January 29, 2016

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge [Darleen Click]

The inspiration:


A story:

Ferreting out and seeking the forbidden was something she had done, often recklessly, since her first memory. Part of her nature, her tutors, even her Key-yu, sought to strengthen it while teaching her to control and become wise in its use.

So there was no excuse of ignorance to why she came to this place, to giving in to the implacable call.

They knew too and they were rewarded by their patience.

She fled so fast she hadn’t time for self-recrimination, but she did mourn for the town the M’lak was destroying to punish her.

Mourned bitterly and plotted revenge.


Now, your turn.

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  1. “I told you to take down the Christmas lights!”

  2. ‘Saigon…shit…’

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  4. The EPA and the BLM both disputed who should take the blame. The DA considered indicting the trees. A fat scientist made a short video blog in which he laid the fault at the feet of a disastrous oxygen build up. A short clip of that short video ran on the national news.

    Another man who was not a scientist but had some reputation as following such things speculated that friction created by the movement of bears might be at fault. An aging former pop star ,who perhaps thought of herself as a current pop, star blamed an oil company.

  5. BLM Agent Frank, “I see our controlled burn in no longer controlled.” (heaves big sigh)

    BLM supervisor Angela, “Did you follow the usual protocol?”

    Frank: “Of Course.”

    Angela: “Remember, we cannot use the Hammonds as an excuse this year; they’re in jail.”

    Frank: “Crap!”

    Angela: “Didn’t you get the memo?”

    Frank: “No.”

    Angela: “This is why I’m a supervisor. I always have a list scapegoats, just in case.” (Hands Frank a typewritten list)

    Frank: “Thanks, Angela, you’re a career saver!”

    Angela: “Hey, just passing on institutional knowledge.” “Not my first rodeo.” “Speaking of rodeo, are we still on for tonight?” (winks)

    Frank: “Chaps, hat and rope?”

    Angela: “You do know how to please a gal.”

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