January 1, 2016

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge [Darleen Click]

The inspiration:


A story:

Her rhythmic sweeping never ceased even as three tipsy-tangled revelers bumbled by. She grinned, hearing the dramatic sigh behind her.

“Why do you indulge in such stereotypes? A broom? Tonight?”

“As if you never noticed my fondness for play, mysteries … even puns.”

He shuddered, “Hmmph. As if this latest incarnation of calendaring is any less arbitrary.”

“Oh stop. What matters is what it marks … a chapter ending and hopes of new beginnings. Who’s being the old lady now?”

Dropping the broom, “she” changed, dissolving into the impossible glow of a galaxy’s star-choked center.

“Come, Gabriel. We are needed.”


Now, your turn.

Happy New Year!

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  2. Thanks to President Sanders’ disapproval of excessive choice in consumer products, all brooms now sold were required to be short, with uneven bristles.

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  4. speaking of consumer products

    hand lotion

    it helps i mean it’s not the answer to all your problems

    but still

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  6. Posts painted red in the head,middle white with naked bottoms. The 2 in the shade holler various insults and jibes at the sunny side Post.
    Sunny side Post has heard it all before.The jealousy, taunts and ridicule from shade bullies. I live closer to town. The benefit of
    childs play and tethered horse. I am guilty Post.
    I’ve also been pissed on by creatures,some to mark territory-some who stagger and aim. Urine that has seeped into my foundation, preventing my grassy foundation. Did u ever once think about that?
    I’m your older Post and I want respect!