October 20, 2007

Fighting the Power [Dan Collins]

Lefty hero beans Abercrombie salesgirl with brick, wins friends, influences people, sticks it to The Man.

Breitbart again. I mean, I like Pajamas Media, but I just don’t see how they’re going to match the visuals.

Root cause creates troublesome situation. (h/t Reynolds)

Ah! The creature is signified by the tag, Liz Stephans.

Liz Stephans came to journalism after years of experience in Washington, DC where she ran constituent communications and web operations for a US Senator.
Prior to Breitbart she worked at the ABC News affiliate in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she was an Associate Producer before taking a web editing position for Internet Broadcasting at the station.

She has an Honors Baccalaurete in Spanish from Virginia Tech and a Master’s Degree in Media and Public Affairs from The George Washington University.

Ah, yes! Those US Senators have keen eyes for talent.

Posted by Dan Collins @ 3:51pm

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  1. It drives me nuts when they call these thugs “protesters”. None of them could tell you the first fucking thing about international finance, they are goons and vandals and they need to be treated that way. The right to free speech and peaceable assembly does not allow this behavior.

  2. This thing in Louisiana where those awful Republicans are going to take the governorship from those nice Democrats is not getting a lot of attention it seems.

  3. I like Bobby Jindal. A lot.

    Can we get a demonstration together to lob some rocks through Ben & Jerry’s corporate office windows?

  4. Ben & Jerry sold out I thought to like the Dutch or something.

  5. But we can still throw rocks.

  6. Maybe throwing a brick in Gaza makes you a protester, but throwing a brick in America makes you a criminal. Or it damned sure ought to. Throwing a brick and hitting an innocent bystander should make you eligible to be tried for assault with a deadly weapon and a prison sentence of 5+ years, at least in my book. B Moe is right. These are just punks looking for a chaotic stage in which to display their loser-in-life rage under the philisophical cover of civil disobedience.

  7. He hit an Abercrombie sales girl, not an innocent bystander though.

  8. Yep, Unilever. I guess we’ll have to pick an easier, more reliable southpaw target…maybe something in the MSM.

  9. She was a little Eichmann.

  10. A sporty yet fashionably casual little Eichmann.

  11. This kind of crap is why I was pissed that Denver lobbied so hard to get the Democratic convention next year–the chances of similar ass-helmets like these causing havoc are quite high. Fortunately, Denver’s police have a great deal of experience dealing with riots from sports championships the last few years, so hopefully the tear gas will be, er, “liberally” used.

  12. Yeah, I’d bet my interntional bank account, the girl was a target.

  13. fark it. That’s what I get for not giving the Swiss proper credit.

  14. She was a greedy corporate meangirl, after all, who has no right to show off her satiny, saucy midriff at boys she won’t go out with.

  15. Target? I thought she worked at Abercrom — oh, never mind.

  16. Maybe the girl is supposed to obey some protestor etiquette here and pass the assault on. You know, clang her manager in the noggin with a brick, who beans his district manager, etc. Pretty soon the masonry’s flying around at corporate and The Man gets his.

  17. Am I the only one worried that she’s getting rust all over the back of what looks like a kind of expensive sweatery thing?

  18. hf–Yeah, probably.
    But she’s from Pittsburgh. Just pour a little naval jelly in during the soak cycle.

  19. happyfeet evidently has an unusually tight anal sphincter

  20. “Maybe the girl is supposed to obey some protestor etiquette here and pass the assault on.”

    Pay it forward?

  21. I remember this book I had to read once on advertising that talked about a campaign for refrigerators where the lady in the commercial *left the refrigerator door open* and evidently it drove some percentage of the audience nuts on some level, making the campaign ineffective. It’s more of a thing where if I saw her like that for real I would be like hey be careful is all. Rust stains are … you know what? Nevermind.

  22. Not that it does anything to excuse this asshat, but I just can’t bring myself to call that store Abercrombie and Fitch. Ubercrappy and Felch is more like it. Abercrombie and Fitch is where my great-grandfather bought shotguns and hip waders. The same thing has happened to Eddie Bauer.

  23. Maybe she used Scotchguard or something.

  24. Crazies. The face of the Democrat partay!

  25. also. Way to when over the youth vote you NUTSO CRAZIES!
    Seriously, David Crosby and US Soldiers going after sisters and moms. Crosby fans going after their own sisters and brothers. Nice…You NUTSO CRAZY DEMOCRAT PARTY!

    I’m a little hyperbolic right now.

    Incidentially, can’t comment on Freespeech.com — http://www.freespeech.com/?p=540

    But after reading the email threats and comments of Chuck Adkins, and that his mom woke him up in the basement to take a phone call…I am convinced Chuck is really Larry C. Johnson. All criteria met.

    Basement/Mom? Check

    Profanity laced ad homs in place of intelligent response? Check

    Threats to unleash his “inside” federally employed thugs? Check

  26. Way to win!! over the youth group…

  27. I prefer to call the place Half Naked & Fitch.

    Or, if you prefer, Abercrombie and I’ve Got No Clothes On.

  28. I wish those nutjobs would come down to Texas and try that. We have laws on the books that allow the use of deadly force to defend ourselves and others, with no duty to retreat, so some moonbat might become shot. Oh wait….

    Anybody else remember a few years ago when the WTO summit was held in Shanghai and they were frantically reminding each other that China didn’t put up with their sh*t, stay away? Who’s the chicken now, scumbags?

  29. I’m putting together a mostly peaceful protest against my local bank. They’ve go way more money than I do. Who’s with me? I’m going to need a very fast protest vehicle.

  30. We used to shoot looters on sight. Then the race baiters discovered that more blacks than whites rioted, so now we don’t do that anymore. That sets the stage for “riots are OK, the cops do nothing”.

    Then just as liberals want women to act more like men, they want whites to act more like blacks. When I see these yuppie-leftists riots, I have to think that they are succeeding there too.

    Rioters should be shot. Looters should be shot.

    If there is ever real need for revolution in this country, it will come from serious dudes with serious rifles, not asshat liberals with their signs, bricks and opportunistic looting.

  31. I prefer to call the place Half Naked & Fitch.

    The name I came up for them back in 2002 wasn’t very clever, but I was still trying to wrap my mind around the idea of marketing thong underwear to third-graders.

  32. Congrats on the instalink!

    Hitting people with bricks is a misdemeanor in this country, just ask Reginald Denny.

  33. They should hold these conventions in Detroit. The Detroit Police Department and the Wayne County Sheriffs know all of the proper greetings for protestors like that.

    Welcome to the Wayne County Jail, 36th District Court, and the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, Sunshine.

  34. Oh, and Detroit Receiving Hospital.

  35. I support cloning for one reason – to clone Frank Rizzo and show how riotous protestors and miscreants are to be dealt with.

    I love the sound of cocobolo on pasty, greasy hippie flesh.