June 16, 2008

Monday Morning Liars [Dan Collins]

VDH rips Pat Buchanan a new orifice, employing a phalanx of facts.

Conservatives (not Clinton supporters) to blame for Michelle Obama “whitey” tape rumors.

Bush lied; Jesus cried.

Posted by Dan Collins @ 8:06am

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  1. Peter Robinson’s new interview with Doug Feith reviews the debunking of the “Bush lied, people died” myth. Goes along with the LA Times piece. The video is up at National Review TV here: http://tv.nationalreview.com/uncommonknowledge/post/?q=ZjM2ZDU2ZWY4ZDI3ZmJmYTM4MzVlODE3MTQ2ODdjMGU=

  2. I saw Bob Beckel on FOX last night angrily decrying “crackers” and right-winger bloggers for spreading the whitey rumor. He was very angry that his words had been used to perpetuate the rumor when he was merely trying to, in his words, dispell the smear. Apparently he doesn’t realize this (or doesnt care) but the tape of his earlier appearance (June 3) is readily available on Youtube. Here is the transcript:

    There is one other thing I have to tell you about that worries me a little bit and that is because I always hear rumors, I hear thousands of them in the course of Presidential campaign but this one I heard from enough sources it worries me. I won’t get into details of what it is except to say that there is some thought that there might be a very big shoe dropping on Michelle Obama tomorrow, [Fox News infobabe attempts to interrupt – “wait a minute”]. Yeah, and I can’t tell you what it is because I don’t want to perpetuate the rumors. But I will tell you this. Whoever is promoting this thing is doing it in enough ways and in a very smart way that it gets to me in ways to get worried about it. Normally I don’t worry about these things. {Infobabe asks whether this means Hillary is sticking around to see what happens with rumor]. Beckel: No, because I think this, from my understanding is coming from the Republicans and he wanted to wait til he wrapped up the nomination.

    Beckel is as sleazy as Larry Johnson.

  3. A phalanx would create a mighty big orifice.

  4. Here is the clip of Beckel last night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hmPXvN7b-E

    You really have to see it to appreciate what a shameless whore he is.

  5. Peterargus
    “You really have to see it to appreciate…”

    On the contrary, I’ve known Beckel as a shameless Dem whore for over twenty years and would expect nothing less of him now than then.

  6. Michelle + Obama + whitey = 134,000 Google Hits

  7. This is the man, who ran Walter Mondale’s campaign, and unlike Pat Caddell; has learned nothing from such a ginormous loss. Is it really this surprising
    that he would try such a transparent stunt; or that
    the media would buy it.

  8. Pat Buchanan is a perverse old idiot.
    Hitler could be reasonsed with.
    Britain and France supporting an ally forced Hitler to invade Poland.

    Definte signs of idiocy, with terminal antisemitism and isolationism.

  9. Hanson’s smackdown of Buchanan was a joy to read. The world would be a much better place if ol’ Pat would finally just decide to hole up in a cabin in Idaho.

  10. I hope that tape really does exist – and wouldn’t be surprised if it does.

    The proggs are in full bloom, and with the drive by’s help, know that they can tell any lie they want to, and be unchallenged.

    It’s disgusting.

  11. Michelle + Obama + whitey = 134,000 Google Hits

    It must be true, then.