnel in Benghazi. Its low level of security was because it was not really used much and the presence of the Ambassador there was a rarity. The first reports didn’t even have, what later would be called “Building B” and the “TOC”, as part of the compound and maps of the area published showed them as “neighbors”.

    The State dept. briefing was where they were first mentioned and at that same brief they also showed a place called “the Annex”. Before then what was mentioned was a place called “the farm” which left the implication that it was outside of Benghazi proper.

    In early 2009 right after taking office President Obama signed an order banning CIA overseas interrogation centers and enhanced interrogation. This was something his base was adamant about having spent the Bush years flogging that storyline.

    That he was doing it too, especially having it come out right before the election, would be devastating to his re-election. This also is why Senators McCain and Graham are sniffing around this as this is one of their big bugaboos too.

    If Tyrone Woods and the others had not gone to the Consulate then everyone there would have been killed, the whole of the attack could have been easily put out in the news as just like the one the day before in Egypt but that, with the smaller place and staff, it got out of hand and everyone died. The Annex would have never come into the story even if it had been attacked.

    Obama’s objective was to keep knowledge of the detention/interrogation center out of the news at least till after the election whatever it took.

    The CIA also wanted it to not come out but did not take the position that having its people die was fine to save the secret. There was then and continues to be an internal war between the WH and the CIA with other agencies/depts. lining up on one side or the other.

    Long knives are out on both sides. I don’t trust McCain/Graham as I suspect they are being maneuvered into a position where they will bring bipartisanship to a new “Church committee” that will gut the intelligence agencies while at the same time the WH is gutting the military. America will lie naked, defenseless, and prostrate before the worlds thugs if these bastards get their way.

  42. I do miss the pub.

    Heh, and I enjoy these comments in the threads.

    I’mma gonna call it a tie.

  43. Thanks bh.

    Hope you are well.

  44. Well enough and back atcha, G. (Where is the apostrophe supposed to go in “atcha”? Maybe it doesn’t need one. Letters were replaced and not skipped.)

    Okay, I’m not doing very well. I have some distinct concerns about punctuation.

  45. – Yes geoffb, we must be on the same wavelength because that is my guess as well, meaning the “reason” at base for Obama’s entire ME coverup and games in the first place.

    – When you look at what he’s done, he’s a tin General with little tin soldiers, a regular arm chair warrior that makes Bush/Cheney look like Emily Post.

    – I’m convinced that for the entire year of the wlection, him and his campaign people worked ecery way they could to keep the lid on the part of his base that are totally mind fucked over his unexpected hawkisness.

    – All year long the hardest of the anti-war people were stagging protests in front of the WH, shaining themselves to the Front gate and being hauled off to jail, and not one freeking peep from the shit-pile media.

    – His people knew he was barely keeping his brown nose above the cesspool water line, and even the slightest spread of Lefturd base unrest and pushback would sink his ship, so the whole campaign to keep it all burried, his failures and the mess in the middle East, Benghazi, The video contrived story, all the lying by surrogates to the public, but they got it past the election, and that was all they gave a fuck about.

    – All that mattered was to get reelected and they’d deal with whatever after that. If he got reelected they could use everything they had to control the media and people, if he lost he was screwed.

    – I pray to god he’s still screwed.

  46. I have some distinct concerns about punctuation.

    Borrow or add to mine as I’m always using too many or too few.

  47. Beyond thanks, serr8d. Ted Cruz is my Senator now, and that really makes me feel like my vote counts for something.

  48. Here’s a bedtime story for you concerning the real truth behind the entire BenghaziGate mess:

    1.The Consulate was a seldom used cover for a massive CIA operation in Libya. Amb. Stenens was rarely even there. The CIA was desperately looking for those WMD’s that have fallen into militant hands since the Syrian war started, along with other weapons they have supplied to the Syrian rebels. Al Qaeda got wind of the CIA presense from moles in the security force working at the Consulate and decided to use the cover of the ‘protests’ to take out the CIA station. They wanted to recover several militant prisoners the CIA had captured and were interogating at the Annex. Al Qaeda wanted to use Stevens in exchange for the militants, but as things turned out he was so badly injured, and they knew they only had a limited time before the Libyan gov was forced to stop the attack, so they turned to the Annex and attacked it until the remaining CIA people handed over the prisoners.

    2. The WH and CIA could not risk trying a rescue because the whole undercover operation would have come to light if anything went wrong, and Jug ears couldn’t let them do anything for other reasons. So they all sat there and watched as 4 Americans were murdered.

    Obama couldn’t allow any of this to come out before the election. For the entire election year, and even before, his campaign had been doing everything possible, along with help from the whore media, to suppress his war hawk activities. They knew that he was barely keeping his nose above the cesspool water line in the election, and any outbreak rebellion of his anti-war base over his war record would doom him. A story about torturing militant prisoners would be the kiss of death. So the WH concocted the video story, totally editing the CIA intel report, and used that to lie in the rose garden the very next morning, over the dead bodies, Hillary and Obama side by side, to the families, and to the American people for over two weeks until they could get past the election. They didn’t care. They would deal with it after when they could control the press and a lot of people they have dirt on.

    3. Patraeus put a wrench in the plan when he announced his affair, taking the blackmail tool away from the King Rat. The CIA gave the WH the true accessment, and Obama could have said it was under investigation and a matter of national security, but instead they used the video cover up and lied to help drag him over the finish line. You might recall that in the early days of the rioting the ‘video’ suddenly appeared from out of nowhere. That was the CIA/WH feeding the Leftwing press so they’d drive that narrative as hard as possible. They had to run out the clock. Problem is that it worked TOO well, and probably caused the attack in the end.

    – Obama, Axelrod, Jarrett, Penetta, Rice, Carney, everyone of them went out and lied to the entire country for weeks.

    – Bottom line. All they care about is getting, and keeping power. The commie media, the CIA, and the president and the entire administration staff, are directly responsible for the murder of 4 Americans.

    – Words simply can not express how disgusted these rats make me.

  49. Anonymous‘ targets Israeli websites over Gaza

  50. If you assume the annex is a CIA station operating under “unofficial cover” so to speak (i.e. the annex proper isn’t part of the official U.S. mission in Beghazi), then everything starts to fall in place –including the “stand down” directive to annex security personnel, as well as the later refusal to bring in oustide elements to support the annex when it came under attack.

    Violating a country’s territorial sovereignty to save the life of your ambassador in an official diplomatic mission is one thing, but to save a CIA prison?

    Just to add to what geoff and bbh have already covered.

  51. – The EPA rides again…..Teh most transparent adminstration EVAH….

    – Since every other word out of the mouths of the Wormwood scrubs in Lefturd land is raaaaaacist it would be interesting to know just how many “lisas” are employed by gov. in general. The percentages of various demographics would make for some interesting discussions in regards to discrimination I bet.

  52. Iff’n you’re on the Twitter, report this fool to ’em for blatant TOS violations. Of course they won’t respond (much of Twitter staff, like many in the ‘Web Security’ business are themselves Anonymous sympathizers, if not active Anonymous hive-minds) but they should realize that there are those who realize just that.

  53. Guess who’s back?
    Back again.
    Meggie’s back
    Tell a friend.
    Guess who’s back?
    Guess who’s back?
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    Guess who’s back?

  54. – serr8d, the net is about as close as you’re ever going to get to a true anarchy, so pretty much anything goes and hardly anything is surprising. Its what you get when you build a system that supports anonymous communication. Ask Bell labs, they’re still doing it to this day, including all the cell phone systems. The gov wants it that way.

  55. Guess who’s back?

    – In Meggies case threatening to leave would be a feature, not a bug.

  56. In a different McCain vein.

    Those missing McCain votes are shrinking

    Now down to 300,000.

  57. Plenty of time to think about doom of fiscal cliff after a nice holiday rest. Triptophan for me and angst for thee.

  58. – Who you gonna believe, me or you lying eyes and ears….

    – Tjey’re delusional if they think they’re going to pull this off with this many people involved. Someone is going to pull the plug, if not Patraeus, someone else who’s not willing to take one for the team.

    – And as far as that link, which kinda sorta looks like the whore media is in gull metal jacket agitprop mode, trying to lie directly and toss it back to the CIA has already been zero;d out. Don’t any of these assholes read the papers or watch the news?

    – BTW, in other agitprop news some of the media is floating a story that Patraeus testified that “the reason the WH lied was they didn’t want to ‘tip off the militants that they were on to them.” They just look dumb and dumber. This is the old throw it at the wall ands see if it sticks ploy. Notice how three of the main suspects are out of the country right now.

  59. Brilliant.

    Taliban accidentally CCs everybody on its mailing list
    The list, made up of more than 400 recipients, consists mostly of journalists, but also includes an address appearing to belong to a provincial governor, an Afghan legislator, several academics and activists,

  60. Or maybe you’re the one who’s delusional, BBH.

    After all, the last Democrat to occupy the oval office got away with rape.

    So what’s a little negligent homicide amongst (media) friends?

  61. It’s just defining deviency down, eh Ernst?

  62. The list, made up of more than 400 recipients, consists mostly of journalists, but also includes an address appearing to belong to a provincial governor, an Afghan legislator, several academics and activists[.]

    Activate the drones.

  63. More like a culture so decadent that it can’t distinguish right from wrong.

  64. Quite.

    All is quiet on the MSM front regarding Israel pounding the A-rabs and killing 3 Hamas bigs.

  65. Obviously the White House has determined the narrative for them yet.

  66. has hasn’t

  67. OT: Coupla thoughts regarding this Glenn Reynold post:

    The only Democrat on that list who’s vulnerable is Tim Johnson.

    The way to stop the Democrats from picking our candidates for us is to close the fucking primaries.

    Better yet, it’s time to go back to a caucus/convention system.

  68. Amen to that. And while we’re at it, STFU Christie, Jindal and Rubio.

    You aren’t helping.

  69. The only Democrat on that list who’s vulnerable is Tim Johnson.

    2 more years of baracky escapades might change dat

  70. Baracky will blame it all on Bush, and the multitudes will cheer their dear leader on.

  71. let him 2014 barackycare kicks in and i think squid™ pitchforks suddenly become popular

  72. Or we turn into the United States of Europe.

  73. Hah! Too late! First, since they tried to turn into us (and bungled the job) whereupon we fooled ’em quick by turning into them (and bungled ourselves).

  74. PAPA JOHN’S APPRECIATION DAY: Reader John Jenkins sends this report from right here in Knoxville: “I thought I’d let you know that on Friday night, we ordered Papa John’s for a family party. My wife had to send my niece into the Papa John’s on Clinton Highway, and circle the parking lot until she could come out with our order. There was no place to park and it was a complete madhouse. Not as dramatic as with Chick-fil-A, but an amazing show of support!”


  75. I think you might want to consider dropping the “conservative” appellation.

    Progressivism is the status quo, they are the real conservatives now.

    Embrace you inner outlaw.

  76. Finally, someone found the right button for the GOP to push. There’s slim hope for us yet.

    (‘feets, for your own good, do not click that link. You’re too far from home to suffer the sudden onset of an avoidable bout with burning indigestion.. )

  77. Nobody cares about Benghazi.

    Well, let me rephrase: so few people care about Benghazi that it doesn’t matter.

    That’s prologue to saying that nothing really matters any more. The majority now knows it can vote itself bread and circuses (or the modern equivalent thereof), and it’s going to keep pressing that lever in its Skinner box forever.

    Or, until the EBT cards stop working. Then it’ll the the oppressed sticking it to the man by looting food stores, and stealing 60″ LCD HDTVs, etc., to plug into the power and internet feeds that they have destroyed. Oh, the condign punishment!

    For such a smart bunch of people, y’all worry about the silliest things. The Ambassador is murdered, that’s what Islamists do, The Won doesn’t care, Hillary – like Condaleeza – is feckless, and Americans are now inured to Muslim violence (“Another Muslim riot? Yawn.”). Get over it.

    Jeff’s got it right. Arm yourself, and prepare for the stupidity to come.

    Oh, right, BTW, I’m the concern troll who called the Romney debacle on the night of the third debate.

  78. When you consider Petraeus, consider he’s in the league Powell used to be in.


    And a disgraced politician, to boot.

    He’s been to General Charm School, he’s been operating with politicians for years, and he operated an agency of the Imperial Federal Government.

    Oh, and that screwing-around thing…

    His only concern now is his viability in his ecosystem. He’s not going to risk the slightest chance of offending *anybody* because he’d prefer to stay in DC and suck down the consulting bucks, rather than be forced out under a pelting calumny.

    We don’t have government any more. We have “Government Theater” in the same way that the TSA is “Security Theater.” What we call “Government” is actually a pack of hyenas tearing polite-sized chunks of wealth out of the bleeding carcass of a dying thing that used to be actual government. Our government has become a self-sustaining, self-fulfilling thing that has no connection to “hoi polloi,” apart from pointing a gun and demanding taxes.

    And everyone associated with government cooperates on the theft.

    And you want truth about Benghazi?

    Spare me. Really.

  79. There are people who care deeply about Benghazi.

    Benghazi was the little boy wandering into the unlocked store and coming out with his hands full of Twinkies and Ho Hos who sits down in front of the store and proceeds to slowly eat them all up then heads in for more goodies.

    All the professional crooks on the block and all their friends watching by cell phone video feed now know that the cops were really serious about taking that 8 year donut break. That kid was the signal across their world that now was the time to get everything they’d ever desired. It’s all there for the taking. Or is until two or more want the same 60 inch LCD.

    Eventually they will even take all the donuts too. Or try, the cops might fight for those but who knows.

  80. The early vultures are looking for their Twinkies too.

  81. See those talking points? I didn’t remove that. Somebody else made that happen.

  82. In his “defense” of Rice Obama more or less admitted that he (the whitehouse) gave her a shoebox hull of shit (her best understanding of the intelligence she was given) and she dutifully went on various news shows and threw it at us.

  83. In all likelihood, Rice knew the shoebox was full of shit, and didn’t care.

  84. By focusing his campaign mostly on serious economic and political issues such as the national debt and tax incentives, Romney failed to take into account the fact that large segments of the electorate neither know nor care much about serious economic and political issues. What they — a group sometimes euphemistically called “uninformed voters” — do know and care about are the tugs on their emotions, fears, revulsions and heart strings provided by hours and hours of uninterrupted television watching .

    The Democrats understood how to reach that constituency. When a barrage of Obama campaign TV ads told them that the GOP wanted to take away their contraceptives or that Bain Capital killed someone’s wife, they took notice. When Obama strolled the hurricane-stricken beaches of New Jersey in his bomber jacket, they were snowed. As Malor put it, Obama won on “binders, Big Bird, birth control and blame Bush.”

    That is pretty much dead nuts, as for the rest of it, how many times are you going to let the leftist media pick your candidate before you figure out it isn’t a winning strategy.

    I like Palin, but calling her the next Reagan is laughable. And there is no way she can win an election.

  85. Yeah she’s not inevitable like Romney.

  86. “The only edit that was made by the White House and also by the State Department was to change the word ‘consulate’ to the word ‘diplomatic facility,’ since the facility in Benghazi was not formally a consulate,” Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communication Ben Rhodes said. “Other than that we were guided by the points that were provided by the intelligence community. So I can’t speak to any other edits that may have been made.”

    This denial leaves open the possibility that the campaign edited them and also a possible excuse that Rice “shot from the hip“.

  87. batboy, we covered all the network ‘No one cares about Benghazi’ stuff at least 10 days ago. I care about Benghazi, there’s one of us who does and I know there are many more.

    You don’t care about Benghazi. Shame on you.

    Petraeus is just a man who threw away his legacy for a piece of ass. He’s a fool. Whether or not he’s a knave has yet to be revealed.

    I also don’t like it when people throw around the ‘war hero’ stuff. Benedict Arnold was a war hero, too. Until he wasn’t.

  88. Yeah she’s not inevitable like Romney.

    It’s her turn. Thus sayeth the LA Times.

  89. I thought the LAT was going to fold its tent and go home.

  90. a group sometimes euphemistically called “uninformed voters”
    The Democrats understood how to reach that constituency.

    In Slate, Feb. 2012, there was this article vaguely describing a system called “Narwhal” which was being developed and expanded by the Obama campaign. Its existence was unknown to me until just after the election though the writeup was done months ago it doesn’t seem to have been considered to be a big deal by bloggers or journalists and so flew under the radar.

    “Narwhal” is a system that links together all the information on voters/donors/volunteers that the campaign has ever collected. It then uses data mining to be able to view details about voters that previously may have been not seen. In the article they describe how they can locate a person whose support of Obama is wavering and put together a personalized message just for that voter to bring her back aboard. This is amazing and useful but is not what struck me.

    To do what they describe means they can also do some other things with that same information and also means that they likely have integrated more information into the database than they admit to in the article. This system, since it includes email addresses, real addresses, telephone numbers and other identifying information about anyone that any part of the campaign has contacted in any way, could also have information from all the polls done, from all the door to door surveys that the various third party groups like unions and the multitude of community organizer groups that work the left side do of all the people in their areas. Facebook data, Twitter, Google too since the guys from there developed “Narwhal” for Obama. I’d bet that other publicly available or “for sale” data bases would also be put into the “Narwhal” system.

    There are many uses that this could be put to but I want to consider two. In this system every individual would be defined by various parameters which would define them in a multidimensional space. Some parameters could be. Their likely-hood of voting. Their support level of Obama or Romney. What issues they personally find to be most important. If you can find someone who is wavering and deliver a personal message that will get them back aboard then you can also find someone who is supporting your opponent and deliver a personalized message to either bring them to your side or, if that looks not possible, a different message that would put them into the “a pox on both their houses” mood so that they would sit the election out or go third party. The tailored message might even be one that came from some seeming third party support group keeping the campaign’s hands “clean.”

    There is another “voter” it would be useful, to the Democrats, to identify. The “voter” who will not vote. Having a list of these would make it easy to bring in your ringers to vote under the name of one who isn’t going to show up. Could be done absentee, or in person by paid bussed around “volunteers.” Having an extra 2, 5 or 10% “banked” in each precinct in the “battleground” States would go along way toward a victory and much less obvious than the old methods which are still in use where they can be done. Of course Voter ID would make this problematic at this time so it must be opposed. After all it does suppress the vote of those who would not or could not vote.

  91. A little help from his friends too?

  92. A little help from his friends too?

    nah taking advantage of a mitten’s screw up. orca was “tested” on election day

  93. The things Joe Biden actually says are largely indistinguishable from a Bad Lip Reading of Joe Biden.

  94. Heartbeat away, people. Heartbeat away.

  95. the hairplugs would be fun with all the old white folks comments…. oh wait

  96. His wife must be dumber than a bag of hammers.

  97. Now I know that most people will think my above [2:11pm] is as nuts as I am but consider what can be done even with the old methods. Then consider the fact that it seems impossible to get a number, even for the 2008 election, much less the 2012, as to how many people are registered as the figures available vary from under 169 million [1] to over 190 million [2]. The problems are voters who are dead, moved, registered in more than one place, non-existent registered voters. An amoral unscrupulous Party using vast resources in money, manpower, and technological expertise could certainly bend this uncertainty of registration to their own advantage.

  98. I don’t think that’s nuts at all. I think that’s how unscrupulous people would be able to use the information one can get from mining the data, which is substantial if you can find a good key to connect all the data together. A phone number, for instance, is pretty damn good, and usually easily obtained.

    If the person doing the survey calls you, you can bet your phone number will be attached to any “anonymous” information you provide.

  99. If anyone cares there is a look into Obama’s data effort in the WSJ today.

    Some uses of big data were known before the election—for instance, the Obama website was even more assiduous than online retailers like Best Buy about dropping “cookies” on users’ computers to gather information about their online habits.
    Campaign manager Jim Messina pledged to “measure every single thing in this campaign” and built an analytics department five times the size of the 2008 effort. A Time magazine reporter got access to the data scientists in the campaign’s Chicago headquarters on the condition that the reporter would keep mum until after the election. “What they revealed as they pulled back the curtain,” Time recently reported, “was a massive data effort that helped Obama raise $1 billion, remade the process of targeting TV ads and created detailed models of swing-state voters that could be used to increase the effectiveness of everything from phone calls and door knocks to direct mailings and social media.”

    According to the magazine, the campaign created a “single massive system that could merge the information collected from pollsters, fundraisers, field workers and consumer databases as well as social-media and mobile contacts with the main Democratic voter files.”
    The Obama campaign has used cookies to track its supporters online since the 2008 election. It spent the past 18 months creating a new, unified database, factoring in some 80 pieces of information about each person, from age, race and sex to voting history.

    Just gives me such a nice warm fuzzy feeling, don’t you agree?

  100. The Time piece referenced.

  101. And the other data project that they won’t discuss much about. “Project Dreamcatcher

    Hopes and dreams, and fears and frustrations, these are the marketers goldmine. They are the difference between telling you why you should buy something and making you feel that you need to buy it. You see it in the change from a laundry list of features to making a product sexy. This change in marketing is the goal of “Project Dreamcatcher”.

    Starting with the 2008 election the Obama campaign has gathered masses of unstructured data. From tweets about the president and his opponents to stories supporters post on his website, this data represents a treasure trove of usable knowledge, and it is this knowledge that Dreamcatcher is after.

    The campaign is being particularly closed mouthed about this one, stating that, “We have no plans to read out our data/analytics/voter contact strategy. That just telegraphs to the other guys what we’re up to.” But as best as we can deduce Dreamcatcher relies on large scale text analysis to glean voters hopes and fears, and understand their positions on various political policies.

    Those involved with the project say it analyzes text in an effort to unlock whole areas of personal information that has yet to be collected or put to use. The dream is to enable better decision making on which voters to target and how to do it.

    “It’s not about us trying to leverage the information we have to better predict what people are doing. It’s about us being better listeners,” a campaign official said. “When a million people are talking to you at once it’s hard to listen to everything, and we need text analytics and other tools to make sense of what everyone is saying in a structured way.”