September 11, 2007

The Amazing Spectacle of Moral Relativism

Via Hot Air and the Radio Equalizer, here’s Mass Gov Deval Patrick on the message of 911:

Among many other things, 9/11 was a failure of human understanding […] It was a mean and nasty and bitter attack on the United States. But it was also a failure of human beings to understand each other, to learn to love each other.

Well, okay. But in fairness to those 3000 people who died in the WTC attacks, they were never given the choice between “send al Qaeda some flowers and a box of chocolate covered cherries” and “death by immolation or grudging 100 story swan dive.”

But that’s just nitpicking, I guess. You know — jihadis are from Mars, ordinary Americans going to work on a sunny September morning with no thought in the world of Islamic fundamentalism or some freakishly tall bearded fanatic’s dreams of reestablishing the Caliphate and forcing Muslim rule across the globe, they’re from Venus.

Notes Allah:

They won’t judge, not even on 9/11.

Sure. But in their defense, it was an Islamist thing. We wouldn’t understand…

Posted by Jeff G. @ 6:39pm

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  1. I question the timing. Seriously.

  2. All you need is love, man. Oh, and a tax increase or three.

  3. Ooooh, oooh, I can play too. Here goes:

    The . . . Holocaust . . . was a failure of human understanding.

    What do I win. (I hope some pie?)

  4. “mean, nasty, and bitter.”

    For approximately the 4,359th time: The correct term in English is “evil.”

    But that would mean we are being judgmental of misogynistic (real stuff, not what passes for it in Women’s Studies Departments) murderers who would gladly throw us all into a new Dark Age.

    P.S.: Is it something in the water in Massachusetts? I mean those people actually gave electoral votes to George McGovern. No, really–I looked it up.

  5. Sure. But in their defense, it was an Islamist thing. We wouldn’t understand…

    But of course, we so damn well understand they can’t handle democracy.

    May the Left burn.

  6. May the Left burn.

    They will. But not, sadly, before seeing that civilization does, too.

  7. I guess I’ll write the words to Todd Rundgren’s Love is the Answer on my helmet cover.

  8. Sure they want to kill us, but that doesn’t make them bad people.

  9. This was the most beautiful post I’ve ever read. In fairness.

  10. Not a bad idea, Major John, because, you know, when the Left isn’t speaking truth to power by the most heinous means possible, it’s so all about the benefits of turning the other cheek.

    Especially on somebody else’s life.


  11. “mean and nasty”

    No, when my daughter punches her little brother, that’s mean and nasty. When religious fanatics fly airplanes into buildings and slaughter three thousand innocent people, that’s EVIL.

  12. Great post over at Michelle Malkin’s blog, with video. In Brussels, a peaceful rally to commemorate the 9/11 attacks, and protest lenient EU policies toward militant Islamists was denied a permit. The rally proceeded anyway, and the video shows participants being rounded up by the police as they try to give speeches and interviews to the media.

  13. I think Deval Patrick was speaking from a specifically black and specifically Christian perspective. After all, one of the fundamental values of Jesus was to love your enemy. For Christians, of course, the primary example of loving one’s enemy would be Jesus’ own love for the humanity as he was being crucified. In the same way, black thinkers from Boston King in the 1790’s through Frederick Douglass and MLK have written about extending their love to the whites who oppress them. Why it would seem strange for Patrick to look at the bin Laden problem through the lens of love?

  14. the bin Laden problem ? ….

  15. I know some black guys who will be very surprised to find out that this is their perspective. I’ll try to break the news to them gently.

  16. Why wouldn’t you look at the murder of 3000 Americans through the lens of love?

    But tell me Ric, what the fuck is the black perspective on 9/11? In a hundred or less words.

  17. Well, there’s your problem, Ric. You shouldn’t be speaking from a specifically black and specifically Christian perspective in the context of this.

    And, as I tried to make clear in my post, it’s a false piety. Those people who died on 911 weren’t given the opportunity to understand the other, or learn to love him. And the people who launched the attacks? Seem to have made up their minds.

  18. Why it would seem strange for Patrick to look at the bin Laden problem through the lens of love?

    It isn’t strange. It’s perverse. It was always perverse. From the day Jesus said it until to today, it has always been a perverse philosophy.

  19. “…black thinkers from Boston King in the 1790’s through Frederick Douglass and MLK have written about extending their love to the whites who oppress them. Why it would seem strange for Patrick to look at the bin Laden problem through the lens of love?”

    So now Osama is a white opressor who seeks to what…exactly? Keep Deval from eating at a Islamabad lunch counter? Force him to drink from an “infidels only” drinking fountain? Yeah, let’s see how well passive resistance and turning the other cheek works with head choppers. You go first Ric.

  20. Massuchetts? 7/18/69 – Google It People!

  21. Major John,

    Would All You Need Is Love (and a few Daisy Cutters) work better?

  22. The “liberals”? Oh they JUDGE all the time. No fact finding allowed, but plenty of judgementalism.

  23. great link topsecretk9, thanks. my favorite line:

    To naïve observers, fresh leadership, a different military strategy and more boots on the ground bore all the sinister markings of a change in course. Fortunately, the new Majority Party was not deceived by such cynical and calculated attempts at appeasement.

  24. For a professor, Mr. Caric knows next to nothing about the civil rights movement.

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  26. He certainly does Frederick Douglas a wrong by associating him with “turn the other cheek” pacifism. Douglas’s journey into freedom started when he refused to turn the other cheek and fought back against a white man who tried to beat him. He was also an ardent supporter of the war against the South. That he could have pity for those whites who were invested in a system that corrupted their better natures does not mean that he was prepared to forgive them, much less the ones who had no better natures and revelled in the power they wielded over their chattel.

  27. I have to agree that it was “a failure of human understanding…”
    But on their part, not ours.
    They failed to understand that if they, by their own choice alone, refuse to live peaceably with the other inhabitants of this planet, we will be courteous enough to eradicate them so that neither of us are inconvienienced.
    That’s the “islamist thing”

  28. Prof. Caricature is taking his nickname to heart.


  29. Judge not, lest ye be judged judgmental, as Florence King once said.

    But let this be the undertrack to the governor’s treacly comments. There. I’ve got all of you beat, in the musical nausea department!

  30. “Why it would seem strange for Patrick to look at the bin Laden problem through the lens of love?”

    That would be because bin Laden wants to kill Patrick.

    And his family.

    And all the members of his religion.

    “Anyone who clings to the historically untrue–and thoroughly immoral– doctrine that ‘violence never solves anything’ I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The Ghost of Hitler could referee, and the jury might well be the Dodo, the Great Auk, and the Passenger Pigeon. Violence, naked force, has settled more disputes in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedoms.”

    -Robert Heinlein

  31. As a Christian I must say that Ric Caric seems to be a bit full of shit. Or maybe a lot. I’m too full of love to exactly measure–that would be judging.

  32. For a professor, Mr. Caric knows next to nothing about the civil rights movement.

    For a preacher of Trutherism, Rev. Caric apparently knows next to nothing about the Christian prophet’s point of view, a feature that if not exactly surprising, fails to instill the desired conviction to listen to a thing he has to say.

    Because Jesus drove a microbus, man. And because I’m a dependent student at a third rate community college.

    That failure to convince also being, come to think of it, not exactly surprising.

  33. And even Jesus said that there would be time for the sword.

    Christianity is not particularly pacifist. A Christian may be motivated to die for others, but the pacifist will sacrifice others.

    As for the original quote… it’s true enough if read from the perspective that radical Islam not only failed to love and understand others, it doesn’t even include the concept.

  34. I can turn my own cheek. I can’t turn anyone else’s.

  35. In fact, Christianity has never been passive or pacifist. There have always been the odd sect that went to that extreme but they never last for long. (Every now and then they get a few of the “free love in the commune” sorts as well. They don’t last long either.)

    “Love your enemy” doesn’t mean not to kill him dead.

    It just means not to hate. “Vengeance is mine says the Lord” (or is that OT) doesn’t mean not to fight, just not to be consumed with the need for vengeance. The Centurion was not told to give up his profession.

  36. Zelda, well put.

  37. See, this is why I love being a Mormon. From Alma 43, a clear mandate:

    45 Nevertheless, the Nephites were inspired by a better cause, for they were not fighting for monarchy nor power but they were fighting for their homes and their liberties, their wives and their children, and their all, yea, for their rites of worship and their church.

    46 And they were doing that which they felt was the duty which they owed to their God; for the Lord had said unto them, and also unto their fathers, that: Inasmuch as ye are not guilty of the first offense, neither the second, ye shall not suffer yourselves to be slain by the hands of your enemies.

    47 And again, the Lord has said that: Ye shall defend your families even unto bloodshed. Therefore for this cause were the Nephites contending with the Lamanites, to defend themselves, and their families, and their lands, their country, and their rights, and their religion.

  38. For a professor, Mr. Caric knows next to nothing about the civil rights movement.

    Or black people in general (real ones, I mean).

  39. So if I were to decide that I’m tired of sending 5.3% of everything I make to the Commonwealth, Gov. Patrick would look at it through the lens of love rather than the lens of drag the bastard off to BSCC for 5 years? Reassuring!

  40. To learn to love each other? I’ll bet there were plenty of people that died that day that had absolutely no negative feelings towards muslims in general, or had heard of AlQaeda specifically. I’m guessing they knew how to love.

    As for the hijackers, they did have a chance to learn to love, even love Americans. Remember the stories of the hijackers in Florida and/or Phoenix that had been taken in by American families, giving them food and shelter and even paying some of their bills? They had lived in America, and experienced American kindness and even love…they just didn’t care. You can’t make someone love you.

  41. Caric’s limited understanding of the civil right movement is only exceeded by his lack of understanding of Christianity.

    “let him who has no sword sell his mantle and buy one” (Luke 22:36) and “blessed are the peacemakers” (Matthew 5:9)are not inherently contradictory. Taken together they present a somewhat nuanced standard for just war, one that accepts the use of violence in opposition to evil. And what better defines evil that the absence and denial of love inherent in violent jihad?

  42. – The Left believes that the whole “Jihadist” trope is a scam, childishly purile, and harmless, and therfore beneath them, and not worth the sacrifice as so much as a hangnail. I can understand their reasoning.

    – I can also understand how that usefull train of thought might be proficious when you’re scared shitless.

    – The real evil of the copperheads is that their self-serving bullshit always ends up getting even more people killed. Not usually them though, you may notice.

    – One case we already know about. Bushes reticence to mount the proper number of boots on the ground in the first place by a factor of 2 or 3, I believe, was largely due to his concerns about animating the Left as little as possible. A lot of good minds told him to go in with a large enough force to immediately passify the locals, and limit sectarian insurgency/violance, and control the borders, but he threw the political dice the other way. How much faster might we have moved this war along. How many fewer troop deaths, or Iraqi’s themselves for that matter. The “surge” has already proven that point beyond doubt, because it still isn’t enough to really lock down the country, and yet the imams are tettering on, or actually acting on, switching alliegences, even with this weaker version of controlling the conflict. Putting an insufficient force that basically sat in the green zone, while roaming bands of random militia played tattoo on the populace was short-sighted in the extreme. Maybe not all caused by the worries of Left-wing reactions, but certainly that has been a factor from the very beggining.

    – The other one we may have to witness, if the far left “Gawd lets get out” screeching pushes the Congreesliers off the edge. If we left, every Sunni the Iranian driven insurgency could get its hands on, as it moved into basically take over the entire country, would be slaughtered. That could run into the millions, depending on how many could escape before the killing began. The Kurds would be next, and so forth. A massive pile of dead bodies you could lay directly at the feet of the Leftist morons, echos of PolPot. But who cares. It would be “over there”, plus they can go on blaming it all on Bush.

    – Besides, the Left knows they’re toast if they can’t get Iraq into the resolved column by ’08. They assume most of the killing would die down by the time elections roll around. This from the touchy-feely party of “caring”. Nice huh.

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  44. look at the bin Laden problem through the lens of love?

    I’m sure I can’t be the only who would prefer to see the bin Laden problem through a different lens…

  45. Blessed are the peacemakers.
    But Jesus never makes peace just becauuse. He never capitulates to the Pharisees just to all get along.
    Another way to look at Jesus is to look at the stories he tells.
    Why does Jesus in his parables assume a King has an army that is ready and trained to go out and administer justice? Jesus doesn’t criticize the warrior class. He heals on behalf of the centurion without any of the lecturing and posturing we saw today. No, “put your weapons down” or “stop oppressing the people”. Nope. “You have great faith, consider it done”
    Christians are forced into embracing ALL of Jesus. If he was the kindest man, he was also the fiercest… characterizing the crucifiction as pacifism in the course of sacrifice would be correct insofar as Jesus did not want to resist his calling.
    The rest of the Bible characterizes Jesus’ sacrifice in a way that looks a lot like the scene from the Lord of the Rings trilogy where Gandalf stands in the gap yelling “you shall not pass” and then fights his way through the depths of earth (the Bible is where Tolkien got the idea)

  46. Wasn’t Deval Patrick in Clinton’s Justice department and part of the Jamie Gorelick cabal that argued for the wall between CIA and FBI? Or is my memory wrong?

  47. Yes, Gov. Patrick called the events of 9/11 “mean and nasty,” but I understand he later took a firm stance, insisting that Osama bin Laden be “grounded for a week without TV, video games, or dessert.”

    That’ll lean him not to be such a doody head.

  48. “I think Deval Patrick was speaking from a specifically black and specifically Christian perspective.”

    -Ric Caric

    Musn’t ever forget to take color of skin into account when assigning stereotypes. To not point out his blackness would be disgustingly racist. Don Rickles might have never landed the C.P.O. Sharkey gig if he’d’ve followed this line of thinking. And a much poorer world this would be.

  49. “For Christians, of course, the primary example of loving one’s enemy would be Jesus’ own love for the humanity as he was being crucified.”

    Jesus considered humanity his enemy? The womyn, too, perfesser? Or just Teh Partriarchy? I also find it interesting how you raach for Christianity for guidance in foreign policy issues, yet condemn it on domestic and social issues, what is that H-word you pinheads love so much?

  50. 9/11 was an atrocity.

    But that can’t be said because atrocities are willful acts, not mistakes or errors.

  51. Caric: What in the world do you use for a brain?

  52. Isn’t the Peacemaker a bigass revolver or something?

    Caric handily forgot to mention, in the middle of his catechism here at pw, that he is a self-professed atheist.

  53. I guess poor Binny never got to sing Kumbaya in camp. Maybe Prof. Caric could find his way to Waziristan and teach them all the words. Take Gov Deval with you, please.

  54. When Joe Lieberman sounds sane, we’re all fucked.

    It’s in the Bible.

    (I have a cyanide capsule ready just in case Chuck Schumer ever makes any sense.)

  55. I think that Chuckie making sense actually means (a) you’ve already taken the capsule, and (b) it ain’t cyanide…

  56. (I have a cyanide capsule ready just in case Chuck Schumer ever makes any sense.)

    – You expect him to make sense AND do the right thing?…..Two miracles in one day…Not sure even Jesus ever accomplished that….

    – With the rise of the Left anti-God, heaven help us if peace comes to Israel for 7 years….

    – Third AQ tape to be released momentarily, preported to be a Call to arms rallying the troops….. This time from Abu…. Wasn’t that the name of the semian in Aladdin? …..”Tonight we dine Mustafah”….Chitter chitter chitter……

  57. Chucklehead making sense means you took the brown acid.

  58. I can literally feel Ardgaine’s head expand whenever some lefty strolls into the garden and spouts his unnuanced view of teh peaceful Jesus and his love of all humanity.

    Give me a freakin’ break! (Caric, not you Ards.)

    Ards and I have clashed before on this very topic (disagreement in the hive mind!! Alert!!!) Jesus was most definetly not preaching “bare your neck for the sword in all circumstances.” This is the unscholarly construct of the peace wing of Christianity that makes the very commitment of peace at all costs a sacred duty and divine imperative. It requires the rest of us Christofascists to ignore a legion of examples in Jesus’ ministry where he allowed and even encouraged resistance.

    Let’s talk about the moneylenders and the animal sellers in the Temple. Quakers and others tend to get uncomfortable with this story and they are not alone. Jesus packed up the “lense of love” and opened up a can of whup-ass on those guys. He knew that they were defrauding the worshippers, charging outragious prices for “spotless” animals and currency exchange.

    What often gets lost in the story is the single most pivitol element. In Mark, Jesus visits the Temple the day before the rampage. The point being that if violence is the only way, then be sure you have carefully considered the conseqences before embarking on that path. The idea that Jesus would have counseled anyone not to attempt to fight back against the depth of evil that is represented by radical jihadists is absurd.

    I can’t help very much the fact that some Christians chose to do narrow, unscholarly reading of “turn the other cheek.” Not can I help it if liberal state governors and leftist government professors demonstrate a grasp of Christainity that would be rejected by the average fourth grade sunday school student.

  59. Nor can I help it if my spelling is atrocious and my editing skills are worse.

    Mea culpa…

  60. “- Third AQ tape to be released momentarily, preported to be a Call to arms rallying the troops….. This time from Abu….”

    Did he do anything cool with his beard for this video tape? I think enough time has gone by to bring back the Don Johnson Miami Vice stubble. Or like that guy who answered the door to the Emerald City. Now that was a cool beard.

    Toe Tapper: Holiday by Nazereth

  61. For a guy who speaks about viewing through the lens of love, Dr. Caric’s blog seems to be mostly seething hatred of pretty much everyone who disagrees with him. Especially those who take the effort to pick apart his argument and show that they’re mostly made of straw.

    Methinks he needs to take his lens of love to Lenscrafters, and get a new prescription. Or just use some of those disposable wipes to clean the grease and hair away.

  62. Although I do have to say that his seething hatred is a bit more tightly closeted, so to speak, than that of Glenn Greenwald. Andrew Sullivan pretty much wears his as a party hat.

  63. Caric is a professed atheist, thus his statements about Gov. Patrick indicate that he feels that Patrick is a deluded fool. Yet, he feels that Gov. Patrick must be operating under this delusion. Why, is it because he is “black” (gosh, I hadn’t realized that) and simply can’t help himself?

  64. “jihadis are from Mars, ordinary Americans… they’re from Venus.”

    And Democrats are from Uranus.

  65. I think Deval Patrick was speaking from a specifically black and specifically Christian perspective.

    So professor, you are happy with an elected official using only his religion to temper his response to a purely public situation?

    What would the ACLU say?

  66. On Ophra today:

    …”Is offing your abusive hubby permissable when he makes you wear white pumps? – Sexual perversions in the bedrooms of America”…

    …Also “Hillery drops the other Hsu – Declares profiling respectable for vetting contributors backgrounds because – well shes a Democrat”…”Gore declares Nessie an environmental danger for spitting out Ford trucks with low millage”….”Edwards floats bill in Congress to add a power station to his 29,000 square foot log cabin”….”Chavez accuses the CIA of stealing his match-box toy car collection”….”Obama – ‘Experience is no substitute for my youthful “shoot from the hip” foreign policy approach’ “….”Rosie tells all, calling Barbara an old bitch, and reaffirning their tight friendship”….

    ….Check your local listings for times and stations….

  67. There are three seperate arguments that I cannot comprehend for the life of me in regards to jihadism and their useful idiot dupes.

    The first is the moral relativist. There are fundamental Christians, Jews, Hindus, Bhuddists, etc, that are just as bad as fundamentalist Muslims. Bullshit. Not on any level. Not in the frequency nor the volume of aggression and most especially, at least in regards to Christianity (I can only speak to this group as I am a member), in the true and actual message of their belief. The jihadis are following the muhammed’s original manual. Christians fighting in the name of Christ are NOT! The moral relativist proves what an ignoranat fool they truly are in this domain.

    The second canard is the Bush, and his foreign policy, has created more terrorists/jihadists. Again, bullshit. I can see that the battle in Iraq has stirred a hornets nest. Meaning these people were jihadists (read: terrorists) by virtue of their 7th century reading of their religion. However, Afghanistan has provided the same impetus for the closeted jihadist. And if you weren’t for going into Afghanistan and routing the taliban and al queda, then you’re just not very serious about things and it is better you keep with whatever it is you do, providing it has nothing to do with the protection of this country.

    The third turd belongs to the “they hate us soley because of our foreign policy” camp. Not because of what or whe are, but because of what we do in regards to the middle east. This again shows such a fundamental ignorance of islamic jihad it would be funny, if it weren’t so damn serious. It is kind of an amalgam of the first two groups. No, just because I want to end jihadism and I hate jihadists, doesn’t mean that I hate all Muslims. Not at all. I may even think that Islam is a complete joke of a religion, started by a lunatic. I do. But it doesn’t mean that I think less of so called Muslims who dis-avow jihadism and many of Muhammed’s deeds and actions (oh you know, the murdering of Infidels, the enslaving of infidels, the extortion of infidels, the rape of women). I am not sure if those people are ACTUAL Muslims, but if they want to call themselves Muslims, then so be it. I have been told countless times that I, as a Christian, worship a ghost in the sky. Or that Jesus was a nutcase. Guess what? I don’t care. That is there right to have those opinions. I just don’t share them and I peacefully coexist with them.

  68. OI:

    Well done. I’d be content not to ever hear again the idea that Eric Rudolph, Tim Mcvay and the Ayran Nation are prime examples of “the radical Christian threat.” I usually ask them to describe the “state support” that these ultra fringe “Christians” receive that allow them to do their “terrorizing.” Then I point out that these terribly threatening Christian radicals need to get on the stick because they are falling way behind on the American body count.

    Then the headache starts and I walk away.

  69. …[There] are three seperate arguments that I cannot comprehend for the life of me.

    – Any serious examination of the logically bankrupt postulates put forth by the Left immediately proves that, in general, they can’t comprehend them either. Hear the narrative, Feel the narrative, Be the narrative. All hype, no substance. Sort of an ideological Pyramid sceme for narrcisistic children.

  70. Hay Caric – Will Jesus and the lens of love be able to tell Russ Feingold when troops will stop dying?

    in a war …

    where the enemy shoot at them …

    Jesus? General? Someone?

  71. But Christians and Jews have radical facist/terrorists just like Mooslimans. Christian Amampour said so. Why would she make that up?

    Its must be that the Christian and Jewish terrorists are not as effective cause we never seem to hear of their suicide bombers or beheadings. Or maybe they dress up as mooslimans and do it in drag, so to speak.

  72. OTT:

    The Christian and Jewish terrorists are inept and lazy having been seduced and fattened by the materialistic consumerism of the decadent, capitalist, economically imperialist west.

    The jihadist musselman, on the other hand, is lean in third world poverty, clever in his low station, pure in his devotion to idealogy and supremely moral in his oppressed victimhood.

    That’s why they are far more efficient in killing people.

    I’m sure that one of our resident lefties can come up with a “phobia” that explains this disparity.

  73. The Spectacles of Moral Relativism. Those were in the 5th Harry Potter book, right?

  74. I’ll look at bin Laden through the lens of a Schmidt & Bender PM II LP scope attached to an M40A3 sniper rifle.

    But only so I can get a better look at the nifty patterns he made against the cave walls when he was aerosolized into a puff of pink mist.

  75. Well you came and you gave without taking
    but I sent you away, Osama
    well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
    And I need you today, Osama

  76. Feets…..I think you’ve lost it….

    – The “Why they do it” posting has been taken down…..Another playful example of “tag you’re hit”, hit and run braying Lefty propeganda….

  77. I’m ready to take a chance again…

  78. More… High School Bans American Flag … Cant pick and choose which flags are ok to display so they ban them all, including ours…

  79. 9/11 was not a failure of understanding.

    Bin Laden, et al., understand us perfectly, and hate us because of that understanding.

    They understand that infidels can improve their lot, improve the world, master natural phenomena, raise high buildings, design and manufacture dialysis machines, AK-47’s, Sony minicams, battle dress uniforms, Grundig microphones, and precision guided munitions. Bin Laden knows that, absent the infidel other, he’d be squatting in his cave dressed in yak-hair underwear burning dried cow dung to keep warm. Bin Laden knows the US President can fly into al Anbar while he, bin Laden, can only fly into a rage. He knows that his perfect Islam can only be inflicted on people at the point of a gun. He knows that Britney Spears is doing her pitiful thing while he’s getting none.

    Deval Patrick. Clinton appointee, right? Enough said, I reckon.

  80. “black thinker”

    Who says stuff like that?

  81. BTW, I was in Louisville recently, and visited the Muhammad Ali center.

    Not a single American flag in the entire place.

  82. – Question of the day: Are the Euro-fucks trying to force us into a military approach automatically, with their recent decision to pass on additional sanctions against Irans continuing nuclear development?

    – And a follow on question might be. When are we going to stop playing this game of carrying the water for the rest of our “allies” in this Islamic world threat?

    – You know, if Iran had a bomb today, it would be the Euro’s, aside from Israel, that would be in immediate danger, not us. Are the Euro-block leaders trying to be clever, or are they really that cowed and stupid.

  83. See the beauty of Caric’s “lens of blackness” is that it requires no thought. If Gov. Patrick would’ve said, “Kill all the damn Muzzies! Show them what happens when they disrespect America!” Caric would’ve pointed out that this should be understood to be part of the “black perspective” to lash out at those who oppress them. But instead of citing Douglass and MLK, he would’ve cited Malcolm X and Tookie.

  84. The perfesser never fails to unimpress.

    I was listening to NPR today and Robert Reich, Jimmy Carter,s secretary of labor was on touting his new book the gist of which seems to there ought to be some sort of no fault capitalism. I turned it off before I got any dumber. I thought I could hear the ghost of F.A. Hayak laughing.

  85. That was strange stuff – I heard Reich interviewed on Fresh Air [ http://www.npr*.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=14321590 ] yesterday on the NPR – he’s all about us being citizens instead of consumers. Or something. Global warming and labor unions are involved. I though I was listening but it was like skidding on ice – no traction.

    He has a blog. Today’s post starts “With the economy heading for recession…”

    Why is it when D’s are in power the definition of a recession is 2 consecutive quarters of negative growth, but when an R is in office, it doesn’t even take one? Sometimes I think the media isn’t really all that committed to providing objective economic assessments.

  86. Through the Lens of love.
    What more through the Lens of Love…

  87. I don’t have a Peacemaker. Would Jesus accept my Third Model Dragoon?

    The New Testament also advises us that if we know robbers are coming to our house, we should arm ourselves and our servants to defend ourselves…

  88. The perfesser never fails to unimpress.

    Yes…he’s rather fluffy, isn’t he? For all of his disdain for Jeff, his posts tend to consist mostly of rhetorical gesticulation combined with frequent instances of…I call this “if loathing you is wrong, I don’t want to be right”. Not all that much unlike me, probably, but I’m not staking out any intellectual turf, here.

  89. *Caric: What in the world do you use for a brain?*

    Answer : Baked Potato.

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