February 5, 2016

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge [Darleen Click]

The inspiration:


A story:

“Sarah, meet your baby brother.”

She smiled at the small being at her side, loved him instantly, whispering to him “I’ll never let anything bad happen to you. Cross my heart!”

Sarah bravely protected him from closet monsters, later coaching him through algebra and offering him insight into the female brain (which confused him more than algebra).

Caught up in a life she refused to share, Sarah rarely called. Until tonight. From the hospital where the doors were locked and her wrists were bandaged.

He gently stroked her hair “I’ll never let anything bad happen to you. Cross my heart.”


Now, your turn.

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  3. “Shining star for you to see,
    What your life can truly be.”

    Godspeed, MW.

  4. “Well, I guess it’s finished, isn’t it? Finally.”

    “Genetically perfect. No recessive genes. No latent traits or congenital defects.” She paused with a heavy sigh. “Very likely the only two like them left in the galaxy.”

    Caleign just shook her head and smiled that sad, weary smile of hers. “You know that’s why we were sent here. The only reason we were allowed the technology we were. The Earth needs the seed stock to repopulate.”

    “I know. I know. Seal the capsule and start the cryo-stasis.”

    A hiss of gases, then sudden shocking cold.

    “Sleep well, Adam. Sleep well, Eve.”

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  6. No story, just wanna go “D’awwwww…..”


  7. Adios, Dan — and thanks for all the tunes.

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