January 5, 2016

Senior Editor at HuffPo preciously brags she won’t read any book by :::gasp::: white people in 2016 [Darleen Click]

Because we all know the worth of any book is not in the ideas and how they are expressed, but in the melanin level, or gonads, of the author.

Posted by Darleen @ 12:30am

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  1. Yes, but when you have achieved the daunting task of grinding through the academic rigor required of getting a PhD in Pop Culture, is there really anything left for one to learn ?

  2. So there IS a twitter version of the “I’m with stupid” T-shirt!

  3. Not reading any HuffPo in 2016.

  4. That’s really internalizing “ignorance is bliss”!

  5. So much for “judge by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin”… oh wait, these types don’t have any character at all. No wonder they try to claim virtue via skin color.

  6. Can white people have anything to do with the book?

  7. I guess we’re supposed to believe she can read?

  8. So what would she do if Shaun King wrote a book?

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