April 24, 2008

He'll be Wright back [Karl]

For the record (and to annoy trolls), Barack Obama’s spiritual adviser, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is coming home to roost Friday night on PBS.  Apparently, it took him a month to come up with “I was quoted out of context,” though he wasn’t, really.  Allahpundit is not sure — based on the preview — whether Wright is admitting that Obama’s condemnation of him is insincere.  Wright already went on record about this with the New York Times in April 2007:

“If Barack gets past the primary, he might have to publicly distance himself from me,” Mr. Wright said with a shrug. “I said it to Barack personally, and he said yeah, that might have to happen.”

But Obama has refused to disown Wright.  So far.  I’ll wait for the program to air before commenting further.

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  1. Asked his response to the senator’s speech, Wright said, “He’s a politician, I’m a pastor.”

    “I do what I do. He does what politicians do,” Wright said. “What happened in Philadelphia, where he had to respond to the sound bites, he responded as a politician.”

    Wright said he has never heard Obama repeat any of the pastor’s controversial statements as his own opinion. “No, no, no. Absolutely not,” Wright said.

  2. Eh, I might have checked Hot Air before posting the same quote, mightn’t I?

  3. Obama decided, before he made that race speech in Philadelphia, that he could never disown Wright. No matter what, Obama would still have to account for sitting there in that hate spewer’s church for 20 years! Since St. Obama could never admit he stayed at Trinity for street cred and political gain, “standing by his man” at least kept him in the good graces of his black constituentcy.

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  5. “I do what I do. He does what politicians do.”

    That is one heck of an endorsement for a campaign based on changing the old paradigms. You know, if we didn’t have this now, all we would have are the Stanley Cup playoffs. So here is to multiple forms of entertainment!

  6. You know, if old George Washington Plunkett could be called back to just add commentary to this, it would be so informative!

  7. Wright is a nasty piece of shit. Bill Moyers will gladly dignify this fucktard though and hah you get to pay for it.

  8. Allahpundit might could maybe figure out that this has nothing to do with Wright saying anything at all but just an opportunity for Moyers and Wright to speak in calm really quite reasonable and respectful tones and generate some clips for fellow travelers to disseminate. Duh. Not everything is tea leaves.

  9. BE Done Obama! YOU Muslum! Go back to where it is you came from………..Your a RACISist!

  10. The key is down by the front door under a plantain leaf I think if anyone needs it.

  11. I think we need to find the sedatives, or a rolled up towel to shove in the mouth, before we look for the key, haps. But I could be wrong.

  12. where is gamera the one time you need her?

  13. – Susan Estritch sort of nailed it. Qoute:

    “[The] only thing that Rev Wright could do at this point, that would be at all helpful to Barack Ovana, would be to endorse Hillery Clinton. He needs to just be quiet until this election cycle is over.” unquote….

    – Apparently thats not going to happen. Wright has to know his every public utterance just shovels more manure on Obama’s chances, which leads one to wonder what his game is unless hes pissed at Obama’s rejection of his message , and has decided to trade his young apostle for street cred in his clan cult.

    – Which, in a very real way, would be an indirect endorsement of Hillery after all, but in a manner that does maximum damage to the Obamamessiah.

  14. Bill Moyers? I’d watch but I’m afraid my head would fuckin’ explode. I have no weed, and I don’t think there’s enough vodka to make that conversation funny.

    I’ll have to depend on Karl (again) for a thorough fisking.

  15. Ugh. Unless he does a mea culpa on the scale of Robert K. Byrd or George Wallace, this is going to suck for us Obamabots. And since he is saying his words were taken out of context, it doesn’t sound like he is going to be all that contrite.

    This is only going to confuse the people who still think he is a Muslim. They are going to wonder why Obama was sitting in a church for 20 years, and how did he squeeze that into his busy Islamofascist schedule?

  16. – Lisa. Question. What, in your view, does Wright have to gain by going this route. Is Trinity so partisan they’d even nail one of their own rather than be conciliatory?

  17. #17: I don’t know. Perhaps they just don’t give a flying fuck. Church and politics are not SUPPOSED go together. So I guess if it came down to defending their philosophy vs. protecting a politician (who happened to be a parishoner) they would do the biblical thing and choose God over principalities or mammon or whatever.

    Who knows. All I know is that Obama is WISHING he was a fucking Muslim right about now.

  18. Wright is about the righteousness of Wright and all he gives a fuck about is his ego. He could easily do Obama a huge favor and just STFU for 6 months or so, but he’s not gonna because goddamit, he’s the right Rev Wright and will not be silenced.

    All I know is that Obama is WISHING he was a fucking Muslim right about now.

    LOL. That’s close enough to true, ain’t it?

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  20. Church and politics are not SUPPOSED go together

    However, the opposite is the case at TUCC. Baracky found it a melding of the religion and political, where one informs the other.

  21. True enough, Pablo. He is a man of great and overweaning douchery. There are a lot of blowhards like this in the Black American Christian community. I see their jackassy faces on countless books in the “inspirational” section at big box stores and chain bookstores. Maybe Wright’s unpleasant time in the spotlight might make some of these people think about what they say and write. Getting a bunch of amens doesn’t negate the stupidity of what you are saying.

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