February 12, 2016

“It feels good to be a Clinton” [Darleen Click]

Epic …

Posted by Darleen @ 7:53pm
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  1. A Well place Cruz missile!

    Keep Firing, Senator!!!

  2. ur defining epic down

  3. ted cruz can suck my formidable pikachu cock but he best use heidi’s fat mentally unstable goldy sacky whorelips to do it

    or i’m tellin mom

  4. fuck off, griefer

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  6. He hasn’t gotten over discovering that the woman he hates the most supports his idol, Benito Mousse-the-Weenie.

  7. We need to talk about Bernie Sander’s flair.

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  9. Happy VD to you and your redoutable yellow rod, mister trumpyfoot!

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