May 14, 2012

Football stolen, spiked [bh]

Ernst provides the link and then Lee provides the commentary: “This is like the Valerie Plame story, times a thousand.  Too bad it won’t matter to anyone that votes democrat.”

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  1. The joke’s on the Brits, right? I mean, what the fuck will it take for them to figure out they can’t trust Obama in any respect?

  2. This is going to be a tough one for the media, if this gets any traction at all they are going to have to run with it or loose what little shred of pretense of objectivity they have.

  3. But yeah, the Brits need to realize that Obama is not a friend.

  4. Still, it wouldn’t behoove Mi6 to publish pictures of Obama ass-nailing his favorite manbun. Better they should honeypot Valerie Jarrett.

  5. Speaking of his favorite cheekfuck, I’d nominate this feller.

  6. churchill’s bust is going to hit some knucklehead

  7. sdferr, who is that with the Wonce? I don’t recognize him.

  8. Go look on the Daily Caller front page just now leigh. He’s evidently the trusted operative, at least where it comes to bribing Rev. Wright.

  9. Thanks. BRB.

  10. Pretty incestuous little bunch, aren’t they? Michelle, Whitacker, Jarrett, Axeltool.

    I think I’ll just work onthe assumption that all pols and political appointees are crooks in Illinois until proven otherwise.

  11. And to think this guy was so different, so special. Such promise wasted. How sad.

  12. I vill transmit zis information to Vladmir.

  13. Stories in both The Guardian and the NY Post (by Michael Walsh) about this.

  14. But yeah, the Brits need to realize that Obama is not a friend.

    Which reminds me of an old joke about The Blonde Dictionary, which leads me to suggest a new nickname for the #Occupant: Barack Enema.

  15. Ulsterman says Jarrett is going to be next up for investigation.

  16. Is Valerie manly enough to eschew the blindfold and last cigarette for Barry? Doubts it.

  17. I doubt it, as well. Does Valerie have dual citizenship with US/Iran? I know she was raised there, but am unclear if she was born there or how their laws on citizenship work. It may be best to take her passport as she presents a risk of flight.

  18. this doesn’t make any sense at all

    if I had to guess Obama was stung by the criticism he got for his undignified end zone tango with bin laden’s rotting corpse, and, wanting very badly to look like he wasn’t simply dining out on faded glory, what he did was he over-corrected

  19. Lisa Jackson is kind of an awful looking porker. Michelle might should probably look into that to see if she can help. And truly, though she does near her absolute senescence and final mental decline, waddling ol’ Babs Mikulski could use Flotus’ he’p as well. So much working fat to lose, so little time.

  20. Michelle didn’t want to have any truck with Oprah, because Oprah is too fat. I read it in the NYT.

  21. We see directly the inherent nobility of socialized medicine. Burn the queers, off the retards. Good. Save a mercenary buck or two for the sake of the proponent politician who makes the sale. They’re only useless, unvalued lives, after all.

  22. If you cannot squeeze any more money out of them, turn them into soylent green.

  23. The War on Terror is officially over so I’m told. This is just Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” at last moment.

  24. Obama pretty explicitly warned the Brits when he sent back the Churchill bust; four years in and they still hadn’t accepted who they were actually dealing with. Everybody who voted for a post-racial America feeling better now? We are going to be paying a long long time for that guilt-soothing balm.

  25. One of the first acts of the next president should be to ask for the Churchill bust to be loaned to us again.