March 13, 2012

“Online, liberals far less tolerant than normal people”

Andrew Malcolm, IBD:

Not exactly shocking news for those exposed to them for years, but the respected Pew Research Center has determined that political liberals are far less tolerant of opposing views than regular Americans.

In a new study, the Pew Center for the Internet and American Life Project confirmed what most intelligent Americans had long sensed. That is, whenever they are challenged or confronted on the hollow falsity of their orthodoxy — such as, say, uniting diverse Americans — liberals tend to respond defensively with anger, even trying to shut off or silence critics.


The new research found that instead of engaging in civil discourse or debate, fully 16% of liberals admitted to blocking, unfriending or overtly hiding someone on a social networking site because that person expressed views they disagreed with. That’s double the percentage of conservatives and more than twice the percentage of political moderates who behaved like that.

The proportion jumps even higher when someone on a social site disagrees with a liberal’s post.

Only 1% of moderates would block or shut out someone who dared to disagree with them, compared to 11% of liberals, whose rate was nearly three times that of conservatives.


Bottomline, this study is obviously racist.

Indeed. Uppity, even. And probably suffers from some sort of mental disorder, to boot.

Someone really should have a talk with Pew Research. Because that’s a nice Center for the Internet and American Life Project they’ve got going there. Would be a shame if something happened to it.

— Or, you know, people “became convinced” that it’s time to start shunning Pew altogether…

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:59am

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  1. – Or, you know, people became convinced that it’s time to start shunning Pew altogether…

    What kind of person would shun an organization just because they disagreed with some of its political views? Oh, wait…

  2. In other news, water is wet.

    And, racist!

  3. Time for Pew to get the Full Komen in response to their temerity.

    When the Left wants your opinion, Pew Center, it will hand you pre-screened talking points.

  4. I block people on Facebook all the time. I’m not silencing them. I’m just not listening to them. Everyone else is still listening to them if they want to.

    And I’m not listening to them because experience has taught me that it’s a waste of time to listen to them. It’s almost never a real argument. Real arguments are too good for me and my kind. No, it’s just lame taunting in spite of facts and stupid questions that are easily answered. They all seem to think that half wit sophistry is VERY funny and wins them mucho brownie points with the troll god.

    For instance did you know that we were MORE PROSPEROUS in the Carter era than at any other time with a MASSIVE INCOME TAX , that if I weren’t ignorant I’d know that, and that Reagan and GW Bush spent more than all the other presidents combined? Did you know that GW Bush was never even elected? Did you know that Europe is forty years ahead of us ? (Ahead of us in what? Socialist ruin? Balkanization? Demographic suicide by un-assimilated hostile immigrants abandoning impoverished hell holes run by violent gangs that mask their predation with a thin coat of piety? Disturbing collectivist schemes to fix or strangle the useless eaters while subsidizing them and using them and their ignorance to stay in power ? )

  5. I have long noticed that the default defense position for a challenged proglodyte is to attack the messenger motives and character, NOT debate the facts or evidence.
    Since most prog/libs reject traditional religious-based morality, they value themselves as superior based solely upon their political perspectives.
    This is the logical result of “the personal is political” dogma they embrace.
    Prog/Libs perceive themselves as ‘better’ than conservatives based upon their embracing left wing positions on race, the environment or gay rights and when challenged factually or intellectually about those poorly considered stances, see the challenge as an affront to their sense of self worth and superiority to the ‘double-wide residing, cousin-marrying, bible-thumping, gun-toting, SUV-driving, NASCAR-watching, Red Lobster-dining conservatives.”
    Therefore, any attack on or challenge to their political beliefs is, in fact, an attack on their own sense of superior intellect & inflated self-worth.

    Ergo, they respond with venom, ad hominom attacks and challenges to the virtue of the attacker.

    That’s so much easier than re-evaluating the faulty logic that underpins their own sense of superiority.

    Truly, progressivism is a mental disorder.

  6. Progressivism is just a coping mechanism. Reality is hard, unforgiving, and doesn’t give a damn about how you feel.

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  8. I block people all the time on Facebook. Like palaeomerus says, others can still read them, I don’t have to. I have a friend from high school who, although she herself is not gay, is constantly bombarding me with gay marriage propaganda. Debating her is useless since she is incapable. So I just block that stuff and give her a “like” on pictures of her granddaughter and leave it at that.

    Likewise, one of my nieces swears like a sailor for no reason, so I block her, as well. That and she’s boring.

  9. A big part of it is the fact that leftist cant just isn’t challenged all that often, outside of a few venues like this. Your average Facebook Friend or Twitter Twerp traffics only in the well-worn popular culture of the day, and that culture is unrelenting in its depiction of conservatives as cartoons, and in replacing conservative arguments with straw men.

    When confronted with a real-live acquaintance who does not conform to the cartoon stereotype, it’s an uncomfortable surprise. When that non-conforming acquaintance shoots holes in the accepted narrative and posits reasoned counterarguments, it goes beyond uncomfortable and straight into unacceptable.

    By and large, our leftist friends are where they are through indoctrination and inertia. Forced to spend a little bit of thought on the consequences of their policies, they would realize just how hollow their beliefs really are. Unfortunately, that sort of discipline is hard, and getting over one’s programming can be psychically painful, so too many simply fall back on avoidance and projection. It’s just one more hurdle we need to overcome if we’re to restore the Republic to its former strength.

    I just hope that our “think about it!” entreaties bear fruit before they turn into “told you so!” reproaches.

  10. Ok, probably need to pin down a definition of “normal people” here.

    Just sayin’…

  11. So leigh and palaeomerus are part of the conservative percentage. Established.

  12. Does it count as “blocking” if I just don’t accept friend requests from people who want to argue politics all the time?

  13. Tolerance.

    Anybody know where tolerance came from? That is, could it have appeared on the scene as a practical solution to an otherwise insoluble problem, maybe? Huh, funny thing about that. And here the untutored left hasn’t one thought in their heads about what they’re on a path to bring again.

    Chances they’ll notice what they’ve accomplished when the wheel can’t be turned?


  14. Squid, yes. I have decided to stop rolling my eyes or look at the floor like most everyone else when one of the more progressive members of my friends or family starts spouting party line propaganda. I expect the stuttering inability to respond without ad hominem attacks from the progressives. They live in an echo chamber and are generally never challenged on the profoundly stupid things they say and just aren’t prepared to defend their ideas or conclusions. What I didn’t expect was all the people used to staring at the ground thinking I’m being mean and unreasonable instead of letting all manner of nonsense be passed on to the younger family members and friends as though we approve of what we are hearing.

    The battle is going to be long and while our enemies aren’t much greater in number, we don’t have as many actual allies as we think. I don’t think that’s news to anyone here though.

  15. I simply despise Facebook and wish I’d never signed up. I keep it inactive as much as I can but some sites demand that I “sign-in” through it to do anything or so it seems.

    Question. I know I can inactivate my Facebook but how do I completely do away with it as If I’d never signed up? Is that an option I’m missing somehow.

  16. So leigh and palaeomerus are part of the conservative percentage. Established.


  17. I am the friend liberals are surprised is conservative, who subsequently gets blocked.

    I’m also the one who is posting a strongly negative response to random posts being shot out of the liberal consensus, when I’m not actively self-censoring for fear of getting blocked.

    Just to establish which percentages I’m in, there.

    OT, my dad, who’s reregistered Democrat, was holding forth at random about what a travesty it was that Rush Limbaugh had dared called that poor Fluke woman a slut and asked for sex tapes from her yesterday. I got shouted down when I attempted to interject on why he would say such a thing and ended up printing out the entire Humanae Vitae in order to point out Catholicism’s stunning lack of a problem with the use of the birth control pill as a treatment for endometriosis, PCOS, etc., as well as Fluke’s testimony with every use of the word “contraception” and “birth control” highlighted, and an estimate from Planned Parenthood itself that puts the maximum cost out-of-pocket for a year’s course of the pill at $600.

    I hate my life.

  18. I’ve never used any social network site like facebook. I’d rather hang out at the feed store.

  19. “Online, liberals far less tolerant than normal people”

    At the risk of sounding trite, who didn’t know that?!?

    I bet analysis would show they generally are the first to reach for ad hominem as well; since their arguments generally won’t stand up to unemtional reasoning…

  20. And as always, I have some typos…Mea Culpa

  21. Question. I know I can inactivate my Facebook but how do I completely do away with it as If I’d never signed up? Is that an option I’m missing somehow.

    There was a way, because I did it. And then I had to go and sign up again, because my wife never got the hang of Twitter or Google+.

    God only knows whether the thing I did to end my first account is still available as an option, but I think I found it by Googling something like, “How do I get off of Facebook without me or Zuckerberg having to die first?”

  22. Online, liberals far less tolerant than normal people

    I think we can safely drop the first word there…

  23. leigh, I hope that when I swear like a sailor it’s for good reason. Lately, though, I’ve noticed that I’m swearing a lot. Is it because I’m a crude conservative boor who can only express himself profanely, or are there just a lot more good reasons to swear?
    I wonder.

  24. geoffb, I have a dummy account that I’ve never posted anything on, and which has no friends. When I run into something that requires login, I use that and then log right back out.

    There’s a dumping Facebook tutorial here, but be warned: It could be dangerous.

    And it will never be like you’ve never signed up. You didn’t think your info was yours did you?

  25. I just don’t enjoy tiresome repetitive lies uttered in a smug triumphalist tone and seasoned with terrible Bill Mahr level “jokes” (Bush is a retard lol!) on facebook. I gave it a chance, and I’ve heard most of it before so what’s the point?

    I don’t have to put up with it so I don’t.

    It’s like rolling up your car window when you smell something awful. That’s what the window control is FOR.

  26. Does it count if I blocked a liberal relative because they spammed my FB account with hateful messages?

  27. Sunny-dee, what gives you the right to decide what’s hateful, you hater?

  28. So Facebook IS Hotel California. Great business model.

  29. and all your stuff doesn’t belong to you.

  30. Wait until you see what google+ will do with your data.

  31. Red, I also swear like a sailor. I always have, although I try to tone it down online since it’s not very ladylike, for one, and it can detract from the point that I may or may not be trying to make. Said point, I will be first to admit is often on the top of my head. My comment about my niece (who I don’t know very well, giant RC family, &c) uses “fuck” in every sentence in every possible way and that is what makes her boring.

    On the other hand, I find that most of the posters here, you included, have every reason to swear and swear often. These are times that try men’s souls and a little (or a lot of!) swearing lets off steam.

  32. “My comment about my niece (who I don’t know very well, giant RC family, &c) uses “fuck” in every sentence in every possible way and that is what makes her boring.”

    Sounds like a profound lack of imagination.

  33. So Facebook IS Hotel California. Great business model.

    Yep. Google is worse. It stands to reason that when your company’s motto is “Don’t Be Evil” it’s because you already are.

  34. The hottest woman I ever dated went from conservative baptist Southern belle to New York liberal. She went to seminary in NY and now she’s all about “social justice” and “feminist causes”. Every day on FB, its a new screed about how Rush Limbaugh should be precluded from broadcasting or how “real Christians” would be willing to let the government take more of my money so the poor could have more. Yet, when I question her on Bill Maher or Keith Olberman’s comments on woman, I am told I do not “understand the issues.” I have no idea how this girl ended up like that, other than apparently living in New York makes one stupider.

  35. Matt, could you get your friend to “friend” me? I’ve gotten most of my liberal friends to stop talking politics on facebook.

    It’s disappointing.

  36. Likewise, one of my nieces swears like a sailor for no reason, so I block her, as well.

    The fuck? You gonna block me too?

  37. Are you fuckin’ kidding me? I’d never block you.

  38. Oh good. I love swearing online.

    I try to do it as much as possible w/o it appearing forced.

  39. Let me clarify that I don’t block people for merely BEING liberals.

    The people I block are just shitting dumb taunts around, and making an ass and nuisance of themselves.

    I block them for jumping into threads that don’t concern them with their fake outrage acts or bellicose hyper snarky nonsense and not having the brains to leave off when the people in the thread complain and then having a cow when any of their crap is challenged or dismissed.

    If I got anything better than the usual raft of various:

    -“nanny-boo-boo” accusations,
    -“hurt feelings” poetry,
    -“Palin, Bush, whoever is SO stupid HA HA HAW” un-jokes,
    -lists of curiously unverifiable half truths,
    -bizarrely convoluted “so its hypocrisy” logic,
    -bad mind-reading acts (putting words in my mouth ex-nihilo)
    -magically produced “alt-universe” facts that supposedly disprove my point despite being untrue or even obviously self contradictory,

    THEN I would not block. Probably.

  40. @paleomerus: It is okay. I block people like that, too; I generally consider that kind of behavior a form of spamming and essentially I have no interest in seeing it.

    I don’t think there’s any form of judgment in play here, precisely, that you’re being included in the (small) percentage of conservatives who do tend to block people with opposing viewpoints; in fact, the Pew poll is (as these things usually do) probably missing some of the underlying factors on why people of different political orientations tend to block people. As most people in this thread have pointed out, they’re usually defriending/blocking/removing from their network people who are explicitly annoying or exhausting to deal with personally, rather than simply being “wrong” politically.

    As a counter-example, I’ve gotten blocked/removed from the networks of liberal “friends” simply because I’ve said I’m pro-life, and been told never to contact them again. No option for discussion or tolerance, just bam, get out of their life.

  41. Hmm. I’m now getting articles from the Puffington Host about how medical marijuana (aka weed) cures! cancer. It cures it, bitches! I asked for clarification and citation to said “cured” patients this morning.

    I’m still waiting.