July 31, 2010

End of an era

protein wisdom is not a conservative site, as conservative sites go. It is not a leftist site, nor a “liberal” site — at least, not in the current sense of the word. It is not a moderate site. And it is not a “libertarian” site.

In fact, protein wisdom counts among its detractors conservatives — social, “realist,” and paleo — “liberals,” leftists, progressives, moderates, and libertarians.

Which means it enjoys the dubious distinction of being a site that appeals to exactly no one.

As such, it will act accordingly.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:45pm

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  1. welcome home

  2. Outlaw!

  3. “Which means it enjoys the dubious distinction of being a site that appeals to exactly no one.”

    Wrong. I appeals to me.

  4. “It”, not “I” – I don’t appeal to me at all.

  5. Excellent. Carry on.

  6. Liberating, ain’t it?


  7. You’ve used up all your appeals to no one.

  8. But it’s always acted accordingly. The paradoxes!

  9. As such, it will act accordingly.

    I think the intent in this statement is different from what many are thinking it is.

  10. – I never knew a member of the tribe to walk away from a debate. Don’t prove Me wrong.

    – And hello to Collins, you ole sob!

  11. peeling onions makes me cry
    they have many layers
    but as them ole moist salty tears roll down my face
    kinda reminds me i’m alive

  12. do the boy scouts have a merit badge for”peeling out” ?
    cuz i had this frankenstein sting ray big with a banana seat
    and i used to put cards in the spokes to make loud noises
    and i was constantly “peeling out”
    i loved that bike/ but not as much as i love pw

  13. sting ray bike/ sorry

  14. – It was fine like it was buttons.

    – No one sits on a sting ray – the fish.

    – Well except for a bunch of Einsteins in NH, although that was a jellyfish, same difference.

  15. what else is big are honeycombs

  16. can a sting ray sit?
    or do they just lay?

  17. The title and final sentence of this post make me think it’s another (and maybe the final) final goodbye. I hope not. I’ve always wholeheartedly enjoyed (and found particularly edifying) what Jeff had on offer and to see it go for good would be utterly sad. In any case, the claim that this site appeals to exactly no one is refuted by the many of us who visit everyday. I should think we count, but maybe we don’t.

  18. Well said, Will, and agreed. JG’s shoes are impossible to fill.

  19. Ok,

    Whose ass am I gonna have to kick now?

  20. I’m nobody, and pw appeals to me.

    So no problems there.

  21. What, no one’s headed off to get into their bunk?

  22. if pw craps out and goes out of business i will join the post office and on my first/ no/ second day there cuz i have to scope out the layout/ i will hold hostages
    well not hold hold them
    cuz i have a fear of touching things in uniforms
    except webelos{boo!)
    but hold them with a gun
    that i made outta peeled onions/ the asked me on the application form at the post office what my qualifications were/ i put down wittle/ling and grumpiness
    they asked me for a picture id/ i pointed to the wall

  23. The Diogenes Club.

  24. one move can bring people together

    one move can make you believe like you’re something more

    one move can set a whole generation free

    we should get to rehearsal

  25. Talk about closing the barn door post-horse; three-quarters of those here have been denouncing themselves regularly.

  26. Outlaw! 3D

  27. if mt rushmore had another head on it and it was jeff gees i might visit it
    avoiding the badlands natch

  28. “Fatigue makes cowards of us all” – Vince Lambardi

  29. I’m proud to be no one!

  30. Leaves you plenty of elbow room, don’t it.

    And I miss the armadllo.

  31. – Things my dad taught me to achieve a fairly sane life:

    * Put the toilet seat down
    * Take out the trash without being asked
    * Never pet a burning dog
    * Never make life’s really important decisions when you’re stressed out and tired
    * Spend as much time with your kids as you can
    * kiss your wife
    * have a drink on me when I’m gone

  32. I thought the bunk-worthy material was the Chris Christie porn from yesterday.

    Wherein Beck reverts to his hilarious self.

  33. “Fatigue makes cowards of us all” – Vince Lombardi

    See, this is why I am not actually looking forward to the Econopalypse: I won’t be able to get my thyroid meds or anti-depressants, so I’ll end up in bed all day, unable to fight the good fight.

    That will suck even more than it does now.

  34. “….I’ll end up in bed all day…”

    – Nothing wrong with that if you have the right partner.

  35. whenever they give you medicines for chronic stuff you should fill your prescription but wait a month to start taking them so you’re always a bottle ahead I think

  36. – I don’t know feets. My kid is using some of my best Vodka to clean off the cutting board surface in the kitchen because he’s worried about problems with raw meat and chicken.

    – Think I’ll introduce him to fudge chocolate cupcakes.

  37. he should just scrub it like normal and put it in the sunshines… it’s almost August!

    but yes cupcakes will definitely help with that

  38. a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down/ the medicine go down
    the medicine go down..
    damn u pw/ now i got that crappy song stuck in my head

  39. also he’s doing it wrong

    Highly concentrated amounts of alcohol (70% and higher) can kill bacteria by damaging the plasma membrane of bacteria cells.

    This is only true if a cell wall is not present in the organism. Alcohol in sufficient concentration degrades the peptidoglycan beneath the cell wall which is responsible for maintaining cell wall integrity. Alcohol does not kill gram-negative bacteria as they have a secondary outer membrane (nearly identical to regular plasma membranes) that prevents cell lysis.

    Gram-positive cells lack outer membranes and rely solely on peptidoglycan and their cell walls to protect them from the environment.*

  40. – Yeh, well, negatory or positip, I just beat the crap out of them with my potato masher…

    – I can hear their tiny screams…..

  41. Who you callin’ no one?

  42. aside/ what’s a ‘zonoes?

  43. u

  44. zonoes is our friend nishi!

    she doesn’t come around very much anymore… but when she does she usually brings musics here is one she brought

  45. You must be doing something right here. carry on.

  46. – So there you have it Jeff.

    – You pull the plug and you virtually rip the last tiny bit of pleasure from dicentra’s otherwise totally pitiful, empty life….

    – Heartless brute!

  47. Who are these ‘detractors’ of whom you speak? Mostly I see, and appreciate, those who add to, and enhance spirited discussions – and aren’t so much detractors as thoughtful supporters. There are few real ‘trolls’ who pesticate the place (happyfeet isn’t a troll in the real-troll-nishi-thor-ajb-meya sense, but simply a majorly confuzzled cupcake who needs better sprinkles) but a world of impossible to find anywhere else thinkers.

    This is a marvelous place. Really.

  48. “Cyclops, who put out your eye?”

    “No one.”

    “Then the gods must have done this to you. Run away.”

  49. release the kracken

  50. “release the kracken”

    – ‘Cause the grill is red hot and rarin’ to go.

  51. And the cupcakes remain half-baked.

  52. Comment by pdbuttons on 7/31 @ 2:26 pm #

    do the boy scouts have a merit badge for”peeling out” ?
    cuz i had this frankenstein sting ray big with a banana seat
    and i used to put cards in the spokes to make loud noises
    and i was constantly “peeling out”
    i loved that bike/ but not as much as i love pw

    My first “real” bicycle was the (nearly identical) 1971 model of this in ‘Steelers’ black and gold that I got for Christmas when I was 7…

    Didn’t need no Welfare State.
    Everybody pulled his weight.
    Gee, our old La Salle ran great.
    Those were the days.”

  53. The world needs a politically agnostic, occaisionally hysterical, socially relevant, intellectually stimulating blog. That’s what PW has been for me.

  54. – Seems what with the country being poised on the eve of throwing the bastards out, and replacing them with a whole new crew of bastards for us to point and laugh and ridicule for their stupidities and lack of any real statesmanship, walking off the set now would be to miss a whole lot of enjoyment.

    – Although, Bumbblefuck has done the seemingly nearly impossible by eclipsing even the peanut farmer in his hopey/changy clusterfuck governance, so much so that even the Republiclowns may make some unheard of progress in spite of themselves.

    – Just seems sort of pointless to fight long and hard just to throw it in with the finish line in sight, or at least as much of a finish line as you can ever claim in the gritty world of politics.

    – If I had to bet, I’d be all in for the idea JG won’t be willing to fold and cede the hard won ground to the real detractors of what he believes in. So there;s that going for us no body’s.

  55. According to Douglas, the teaching of the Declaration had no general applicability beyond the immediate situation that confronted the Founding Fathers. Restating Douglas’s argument, Lincoln asked “in all soberness, if all these things, if indulged in, if ratified, if confirmed and endorsed, if taught to our children, and repeated to them, do not tend to rub out the sentiment of liberty in the country, and to transform this Government into a government of some other form.”

    My Page Name

  56. Which means it enjoys the dubious distinction of being a site that appeals to exactly no one.

    Bullshit. Unless your faithful readers are “no ones”. However, the descriptions of PW you laid out above are exactly why I, as well as multitudes of others, love this joint. Outlaw indeed.

  57. So it appeals to yes many, then.

  58. – In recalling both Wilson and FDR’s words, you immediately notice the absence of the two most important aspects of true Liberty, namely the expectation of a viable opportunity to work, and the freedom from onerous taxation, both of which are basic for true independence.

    – Again, they are both touting a form of Socialism, not Liberalism, and as such, must clash with the Constitution and Bill of rights.

    – As a citizen, in the view and purpose of the founding fathers, you agree to governance, funding and supporting a Federation of sovereign states in a union who’s sole purpose is to provide a stable social structure in which all men can pursue those liberties to the extent they wish to engage. labor, and contribute. The Federations chief responsibility is to protect that union from all foes, foreign and domestic. None of this is addressed in either Wilson or FDR’s idea’s, nor the idea’s of the modern Progressive.

    – Thus wealth is to just magically appear, with all the industry and essential labor mysteriously existing in some sort of imagined vacuum, which is of course the fundamental reason Socialism can never succeed.

  59. Angst is the best. I remember it well.

  60. PW appeals to me. That makes me a nobody…

    Gee I always had a higher opinion of myself.

    And a real high opinion of what you do here at PW Jeff. For what it’s worth.

    After all, I’m nobody.

  61. No name; because your appeal is not to an identifiable, classifiable, stamped and approved, “identity” group; is not no one.

    And sometimes even “No One” can be good too.

  62. Ah.Douglas, another constitutional law scholar (yale law) who didn’t understand the main point

  63. ??????, ??????? ?? ????? ??????, ????? ??? ???
    365??????: ?? ?? ??? ??? ???????, ?? ??? ???????.
    ????? ???? ?? ?????: ????? ?? ?? ???????????
    ????? ??? ????? ??? ????? ?????? ???????.

    ‘Cyclops, thou askest me of my glorious name, and I will tell it thee; and do thou give me a stranger’s gift, even as thou didst promise. No-one is my name, No-one do they call me — my mother and my father, and all my comrades as well.’

    ?? ??????, ? ?? ?? ?????? ???????? ????? ????:
    ????? ??? ??????? ?????? ???? ??? ?????????,
    ???? ?? ?????? ???????: ?? ?? ??? ???????? ?????.

    No-one will I eat last among his comrades, and the others before him; this shall be thy gift.

  64. Great comedy is like fine wine. You uncork it, chug it, and if no one dies, you do it again.

  65. Seven years as a PW-affiliated no one. Even the test-pattern years.

  66. The (un)funny thing is that the Founders abhorred tyranny and monarchy and autocracy and the notion that some people are entitled to rule and others are entitled to STFU and be ruled.

    And progressives are taking us right back there.

  67. Worth repeating, from the link in #56:

    The argument for the welfare state belongs in the same family as “the arguments that kings have made for enslaving the people in all ages of the world. You will find that all the arguments in favor of king-craft were of this class; they always bestrode the necks of the people, not that they wanted to do it, but because the people were better off for being ridden.” (Lincoln)

  68. End of an era?

    Not again!

    I hate when that happens…

  69. “Yeah, well, sometimes nothin’ can be a real cool hand.”

  70. Thermopylae?

  71. “Thermopylae?”

    – The Progs are Xerxes, to be sent home in an empty meaningless “victory”.

    – The only question remaining is who will serve as the sacrificial “300”. It may be all of us to some extent or another, probably already has been in some seen and unseen ways yet to be felt.

  72. Interesting times we live in.

  73. Angst is the best.

    Sorry dude, that’s Gretzky.

  74. Not counting Penguins, of course.

  75. Specifically, the Pittsburgh ones.

  76. And I don’t think I need to name names.

  77. Who is up on the goat path?

  78. “Who is up on the goat path?”

    – Probably Lindsy. He can always be counted on to sell out.

  79. Watches the world these days; comments… not so much.

    I have a job. I have about six months ahead for my critical meds. My wife, we have three months… wish we could get more, but our insurance company is trying to figure out where they will be this time next year.

    No shit. Rubes are always entertaining.

    Darkness falls.

  80. – Maybe McCain will join him.

  81. Tmj that is very wise… we can have a whole revolution in 3-6 months I think. We’re very amazing when we stop sandbagging ourselves.

  82. May God smile upon you, Jeff. You’re an outstanding teacher, and it’s a privilege to say I’ve attended classes faithfully.

  83. So, in no sense whatsoever, then…

  84. nishi, you really shouldn’t talk. You are a just a piece of half chewed kernel of corn, shit out and ate by a pigeon.

  85. hi nishi here is my second favorite thing this week the other is Mumford & Sons but I don’t think you’d like them a whole super lot maybe when we get some remixes

  86. In the sense that conservative means republicans trying to scape the bushcheney off their shoe when no is looking.

    Yes, while Steny Hoyer paints Bush/Cheney as evil geniuses who came up with the greatest revenue raiser in the history of the world, but were so evil that they allowed it to sunset.


  87. nishi is expert at scraping things, like all bottom feeders.

  88. scape the bushcheney off their shoe

    Bite-me Biden-ist.

  89. Sooo….nishit, what are you planning to do in the days ahead when being known as a Prog has all the charm of a Benedict Arnold label?

  90. – Just a reminder to all. When the word goes out that its no longer “kewl” the mob rush to disassociate themselves from the Prog movement will trample you if you stand near any exits.

    – If you stand on some high ground you can watch the hoard of young lemmings going over the cliff. Its the one nice thing you can count on with the herd mentality gaggle.

  91. I miss Bush/Cheney.

    If I had them smeared all over my shoes right now, I wouldn’t scrape them off. I’d be like, damn, who’s got the time, with all these jobs to do?

    Anyway, they are from a different era, when free enterprise was the American way.

  92. Not to worry, someone’ll always hire a nishitattooscratchpad.

  93. PW is a conservative site.
    In the sense that conservative means republicans trying to scape the bushcheney off their shoe when no is looking.

    We’re still trying to scrape you off of our shoes, nishtwit.

  94. “….a different era, when free enterprise was the American way.”

    – And it will be again, its the only system that works. We just spent several trillion dollars and two years of our lives proving for the umpteenth time Socialism is a ship of fools dead end.

  95. Socialism is a ship of fools

    And there is no shortage of fools willing to rearrange the deck chairs on that sinking ship, as the trolls around here prove time and again.

  96. “We just spent several trillion dollars and two years of our lives proving for the umpteenth time Socialism is a ship of fools dead end.We just spent several trillion dollars and two years of our lives proving for the umpteenth time Socialism is a ship of fools dead end.”

    I find that “dead end” part a little disconcerting…

  97. – When the ship goes down, another thing we can all look forward to, as we go about the huge job of cleaning up the piles of dog turds they’ll leave in their wake, is that it will be a long fucking time before anyone will take them seriously again.

  98. – A dead end for them, not the Republic.

    – I guess it’s true that our enemies will never stop underestimating the independent spirit of America.

  99. I like your optimism BBH, but I fear the ignorance of the sheep will doom us.

    Hey, I know! Let’s legalize pot!

  100. – The Left over played their hand. They’re about to find out what the words “silent majority” really means.

    – They pulled the tail of the dragon once too often.

  101. By the way Jeff, this

    “Which means it enjoys the dubious distinction of being a site that appeals to exactly no one.”

    was kinda hurtful.

    I mean sure, it’s true I’m a no one, but ya don’t gotta say it like that. In front of God and everyone. Dang.

  102. – Trust it. “Normal” Democrats that do not really think in terms of hard Left politics are already sidling toward the exits. They see the hand writing on the wall, and it isn’t “Long live Che”.

  103. Funny you mention that BBH, I have some friends that were big for o prior to his selection. They don’t talk about him much anymore.

  104. I wonder where Nishi and her ilk will find another group of people who care enough to provide them with the verbal beatdowns they so obviously crave if/when PW goes its way.

  105. – Yeh. And there are lots of signs the MFM is trying to suddenly get religion. They’re in an all out struggle to survive. Even Soros doesn’t have enough money to withstand the coming tsunami.

  106. By the way Mr Goldstein, this is a wonderful blog. A place where OUTLAW! is spoken regularly therefore a daily “must read”, even if I don’t speak up much.

  107. I have no enthusiasm for legalizing pot but also I don’t have any enthusiasm for not legalizing pot.

  108. ” They don’t talk about him much anymore.”

    Also, you hardly ever see the Obama salute these days. The public is so fickle…

  109. – The pot heads can have their pot. The Lefturd skanks can kill their babies. For me it just means their ranks will dwindle down even further faster.

    – Good riddance to Marxist trash.

  110. abortion is so divisive usually but you’ve really transcended that I think

  111. or you’ve been drinking

  112. Well, I have never understood their fascination with failed leftist policies. the problem is, they bring everybody down with them. For that, I think, it is only fair for them to be publicly heckled . . and fined several trillion dollars, for starters.

  113. – Look cupcake, I’d save their babies if there was any way in hell I could. It can’t be done. Once they take the chocolate they just can’t bring themselves to admit their mistakes and turn it around.

    – At least none of the hard cases I’ve ever met.

  114. I bet their babies would be really cute and giggly and look up at you with big innocent eyes of wonderment and joy.

  115. It’s good to see the RCP JA average graph finally beginning to diverge.

  116. I’ve been looking at baby pictures all the time lately.

  117. I guess that’s good but I was hoping for something more dramatic really.

  118. – Yes well, apparently they don’t see that smiling little giggling human when they look at them, just another damn responsibility they’d rather duck or dispose of.

  119. I figure we should take what we can get, with the expectation it only improves as time passes.

  120. it is summer time mr feets, it (discontent) should start ramping up again in September. Baby pictures, dear? Are you expecting? (I admit, I am winding up summer school and haven’t been paying too much attention)

  121. no my friend NG had her baby he was very premature so he’s a miniature baby people still – he’s now up to 3 pounds 7 ounces or so so he’s put on about a pound he still has a feeding tube and such but he’s been doing good – way better than par really. Ups and downs but nothing too too scary yet and every day means he’s exponentially closer to being home free.

  122. down go bama down go bama

    I’ll take it.

  123. – A whole lot of people across the entire electorate spectrum are finally “getting it”.

    – That glowing beam from the “light bringer” turns out to be the front search light on the number 9 special to hell.

  124. Hey, I know! Let’s legalize pot!

    BBH, I know you were being sarcastic. That’s the problem in a nutshell.

    All the whup-ass comes from the same can.

    If you’re all in for Saving Teh Chillrens from the Evil Dope, you have nothing valid to say to the nannystaters except “Yes, ma’am.” Drugs are bad for you and everybody, especially children; no doubt, no argument; I don’t advocate drug use, and I don’t use myself beyond tobacco and a little alcohol occasionally. But if you empower the State to prevent people from doing things that are bad for them, well, juicy greasy hamburgers are bad for you… So you end up gaping like an astonished fix, or go into loud expostulations about how what you don’t like really is bad for you and the other isn’t — or, worse, you end up where I was fifty years ago: Making big noises about Freedom and Opportunity while arming the stormtroopers with the other hand.

    Power is machine-like. A machine does what its operator tells it to, within its physical limits; guns don’t kill people and cars don’t go to Cincinnati unless a person manipulates their controls to make them do that. And, like any other tool, power can be used by whoever picks it up. The power to enforce the drug laws is the power to enforce censorship or a vegetarian diet… it’s power. It has no morals or ethics of its own, any more than a car has a destination absent the driver.


  125. – And I’m very happy to hear littlefeets is doing good.

  126. That’s “…like an astonished fish.”

    It’s midnight. G’night, all.


  127. Ah, was he preemie 2o pre-eclampsia, placenta abrupto or something else? As science and technology advance, their little life chances improve. Is NG pumping any?

  128. 2o = secondary to, ack!

  129. he’s not mine at all just to be clear just we hung around a lot before he got birfed

  130. Good Night, Mr. Locke.

  131. NG is pumping and that’s lunch a lot of the time – he gets both tube and whatever from the bottle so he can learn to swallow – I don’t anything technical… water broke too early and so they did a c. But he didn’t even have jaundice hardly at all… I can;t remember the week just that he was 2 lbs 6 oz when he started.

  132. – Yeh Ric. I long ago learned the fallacy of trying to stop people hell bent on self destruction.

    – A few respond, but damn few.

  133. I think we figured he was late into week 25 at least, if not early into 26 if I remember right.

  134. that sounds right I think we decided he had just hit 26

  135. – Well feets, yours or not I imagine he’d be good with the littlefeets moniker.

    – I sat over my youngest for two weeks as he crawled toward viability on an oxygen table, so I have an idea what you’re going through.

  136. “If you’re all in for Saving Teh Chillrens from the Evil Dope, you have nothing valid to say to the nannystaters except “Yes, ma’am.” ”

    Actually that was me being sarcastic, not BBH.

    While I know what you are saying, I think you go too far. It’s possible to object to the nanny state while recognizing there are necessary limits on behavior. Do you advocate for letting anyone, not just doctors, write prescriptions?

  137. No one liked Frank Zappa either. He quit when he died.

  138. – I noticed that too LB. I think Mr. Ric is gone for the night.

  139. Well NICU’s can be havens for noscomial strep B (though if you have good personnel, it is unlikely), but if he is gaining weight he seems to be almost out of the forest. They will release children as “light” as 4 lbs if they are on a “+” weight gain curve. An important thing is that NG holds her baby and talks with him; kangaroo care is great for when they are itsy. Bonding is very important in development, some studies suggest it boosts the immune system as well, (although I can’t say for sure, since that isn’t my gig).

  140. that’s scary cause they just put him on a broad spectrum before the tests came back on the infection they thought he had… I will see NG Monday and ask about that

  141. yes she is doing roo care but cause of the infection she can’t hold for awhile

  142. – I think I’ll pack it in early tonight myself, been a little more tired than usual lately.

    – When I wake up tomorrow, if I wake up, at my age every days a damn gift, I hope to hell PW is still here. I don’t want to have to explain to my Rabbi why I’m pissed off all the time.

  143. g’night BBH that would be creepy if it just went poof

  144. don’t worry too much, strep B is one of those that they “know”, kiddo doesn’t eat, loses weight, mewls . . . truly sad. One of mine had it and it is dangerous. However, if he is in NICU, they will have the lab reports handy and it can be treated swiftly. Be sure you (and NG and everybody), wash their hands before holding the baby. If they suspect the little one is immuno-compromised, they’ll have people gown up like w/ MRSA patients (to protect the baby).

  145. Good thoughts all – night

  146. Good night all, I have to get back to my paper on hypovolemic shock (oh joy!).

  147. Zappa made money, at least.

    I just get the hate.

  148. if PW were a house it would have oodles of curb appeal I think

  149. this porridge is too hot!
    this porridge is too cold!
    ahh/ this porridge is just right!

  150. Zappa made money, at least.

    I just get the hate.

    You also get the love (in a Manly, Internetty Way, at least), which I’d think would be good for something. I mean, sure, it won’t pay your mortgage or anything, but still.

    I’m sure I’m not the only guy here who reads every single comment of ever single thread (skipping over the dribblings from Trolls of Many Names, naturally), several times a day. Then (and only then) do I even consider slumming at one of those other blogs… but more often than not, I don’t even bother.

    Okay, granted, just because there’s some guys here you really like you and your place, I’m not sure how exactly that does anything for you. But if I remember my Evil Overlord training correctly, in most cases an E.O. is expected to pay his minions (even if only in the form of “I won’t kill you today, there, that’s your salary”).

    Your minions pay you — pretty sweet deal you’ve worked there, mister. So there’s that.

  151. #

    Comment by happyfeet on 7/31 @ 11:17 pm #

    I bet their babies would be really cute and giggly and look up at you with big innocent eyes of wonderment and joy.

    That comes later. When they’re brand new they mostly look like Winston Churchill.

  152. This blog appeals to nobody?

    I never knew Terrence Hill was on the interwebz.

  153. What John Bradley said, so much better than I could.

  154. And from the one other place I “slum” at comes a comment that fits.

    The only real weapon in our enemies arsenal is their ability to cause us to despair. To think that there is nothing more we can do.

  155. No one liked Frank Zappa either.

    Ask him if he cared

    I don’t give a fuck if they remember me at all.

  156. Zappa made money, at least.

    A lot of other musicians don’t make money, and as for myself and others I have talked to, one of the most liberating moments you can have is when you finally say fuck ’em all and just start playing and writing for your ownself.

  157. I thought it was cute when his kid was dating Lisa Loeb. She’s from Texas. I think last I heard she’d done a cd for kids.

  158. Zappa made money, at least.

    I just get the hate.

    I’m not getting something here JeffG. Where’s the hate coming from? With the exception of the usual suspects, mostly I see an admiring public.

    But, what do I know, I’m no one anyway.

  159. he’s gotten his share lately remember on his thread about his dad? That was really over the top

  160. That link that says alcohol does not kill gram negative bacteria is classic internet hogwash. Someone did one too many bong hits prior to biology class.


  161. thank you I would never have known that

  162. stupid internet

  163. This article is a bit down on President Obama.

    Zappa made money, but his prostrate was up to no good, I think Thomas Paine made no money.

  164. ThomasD, you had me worried. I have been drinking alcohol for years to battle gram negative bacteria.

  165. Ethyl alcohol always works best when taken internally, others not so much.

  166. Should this be the end of PW, I count myself lucky to have been able to have read you, Jeff.

    You expressed thoughts I didn’t know I had, made arguments I never could have made, and provided a voice of sanity in otherwise insane times. You also had some of the funniest, most insane and profane fiction on the net. Scenes from my driveway, PW microfiction, conversations with inanimate objects, celebrities commenting on notable events, etc., always entertained.

    I’m lucky to have read the comments here too. From the profound to the profane, the commentariat here (notable trolls excepted) never failed to enlighten and entertain, so thanks to all of you, too.

  167. I would say something encouraging, but I lost my voice a long time ago. I will say that it is because you appeal to “nobody” that you appeal to me.

  168. Nobody?

    But Kipling said: Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.

  169. Zappa made money, but his prostrate was up to no good

    A very common malady amongst men. It’s been said that all men will develop prostate cancer; the trick is to catch it early enough so that you die with it, not from it.

    Grab yer ankles. Nothing at all wrong with that.

  170. Prostrates, can’t live with them, can’t have sex or pee right without them.

  171. Test.

  172. A classic “nobody” here, standing up to be counted.

    In fact, protein wisdom counts among its detractors conservatives — social, “realist,” and paleo — “liberals,” leftists, progressives, moderates, and libertarians.

    Which means it enjoys the dubious distinction of being a site that appeals to exactly no one.

    I see that as a sign of refusing to be pigeonholed.

  173. Prostrates, can’t live with them, can’t have sex or pee right without them.

    Three wrong things in thirteen words.

    Hat Trick !!!

  174. Well, four.

  175. – Ok…I see you’re still here Goldfarb.

    – We live to post another day.

  176. Opps. Then again, Prostate Awareness.

    Prostrates, prostates. Those fuckers can sneak up on you.

  177. – Bumbblefuck gives his administration an “incomplete” grade, and says the economy hasn’t completely collapsed, pointing to his accomplishments.

    – Says his administration doesn’t get the recognition it deserves because people are scared, frustrated, and angry.

    – Anyone care to rearrange these sentences so they bare some resemblance to reality?

  178. Well, I always toss in my monthly dues for the previous month’s entertainment/enlightenment rather than the next regardless.

    So put up a fundraising post, Jeff, it’s the 1st. Zappa time!

  179. – In the first line I take it he means his work is incomplete because he hasn’t managed to totally destroy the economy.

    – And in the second line he has the cause and effect reversed, but I guess that’s how they’re taught back at the sunshine-up-your-ass commune.

  180. Insty, writing out his thoughts on the JournoList thingamabob, says this interesting thing:

    Let this be a warning to those who forget that in today’s digital world, the only way to have a private thought is not to write it down.

    Gee, that sounds familiar. As it happens though, that may not be the only way.

  181. – Reading that begs the question, don’t they have any peeping tom or invasion of privacy laws in Alaska?

  182. Jeff,

    SDB quit too. It wasn’t about money. He needed to change, other things became more important to him.

    If PW is no longer a priority, the wit will be missed but the true loss will be your unique perspective of the importance of the power of language.

    The blog is amusing but there have been serious lessons I have learned here. The ability to teach those lessons is your true gift.

    Thank you for your time. No one is grateful.

  183. I stuck around during the First Interregnum and if neccessary I’ll manage another. I’d hate to see it though. Do the blog ads cover the traffic costs? Is there some kind of linking greylist action happening that I’m unaware of? Are there no avenues to writing gigs that can keep you working from the house so you can keep writing here? I really hope it’s not because you think you are not having an impact, because you are, at least on one no one.

  184. * That’s encouraging news nishit.

    * That would indicate that the entire country will regain its sanity in the coming days when Bumbblefuck is sent packing into that great Marxist clusterfuck in the sky.

    * You, I assume, will simply melt in a pool of steaming cow dung.

  185. “all went insane in one night.
    the night of Obama’s election”

    Gee, I wonder why…?

  186. The simpler explanation is that the many didn’t go crazy, it was the one.

    This explanation is strengthened when the one is, well, obviously a delusional nutjob and has been for a long, long time.

  187. Oh, it seems I’m responding to no one.

    Never mind.

  188. The comment above was directed at nishi.

  189. she disappeared

  190. I can’t follow her silly I have no way of knowing where she went I am going to make coffee instead

  191. – Just follow your nose cupcake

  192. y’all are crazy you crack me up

  193. but I don’t think Obama has been a particularly pro-science president with his drilling moratorium and his hamstringing of medical research with his taxing taxing taxing of our pharmaceutical companies

  194. Barry didn’t even offer a decent account of the latest in population genetics the other day, so flimsy is his sciencyness.

  195. I don’t think Obama has been a particularly pro-science president with his drilling moratorium and his hamstringing of medical research with his taxing taxing taxing of our pharmaceutical companies

    That’s ’cause he’s such a fan of that soft science kind of stuff. Behavior economics and wot.

  196. Science, the nishi way…

  197. Can one be pro-science without knowing what science is?

    I’m pro-zyeightsquee. Now let’s see what good that does the zyeightsqueeans.

  198. If conquest of nature, then control of human thought? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  199. Boy do I feel stupid for having googled that.

  200. * Good news everyone. Obamacare finally comes in a suppository. Much more efficient.

    * Now he can dispense with congress altogether and just shove it straight up your ass.

  201. Oh, and since I’m perusing Baldilocks, here’s a repost of hers I missed the first time, and it’s a good’un…

  202. * Good news everyone. Obamacare finally comes in a suppository. Much more efficient.

  203. * From her article

    “….Watts said he’s still a Republican, but he criticizes his party for neglecting the black community.”

    * Was there a few hundred dollars left in the treasury they didn’t get?

  204. my plan 4 the economy is like
    peeing ur pants/ u don’t pee the whole pant
    at first/just a little bit
    but if u leave the pants on and drink liquids
    eventually u pee the whole pant
    imbibe with me America/imbibe!

  205. “imbibe with me America/imbibe”

    eh, I’ll pass. Thanks though!

  206. How about imbibe America instead? h/t Powerline

  207. Balloon popping with a very sharp needle by Arnold Kling. h/t Cafe Hayek

  208. stunning photos/ was checking out powerline earlier but only saw the 4 or 5 they had online/thanks sdferr
    and when i said imbibe wit me ameica i hope i didn’t give the impression that i was buying
    cuz i ain’t/ u are

  209. “. . . i hope i didn’t give the impression. . .”

    Nah, I took it as a generalized “Raise a glass! The end is nigh!” sort of invocation, though which end of the economy, the good or the bad, is more or less left open to interpretation, pant peeing fear being what it is and all.

  210. this is what I love and can’t stop loving

  211. In regards to the Kling posts you link, sdferr, the Lucas critique can be found here (.pdf). Only 24 pages before the endnotes if anyone wants to take a look.

  212. Btw, I willing to guess that Klein has read about as much Lucas as Obama has read Karl Popper.

  213. Stelzer’s latest from the Frontline of indecision too is fun. To go with the hardstyle, that is.

  214. i like to go into maternity wards and say
    “raise the bottle/the end is nigh!”

  215. don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ babies

  216. or sing in my best johnny rotten/lydon impersionation
    “there’s no future/ no future/no future for you”
    maternity wards can be a source of much amusement/ gotta look for it tho

  217. Anybody else have the sense that hardstyle is all about the tyranny of the four?

  218. someone said all babies look like winston churchill/ hilarious!

  219. remember that group from the eighties called gang of four?
    they had a smoking tight riddim section/ a freaky guitar player and
    a spastic singer?
    alot of bands i heard in the 90’s/now/ ripped them off/took their sound
    chuck berry was not available for comment

  220. I get a kick how the hype man in that youtube video grumbles about the 9 to 5.

    That sound like a permanent vacation to anyone else?

  221. * I always thought of them as more “Mr. Magoo”

    (Looking for his nephew Waldo)

  222. it is very tyrannical but hardstyle shuffle is a little more liberated than hardjump jumpstyle I guess

  223. my favorite was the extreme high-priced tickets

  224. Thou shalt count four and four is what thou shalt count. Counting four then, thou wilt count four again, for four is what is to be counted. If thou shalt reach three in thy counting thou shalt proceed to four, reaching four shalt thou begin again with one. And with one to two, with two to three, and with three shalt thou count now four. Now four being what is to be counted shalt thou begin again with one. For four is the destination and the only end. And one the beginning.

  225. – That should be the theme song for the entire tree Prog gaggle…

    “I’ve got a ticket to ride”

  226. that was classic Mr. sdferr can I put that in the youtube comments?

  227. The hardstyle shuffle reminds me of the Crip Walk.

    And, for extreme irony, here‘s a version done in red! Shit, even I kinda want to shoot him.

  228. Be’s my guest hf

  229. “For four is the destination and the only end. And one the beginning…..because I, Mojo Jojo, the one and only Mojo, leader of all Mojo’s past and present, and preveyor of all things Jojo, say it onto you that 4 is the word and the word is four forevermore”

  230. Fuck four. Yeah, I said it. Three is the magic number.*

  231. that is very similar from youtube I get a sense that shuffle came out of the east cause malaysia gets mentioned a lot… and Australia

  232. Infidel dog!

  233. * …..comin around here with your sneaky 3 and blaspheming the golden ever beautiful ~Four~…

    * May Allah squat in your post toasties….

  234. All Night Long, for a taste of three, looks like it might be a good movie to see.

  235. that would be more fun with dancings but there’s lots of tasty cigarettes in there too

  236. I don’t understand what Brubeck started doing at 1:50. In fact, it sorta bothered me.

  237. “Fuck four. Yeah, I said it. Three is the magic number.*”

    I second that. About three I mean. Definitely.

  238. Which doing bh, the hands part or the other parts?

  239. i jumped once/ cuz me and my girlfried were’16’ and having young sex
    over her house and i heard the car door slamming and was naked and i
    saw her parental units coming up the back stairs so i boogied down the front in only my undies and was standing there in the foyer thinking/ i’m in my undies now’
    wtf am i gonna do?
    and it’s starting to snow and i had to’had to be home at 5 o’clock so i’m all like fuck it
    and i start running down the street in my underwear thinking/ what am i gonna say when i get home?
    but fortunately as soon as u came in my parents house my bedroom was right there on the right so i jump into bed and my hearts pounding out my chest
    and i’m thinking/ what now?/ and i have this brilliant thought/ just say the truth/except for the sex part/ so i kinda did and my mother called their family and made me go back and get my clothes and i hadda sit across from the parents and retrieve my clothes and the father was all squirmy and agitated and wanted to get up off the couch and beat the shit outta me
    oh..i’ve seen hate
    i mean/ i’ve seen it!
    if eyes could kill!
    it’s a funny story now though

  240. I lack the proper vocabulary, sdferr, but I mean the part where he used the piano to rape Beauty and wrenched the Celestial Orbs from their proper orbit.

    Brubeck is a menace.

  241. Funny, Lee. “Five is right out.”

  242. Could have been the stride left hand then, or the polytonality too. Or both. There was indeed a mess of goings on, musically speaking, right about there.

  243. I think it was the polytonality.

  244. when thou, like her, O Saki do pass
    among the guests star-scattered on the grass
    and reach the spot where i made one….
    turn down a glass.

  245. * Stay off the grass nishit

    * For humans only, and you’re not potty trained

  246. running down the street in ur underwear as it’s snowing out is always funny
    unless the cops are chasing u

  247. * Or you step in yellow snow

  248. i pick a blade of grass for my special guest star
    to prove my love/or i’m lazy
    and with it i annoit thee/tim conway

  249. Pingback: What? « Absolute Moral Authority

  250. believe me now or believe me later
    as i was running down the steet i wasn’t thinking of peeing or yellow snow/ i was def thinks/ what am i gonna do when i gets home?
    if ur parents saw u running up the driveway with ur tighty whiteys on in a snowstorm / and didn’t bat an eye/ then i want to be adopted

  251. when thou, like her, o Saki do pass

    Looks like nishi downed a quart of sake before posting that.

  252. Was it when Brubeck went all syncopated that you lost your grounding in reality, bh?

  253. An old link of sdferr’s to counteract that deicidal Brubeck.

  254. On further reflection, I think he shifted from a major to minor key there briefly, SW.

  255. Well, to put in drooling moron terms, I didn’t see any chance for resolution, SW.

    Sometimes things are perfectly consonant (my own usage might bear little resemblance to the real thing). Other times things are messed up and then resolved with later notes. Yet other times things are messed up but you can supply the resolution internally because you know what it is and there is an off beat to insert it.

    Brubeck was doing something messed up and I couldn’t figure out what the resolving notes would be or if they even existed. But, it definitely wasn’t noise. He was intentionally doing something that couldn’t be fixed.

    Like… a terrorist.

  256. Subversive terrorism, yes. Exactly, taken over by demons for a nonce, without the slightest recognition they’d been there only moments later.

  257. I think it’s a metaphor

    there’s scads of them

  258. bjork is coming and she’s pissed
    i think she’s a dalek
    when she wears that swan dress she can fly
    she hates earthlings and earthling things
    just warning u people/ i don’t know what we’re gonna do
    me/personally/ i’m wearing half coconuts on my elbows
    watering my roof with a hose
    u know/ the neccasery precautions

  259. we are the earth intruders muddy with twigs and branches*

  260. when bjork farts worlds collide

  261. the AP does some actual journalism of a lazy Sunday afternoon

    People are fed up with bank bailouts that risk taxpayer billions. The government’s apparent solution: call them something else.

    Congress is at work on a new program that would send $30 billion to struggling community banks, in a process similar to the huge federal bailouts of big banks during the financial crisis. This time, money is more likely to disappear as a result of bank failures or fraud.*

  262. u know whats scary?
    waking up and ur all sleepy and u put the coffee pot on/and ur yawning and foggy cuz it’s morning and u go outside to retrieve the paper and bjorks standing across the street staring at you

  263. Crows Nest NSW, the place at the end of the bjork

  264. even scarier/ bjork in a swan burka

  265. she was bjorn-ha ha!
    hatched/molted/drawn in iceland
    global warming/ iceland/ taking ur towel off in front of massage therapists?
    how many clues u need? this is not a board game/ this is not mr/colonel mustard in the study/ or proffessor plum with a magnet/ this is bjork/ in a swan dress/ bringing death from above
    forewarned is forarmed

  266. And three armed is Bjark.

  267. Anyone got an extra $6.245 million I can have?

  268. Can you give me change for a ten million dollar bill?

  269. three armed is a triskele

  270. If Protein Wisdom fell in the blogospere, and no one heard it, would it make a splash?

  271. The ‘zonos of Triskelion it is, then.

  272. polo?

  273. Pony.

  274. yay!

  275. A Crist victory will be so freighted with meaning it’s hard to get my head around it all.

  276. Sort of view a Crist victory as the stamp of death on the Republic m’self.

  277. This, on the other hand, is more like it:

    Feingold, for his part, would like to talk about anything but health care and the economy. He touts himself as a fiscal conservative and gun rights supporter, who voted against the financial regulation bill. Feingold scoffed at early polls showing Johnson within a couple points, but the senator now appears scared.

  278. yes… stamp of death or at the very least a very clangorous cause for alarm

  279. Interestingly (well, to me, at least), “Spencer” and Mr W. share the same IP and same email address. And yet they’re messages are polar opposites.

    Strange, that.

  280. Damn, that is interesting. I wouldn’t say strange, though I don’t know why.

  281. Comment by Jeff G. on 8/1 @ 5:09 pm #

    Interestingly (well, to me, at least), “Spencer” and Mr W. share the same IP and same email address. And yet they’re messages are polar opposites.

    Strange, that.

    Didn’t you ever see Sybil?

  282. Anyone got a link or two of previous “Spencer” comments?

  283. – That is true JG. I blinked a few times when I saw that tag line.

    – Freudian slip of the fingers?

  284. from sdferrs link:

    The core of the speech is a paean to American exceptionalism. He mentions the word “exceptional” repeatedly, perhaps to highlight the contrast with President Obama, who suggested to a French audience last year that America is no more exceptional than any other country. The core of the speech is a paean to American exceptionalism. He mentions the word “exceptional” repeatedly, perhaps to highlight the contrast with President Obama, who suggested to a French audience last year that America is no more exceptional than any other country.

    [emphasis mine]

    Good lord, why would you want to be leader of something you don’t believe in? Why would anyone follow such a leader? Up is down. Dark is light. Al Franken is a freak’in senator…

  285. Oops, seeing double.

  286. A “Spence” 1), 2), 3), 4) (there are 4 or 5 more in that thread), though not a Spencer bh.

  287. Jeff,
    Please stick around. You write well, you love people, and you often make sense.

  288. Dang. Now that I said that, I’m afraid your readers will take the comment as a snooty slap. It isn’t. Sorry for the bumbling.

  289. Jeff,
    Please stick around. You write well, you love people people love you, and you often make sense.
    John no one

  290. that’s very mysterious I don’t get that… Mr. W is even stauncher than I am in many though certainly not all instances

  291. – But have you ever seen him eat a cupcake…..uh huh….I thought not.

  292. Thanks for the links!


    You’re needed now more than ever

  293. Don’t read too much into it, Jeff. I forgot to change it back from assuming the nebbish identity of Spencer Ackerman in a previous comment. The kernel of leftism you apparently gleaned from from my mangling of the hoary old “tree falls in the forest…” saying was probably just a ghostly reflection of the horrid day I have had.

    I daresay that it was likely prompted by your somewhat downish thread opener.

    I really should take the time to write the story of this day down. It is a tragicomic hoot that I promise that not one of you could top while remaining remotely truthful, and stars a well known billionaire or two…

    As to the polar opposites? I cannot think of anyone I am less like than Mr. Ackerman, so I suppose that fits. If there was some psychological transference that occured when I commented as ‘Spencer’, it is a metaphysical mystery to me.

    Politically, I am, and will remain, substantially to the right of General Auguste Pinochet.

  294. – Baldi – see my #299, if you haven’t already….

  295. I am not ‘Spence’, sdferr. I hereby vow to never be too clever by half again. Or even just clever.

  296. * W…. you couldn’t make it as a troll. You don’t write at a sub-6th grade level.

  297. Oh, I didn’t think you were Spence Mr. W, which is why I carefully drew the distinction.

  298. Still lurking and reading. Still find this place valuable. Still willing to prove it.

  299. Good. I am glad we got that cleared up.

    I will now begin work on my story of how a couple of billionaires tried to steal something from me that they could have bought for a song, and managed to steal it wrong.

    Even Bill Gates can make a mistake, but instead of coming back and asking why what they had was not working, they have instead poured many millions more into the project.

    I promise all of you that the story of the little engine that can’t is going to be Pulitzer worthy.

    I wish Jeff G. would write the story. That would be worth buying a Post for.

    You got credentials, Goldstein?

  300. 4 just seems too square to me
    3 promotes stability
    Since 2001
    I know what to do
    My lucky number
    Is now set to 2

  301. Nina Hagen’s version isn’t doing it for me I bookmarked yours.

  302. sdferr, I see Mr. JournoList his-self shows up to dispute economics with Mr. Kling.

  303. When you’re sock-puppeting, you need to really turn it on high, or otherwise make it obvious.

  304. Mine’s from 1979. The original I believe.

  305. – The golden one himself has declared all economics irrelevant.

    – Good day to you sir!

  306. Don’t like the RED SPOT, which two days ago we were told had only a 20% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone. fidgit

  307. – If you want to know whats going to happen with the weather consult a palm reader. The National weather service is plugged into a coke machine for its predictions, and has been since 1947.

  308. Any of you want to buy me a present, here’s your chance.

    I don’t need wrapping paper or a card, either.

  309. Their tropical storm calls have done fairly well by me the last decade or so BBH, which doesn’t entail perfection however. The RED SPOT alone should be sufficient heads up, for instance.

  310. how about a bow?

  311. Any of you want to buy me a present

    “Every time I press one of these black controls, labelled in black on a black background, a little black light lights up black to let me know I’ve done it.”

  312. If I hit the lottery in the next few days, I’ll buy it for you.

  313. if u push/ or release the parking brake on a big ass lincioln
    and it rolls down a hill/ and u can catch up witit and
    run beside it and look at the reflections of it’s hubcaps and say
    bjork/bjork/bjork three times fast at it as it stares at the
    vacumn of ur eyes
    well/ bjork might/ and i say this gingerly/ and i’m not her spokeswad
    she might/might/make a deal
    and u will cuz /the wrath of bjork makes aguirre wrath of god a cartoony prequel
    cartoony version of hell

  314. This joint is a daily stop. Don’t comment as much from work any more as they laid more folks off this past week.

    Don’t give them any excuses.

  315. That watch: Champagne taste on my beer budget. DUDE!

  316. And yet they’re messages are polar opposites.

    I call sockpuppet. A Jeff G. sockpuppet, that is. Jeff would never spell “their” as “they’re.”

    Not sober, anyway.

  317. I was a hurricane once.

    Under my real, name, that is.

  318. Ha, and we knew your name (in a 33% chance sense) as one of three from that time you called in to Hewitt’s radio show. So those infos with this would likely narrow it down somewhat. But given the sloshiness of memory, you’re in the clear d.

  319. It disturbs me that you remember that I called in to Hewitt. That was AGES ago.

    Also, I’m disturbed that I used “that is” as an aside in two consecutive comments.

  320. Here. Everyone watch this Hairy Woodpecker grooming, outside my house.

    I was watching a perfectly good episode of Wallander (English version), when my reception went completely out. Funny, I got a clear-ish signal while the airplanes were landing between 8 p.m. and 9 (about 40 landings), but now that it’s dark and muggy, there’s little signal at all.

    And my new 25 db antenna booster doesn’t do a blasted thing.

    Cripes, I hate DTV.

  321. So was the time I got 3 enormous milkshakes at Gifford’s in Silver Spring, served up in flower vases, many ages more, yet I remember that too, so you’ve got some disturbings cut out for ya.

    Could have had something to do with the aftermath though I guess.

  322. oh, are we getting sloshy tonight?

  323. I just had a voicemail: a familiar-sounding voice said he knows where the tutu is, and called me “Nancy.”

    I shall not sleep tonight.

  324. Isn’t the Tutu in S.Africa? At least I’d thought he was.

  325. Zappa made money, at least.

    I just get the hate.

    Blogs will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no blogs! Err…. Or something like that.

    Of course you could always turn PW into a really kick ass porn site and make some money. If you started with something like this you’d have people flocking to your site!

  326. Apparently, if I want to watch this channel at this time, I must sit in front of the TV with the antenna in my lap.

    Glad I got that solved. ::snort::

  327. I just clicked over to the link in #334 and now I have to take a bleach bath.

    Just for the eyes. Good thing I bought a wire brush awhile back.

  328. Events like this seem to have to happen every few years or so in order that people can recollect to think about live loading structures beyond their capacities, only to forget after a few more years pass.

  329. Lucky antenna

  330. Flocking must have been a typo. Fakking, maybe? Frakking?

  331. * My guess is you have a definite snafu in your hookup, or the hardware is dead. That much gain should make a very noticeable difference.

  332. OK, this is depressing:

    Being socially disconnected — a loose term usually taken to mean having few good friends or strong family relationships — was said to be equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes per day and to heavy drinking — of six units of alcohol a day — the scientists involved said.

    So I’m going to get the life-shortening effects of going against my religion’s health code without the concomitant fun of actually doing so.

    Study by my alma mater, Brigham Young University.


  333. Lucky antenna

    BBH, I’ve noticed a theme in your comments in the past few days. You need something I can’t offer?

  334. * Of course if you’re in a signal shadow, no amount of gain will help.

    * No signal, no laundry.

  335. #340.

    Unless, of course, there is a mountain between you and the transmitter. Then GOOD LUCK.

  336. That much gain should make a very noticeable difference.

    Yes, it should, but what do you expect when the signal is disrupted by wind blowing through the trees and passing cars, for the sake of Pete.

    Between my antenna and the broadcast antenna is the metal shaft for my swamp cooler. That might mean something.

  337. – Pay it no mind d

    – Just being My usual snarky self

  338. Sounds like it means you should move the antenna to the other side of the swamp cooler, eh?

  339. The transmitter is ON a mountain top, and I’m not that far away. No tall buildings come between (it’s all suburb from here to there), so I’m guessing I’m the lucky sot who sits in a signal shadow, where the ricocheting frequencies cancel each out.

    Though what they’re ricocheting from I don’t know. The mountains to the east are too far away to reflect a signal strong enough to mess with the primary.

    Ooooh, wait. My next-door neighbor does ham radio. He strung a long antenna across his back yard, which comes between me and the broadcast antenna.

    But dude. He’s operating at frequencies a couple orders of magnitude lower than TV signals. And I can get other channels just fine.

  340. Doesn’t matter where I move it. Sometimes I get the signal, sometimes I don’t, and time of day and weather and humidity (high, lately, for us) seem to affect it all.

  341. * If you’re seeing that much signal variation you must be in a really weak pathway. Sometimes they can provide a corner reflector placed in a strategic location to give you a stronger signal to capture, but baring that its pretty much a lost cause.

  342. Wow. Humidity in the 50-70% range tonight. We’re usually in the teens and twenties. No wonder my swamp cooler is less effective today.

  343. BBH: Yes, I figured that going from an 11 db gain to 25 db should have done the trick, but no dice.

    But I’m not paying for no stupid cable or satellite, because I don’t watch enough TV to justify it.


  344. * Sometimes you can do better with a better antenna, larger if its a dish, more elements if its a helix. Your service tech should have some idea’s.

  345. It is comical to read the last few comments, and then try to guess how the conversation got there.

  346. Di, don’t know how handy you are but a guy I know followed this plan with great success.

  347. Looks like a new top-kill on the Macando well starts tomorrow, then if that works, they’ll go for the relief well kill a bit later as it comes in.

  348. * The ham next door could be causing you some problems in three possible ways.

    * As you mentioned, his antenna hardware could be causing reflections and or shadowing effects, but they would be narrow band which would jive with the effects showing on only a few channels.

    * Even though he’s far below you in frequency, his power is many orders of magnitude higher in power than the signal you’re trying to capture. At those power differences even harmonics he could be transmitting (integer multiples of his base frequecy that land in the channels you’re trying to receive,). He could test for that, and is required to by FCC regs. If that’s the case he can add filtering to his output to reduce those harmonics.

    * Even if harmonics aren’t the problem, just the sheer power of his fundamental frequency might overload the front end of your receiver. That’s the fault of the crapy hardware they use for the TV systems (poor selectivity) and would not be considered his problem.

  349. And this website should tell you where to aim.

  350. Hammering away at an ideology, substituting stridency for contemplation, pummeling its enemies in absentia: ScienceBlogs has become Fox News for the religion-baiting, peak-oil crowd.*

  351. I just clicked over to the link in #334 and now I have to take a bleach bath.

    Just for the eyes. Good thing I bought a wire brush awhile back.

    Oh c’mon, some of those wyymin were really hot once. Long ago it’s true, but you’ve got to admire their determination!

  352. Another take down of Ezra Klein and his economic abilities.

    journalists grab whatever science supports their ends. The details are not important, you have a professor with lots of publications, he has a complicated scientific argument, it makes you an objective, rational journalist.

  353. * Lastly, believe it or not you might be too close to the base of the mountain., which would place you under the strongest part of the launched signal in a shadow. Directed signals of any type are always potentially difficult or totally easy, entirely due to the physical setups and terrain.

  354. “…it makes you an objective, rational journalist.”

    – Actually it just means you can copy and paste.

  355. Which means it enjoys the dubious distinction of being a site that appeals to exactly no one.

    Lot of “no one”‘s here.

  356. as my creepy fathers uncle use to slur
    as he sidled up to me when i was nine and full of promise
    remember-hic- no ones under ur -hic-bed
    and no ones in ur hic-passout-wake-up in ur-hic-passout
    wakeup passout wakeup closet
    he used to give me a nickel to change the sides of his album called
    german marching bands though!
    my first paying job!

  357. Anything not explicitly right wing is or becomes left wing sooner or later. So, you have explicit ideas.
    To be conservative is to conserve many ideas the left “progressed” on from generations ago.

  358. bjork don’t have wings
    she got a swan dress with a big goose/duck/bird neck
    that wraps around her shoulders which is all good and fine at the oscars on the red carpet/but when ur in dunkin donuts and u feel her breath on ur neck as she gets too close to u inline
    or ur filling ur chevy volt up with gas and she’s behind u in line in a three wheeled tricycle/rob zombie mototcycle with her impish grin or ur in cvs/walgreens and u drop change and go to
    pick it up and as u bend over she picks it up first and hands it to u and silently mouths the words/im going to fuck u up!
    it’s starting to creep me out/ where’s dick cheney when u need him?

  359. ????????

  360. I’m sure I’m not the only guy here who reads every single comment of ever single thread (skipping over the dribblings from Trolls of Many Names, naturally), several times a day. Then (and only then) do I even consider slumming at one of those other blogs… but more often than not, I don’t even bother.

    Me, too. #1 on my reading list since Chuckie-J went off the deep end, and #2 before that. Wherever shall I go now? I mean, sheez, now I’ll actually have to work at work.

  361. “No one”?
    What do you mean,”no one”?
    Like I’m a nobody to you?
    I’m trying to understand here.
    I’m a big zero?
    I’m only here for your amusement?
    No.NO. Tell me.

  362. I like your eras. Really.

  363. Here. Everyone watch this Hairy Woodpecker grooming, outside my house.

    OK, di, I’m sending emergency tripod monies.

    As soon as I get over the shaky-video woozies~!

  364. Looks like a new top-kill on the Macando well starts tomorrow, then if that works, they’ll go for the relief well kill a bit later as it comes in.

    Ummm, if we didn’t need that damned oil we wouldn’t have been rooting around down there in the first place. We should finish the job; get a producing relief well and work it. Do we fill in swimming pools after a drowning?

  365. As such, it [pw] will act accordingly.

    Act“, as a verb, means “to present a portrayal or performance of «a very talented student acted the part of Tiny Tim in our production of A Christmas Carol»”. Which means pw will undergo continuation, because ‘act’ is a verb thingy and all and has to do things. That’s how I’m read the post, and I’m sticking to my interpretation; signifers be damned (I know; just as a typical Leftist interprets signifiers s/he doesn’t like).

    (of course my interpretation might prove classifiable as wishful thinking; see under “Near Antonyms” listings for “act”…)

  366. reading of course.

  367. LiLo… she once again knows the sweet taste of liberty today!

    Welcome back Lindsay you have work to do and buenos suerte I think.

  368. Did I read somewhere that Senor Bob Reed is going to be on a road trip out here in the heart of flyover country?

  369. yes and sounds like it was s surprise

    OK, BBL gang, I have to get ready for a very long trip deep into “flyover country” that I didn’t think I’d have to be taking anytime soon.

  370. Thanks, happyfeet. Does anyone know how to get in touch with that skeezy racist Reed?

  371. you might ask at powip

  372. JD: I’m in contact with both Danger and Bob Reed. We are contemplating a NYC get together with bh and, possibly, Abe Froman.

    E-Mail or call me and I’ll give you his addy.

  373. Been lurking and occasionally posting for a long time at this site.

    Seems a year or so ago, there was another thread with the same tenor–so is this a eulogy, or just venting?

    If it’s venting, fine–but you gotta realize that being the good guys entails persistence, can’t give in or give up, y’all realize the consequences of saying fuck it, I’m sure.

    Mr G, you have a moral imperative to continue that really needs no explanation for your posters (and lurkers).

    What you eventually do is YOUR decision, of course, and I’ll leave this semi-rant at that.

  374. OK, di, I’m sending emergency tripod monies.

    I have a tripod. What makes you think I had time to set up a tripod before the thing flew off?

    Geez. A little shakes from the antidepressants and evabody’s woozy.

  375. Oh. Well, then, multiple tripods for various vantage points; I have six or so. If speedy setup is your goal, then forgo a tripod for a monopod (some of the better ones also work with your favorite rifles) or even this.

  376. Not sure what the title of this post is intended to mean. I’m hoping that Jeff isn’t worrying about appealing to any partisan or ideological allegiance, and that he’ll be content to attract an audience (such as it is) appreciative of his fearlessness in speaking truth to power. Here’s the thing with speaking truth to power, though: truth speakers usually get their asees stomped by power seekers. Maybe in Jeff’s case that manifests itself in not enough linky-love from the dextrosphere as he might deserve, and not enough revenue to make the kind of living at this that he hopes to. I don’t know. Just what I’ve inferred from this post.

    Over the Fourth of July weekend, I was reading an essay by Gertrude Himmelfarb. It’s a consideration of the philosopher Michael Oakeshott’s ideas about history. As I was reading, one quote in particular, from Oakeshott’s Experience and Its Modes jumped out at me: “The text is the interpretation and the interpretation is the text.” I found myself wondering what Jeff would have to say about that.

    I hope that PW and Jeff stick around. Maybe someday then, I’ll get to find out .

  377. You are an iconoclast, You’re always engaging even though we may not always agree with you. Is it surprising that occasionally you’ve been somewhat intemporate dealing with the trolls and worse, well that’s understandable

  378. Was the essay from

    The Moral Imagination

    , Ernst? If so, thumbs up or thumbs down?

  379. Wow, such superior html skills I have.

  380. Trolls are time-consuming and destroy one’s resolve and dignity. There’s an easy way to fix that: a DISCUS or other verifiable online ID comment sign-up. Once done, then one can comment freely; if a harmless but annoying cesstroll like ajb or meya &c. want to continue to comment, then they will have to have some sort of sign up that can be tracked. Mostly, that sign up would prevent the evil drive-by’s like have occurred in prior threads. Those bastards would never take time to sign anything; thus is their worthlessness quantified.

  381. I do think the evil trolls do more damage than they should be allowed to do. Fuck ’em all with various swordfish and shark’s teeth.

  382. I’m hoping that Jeff isn’t worrying about appealing to any partisan or ideological allegiance

    Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Jeff’s problem is that he can still remember the early days of the intartubez, when he regularly engaged peeps on both the Left and the Right in thoughtful dialog.

    Before the extreme polarization of the populace, which was both reflected in and ginned up by Internet dialog. Before some of the big guns on the right decided that Jeff was a big fat poopyhead for pointing out that they were accepting the Left’s premises about how language works, and doing so in such scholarly terms that they couldn’t respond in kind.

    Don’t worry Ernst: Jeff quits ALL THE TIME. He’ll be back when he damn well feels like it.

  383. Illegitimi non carborundum.

    In the meantime find something you enjoy and do that. We’ll be here when you return.

  384. * OTOH he may actually mean it this time, in which case we’ll all have to switch to decaf.

  385. I’d wager that Jeff won’t quit for good unless one of two things happen:

    –He gets a full-time job that takes up all his time

    –The Oministration shuts him down

  386. Over the Fourth of July weekend, I was reading an essay by Gertrude Himmelfarb […]

    See, that’s what I love about this place. That’s not a series of words you’re likely to read anywhere else on the net; not even on gertrudehimmelfarb.com.

  387. Perhaps we are reading more into this post than is warranted – two fresh posts this morning.

  388. bh, in answer to your question: The essay was: “Does History Talk Sense?” from The New History and the Old: Critical Essays and Reappraisals (Rev. ed. Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press, 2004) It’s a revised version of a review of Oakeshott’s On History and Other Essays.

    If you like reading an “old school” narrative historian offer up blistering critiques of Social History, Psychohistory, Quantohistory, “the literary turn” and Post-Modern History, Marxist historiography and the Annales school of French historiography as practiced by Fernand Braudel, this is your book.

    On the other hand, if you’d rather just enjoy your sausage without thinking about what goes on in the back of the butcher shop, probably not.

  389. Own up, owner uppers.

  390. You had me at “blistering”, Ernst. Thanks.

  391. Poverty and Compassion: The Moral Imagination of the Late Victorians [I assume that’s the book you meant] is a ways down the Himmelfarb reading list, behind: The Roads to Modernity: The British, French and American Enlightenments, One Nation, Two Cultures, and On Looking into the Abyss. Which is to say that I’m not planning on reading it.

    Lot of html tags there, sdferr’s praying I don’t jinx the blog.

  392. bh, Richard J Evans, In Defense of History describes Himmelfarb as “highly readable and thought-provoking, but marred by a polemical technique which simply states her own position without arguing it and tries to dispose of alternatives mainly by innuendo about the motives of those who advocate them.” Which is academic speak for she doesn’t play nice with others, preferring to call “bullshit!” on bullshitters. You get to do that when you’re emeritus faculty.

  393. Yes, that’s the book I meant, Ernst. Only had room in my memory bank for three words it appears.

    Thanks for the further recommendations. I’ll definitely check out The Roads to Modernity.