March 2, 2011

protein wisdom's "social justice" movie pitch

Idea: a re-imagining of Mississippi Burning in which Hackman and Dafoe are cast as villains for trying to force a principled sheriff to arrest and prosecute “his people” — in this instance, a local community organizer who preaches ethnic pride and a handful of good ol’ boys/working men who have joined the fight to save civic custom.*

Oppressed underdogs fight The Power. A can’t miss.

— Though this time, we might think about setting it in Madison, WI.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:24pm

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  1. Pointing out Holder’s racism is racist. I think.

  2. That underdog won’t hunt.

  3. Dibs on the part of the wizened old black former district atty who lost everything to the bottle, but still believes that reparations are the only way for America to get her soul back.

    Not being black myself, this would be my best chance at an Oscar.

  4. Just what are you trying to insinuate, Mr. Goldstein?

    That Attorney General Holder doesn’t believe that justice blind, but, rather, believes that justice sees colors and acts according to personal imagined victimization?

  5. Hey, man, if you really want that movie, hie thee to Madison muy rapido with cameramen in tow, and expect to see yourself on IFC before Easter… I hear Project Greenlight might have more grant money…

  6. Insinuate, Blake? Are you suggesting that Jeff is acting is a subtle, manipulative manner? Perhaps because he is a feelthy Joo?


  7. Squid,

    It’s quite obvious Mr. Goldstein is part of the Zionist conspiracy and as such the possibility of Zionist mind control manipulation cannot be discounted.

    It would racist not to.


    I wasn’t sure where I was going when I wrote the above and I’m not sure where I ended up. Reminds me of the Obama administration in a way.

  8. Might be a fun movie. I’d watch it.

  9. Dafoe. Defoe is the guy who came up with the idea of naming people after days of the week, though Toni Morrison got the Nobel for it.

  10. Ah, yes. Dafoe. My bad.

  11. There are two sides to this “fighting the Man” thing, but only one ever gets taught.

    Fighting the Man: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Being the Man: “First you rebel against him, then you challenge him, then you overthrow him, then you become him.”

  12. …and the beards have all grown longer overnight.

  13. There should have been an immediate follow up question of:

    “Mr. Holder, ‘my people’? By ‘my people’ mean the people of the United States of America, correct?”

    For clarity.

  14. How about a crusty country doctor (Jeff Bridges?) assuring Billy Bob, in a hospital scene treating a perforated foot following the drunken hunting scene, that he will find an appropriate blood donor, one from his people.

    “Don’t worry” the doctor kindly counsels, “If your kin can’t donate blood, we’ll make sure someone that looks like them does”.

    Billy Bob sighs, says “thanks Doc, I knew you wouldn’t do me dirty”, then winces as the doctor starts sewing his big toe back on.

  15. “Though this time, we might think about setting it in Madison, WI.”

    THE first sign I saw, walking towards the Capitol in Madison, was one that said: “Welcome to Mississippi”. No lie. I have the text I sent to my thoroughly confused wife. Mississippi? I thought you went to Madison?

    Thanks for the chuckle reminder Jeff.

  16. “Holder was being questioned by Rep. John Culberson (R., Texas) about the Justice Department’s handling (or mishandling) of the New Black Panther Party voter-intimidation case; about its non-cooperation with the U.S. Civil Rights Commission’s investigation into the politically motivated departmental dismissal; and about what Culberson termed “overwhelming evidence that your Department of Justice refuses to protect the rights of anybody other than African-Americans to vote.”

    Dayum they do raise some feisty congress-critters down in Texas.

    Seems this South Carolina lady might also be worth watching.

  17. Thanks for the link, Danger. Just watched it. Yeah, she’s definitely worth watching.

    This is a dynamic we need to encourage as much as possible. Want to get some cheers? Hear the base applaud? Take a shot or dozen at Obama. Christie to Walker to Kasich to Perry to Haley to Scott to all the rest. Weaken Obama and then position yourself individually later.

    Virtuous circle, is what I’d say if I needed a catchphrase.

  18. “Virtuous circle”
    I like it! Certainly better that the circular firing squad we seemed to have perfected.

  19. bh,

    I think the governors pushing back against President Obama is working well.

    Either the Tenth Amendment has meaning or we’re finally under the complete yoke of an all powerful federal government.

    If the Tenth Amendment has been rendered meaningless, then we might as well dissolve the States.

  20. Agreed, Danger.

    Agreed, Blake.

    Hopefully, we can encourage some of those on our side to step it up a bit with our well-directed criticism and further encourage those who are on the right path already.

    Obama has been in over his head since he was a state senator. Faced with a variety of attacks (the House, oversight, the governors, lawsuits, new media, the grass roots) he will lose.

    He will. We just have to make it happen. There can be no question that we can make it happen though. None.

  21. Just saw where some Russkie (naturilich) has re-written “The Lord of The Rings” from the “Mordorian” (if you will) point of view.

    Isn’t this carrying cultural relativism a bit far?

    Me, I always knew them Hobbits were a shiftless, untrustworthy bunch…

  22. Mojo… Being all about Tolkein, I was interested in that. Now, having read all 270 pages of semi-worthless dreck, Can I have my 4 hours back please?

    Seriously. A disjointed spy novel that seemed promising at first, but no, became impossible to actually follow. Good writer, horrible novellette.