November 28, 2008

Wal-Mart Worker Killed in Black Friday Stampede [Dan Collins]


Posted by Dan Collins @ 9:29am

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  1. If I needed a reason to stay away from the stores (I didn’t, but if I did), then there it is.

  2. I’m with Seth. I never go any where near a mall on the Friday after Thanksgiving nor the day after Christmas. It is not worth it.

    Dan … congrats! Instalaunche

  3. I’ll be doing some shopping today, but only at Amazon.

  4. I don’t like malls to begin with, and this is the worst of the worst mall day. I do my Christmas shopping online, with delivery to my door. It seems so much more civilised to do it thus way, as opposed to waiting in lines like cattle.

  5. Alec

    I enjoy going to some of the shopping centers during Christmas, but only on my terms. Usually during the week when they first open and no one is there.

    My shopping is a mixure of online and malls … but I refuse to get caught in lines.

  6. I guess little Timmy isn’t getting a Wii for Christmas this year.

  7. People what stampede in Wal-Mart don’t understand Wal-Mart very well. Always low prices you idiots. Now they had to close the store. I’m not surprised this happened in Long Island.

  8. I just bought a 50 inch Samsung Plazma television online for 799 from Sears. Why the hell would I want to get trampled when I can sit at my house in my boxers and do my shopping? These same people would stampede over my bleeding corpse if someone dropped a hundred dollar bill.

  9. If the fascist Los Angeles nazi people would let me have a Wal-Mart I promise I would never stampede I would just enjoy my low prices all the time and nobody would get killed just maybe Target would take a hit cause they have a monopoly here cause the fascists love red red red Target but hate Wal-Mart. I saw Kirstie Alley at Target the other day and I thought I bet you’re one of those I would never shop at Wal-Mart people. And you’re not all that fat. Who else probably shops at Target a lot is Chris O’Donnell but he probably goes to a different one. Chris doesn’t have a particularly long list of the thankful this year. No one ever says hey this role is perfect for Chris O’Donnell anymore.

  10. oh. You know… that guy what played Robin in the Batman movies.

  11. Those peace-loving tolerant liberals in New York just needed to find some outlet for their hate and rage I guess.

  12. I think his career was over circa Batman and Robin. After watching that horrible piece of filth I wouldn’t cast him as an extra on a Keanu Reeves movie.

  13. We left in the middle of the Batman Robin one I remember cause I got in trouble cause after that my little nephew loved turning to his dad at the movies and saying you know what we should just cut our losses on this.

  14. Good thing you left when you did happy. I heard in some places there was stampedes of people trying to get OUT of the movie by the end of the first hour.

  15. Was that the one with the rubber nipples on the bat suit?

    Didn’t see it, thanks to getting sufficient advance warning from those who had.

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  17. Yeah it was the one with the rubber nipples, Arnold as Mr. Freeze, and some plantwoman played by the cokehead chick from Pulp Fiction. I actually was dumb enough to see it in the theatre. That is an automatic disqualifier for me to ever apply to MENSA I am told.

  18. Baby? Thankfully I don’t see anything there about a baby.

  19. Back on topic: the comments at the NY Daily News article about the Wal-Mart stampede are a hoot, but I think I lost IQ points just from reading them. A damned black hole of stupid.

    I think I now know where our ignorant trolls come from.

  20. A woman miscarried it was her baby she was probably there to buy baby things for. oh. This is my same nephew person what gives me a big very sincere hug for when he gets a Wal-Mart gift card for Christmas. The kid really gets it.

  21. weird, Patrick, it looks like the article has been rewritten since Dan linked it.

    The old version had the pregnant woman miscarrying …with paramedics telling her there was nothing they could do “the baby is gone”.

  22. Patrick,

    Baby? Thankfully I don’t see anything there about a baby.

    I think the original NY Daily News story claimed the pregnant woman miscarried, but there isn’t anything about that in the article now. The headline on the comments page mentions it, though, here, which reads:

    A worker died after being trampled and a woman miscarried when hundreds of shoppers smashed through the doors of a Long Island Wal-Mart Friday morning, witnesses said.

  23. here’s a copy of the original story

    Jessica Keyes was among the shoppers. She told the Daily News she saw a woman knocked down just a few feet from the dying worker.

    “When the paramedics came, she said ‘I’m pregnant,'” Keyes said.
    Paramedics treated the woman inside the store and then, according to Keys, told the woman:

    “There’s nothing we can do. The baby is gone.”

    Before police shut down the store, eager shoppers streamed past emergency crews as they worked furiously to save the store clerk’s life.

    “They were working on him, but you could see he was dead, said Halcyon Alexander, 29. “People were still coming through.”

    Only a few stopped.

    “They’re savages,” said shopper Kimberly Cribbs, 27. “It’s sad. It’s terrible.”

  24. She could have been one of those savvy types what is always looking for litigation opportunities I guess. That’s really big here in Los Angeles.

  25. Obama hates WalMart, yet 95% of those shoppers voted for Obama (based on the pictures) and still yet, they want the WalMart deals so bad they’re willing to kill for them. And by “they’re” I mean “those people are”. Sue me. I call ’em like I see ’em.

  26. Will some, will any just resolution follow this sad story? A 34 man dies (“cause of death” undetermined , we’re told) after being trampled by a “throng” of hundreds of shoppers, some of whom (who, exactly, is this known?) stepped on him. Others, we’re told, walked around him (again, who exactly?). But we wonder, did choice play a role in either case — the stepping on and the walking around? Were the steppers on and the walkers around propelled by forces outside their control (other people pushing them who themselves were being pushed by people far to the rear of the crowd) once we go beyond their choice to be at the Wal-Mart in the first place, which choice is obviously quite remote from stepping on or walking around a man soon to die? Questions of agency in events like this one are awfully difficult to handle, and it seems to me for that reason often aren’t dealt with at all, or at best, only very cursorily so.

  27. There were no individuals there, Sdferr, it was a herd.

  28. That would suck to have on your obituary. Getting mauled by a tiger or killed sky diving sounds manly, getting trampled at the entrance to a Walmart because you wanted to wait in line 6 hours to save a hundred bucks not so much.

  29. Someone looked at a little baby and said I will name her Halcyon and so it came to pass.

  30. I thought Japan was the home of crazed consumerism. This is just wrong for this country.

  31. It happens every year though cranky. It’s hard not to think the guy didn’t really know what he was about if he was intent on holding back a crowd. That store manager is gonna be in big trouble.

  32. Father:”Here you go Timmy I was able to get you that new Power Ranger doll you wanted for Christmas. Merry Christmas son.”

    Son:”Daddy I wanted Blue Power Ranger not red. I hate you!”

    Father:”Oh here let me see that.” “Here you go it just had some red paint on it Timmy. Your daddy loves you.”

  33. oh. The pregnant woman is back…

    A 28-year-old pregnant woman was knocked to the floor during the mad rush. She was hospitalized for observation, police said. Early witness accounts that the woman suffered a miscarriage were unfounded, police said.

  34. I don’t (can’t?) understand it that way yet, B Moe, due to my uncertainty as to antecedents to the “They’re” in the statement of the woman quoted as saying “They’re savages”. The article makes it seem she is speaking of the people walking past the killed man’s body after the salient events had long passed. But I don’t trust the press that well. I still wonder whether she may be speaking of the people who did the stepping on and walking around in the initial event, which, should that be the case, would seem to make her a witness to an intentional harm. (Nuts on me? Maybe, yep. But I just don’t trust the press.)

  35. He was just trying to do his job, happy. If the man don’t get you, the proletariat will.

    Although it probably should be addressed by Wal-Mart training that when the masses break huddle it is time to duck and cover.

  36. Hearing this makes me glad I have work today.

  37. I’m not saying it was his fault just that the other kabillion Wal-Marts had nice death-free openings so why was this one different?

  38. oh. Yes I am suggesting maybe it was his fault.

  39. Sdferr is right about the trusting of the media. The reporter guy clearly wants the story to be murderous consumerism.

  40. they have a slideshow now.

  41. It’s very instructive. Those people were stupid people. Whoever said herd was bang on.

  42. I already did my Christmas shopping.

  43. I looked at the link hf but can only see one photo though clicking through the whole series (the captions change though).

  44. And I wouldn’t be in a herd like that and I wouldn’t get between that herd and whatever they were herding for. The local cops dropped the ball I think.

  45. oh. There’s 12 pictures – maybe you can copy the url into a different browser?

  46. That store was besieged by a mob is what it looks like.

  47. Thanks for the tip hf. I tried it but unfortunately got the same result. Must be some plug-in or add-on feature trouble (though I’m only guessing from ignorance).

  48. I hope I never end up a Wal-Martyr.

  49. Dan – I linked the pictures individually for sdferr can you rescue that from whatever trap it fell into?

  50. The whole thing will have been captured on store security camera’s. Bet the digital tapes are already at the police station being reviewed.

    I’d like to see faces on the evening news asking the people be identified and turned in.

  51. #26 Sdferrer:

    I bet a large number of the tramplers were pushed by the crowd at their back. I was in a stampede once at Spartan Stadium (back in the eighties). MSU won and was going to the Rose Bowl and the student section stampeded to the field. You just had to go along, the push was so great. A girl fell in front of us and I and another guy (Mark Dawson?) picked her up under the arms and carried her along until we got to the field and could stop long enough to stand her up. I like to think we saved her life.

  52. yet 95% of those shoppers voted for Obama (based on the pictures)


  53. Why the press is useless.

    The dead man was knocked or pushed down. I’ll assume he didn’t choose to lie on the floor himself. Someone or ones knocked or pushed him to the ground. The story doesn’t say who. But someone must know who, if only the persons doing the shoving themselves. These people should be identified and interviewed, first by the investigating police I’d assume, then by the press. The press account presents no one fitting this description.

    Once on the floor, the man is said to be stepped on. Again, I assume he was stepped on by a discrete number of people who need to be identified and interviewed. The press presents no one fitting this description.

    People are said to have walked around the killed man as he was stepped on by others. No one is identified or interviewed fitting this description. No account fitting their point of view of the event is given. Nor any account from the press as to why they have not got any of the accounts I think should be forthcoming. This is irresponsible from the beginning.

  54. the other kabillion Wal-Marts had nice death-free openings so why was this one different?


  55. Someone or ones knocked or pushed him to the ground.


  56. hf, I can’t get into the filter. My clearance doesn’t go that high. Email Jeff?

  57. Hey, don’t worry about the pictures you guys, they’ll show up somewhere else and I’ll likely be able to see them there.

  58. Hey. I didn’t see the pictures til after that comment. But lots of the other Wal-Marts a lot serve people of color so I don’t think that’s it. These were stupid mob people what besieged that little store is all. The police should have been there to help them understand they were behaving as not-people.

  59. oh. here…

    just copy that into your address bar and change the numbers in the address 01 – 12…

  60. they were behaving as not-people.


  61. That works, thanks.

  62. you really can’t understand the story right without the pictures I don’t think

  63. Those people all look like fine upstanding citizens.

  64. I am guessing though these are some of the people that O! wants to spread my wealth to.

  65. I suck at linking on here but they got video up now of this one Drudge.

  66. I am guessing though these are some of the people that O! wants to spread my wealth to.


    OK, I’m worn out. I was just trying to pick up the slack since JD’s low on bile.

  67. Well Salt I would figure he would want a little more of my wealth to go to people who vote for him at around a 95% clip then he would others. IMHO

  68. My husband grew up with this man… and he’s taking it really hard. This guy was very kind and would never hurt anyone. It’s a shame that people have forgotten the real meaning of christmas and have gotten so stuck into caring for themselves and not others. RIP

  69. rae — Sorry to hear of your personal loss. How did you get to this site?

  70. Blog Commentary: Man, PW must have really pissed off Glenn Reynolds. He won’t even link you when he specifically credits you for the story.

  71. Glenn made lamb on his grill for thanksgiving and me and my brother talked and decided we’ll do that when we’re home at the holidays so mom doesn’t feel like she needs to cook. Mostly my part will be buying the lamb.

  72. lots of giggles on that video. In the background. He was a big guy what got trampled. That surprised me.

  73. I emailed him about it, when I saw it pop up on Facebook, Brock, but before I posted on it.

  74. Mr. Reynolds is eminently fair but not Cap’n Ed ostentatiously eminently fair.

  75. His big-guyness could point to a pre-existing heart condition, possibly one unknown even to him, which may have had a role in his death. But of course that is only speculation on my part. The press would say “details to follow” sort of thing.

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  77. Dan

    That is weird, looks like Glenn did the same thing as the paper, he edited his entry from earlier to link directly to the story. Earlier the link was directly here.

  78. Well, but honestly, Darleen, there’s no value added in my post. In the comments, yes, but in the post, no.

  79. Maybe I’m somewhat out of place saying this here, but it seems to me that there isn’t any (good) point to allusions or talk of the skin color of the Wal-Mart shoppers possibly involved in this “trampling”, any more than there is in the skin color of the man trampled. Just my opinion though.

  80. What I liked best about the reader comments at the Daily News was how they managed to blame Bush for the trampling.

    I have finally figured it out: If Bush is really responsible for everything that happens, then he must be God.

  81. This story is tragic! I hope those savages will held accountable for this death! This is discusting and it makes me sick to my stomach. They should not have these types of sales anymore. People act like they do not any common sense they show complete disregard for a human life! I am appauled at these people! Shame on you! Does anyone know if they shut down the store durning this time? If not I am ashamed at wal-mart! Saving a few bucks on a black friday sale is NOT worth murdering a man and risking a unborn baby! These animals should pay for what they did! SAVAGES!

  82. there isn’t any (good) point to allusions or talk of the skin color of the Wal-Mart shoppers

    I agree, Sdferr, other than to point out the likely homophobia.

  83. hehe

  84. #53 Sdferr

    The poor guy who died was almost certainly suffocated by the first ones in the door falling on him after being pushed by the people behind them. It would be really tough to pin the blame on any one person, even the ones who fell on him.

  85. Well I blame Obama. He was supposed to be paying for these people’s shit, the least he could do would be to wait in line for em. WTF

  86. Yes and the management of walmart should also be charged. This is a total disregard for someones life. I hope civilly Walmart is sued so that this non sense of black friday stops. When one merhcant pays others will end this stupidity

  87. Yes. Let’s ban retail sales. Moron.

  88. Yes and the management of walmart should also be charged

    now now, John Edwards, haven’t you created enough shit this past year?

  89. Spiny, if you take my comment at 53 to be “pinning blame” then you have completely missed it’s point or I didn’t make it well enough. More the former than the latter, I think, on a close reading.

  90. The general denigration of Wal-Mart by stupid fascist liberals is probably what leads people to think of it as somewhere it’s ok if you break the windows and doors and act like those elephants in Bangladesh what run around trampling people.

  91. Salt-lick. Thank you. I was just google the story and bumped into all the comments that people were making. All I can say is Dee was a good dude.

  92. As God is my witness, I thought black people knew how to stand in line.

  93. Hmmm. That would be one of those unhelpful thingers I think sdferr was talking about.

  94. Found this comment on a kosskiddie post (that blames Wal-mart for the incident)

    These animals don’t have any respect for other human beings. Another “success” of the Bush administration.

    Regardless of PE Obama, BDS is alive and well and still infecting Leftcult sites.

  95. rae — and he was too, too young, and it’s especially tough on friends and family when someone dies during the holidays. The story reads like he got scared at the crush and had a heart attack.

    If you are new here, just understand this site is pretty heavy on joking around. Nobody here really thinks the death is funny.

  96. there isn’t any (good) point to allusions or talk of the skin color of the Wal-Mart shoppers

    I agree, Sdferr, other than to point out the likely homophobia.

    I agree also Sdferr. I’ll try to be more careful in the future and only point out skin color when it gives an advantage in an election. Historical firsts and all. Unless, of course, that was America’s first black Walmart trampling.

  97. i totally understand. until its your own then its not a joke anymore. But, I understand people humor.
    the crazy part is that he was a big man. Not big meaning fat but tall.
    We were told that he was crushed. What the news did not add was that His collar bone was broke. I believe that in order for him to have a heart attack, those pigs did the mashpotatoe stomp on him.

  98. What does this death have to do with the last election? What does it have to do with Prop 8 in California? I can understand a joke or two but it doesn’t really seem like too much value added, all told.

  99. I can’t find a link to it now, but the “Wal Mart manager” joke was mine and referred to allegations during the Florida 2000 fiasco that expecting black voters to queue up was racist because that wasn’t part of black culture. Cornell West or one of those idiots came up with it.

  100. Well, Sdferr. the wife just came in and we’re going to Walmart (I’m not kidding). I’m mostly curious how anyone could have read this blog the last few months and not understand how this ties in with the last election or Prop. 8. But maybe you’re just critiquing the level of humor, which might indicate Jeff needs to STOP STUFFING HIMSELF WITH LEFTOVERS AND DO SOMETHING!

  101. ” John Edwards, haven’t you created enough shit this past year?”

    He could always channel the spirit of My Little Pony.

  102. Stopped at two stores today, Delaware County outside Phila., Kohl’s and Tar-jet, and if the economy looks pretty much not in the tank.

  103. Here’s another fun Black Friday story … fight breaks out in Toys R Us, guns come out, two dead.

  104. how insane is that! What can the illuminati say about this… this could be the saddest story of the holidays. We want to put consumerism and get people to buy but then crap like this happens. When are we going to be able to find a sustainable, civil way to live as americans? Our wal-mart or target (if your to good for wal-mart) life styles are not going to cut it for long. this is a sign of things to come.

  105. “What really instigated the Wal-Mart rush?”

    I’ll prolly burn for this.. )

  106. feets, there’s a Walmart in the hood on Crenshaw. Come over to the dark side.

  107. Come over to the dark side.

    But not today.

  108. Its a sad day for Americans. I don’t even want to leave my home.

  109. There is always this group of people who are very susceptible to hype. Get to(where ever) first! Wait in line to be first! Etc.

    As if the store will evaporate. N.B.: Shop early. Like August, or September.

  110. Like August, or September.

    Or January. You can save a lot of money that way.

  111. Gulttony! Greed instigates these type of actions! People are fighting to get things that will be less around the new year.

  112. rae–God keep you.

  113. oh. Sorry B Moe I missed that allusion. That’s interesting.

  114. Horrible. Sorry for your loss rae.

    As I get older, it seems more and more like these things are signs of civilization coming apart at the seams.

  115. oh. baldilocks – after I got first got here I didn’t know anywhere and my tv broke and being from Texas I got in my car and I was gonna drive around and find the Wal-Mart… I drove and drove and drove and just by freak accident I found one. It was very hispanic in this shopping center with big hispanic grocery store and spanish stuff all around… It was two stories and that was the first time I ever saw those cart escalators. They look very dangerous and scary I think. But anyway when I got home with my tv I got online and found that at the time at least I had found one of the four Wal-Marts in the Valley. There’s a few more now. oh. Panorama City was it. I haven’t been back. The rich peoples in Stevenson Ranch got one I see. How nice for them.

  116. I live in that big Wal-Martless zone in the middle of the map kind of northeast of the star I think. I suck at geography.

  117. DASS RITE!!

    It bee da WITE MANZ FAWALT!!

    Eye says..BLAIM da Wite mans ANN Da POE-LEESE fOE ebbythang!!!


    Hey, lemmee AXE ewe dis…Now dat nyntee-fyve percentz uv us brUthaz ann sisstahs voated FOE Obsamas,wee shood awls gitz FREE shit n shit frum Wal marrt kuz dey bee oaned bye da WITE mans.

    Wear bee all meye free shit n shit Obsamas?


    Blaim da WITE MANS ann da POE LEESE foe EBBYTHANG!!

  118. Hunt no further.

  119. moronhunter must not have a mirror.

  120. Yep, so far the best American Christmas metaphor-story of the season. WalMart employee, wasn’t paid much, wasn’t worth much in the capitalist system.

    Trample.Welcome.Imp. Must.Buy.Chinese.Made.Xbox.

  121. An interesting twist from the AP filed follow-up report this morning:

    The retail giant has rigorously resisted being unionized. But the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500 termed the death “avoidable” and called for federal and state labor authorities to investigate. Union president Bruce Both said the store had failed to provide a safe workplace.

    which began with this:

    Police were reviewing video from surveillance cameras in an attempt to identify people who trampled on a Wal-Mart worker killed when a crowd of post-Thanksgiving shoppers burst through the doors at a suburban store and knocked him down.

    Criminal charges were still possible, but identifying anyone in the store’s videos may prove difficult, said Nassau County police spokesman Detective Lt. Michael Fleming on Friday.

  122. Well, jeez, Sdferr, if it was unionized it would have been closed for the Holidays and everything would cost three times as much anyway. So nobody gets killed, d’uh.

  123. # 103 Darlee.

    I’ll bet the grocery money that it turns out to be another Black friday

  124. Crap. Please forgive the typo Darleen

  125. Why is everyone so afraid to point at the elephant in the room? Hell, even when we DON’T point it out we’re racists, so what the hell? It’s a culture. NOT all blacks, nor even most act this way, but “BREAK DOWN THE DOORS” is really a mob mentality that you don’t tend to find in white,asian or even teh gays. I’d like to thank LBJ, Jesse Jackson and the democrats in congress over the last 50 or so years for this poor man’s death.

    I know this makes no sense, but I’m trying NOT to go “over the top” on the color issue. I’m fully aware it COULD happen to others, but the tendency runs to teh black (see Cincinatti,’68’,LA,Tawanna Bradley etc.)

  126. If anyone would like to know how something like this can happen and who caused it there’s a post up about it at this blog on consumer behavior.

  127. Very sad for the family to die in such a senseless manner. As Walmart has some very deep pockets, I am guessing there are some lawyers out there salivating.

  128. Here’s another fun Black Friday story … fight breaks out in Toys R Us, guns come out, two dead.

    On the bright side, that appears to have been a gang related thing and the two dead are the two who were doing the shooting, so I’m content to chalk that up to Darwinism in action.

    As for the stampede, I can’t help thinking about the Hajj.

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  130. you guys just need to focus on someone got broken bones and died. Would you want that to happen to you ?

  131. poor man its only black friday you don’t have to literally kill a guy to get some stupid plasma screen.whoever ran over him you will feel guilty for the rest of your life. so just remember person not plasma