February 12, 2016

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge [Darleen Click]

The inspiration:


A story:


So handsome! He smiles, touching my cheek, familiar and thrilling. Husband, father of my children, I still blush like a young bride, never the plain “Fran” to him.

You were just in the next room, darling, but how I have missed you!

Gently, he pulls me up. There’s a moment of vertigo, but he wraps my arm around his, steadying me, stepping me toward the door.

One brief moment, I glance behind and see an old woman, the shell that once held me.

I smile up at him as light spills from the door, eager for the next chapter.


Now, your turn.

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  1. In seventh grade they had exchanged looks in class, but neither had been brave enough to speak up.

    He and his family moved away the next summer. He went to high school, got a job, joined the Navy, went to college, got married, had a family…

    She remained in their hometown, went straight to college after graduation, fell in love, became a wife and mother…

    Each forgot the other. Sort of.

    His son drove over an IED. His wife had a stroke. His elder daughter dances at Radio City and the youngest is a lawyer with the Justice Department.

    Her husband and both sons were on a jetliner on a brilliant autumn Tuesday.

    He went on a Caribbean cruise and saw her in the main dining room on the third day at sea. Now, on the first Valentine’s Day since rediscovering each other, he reaches into his jacket pocket for the ring.

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  4. Hilly and Bernie kiss and make up.

    Congratulations Mister and Missus President!

    In advance.

  5. she finally told him after 87 years that she’s a dyke

    he says yeah I could tell by how you gave head but i love your lasagna

  6. “We will manage. We always do.” He said it quietly as they stood outside the clinic. “My bad hip. Your failing kidneys. My bad ticker. Your bad eyes. My cancer. Your cancer.”

    “I will not be a burden to you.” She closed her eyes to stop the tears.

    “You could never be a burden. We will manage. Look, I hold your hand and you still excite me.”

    “John! Not in front of all these people!” She leaned into him.

    “Let them look.” He kissed her. “We will manage. We always do.”

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