March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday predictions … [Darleen Click]

Not offering any because I know what I would like to see vs what I believe will actually happen.

Wonder how soon I can start drinking today?

Posted by Darleen @ 9:08am
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  1. Too late. The liquor store shelves are already empty.

  2. I would have recommended starting drinking last night.

  3. I hope and pray that Mr. Cruz does very well against Trumpey Magnus and Marcus Cicero, but too many of the states voting today have Open Primaries, which benefit the latter.

    Open Primaries are a major bug in the system [of course, one could argue that Primaries, in and of themselves, are because the system was created by Progressives]. Only members of a Party should be able to vote for who their nominee is – not members of the ‘opposition’ Party and not those not willing to declare.

    God, how I hate the Democratic* Century.

    *Both meanings.

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  5. ” The liquor store shelves are already empty. ”

    Check the baking aisle for vanilla extract.

  6. Screw it, I’m just going to go out into my yard this evening to eat mushrooms and lick toads until I get lucky. Or catch on fire.

  7. Sniffing a new pack of permanent markers now…

  8. Screw it, I’m just going to go out into my yard this evening to eat mushrooms and lick toads until I get lucky. Or catch on fire. – See more at:

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  9. Okay, quick pro tip, if you’re going to snort glue, don’t snort Elmer’s glue. Gonna be breathing through my mouth for a while.

  10. Okay my nose is clear now.

    Speaking of which these two oddly shaped things I have here in my hand which may or may not have been plugging my nostrils a minute ago would make lovely new earrings for Melissa Harris-Perry don’t you think?

  11. The results are in from Toad Lick, Tennessee. The winner is Hypnotoad.

  12. Greetings, palaeo et al:

    As we seem to have drifted away from politics, I feel that I can offer something useful.

    After-shave can thankfully be used internally and while the variety is more than sufficient the container size does seem to leave something to be desired.

  13. old spice on the rocks – tastey

  14. Kitty Dukakis liked her mouthwash on the rocks.

  15. LectricShave goes best with a shot of seltzer.

  16. I think I’m a go out to Style Switch BBQ & Beer and have me a Diablo Sandwich and a Doctah Peppa.

  17. My moment came after IA and NM… 2008. I cheered the Tea Party…then realized it was for 6 yr olds…

    After the hangover ended, I vowed never to drink the kool-aid again. I’ve been 3rd party since (we can party all the time because we were never going to lose – we aren’t playing).

    It is with great mirth that I watch millions that told me I was nuts in 2008 and 2012 mimic my words of 2008 and think they have hit upon some revelation.

    watching the GOP go boom….most fun I have had in 8 years.

  18. tracy

    if the GOP “go boom” then exactly what hope have you for a this country to stay an actual Constitutional Republic for more than a few more years?

    Will we have to go full Venezuela before actual Americans can get us back to the idea of America or will be just be a flash in history while we sink into Heinlein “bad luck”?

  19. Greetings:

    Me, I’m a Bay Rum and Coke kind of guy.

  20. I just got home from work… didn’t listen to news radio in office all day (set it to FM classic rock station)

    now contemplating a gin martini, 3 olives, or something with our pink-peppercorn-infused tequila…

    decisions decisions

  21. All glory to Hypnotrump.

    Anybody got a can of Sterno they’re not gonna drink?

  22. They did not have the turkey for the diablo sandwich so I just got some Thorndale sausage. My last decent meal before our political Fimbulvetr begins.

    I hope I can make a magical ring with a curse on it before I am killed by uncle history. Then my shade can haunt it and use it to corrupt a demigod or two so his girlfriend kills him and burns her father’s house down.

  23. Oh yeah, Christie did not sing but I think he may be the fat lady.

  24. On a topic I’ve mentioned before, at what part does the GOP get a clue and pivots away from the presidential campaign and doubles down – hell, triple-dog-dares down – on Senate, gubernatorial and House races?

    Would be very useful should the House get a sudden attack of intestinal fortitude and decides to, oh, say, file Articles. Or having a Senate that might actually hold the line with regards to nominations?

  25. Darleen: Stay? It hasn’t been a Constitutional Republic for decades. Roberts twisting the Constitution on Obamacare? The ramming of Obamacare ? Budgets? Obama uses it for toilet paper and the GOP offers more sheets.

    No…we won’t go Venezuela because a significant minority will fight….but it is not a majority (or even close to it). But we are frogs in a pot and right now people are sweating and the claim it is gov provided sauna experience isn’t cutting it.

    I see virtually nothing in the GOP that reflects Constitutional or Founding or even Christian principles.

    So, if it goes boom, one side or the other will have to back down….and accept fundamental change. I’m willing to roll the dice it will be the ones that DON’T have the guns…

  26. eCur

    I heartily concur … be it a Prez Trump or Hillary, we need 4 years of Congress flaying the executive branch back to its Constitutional powers and states finally standing up and saying Hell No.

  27. >My moment came after IA and NM… 2008. I cheered the Tea Party…then realized it was for 6 yr olds…<

    you go dingbat grrl!!&!!

  28. >we need 4 years of Congress flaying the executive branch back to its Constitutional powers and states finally standing up and saying Hell No.<

    good allan you're dense. hi mitchy and paul!!

  29. > states finally standing up and saying Hell No.<<

    exactly how do states do that?

  30. nr

    a lot of states refused to sign on and start a state-run Obamacare (which increased their medicare obligation) … something the Dems did NOT count on.

  31. praise Jesus Mr. Trump did really good

    lots of people out there still belieber we can make America great again!

    i’m so grateful to them

    it’s beautiful and hopeful and very exciting

    america in forward motion

    how long has it been since we seen anything like it

  32. Huey Long, 80 years ago.

  33. Or maybe even Alice Cooper, 44 years ago.

  34. Barak Obama, 8 years ago.

  35. Or this guy, every election year.

  36. Obama never thought America was ever great, much less she should be great again.

    I can’t wait to see who Trump picks for VP. I’m kinda pulling for Kasich now. I think he’d be a uniter. Still pulling for Cruz to be a SCJ.

  37. What Obama thought privately and what thoughts people projected onto him are two difference things. Thus it was a mere 8 years ago that we saw how “beautiful and hopeful and very exciting america in forward motion” could be.

    Also, isn’t moving America forward the name of a liberal PAC?

  38. Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server

    So, does that make him the next Vincent Foster, or the next Oliver North?

  39. Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server

    So, does that make him the next Vincent Foster, or the next Oliver North?

    Best if said staffer stayed away from small aircraft, hot tubs, nail guns and Mercedes-Benzes…

  40. On the other hand, this is the Obama justice department, so it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they immunized him before they knew what he would testify in the expectation that, like North, he’d take credit for all the wrong doing.

  41. Good point, Ernst.

    Like every other bit of effluvia that emanates from this Regime, this reeks of Mexican food offal.

  42. Obama said he wanted to transform America.

    But fuck it, you want to make false equivalency’s, knock yourself out.

  43. By all means, continue to deny the obvious parallels.

  44. A certain segment of Trump’s support base, never represented here as far as I know, liked to congratulate itself on the cleverness of the coinage “cuck.”

    If their man becomes president, within a year they will almost certainly regret said coinage. I for one intend to see to it.

  45. We hear it said that Ben Carson pulled out, only to wonder why he didn’t have the good sense just to use a prophylactic in the first place so’s to avoid that desultory outcome? Or was it come out?

    Splish-splash the grand ol’ party gal was takin’ a bath. Festive, ain’t she? Festooned too, sure, but she likes it like that. No blames.

    Ah well, they takes they’s choices they pays they’s chances.

  46. Springtime for Donald & Mellania.
    Winter for Christie and Reince
    Springtime for Orange skin and yuuge great deals!
    Come on grumpsters here’s your chance to join the Trumpsters in the T-step dance!

    Oh Springtime for the alt.right & their angeroos
    Nothing for Bernie or Hill
    Springtime for making great
    These much disunited states
    The press has be a mighty feisty shill!

  47. been

  48. alt-right? I thought they were the guys obsessed with calculating the market value of all the prostitutes practically giving it away for free –and whom they can’t afford to sleep with.

  49. Listen for Limbaugh correcting Cathy about heroic Cruz calling McConnell a liar — surely Limbaugh’s going to remind Cathy that her other hero Donald says Cruz is a low-life for that deed. Won’t he? He will, right? Or if not, what’s up with that?

  50. He just pointed out that the GOPe would rather split the party than unite behind Cruz to stop Trump, so lets not put Rush in the Trump cheerleading section.

  51. It’s not to put him in some cheerleading section I point it out Ernst, but simply to note the elision. He knows as much, and chooses not to mention it. Why? I dunno, whether it’s just to let Cathy off the hook or not to rub the remainders of his audience’s noses in it, or something else I haven’t thought of, I just don’t know. Still, it is not a new phenomenon with Limbaugh, despite his control of his own air.

  52. Ted Cruz sent out a tweet about March 2. Heck, I thought we weren’t allowed to celebrate TX-Independence Day or San Jacinto Day anymore, just May 5. Celebrating the defeat of Santa Anna is more racist & unfriendly and regressive than getting non-reusable plastic grocery bags for free with your order.

  53. Immunity for Witness in Hillary E-Mails Caper — So Is There a Grand Jury?

  54. Contrast the politician
    To he who is not
    The regulator of business
    And who gives it a shot

    Two sets of perspective
    One stacks the deck
    How many new rules
    Against investors they peck

    One plays the cards
    And bluffs the dealer
    But when the house loses
    They claim the winner a stealer

    So the outsider
    Deals himself in
    The racket of old
    Pretends it’s a sin

    You’ve always been in the game
    Playing both sides they lament
    Loath to recognize they’re blind
    How the player gets no comment

    Now he’s on
    The other side of the table
    It’s a game to pretend
    He’s always been able

    To place all bets
    As if there was no rules
    When we all know
    Laws are the tools

    Now we ask ourselves
    When we need to rebuild
    Hire the maker of tools
    Or the master of the users guild?

  55. Well, sure. But Kasich?

    Color me less than enthusiastic.

    As opposed to Petula Clark.

  56. Yeah, Kasich ruined it for me last night. I just can’t get behind a Gulf War III…

  57. Leaves me in a lurch. I want to like Rubio, but sorry, I hate that guy. Cruz needs to be on the Supreme Court. Carson…ahhh, Carson. Wonderful man, just can’t understand why he thinks he’s ready for the big leagues in politics.

    Someone that didn’t run for the top slot? I don’t have a feel for who Trump would draft. I gots lots of suggestions, but I have faith his ability to pick talent is superior to mine.

    I’m all on pins and needles…

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