March 24, 2012

“Now witness claims TRAYVON attacked Zimmerman: Anonymous onlooker told police neighbourhood watch captain was provoked… as friends insist teen was not violent and protests mount”

The chickens, they’ll be coming home to roost, legacy media.


From the UK Mail:

Trayvon Martin may have attacked a Neighborhood Watch captain before the man shot dead the unarmed teen in a gated community in Florida, an anonymous witness who spoke to police claimed yesterday.

The witness, known only as John, told Sanford police that he saw Martin on top of George Zimmerman shortly before the fatal shot that has led to a national outcry, including a huge ‘hoodie’ march in Philadelphia last night. He recounted the details to Fox 35 News in Florida

Meanwhile, the Rev Al Sharpton said today that activists are planning a ‘wave of civil disobedience.

Speaking outside of his New York City headquarters today, Rev Sharpton said that it is important to show ‘sustained indignation’ over Martin’s death.


In addition, members of the Black Panther Party are offering a $10,000 reward for Zimmerman’s ‘capture,’ the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Leader Mikhai Muhammad said at a Sanford protest today after the group called for 5,000 new recruits to capture him.

The group chanted: ‘Justice for Trayvon!’ as well as ‘Black Power!’

Mr Muhammad told the paper that the group would commence their search in areas that Zimmerman was known to have work ties – in Jacksonville and Maitland.

The witness told FOX 35 in Orlando that he saw evidence of a fight between Martin and Zimmerman, which could lend credence to the gunman’s claim that he was acting in self-defence.

‘The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: “Help, help… and I told him to stop and I was calling 911,’ he said.

Zimmerman was wearing a red sweater; Martin was in a grey hoodie.

He added: ‘When I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point.’

This account is drastically different from the portrait painted of Martin by his friends and acquaintances.

Look, let’s just get this out there:  as of now, no one can say with certainty what happened, save that early reports spread by a complicit media and some cynical, race-baiting politicians were completely misleading and erroneous, and in many cases, probably intentionally so.   Progressives and the media accomplices and enablers wanted to present a particular narrative, and they weren’t about to let facts — or a lack of them — get in the way of how this particular narrative was presented and disseminated.  Make no mistake:  the reaction they got from this story was the reaction they wanted.  This was a political gambit.  And it is despicable.

Were any real justice left in the United States, members of the press and racial ideologues like Al Sharpton, who are benefiting most from what is turning out to be an initially misreported story, would face criminal prosecution and civil liability for any damages or deaths arising from the racially-charged “protests” they’ve helped manufacture and stoke. Spike Lee would be shamed, and his “art” hereafter ignored.

This is a case of abhorrent media malpractice; and we’ve been down this road before with Al Sharpton, who now wears the veneer of respectability as a “journalist” for MSNBC, when the truth is, he’s a race pimp and a divisive, cynical charlatan who long ago should have been dismissed from good company.

— Which, come to think on it he was.  And that explains why he now shills for leftists, Democrats, race hustlers, and MSNBC.

In 2007, I noted here on this blog that if we elect a leftist ideologue like Obama — an academic steeped in critical race theory and Black Liberation Theology, an adept of Alinksy and Said — we would wind up setting back racial relations in this country decades.  And that’s because racial divisions create opportunities for pandering progressive politicians, as well as lays the groundwork for an identity politics paradigm favored by the left as a way to promote bloc politics and collectivism over individualism and classical liberal ideals.

Looks like we’re right on schedule.

Our “post-racial” President is anything but.  Division, scapegoating, class and race mistrust and envy:  these are the tools of the leftist academic.  Obama is simply acting like he was trained to act.

Like a seal at Sea World.  With an expensive suit.

This is what your betters insisted would usher in a time of healing here in the US.  They lied to you. And they lied to themselves.

And now the chickens, they’re coming home to roost, voters.  Enjoy!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:33pm

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  2. Like a seal at Sea World. With an expensive suit.


  3. The original claim by Trayvon Martin’s mother was that Zimmerman shot him while he was sitting on her porch. This media circus has been spun for over a month with different iterations.

  4. P.S. This witness account was from one of the first print reports dated February 27th. The media saying “Now” there’s a witness as if someone just came forward today is another media lie.

  5. I predict riots and possible bloodshed before this is over.

    I’m psychic.

  6. Could be time for a spring sale of Cranky Cudgels.

  7. The original claim by Trayvon Martin’s mother was that Zimmerman shot him while he was sitting on her porch.

    That would be impossible since she lives in Miami.

  8. Impossibility is never a bar to the claims of people who would fly across a dozen states to stir up a lynch mob.

  9. Oh — can anyone tell me the moral difference between Al Sharpton and a Klan Kleagle?

  10. Sharpton’s worse, because he’s widely condoned by a major political party.

  11. In 2007, I noted here on this blog that if we elect a leftist ideologue like Obama — an academic steeped in critical race theory and Black Liberation Theology, an adept of Alinksy and Said — we would wind up setting back racial relations in this country decades.

    I remember that very well on this blog. It made perfect sense at the time. But, on the other hand, John McCain said we have nothing to fear from an Obama presidency.

    So, we have that going for us.

  12. Sharpton’s worse, because he’s widely condoned by a major political party.

    Well, in his “defense”, so were the Kleagles at the time.

    Same party, weirdly.

  13. But we’ve come so far

  14. From the report: Tracy Martin who said the victim in the shooting is her 17-year-old son, Trayvon, who was visiting from Miami……. I’m living down here. He was sitting on the porch and this man killed him.”

  15. When did you fellas realize that the nation had officially surrendered to a recrudescence of racism? Because that is precisely what has happened. For me it was when the country gave candidate Obama a pass on Jeremiah Wright. A bigot who preached to Barry for twenty years, took his church offerings, married him and his wife, baptized his kids, and inspired the title of one of Obama’s memoirs.

    That was the signal to me saying racism is permitted and needful, ’cause now it’s whitey’s turn on the pillory.

  16. Well, George, I’ve been in denial about it — this is the first time I’ve admitted to myself that it’s apparently acceptable to call for lynching. But I’ve been jittery about this kind of thing since the 2001 riots.

  17. It is a tragedy that a young kid died.
    People who carry guns are rightfully held to a very high standard when it comes to the implementation of force.
    So Zimmerman signed on to heavy scrutiny when he decided to carry.

    But the howling (predictable) from the left race baiters about young black men being hunted down like dogs is without any sort of factual basis.

    Whites are murdered by blacks in greater numbers than blacks by whites.
    It’s just a statistic. A number.
    Blacks get hunted down and murdered by other blacks every hour of every day.

    I understand that an investigation into this young life taken too soon is warranted. Let the official investigation chips fall where they may for Zimmerman. But this reminds me of those kids in Louisiana that got celebrity status and then went on MySpace flashing $100’s from the donations they got.
    What a knee jerk reaction it has become to holler “RACIST” before the facts are all heard.
    I’m not sure the Sanford Police are the best, but it will be interesting to see why they thought this shooting should be treated in this way.

    The tragedy will be compounded if any “narrative” wins out over reality

  18. It’s nigh on to impossible to read a lot of the comments on stories about this story without despairing about our country even more than I usually do.

    Most of them are a spin on “Burn the witch!”

  19. ” . . . the official investigation . . . ”

    There’s a sense in which, in order to be accurate, we have to say “the second official investigation”, since the chips falling from the first official investigation have been judged by the race baiters not to have fallen correctly.

  20. Beto Ochoa :

    Tracy Martin, the teen’s father, coached his son’s football team.

    Read more:

  21. Weird, innit, how little coverage a kid being doused in gasoline and lit on fire got compared to this?

  22. Sharpton looks like a hate skeleton in that picture. I’m having D&D flashbacks and shit.

  23. Remember how this guy was just a fringe kook, representative of no one?

    King Samir Shabazz, a former Nation of Islam member and head of the New Black Panther Party’s Philadelphia chapter, has a long history of confrontational racist behavior. He advocated racial separation and made incendiary racial statements while promoting anti-police messages in the media and on the streets of Philadelphia. He publicly announced “I hate white people. All of them.” He also suggested the killing of white babies.

    Yet, despite the late Andrew Breitbart finding no takers for a $100,000 reward for any video proving anyone hurled racist epithets at Democrat Congresscreeps after passing Obamacare, we must believe, as all right-thinking people do, that Tea Partiers and opponents to larger government are uniformly bigots hatin’ on the black man?!/andrewbreitbart/status/11177401233–Democrat-Shill

  24. That kid was white, Rob. So, you know, who cares?

  25. I have probably said it before here, but one of the reasons I am agnostic instead of atheist is the deep hope people like Al Sharpton give me that there is indeed a Hell.

  26. This isn’t exculpatory for Zimmerman. From what I gather, if the kid socked Zimmerman, he had it coming. Some creepy dude who’s been following me finally decides to confront me and nice is not on my agenda.

    Race baiters aside, this case needs to be tried. They’re right about that.

  27. Hey, is it just me and my laptop, or did the internets eat the right sidebar?

  28. Don’t forget this one which never got much media traction.

  29. It’s probably the Sharpton pic pushing it over on your resolution. I’ma shrink it a bit.

  30. I fully expect that Eric Holder will make this about getting rid of CCW in particular and the 2nd in general.

  31. That’s a horrific story , geoffb. I hadn’t heard about that one.

  32. not getting much attention last summer was the mahogany mobs rampaging. baracky and co. are prepped to recreate ’68 this summer.

  33. Problem is, Pablo, being “creepy” and following someone isn’t grounds to justify assault and battery.

    On the other hand, assault and battery *CAN BE* grounds for justifiable use of deadly force.

    Trayvon apparently had a cell phone. He could have called the police. He could have not thrown a punch. He could have done lots of things. It appears that what he *DID* do lead to an armed man believing he was in danger of severe bodily harm.

    And regardless, a murky case in Florida doesn’t call for marches in NYC and calls to murder a man who, by the standards we usually demand to be applied, is innocent.

  34. I fully expect that Eric Holder will make this about getting rid of CCW in particular and the 2nd in general.

    I expect castle doctrine laws will be the first target. We’ll all end up having a duty to retreat into Texas before defending ourselves.

  35. Yeah Geoff, Katie Granju was making all kinds of weird excuses for that one.

    Curdled my blood seeing her calling people racist for saying that the double rape, torture, and murder crime was primarily racially motivated and part of a large body of similar senseless black on white crimes that indicate a much larger cultural problem than a few inexplicable monsters . She was saying that these people stating the obvious disgusted HER. It’s amazing how the fictions of political correctness turn people into schizoid idiots who have to fight themselves just to avoid seeing what’s right in front of their eyes.

    And no one was saying that all black people are capable of this, only that it happens far more than the press wants to admit or discuss and the “black community”(whatever that is… just one more stupid, pseudo-scientific, leftist theory generated entity to keep track of, not unlike the defunct idea of phlogiston) doesn’t seem to speak out about it or acknowledge it and that any discussion it does receive tries to whine about socioeconomic inequality and childhood trauma, and alienation.

  36. a murky case in Florida doesn’t call for marches in NYC and calls to murder a man who, by the standards we usually demand to be applied, is innocent.

    Just NYC? Hell, LA, Philly, et al. There were pictures of grown men (OWSers taking a break from Zuccotti Park) sitting on steps and bawling. WTF? An investigation is going to happen, but comparing this kid to Emmitt Till is a bridge too far.

  37. I despair for the howling mob of phony indignants we’ve become. Look at some of those photos and it’s easy to see how entire ethnic groups can be targeted for eradication.

    People suck.

  38. What bothers me most, Jeff, is people bringing their children to these “rallies”. Here you have award-winning jackasses like Sharpton calling for a man’s blood and toddlers playing in the grass. Nice.

  39. entire ethnic groups can be targeted for eradication.

    People suck.

    Well Jeff, they’re already on it.
    In 2006, here in Austin, a professor Eric Pianka promoted the exterminating 90% of the human population. The audience gave him a standing ovation.

  40. geoffb says March 24, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Don’t forget this one which never got much media traction.

    Following the “man bites dog” principle it would seem that black people acting like beasts isn’t unusual while white people defending themselves from such violence is.

    Hard to draw any other conclusions.

  41. From what I gather, if the kid socked Zimmerman, he had it coming.

    So, what you are saying is that it was Martin who chose to ‘stand his ground.’

    All well and good, except for the part about no evidence of Zimmerman having done anything to warrant more than a dirty look, and possibly a rude gesture. When Martin made it physical -in the absence of any physical threat from Zimmerman- he became the aggressor.

    If the witness is correct then Zimmerman, down on his back being pummeled in the head, was entirely justified in resorting to deadly force. The standard in Florida is “threat of death or grievous bodily injury.”

    Much as I appreciate your presence here, come into my neighborhood and act like witnesses describe Martin behaving and I will confront you. Be nice and I’ll be nice, but try to get physical you just might lose the ability to control when and how the violence ends.

    Another thing not being discussed is that this type of thing happens in neighborhoods all over the country on a regular basis. Only it is not ‘neighborhood watch’ confronting the outsider, it’s the local gang. And when they shoot the interloper for being on the wrong turf (again, an all too common occurrence) nobody who lives there saw a thing, and nobody else – especially the race baiters and grievance mongers – gives a shit.

  42. It’s just a picnic to hobnob with others who share your strong sense of social consciousness, leigh. Facts don’t matter. They’re on the side of good and right and caring and social justice. If innocent people need get lynched for them to keep their fantastical and narcissistic self-images alive and intact, so fucking be it! Small price to pay for going home and telling people you stood for a Poor Black Child.

    Honestly. This country needs a good enema.

  43. Race baiters aside, this case needs to be tried. They’re right about that.

    I read somewhere, maybe in the comments on another thread, that the D.A.’s office told the police there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him —which is why Zimmerman hasn’t been charged.

  44. so whatever happen to the jena 6?

  45. I read the same thing, Ernst. Who knows where though since there are thousands of stories about this.

  46. IIRC, about a year ago there was a British guy who had been drinking in downtown Sarasota, and rather than get a taxi he chose to walk back to his place. Sadly he made a wrong turn, and wandered a little bit north of downtown, ending up in the Newton section of Sarasota.

    Newton being the historically black section of Sarasota he was shot dead for his infraction.

    To the best of my knowledge the crime remains unsolved.

  47. Newtown, not Newton.

  48. What bothers me most, Jeff, is people bringing their children to these “rallies”. Here you have award-winning jackasses like Sharpton calling for a man’s blood and toddlers playing in the grass. Nice.

    Well, people also went to witness the first battles of the Civil War with picnics and their families. Lots of Romans went to watch Paullus and Varro beat the tar out of Hannibal at Cannae, as well — they were the first back to the city with word of the defeat.

    People often don’t think too clearly, and consider events to be parties more than potential disasters. The wannabe lynchers listening to Sharpton have a good idea that they’re safe — no one’s going to attack them for listening to the bile. Until it happens, of course.

  49. Should have Binged rather than working from memory.

  50. Did Dwayne Wade wear a Barbour gillet and pour a pint of bitters onto the ground for him, ThomasD?

  51. Robert DeNiro just noted that America is not ready yet to grieve the white victims of violence perpetrated by Black neighborhood watch captains who were being beaten by their quarry.

  52. Yeah, I know, Rob. People used to make a day of it going to the public hangings, too. I like to think of it as an excellent opportunity to corral them all while they’re there.

    Jeff, one more reason to hate the Heat and LeBron James is that hoodie pic.

  53. It’s probably the Sharpton pic pushing it over on your resolution.

    I can’t scroll to it. It’s just gone. Could be me, as I haven’t udes this machine in a while.

  54. Things that helps me keep my cool are that I strive to remain fairly ignorant of the particular doings of people famous for being famous, and a belief that this case will end as badly for the usual suspects as has L’affaire d’Fluke, and the Occuturds.

  55. Problem is, Pablo, being “creepy” and following someone isn’t grounds to justify assault and battery.

    Following, no. Confrontation, which happened, very possibly. I’m thinking of the girlfriend’s report as well as the civlian’s concurrent 911 call.

    Zimmerman should have left the kid alone, as recommended by the cops. He’d be alive and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  56. There has to be a trial. If there is no innocent verdict nobody knows when to start rioting.

  57. According to the police report, most witnesses, and Zimmerman he did leave the kid alone. Then the kid came back and attacked him.

  58. Well, B. Moe. I hope the jury is made up Korean convenience store owners and Jewish pawn shop owners.

  59. ot santorum takes louisiana

  60. Mebbe someone should organize a big crowd outside of Spike’s house for when the verdict comes down.

  61. Pictured: Al Sharpton trying out for the part of the Red Skull in the Captain America sequel.

  62. According to the police report, most witnesses, and Zimmerman he did leave the kid alone. Then the kid came back and attacked him.

    A grand jury is going to have a hard time avoiding the police report – it will need to be directly controverted otherwise it will stand.

    My prediction – no true bill.

  63. Mebbe someone should organize a big crowd outside of Spike’s house for when the verdict comes down.

    Heh. The little midget would piss himself.

  64. Incidents like this are why I have less and less to say. I developed this bad habit of not stating an opinion about what happened until the facts have outlasted the lies.

    Which means I may never get the chance, in this case.

  65. meanwhile in baracky’s “hometown”

    Weekend of violence claims 10 shooting victims across Chicago

    (Tribune illustration)
    March 19, 2012|By Liam Ford, Peter Nickeas and Rosemary Sobol | Tribune reporters

    At least 10 people were killed, including a 6-year-old girl, in shootings over the weekend in Chicago.

    The slain were among at least 49 people wounded in shootings from 5 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Monday, according to information compiled by the Chicago Tribune.


  66. The sad fact is, McGehee, the lynch mob is at the Court House steps and we are all out of Gary Coopers.

  67. Gary Cooper is racism.

  68. Okay then, Sheriff Bart from “Blazing Saddles”, then.

  69. rick 49% mittens 26% – 52% reporting

  70. Insider: Played it out? No, not…you might think so but no…his people are going to raise the issue of race to a level this country hasn’t seen since the Civil Rights movement. White guilt got Barack Obama the nomination. White guilt got Barack Obama into the White House. At least it was a big part of it…they are not sure they can run on the economy by summer of 2012. Motivation is way down – the people on the ground. Many of them will be sitting this one out. ….

    Insider: Hell yes-yes… it can work. It’s not gonna come so easy as it did in 2008, but that’s why they plan to ramp it up – the race issue. Look, you got generations of voters in this country who have been hammered with guilt for being white. Schools, television, movies…decades of this racism shit coming at them from all sides. White guilt is very real. I’ve used it-done it myself… countless times in an election campaign. And for Barack Obama…his re-election team – they are banking on it bringing victory in 2012. Even if it means the threat of race riots. They are willing to go that far – go down that road if need be. If the Obama team can’t guilt enough of White America into voting for them in 2012 – they are just fine with trying to scare the shit out of them to do it. And you need to know that there are a lot of Democrats who are hearing about this and are not on board. We’ve always used the race issue to our advantage – but what the Obama team has planned is something…it’s something else altogether….

    My bold.

    White House Insider Aug. 30 2011

  71. Blake, that’s the best evidence I’ve seen that the insider is real. The Usual Suspects seemed primed for something to happen, and the press seems to be going into overdrive to twist the story to those ends.

  72. Crawford, I ran across the article about the shooting and really didn’t think too much about it, other than the usual anti gun organizations would start in.

    Imagine my surprise when it turned into a cause célèbre.

  73. We don’t even have any Robocops.

  74. What bugs the ever-loving shit out of me here is the mind-bending hypocrisy of the response.

    Mobs of black kids were specifically targeting white people and beating the shit out of them in Milwaukee last summer. Not just at the state fair that most people heard about. Happened in Riverwest, too.

    There were literally dozens of victims of race-based hate crimes but IT DID NOT MATTER BECAUSE THEY WERE WHITE.

    This Trayvon kid? I wish he was still alive. Wish neither of them met that night.

    But, these fucking bigots who could care less about widespread violence against innocent people in the streets simply because of the color of their skin? Damn it, we know they have the capacity for outrage. They’re showing it now.

    They simply don’t care. White people have it coming.

    What other possible conclusion can be drawn?

  75. I’m sure this will all end well.

  76. By the way, if mobs of kids were attacking people in my neighborhood I would always be armed.

  77. OT: but is a 106.8 temperature a bad thing?

  78. That Sharpton is still running loose is proof that shouting fire in a crowded theater is okay, as long as you’re not white.

  79. But, these fucking bigots who could care less about widespread violence against innocent people in the streets simply because of the color of their skin? Damn it, we know they have the capacity for outrage. They’re showing it now.

    When I was in grad school gangs of yoots used to hang out in the stairwells next to the elevators in the parking garages, drinking forties and hooting at the white girls. It scared me half to death every weeknight for three years. I was afraid to ride the elevators, but six flights of stairs is a long damned climb at 9:30 at night.

    I complained to Admin who said they’d step up patrol of campus police, but I never saw them.

  80. Damn, Jeff, is your son’s temp back up again?

  81. If it’s Satchel, take him to the ER NOW!

  82. on a brighter note: everything baracky touches turns to feces. that is all.

  83. what did the docs say? and yes not good.

  84. People should take a look at those links if you haven’t read about those incidents before. It’s shocking stuff.

    I just decided I didn’t need to visit Milwaukee anymore, cranky. About an hour north it’s a completely different place. Kids play with each other in front yards. Adults walk around the neighborhood after dinner.

  85. We took him to the pediatrician today, leigh, after he’d had 106.1. She told us some kids just get high temperatures, and to pay attention to how he’s acting, and if he’s not acting withdrawn or listless or abnormal, just let it play out. He’s acting just fine. We’re using compresses to keep the temp down. He has strep, which in the case of this strain presents with high fever. But he hates the taste of the antibiotics and threw up the first dosage this afternoon. My wife is waiting until 10 to try again. Me? I’m freaked out.

  86. I’d think I’d take any human being to an ER but ice the hell out them on the way.

  87. Yeah, you definitely gotta take him to the doctor now, Jeff.

  88. Yeah, Blake. It hasn’t really gone away, just moved between 99 and now nearly 107. With the compresses, we took it down to 101. He had ibuprofen about 30 minutes ago now so hopefully that will kick in soon.

  89. He’s been to the doctor today. We’re doing what she said. Not that that makes it any easier. I’m freaked out, he’s watching a Harry Potter movie and is dreading the taste of his antibiotics. Other than that he seems fine. Just hot. Very very hot.

  90. It used to be possible to get Amoxicillin that tastes like bubble gum. Of course, it’s been 20+ years since my kids were the age of Satchel, so, who knows if Amoxicillin is still available.

  91. Yeah, they gave him something stronger than Amoxicillin this time, and he’s not into it. Likely because all he’s ever had is Amoxicillin that tastes like bubble gum.

  92. Jesus. That just sounds really, really high to me. Intravenous antibiotics seem in order.

  93. not to sound weird but he should have as little clothing on as possible. heat transfer surface area .

  94. newrouter, you’re always a little out there, so, not like we expect anything different…..;)

  95. Strep can cause heart disease if it goes too far. Take him to the hospital where they’ll give him industrial grade antibiotics.

    Don’t wait any longer. He is in seizure territory already.

  96. “We’re using compresses to keep the temp down.”

    i’m just saying if you put ice to the forehead and the rest of the body is insulated you’re kinda of defeating the ice part of reducing body temp. this is what happens to your mind when you model heat sinks in fortran ;]

  97. modeling heat sinks in fortran? That explains a lot…

  98. Jeff, sorry you’re dealing with this. This kind of thing tends to be harder on the parent than the child.

  99. You might have to put him in the tub and have him drink some drink cold liquids, try and keep the water evaporating off of him. That might be more home remedy than real medicine. But it’s what my mom used to do. And I always heard about the ice treatment but never been put into a tub with ice in it. I take hit he’s got ibuprophen or acetimenophen or something keeping the fever down?

  100. Made an executive decision and got the antibiotics into him. Had to mix it with milk and serve it with some home-baked cookies. But he took it. And now he’s back to watching Harry Potter. Temp down to 103.

  101. Obviously cool water in the tub, not warm…

  102. Not using ice compresses. Just cool washcloths. And we put it on his head, chest, knees, feet… Then we wait awhile before taking his temp to see if it’s actually lowered.

  103. “try and keep the water evaporating off of him. ”

    oh noes that’s good heat transfer. good luck mr. pw.

  104. Strep can cause heart disease if it goes too far. Take him to the hospital where they’ll give him industrial grade antibiotics.

    Our doc said that we needn’t do that unless he appears out of it. My wife says high fevers run in her family.

    At any rate, it’s down to 103 now, he gets more acetaminophen in about an hour, and he’s taken the antibiotics. Because I told him if he didn’t I’d run a needle into his eyeball and make him take it that way.

  105. He’ll sleep like a baby tonight, I’ll be checking his temp every hour or two. I never sleep anymore.

    Good thing the new baby boy will be here in about a month. Keep me on my toes!

  106. Put him in bed with you tonight or sleep in his room, then. If he spikes again, you’ll want to know it.

    103 is still damned hot. 107 is brain cooking.

  107. I, for one, look forward to those sleep deprived (depraved?) blog posts. Should be, umm, entertaining?

  108. Doctor said the brain cooking thing was a myth.

  109. That’s not what they told us in med tech school, but she’s the doctor.

  110. 3 types of heat transfer for those who give a baracky:


  111. You’re a fuck-ton better than some dads, Jeff. Don’t envy you these worries but I’ve been on the other side and it’s almost hard for me to imagine how reassuring that must be.

    Cheers. Satch owes you a beer or two when he comes home from college some spring break. Write it down now so he doesn’t forget.

  112. Here’s an approximation of what I was told today by my doctor. This, too.

    I just wanted to make sure the underlying cause was being addressed. My wife insisted that we couldn’t give him more antibiotics today (until 8 hours hence) after he threw up the first dosage because she said he’d only thrown up some. I thought he didn’t get any into him. Thus, the conundrum: you can’t double dose the stuff.

  113. Oh no, Jeff. :c It is good the fever’s coming down and he’s taking his meds now, but it does sound like you’re in for a long night.

    It is good he’s acting normal, however. Psychological function tends to be a good metric of how a fever’s progressing.

  114. Did they do any blood work on him? Or just a “quick test” (the nurse swabs his throat) for strep in the office? The problem with strep is that you can be looking at pneumonia and the only way to tell that is to do some lab work.

    Watch him (I know you will, since I’ll second bh that you’re an awesome dad) for rattle-y breathing the next few days or if he complains about a stitch in his side.

  115. Glad you got some antibiotics into your son, Jeff.

    Hopefully, we’ll see Satchel cavorting in the background of one of your videos again in the near future.

  116. Honestly, he was more freaked about the prospect of taking the antibiotics than anything else. My wife said she only even took his temp because I texted and asked how he was doing. They are watching the movie together, having just finished the whole series of books. I was outside on the porch listening to yesterday’s Mark Levin show, having a Guinness. Once he took the medicine with the milk and didn’t really taste it, adrenaline kicked in and he was excited and chatty.

  117. They did a rapid test. But they asked about other symptoms. He has no congestion, or even a sore throat. No problem putting chin to chest (I had meningitis when I was about 9 or 10). No abdominal pain, etc. No fluid in the lungs. The only reason we had them swab him for strep is that a neighbor he plays with and a friend from school had strep recently, and when we called last night the on-call nurse told us about this strep strain presenting with high fever.

  118. If it’s coming down below 104, great. The fact he’s not sluggish or anything similar is a good sign. Motrin should knock it down further. I tend to load the Yukon and head to urgent care or the ER north at 104 plus, but mileage varies. We have six, and fevers are an adventure. Strep even more so. You can stagger Tylenol and Motrin to keep the pressure on the fever, too. I’m not impressed with the former, but it helps.

  119. Hopefully, we’ll see Satchel cavorting in the background of one of your videos again in the near future.

    I’ll use him as a hammer curl weight!

  120. My much better half says that you can take Tylenol four hours after a dose of Motrin if the latter is starting to wear off.

  121. Good. It sounds like you’re on it. I hope the little feller is feeling better soon.

    My middle son developed a fever when we were on vacation at the shore and I was heavily pregnant with my youngest. I thought he was just feeling punky until his eyes rolled up in his head. We spent the afternoon at the ER and I think he slept for a day or two. That was ages ago and I don’t remember what he had, just that it wasn’t meningitis.

  122. We’re doing the stagger thing, Dale.

    For me, anything over 104 is unheard of. My wife though seems to think that, from her perspective, that’s like a tick above normal.

    107, though? Shit, man. And yet he was so completely awake, engaged, and lucid that we might not have known had we not decided to take his temp just as a periodic endeavor.

    I hate to sound old, but in my day —

    Well, I’m freaked. My wife, who’s a decade+ younger? Less so. But then, that’s the way it is generally in our household.

  123. Eerily similar, leigh. My wife being very pregnant right now.

    Except so far, no eyes rolling up. He seems pretty normal, like I said. Just hot. Which freaks me out.

  124. Babies can tolerate high fevers much better than older children or adults. Like I suggested before, if he spikes a fever again, get him to the ER just to be on the safe side.

  125. Thanks for letting me vent, all. I’m going to go finish up with Levin and hopefully pass out for a couple hours.

  126. “For me, anything over 104 is unheard of. My wife though seems to think that, from her perspective, that’s like a tick above normal.”

    +/- 5 f on a cheap(mao land) sensor ain’t unheard of.

  127. This shooting happened about a month ago, right? Yet the national media only starts to play it up in the last week to ten days? And now we have occupyZimmerman’sbloodycorpse rallies going on nationwide, keeping the story alive? What gives?

  128. We used a temporal scan thermometer. Had me at 98.6.

    Anyway, he just chugged a cup of water and threw several roundhouse kicks at me. Fever down to 100.9 or 100.2, depending on which side of his head we scan.

    Acetaminophen soon. And then we just hope he doesn’t re-spike before 5 am, when we can give him more antibiotics.

  129. Jeff: I hear you. Mine get sluggish and clingy at 102 plus, with a consistent history of ear infections. I freak out quicker than my nearest and dearest, too.

    That, and my sons tend to barf on me whenever they get serious ear infections. Only my sons, and only on me. Like miniature Mr. Creosotes. That tends to prompt me to a faster run to the doc’s, if I’m being completely honest with myself.

    Keep the coffee and thermometer handy. Sounds like you have a hand on it. No advice on the freakout, though. I camp out at the side of their beds a lot here when they’re not feeling well. Motrin’s good for hardwood aches.

  130. Ernst, check out the link the the White House Insider from August of last year. It’s kind of scary.

  131. The bit you quoted got me thinking about it Blake.

    I still don’t trust Ulstermann though. His insider isn’t saying anything that Rush Limbaugh hasn’t been saying for the last four years.

    Now, if the Insider had predicted Republicans want to steal your ladyparts! as Glenn Reynolds has termed the war on (slutty liberal) women, I’d be impressed.

    And bury the guns someplace secure scared.

  132. What worries me is that I lived in dodgy areas of Chicago for years when I was poor and it wasn’t like now. I remember Cabrini-Green. I remember the stops to avoid and the times you could catch a quick connecting bus on the green line, too. Remember the scary nightmare person who kept a hammer hidden in a plastic bag who hung out at the liquor store directly across from my apartment.

    Call me crazy but I much preferred the good old days when you got jacked because you showed too much money with what you were wearing and/or weren’t paying attention to where you were.

    You can’t do much about being white though.

  133. You can’t do much about being white though.

    Self-immolate. You’ll be black in no time.

  134. oh best regards. temperature measurement is subjective ax algore (via wiki):

    Normal human body temperature, also known as normothermia or euthermia, is a concept that depends upon the place in the body at which the measurement is made, and the time of day and level of activity of the person. There is no single number that represents a normal or healthy temperature for all people under all circumstances using any place of measurement.

    Different parts of the body have different temperatures. Rectal and vaginal measurements, or measurements taken directly inside the body cavity, are typically slightly higher than oral measurements, and oral measurements are somewhat higher than skin temperature. The commonly accepted average core body temperature (taken internally) is 37.5 °C (99.5 °F)[citation needed]. The typical oral (under the tongue) measurement is slightly cooler, at 36.8° ± 0.4°C (98.2° ± 0.7°F),[1] Although some people think of these numbers as representing the normal temperature, a wide range of temperatures has been found in healthy people.[2]

    The normal human body temperature can fluctuate about one degree throughout the day, with lower temperatures in the morning and higher temperatures in the late afternoon and evening. The accepted range of “normal” temperature is from 97F (36.1C) to 99F (37.2C)[3]

    For rectal it is 34.4–37.8 °C (94–100 °F), for the tympanic cavity it is 35.4–37.8 °C (96–100 °F) and for axillary it is 35.5–37.0 °C (96–99 °F)

  135. I remember Cabrini-Green.

    I just had to go check that place out one time when I was in Chicago. Freaked me the fuck out.

  136. I’ve been trying an on-again, off-again self-immolation, di. Some people call it smoking. Various PSAs and doctors assure me it’s indeed turning me quite black on the inside.

  137. Yeah, that was one of Chicago’s special, special places, Abe.

  138. My wife is mad at me now for being a bully. Turns out she had a plan to get the antibiotics into the whole time and my freaking out didn’t help matters.

    To which I reply, and yet it’s in him.

    Go, me!

  139. Well, I’m a happy camper. There’s a butcher shop in town that sells tri-tip (about the only good thing out of California besides Ronald Reagan) and I just found some replacement grates for my WeberQ.

    And Jeff, your wife is just pissed because you’re a better mother than she is.

    [runs away]

  140. Sorry, Jeff, gotta side with the pregnant lady…mainly because she’s pregnant and I fear her tracking me down more than I fear you tracking me down…(I’ve been taking lessons from Obama on how to throw people under the bus)

  141. Later, all.

  142. My normal oral temp at most times of the day is 96.5°.

    I had a hellish time convincing the nurses back in elementary school that yes, I really was feeling terrible, and yes, 99.8° is in fact a fever for me, could I call my mom and go home, please?

    If I spike 102° that’s really bad stuff. I think I was running 104° the night I started having hallucinations about my cough drop tabs being poisoned.

    That was a bad night.

  143. OT, found this video in the comments at the JustOneMinute bit linked by somebody on one of these Trayvon threads.

    Star Parker is probably too religion-y for some here but I like her quite a bit. It looks like yet another one has wandered off the plantation as far as Dems are concerned, however, and is also an inauthentic woman to boot. HORRORS.

  144. And that “someone” would be paleomerus with the JOM link.

  145. I bet if a 17 year old white kid, asian kid, hispanic kid, “white hispanic” kid, martian, robot, magical cartoon talking pony, Mr. Potato head, whatever had done the same thing that it sounds like Martin did that it would have ended up about the same. Maybe even with a woman. If you end up on top of somebody hitting them and they are armed and able to reach the weapon then getting shot is a pretty likely eventuality.

    And I’m not calling Martin a thug! Honestly, I think if at age 17, I saw some strange guy watching me, and then following me back to my dad’s place, and acting all weird and hostile then I might have approached him and tried to run him off and ended up getting shot too, especially if I suddenly noticed in a struggle that he had a gun, and I freaked out and tried to get it away from him, all the while thinking that HE was the bad guy and I was the guy under siege by some dangerous weirdo. In short I have seen no indication that Martin was unusually bellicose or predatory or bullying. I think he smelled a threat and did not react to it appropriately or safely due to his youth and inexperience and Zimmerman reacted to getting his face smacked around by some hid who at some point knocked him down and climbed on top for either control or more punches, or to take his gun away. They both ended up in a fight or flight position and in florida an armed man under assault is in a gun fight if he thinks it necessary.

    I am disgusted by the lack of interest in non “white” on black crimes including those perpetrated by blacks on blacks or on whites, or “whites” or “non-blacks”. However I see no reason to count Martin as being a of a similar dangerous “psycho” or “sadistic” mindset. I think the best explantation from what I’ve seen and heard so far (and yeah it’s admittedly not that much) he just thought he was going to teach some weirdo casing his dad’s place a lesson and the weirdo thought he was tracking some kid he’d never seen before who might be casing the neighborhood and teen age aggression and foolhardiness lead somehow to a beating (and apparently it was more of a cut scalp and bloody nose beating than broken cheekbone and jaw type) and Zimmerman who was outmatched felt threatened enough at some point to shoot him.

    There is a witness that pretty much confirms violent contact by Martin prior to Zimmerman shooting him. Suggestions that the witness is racist or lying are silly without some solid reason to take them as more than emotional pot stirring.

    I think Martin was probably generally a pretty good kid with a decent future ahead of him and his parents are understandably very upset that they lost their son but this railroad witchunt from the press is such bullshit and frankly the Black Panther party needs to be publicly backed off that wanted poster shit with an extreme minimum of shit talk or they need to be in jail for making a terroristic threat and conspiracy to kidnapping, false imprisonment, and/or murder. Anyone who publicly supports that poster should be informed that they may now be seen as accessories to ANYTHING that happens to Zimmerman.

    The NBP issuing bounties even in jest in a situtation like this as if they are the Banditos wanting to clear out some Angels selling meth in their turf but not get their own hands dirty is NOT legal and if Holder can’t see that then Congress needs charge some people with high crimes and corruption.

  146. I agree, jumping to conclusions that this was some racially motivated killing is not justified. Not yet anyway. I am not sure what happened. Let the investigation determine what took place and review those results before jumping to conclusions.

  147. Jeff, best of luck with your son. I remember the tubs of cool water with ours; those spiking temps are a bitch.
    I on the other hand ran screaming to the ER last night with a paltry 102 and a gall bladder saying NOW not Monday. Looks like I’ll have time to do some commenting.

  148. Well if my mom dunked me in a cold bathtub and it wasn’t actually medically necessary or beneficial then I’m…kind of feeling bitter about that. I think I got that during the chicken pox, two flus, and a strep throat triple feature when I was 11.

  149. Doctor said the brain cooking thing was a myth

    I disa…

  150. A black political group offered a $10,000 reward Saturday for the killer of an African-American teenager, amid a nationwide uproar which has prompted a rethink of America’s race issues.

    Activists had called for the mobilization of 5,000 black men to capture Zimmerman. And Muhammad said the NBPP was receiving donations from black entertainers and athletes, with a goal to collect $1 million by next week.

    I think it is safe to say this has now gotten completely out of fucking hand.

  151. Thomas Sowell tosses off a nugget that makes me want to set my hair on fire, or at least stop all government funding for any higher ed.

    Many years ago, I learned of an episode in the life of a promising young black man that is relevant to things happening now. He had been educated at a good school, and went on to receive degrees at good colleges and universities. Then he went for a Ph.D. in mathematics at one of the leading departments in that field.

    When he encountered difficulties, his professors essentially wrote his doctoral thesis for him. No doubt they felt good about doing something to help a promising young black man, and perhaps took pride in doing so. But what about his pride?

    This young man ended up joining an extremist group that hated white people.

    Perfectly rational response.

  152. It’s ok, BMoe. Holder and Obama and the Dems will all step in now and call for civility.

    The civil suit against these athletes and entertainers giving money for what is essentially a contract murder? Almost worth my going to law school just so I can wring them all dry.

  153. Over on Volokh, one of the commentors has reconstructed the M/Z case using Google maps and time stamps from the 911 calls and cell phone calls (witness reports from the girlfriend, so far nothing from the PD, so call it a guesstimation) and concluded that since Trayvon’s old man’s crib was only 100 yards from where Zimmerman made the call to 911 before being advised not to follow him and then lost him for five minutes before the neighbor calls 911 and reports a gun shot to the PD, that Trayvon must have doubled back and confronted Zimmerman leading to his shuffling off this mortal coil.

    I predict no True Bill from the Grand Jury.


  154. We have yet to see in print in the media any statement as to the condition of Martin’s hands at autopsy — and his knuckles in particular. Why is that? If he had been pounding on Zimmerman’s face, chances are Martin’s hands would show some sign. If he had not, his hands wouldn’t be bruised, and surely would be less likely to have Zimmerman’s blood on them. In any case, the medical examiner ought to have made a report of the condition.

  155. I’d like to know that, as well. Also the condition of his clothing, e.g., did he have grass stains or dirt on his shoes or pants consistent with kneeling/straddling Zimmerman on the wet grass? How did Zimmerman end up with a bleeding head wound to the back of his head? Was he struck from behind? Did he hit his head on an object on the ground?

    I’d also like to know what Martin had on his person besides a cell phone. Any weapons? Drugs?

    I just read the Justice Department is going to file Hate Crime charges against Zimmerman if he is indicted.

  156. They haven’t released a toxicology report that I can find either, sdferr.

  157. Strep can cause heart disease if it goes too far.

    Apologize for missing all the late night action…

    Strep Throat (ST), if untreated can progress to a condition called Rheumatic Fever (RF). Long story short, the term ‘rheumatic’ is used in a similar manner to that of Rheumatic Arthritis, meaning it is a disease of the immune system gone awry that causes damage to the body. RF is not an infectious disease, most commonly the initial infection is cleared byt hte time RF symptoms appear. As an inflammatory disease it gets treated with anti-inflammatory meds (steroids mainly.)

    One of the common, and lasting points of damage from RF are the valves of the heart. When the valves get enough damage (scarring) they lose the ability to fully close and this leads to back flow during contractions – Rheumatic Heart Disease. This used to be quite a common finding on physical exam, now not so much – unless you travel to the third world.

    Left untreated most cases of ST do not proceed to RF. Treated or untreated most cases of ST resolve in about the same amount of time. So, we don’t treat ST to make you better any faster, we treat it to reduce the risk of progression to RF.

    So, short answer, getting the antibiotic doses into Satchel is more about this long term benefit and much less about having a direct or immediate effect on his fever.

    Getting his fever down is best accomplished with acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen (many clinicians will recommend alternating the two.) Cool (not cold) compresses to the base of the head/neck also help, symptomatically and may also provide some protection to the brain. They also help keep the parent constructively occupied and feeling less useless/hopeless.

    That was good advice, the key element is to be in communication with your provider, and let them know the numbers, and also the child’s behavior – especially anything that seems out of the ordinary. But if temperature cannot be controlled with the meds, and the child is showing symptoms of neurologic changes, then it may be time for a trip to the ER.

    Hope you are all sleeping peacefully and restfully as a I type this…

  158. “I predict no True Bill from the Grand Jury. ”

    The mob demands that someone, or someones, must pay; so pay they will.

  159. Fever was down all night overnight to the point where he’s off of both ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Took his antibiotics without fuss this am. So for right now, it’s all good!

  160. I just read the Justice Department is going to file Hate Crime charges against Zimmerman if he is indicted.

    leigh, they’ll do that whether he’s indicted by the county or not. Got to make sure they have a victim, double jeopardy be damned. That’s what they did to the cops found not guilty by the state level trial in Rodney King.

  161. We were babysitting grandson Zander yesterday and last night, so no internets’ for us! So I missed the fever Satchel thing.

    It is SO hard for parental units when the offspring are turning into little toaster ovens.

    Belated good thoughts your way for his fast recovery.

  162. I will march on behalf of this guy if he’s railroaded. I can’t be the only one willing to do so, either.

    They won’t get their scapegoat without a fight.

  163. Oops, re: Satch. Spoke too soon. Back up at 100. On ibuprofen again. But he’s playing and says he feels fine.

  164. SDN, I was living in Moreno Valley when the Rodney King verdict came down. Ugly times.

  165. Jeff, is Satchel on spring break next week? That will give him time to feel better if he is home. If no SB, I’d keep him home tomorrow so he doesn’t overdo at recess.

    ThomasD, thank you for a fuller explaination of RH. I was running on empty last night and couldn’t get my brain cells clicking on an explaination. My mother (who is 79) had RH as a child. Strep is nothing to screw around with.

  166. 100 in a kid is not too bad as far as fevers go. Normal precautions – ibuprofen lots of fluids, restricted activities – should go far for mending.

  167. Thomas Mann’s Der Zauberberg account of ritual with fever begins to haul into view. But then, that was about the failing political health of a continent headed to World War, so . . .

  168. Yup, Spring Break.

  169. Good. Teach him to play Battleship or poker. It’s never too early.

  170. Face the Nation transcript:
    Nora O’Donnell — Q[9:08]: “Let’s move on to a very serious subject and of course that is the national uproar that is going on after the death of that 17 year old, Trayvon Martin in Florida. Uh, the President made a very personal statement about this. Let’s listen:

    [tape of Obama] “I can only imagine what these parents are going through.” “And when I think about . . . uh . . . this boy, um. . . I think about my own kids” “My main message is, is to the parents, uh, of Trayvon Martin. Um, you know, if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon.”

    Q: Senator, the President did not use the word “race”, but, do you think race played a role here?

    Rick Santorum — A: Well, I mean obviously I’m not privy to what’s going on in someone’s mind. Uh, obviously in my opinion someone who had a very sick mind, uh, who would, would pursue someone like this. . . this is clearly a heinous act, uh, and, you know, there are a lot of people who have a lot of distorted views of reality and uh, it’s a tragic tragic case and my heart goes out to the parents too. I can’t imagine what they’re suffering losing their son and in such a horrific way. Uh, all I would say is that, uh, whatever the motive is, it was a malicious one and um, a very very tragic one.

    Q: Well Newt Gingrich said that what the President said in a sense is “disgraceful, because it is not a question of who that man looked like, any young man of any ethnic background should be safe.” Was Newt Gingrich wrong to make those comments?

    A: Well, all I can say is that, you know, again, there are a lot of people who have very perverted views of reality, and um, and obviously have as we see, people who do horrible things for seemingly senseless reasons. And I think it’s hard to generalize from one heinous act, uh, something that is uh, you know, try to, try to make a bigger point out of it. Uh And I think that’s probably what Newt was getting at, and I’d just say, uh, to the President, to everybody, that we need to focus on is uh being there to be supportive and um for the family that’s going through this tragedy. ” [11:17]

  171. *sigh*

    Et Tu, Santorum? This is bullshit. The ME hasn’t released a report, the DA has declined to indict, no arrest was made. Protocol was followed. If the races were reversed, we’d not be talking about this, although that has been touched on here.

    I’m thinking we need to get on the stick and start a Free George! campaign.

  172. Face the Nation transcript: …

    I got the sense Santorum suddenly found himself in a minefield. And it is a minefield. The ambiguousness of the story, and the fact that the story should not be something aspiring presidents should be concerning themselves over(no more than the other hundred murders in the country since this one, anyway), makes it tough to comment on.

    What he should have said is “I don’t know enough about this story to comment on, and obviously you’d have to ask the president if race played a roll in what he said.

    Violence is on the rise in this country, and we need clear heads as leaders. Too many mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers have lost loved ones to street violence, and how they looked is not important. Black, white, old, young, skinny or fat, these things are not important. What is important is, letting lady justice keep her blindfold on and do her job, for we are all God’s children”

  173. Once upon a time in the state of Georgia, a man was convicted of raping and murdering a young girl on circumstantial evidence and the fact that he was a Yankee and, worse, a Jew.

    Lynched, he was by those who were fired up and ready to go.

  174. Someone should point out to Nora O’Donnell the reason the Trayvon Martin story is national news is due to people like O’Donnell.

    Yes, the death of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy, but it is not a national tragedy.

  175. Oedipus Rex’s: I have done, I will do, combined with his intemperate curiosity? Tragedy. Achilles’ self-regarding intemperate wrath resulting in him skulking in his tent? Tragedy.

    The sad and unfortunate death of an apparently belligerent teen at the hands of an apparently overzealous adult? Possibly contemptible all around as an example of human behavior, maybe, but tragic? Hardly.

  176. I find the whole episode unfortunate, but not tragic.

  177. The sad and unfortunate death of an apparently belligerent teen at the hands of an apparently overzealous adult? Possibly contemptible all around as an example of human behavior, maybe, but tragic? Hardly.

    But…it’s Obama’s son!

  178. If it really is his son, somebody better get Mz. Martin a paternity test.

    Well if my mom dunked me in a cold bathtub and it wasn’t actually medically necessary or beneficial then I’m…kind of feeling bitter about that. I think I got that during the chicken pox, two flus, and a strep throat triple feature when I was 11.

    If the cold water dunking for the pox came with oatmeal, it was probably for the itching. Other than that, my sympathies; baths of misplaced medical necessity are the worst.

  179. My mother gave us cool baths when we were feverish, never cold baths. Of course, we also had the now considered deadly vaporizers and croup tents when we got hacking coughs.

  180. Vaporizers are deadly? When did this happen?

  181. Hot water = hot steam = scalding burns says the Fed. Now, all vaporizers are cold steam and are really humidiiers.

    My mom would be in prison in today’s child-rearing game. She left us in the car to run errands. Smacked us when we talked back. Smoked. She and my dad held poker parties on Friday nights where everyone would tie one on and smoke like chimenies.

    It was life as portrayed in Mad Men…without all the cheating.

  182. When we were stuffy mom would smear Vicks-Vapo-Rub on the inside of an old wool hunting sock and safety pin it around our necks to sleep with at night. It worked but itched something fierce.