December 30, 2015

Houston Mosque set on fire by … wait for it … Muslim attendee [Darleen Click]


… I ain’t holding my breath for an apology from CAIR or all the other Islamist apologists who used the San Bernardino terrorist attack as another exercise in handwringing over backlash that never came …

A Houston man has been arrested in connection with a suspected arson at a mosque on Christmas Day, but the motive for the crime remains a mystery, with the suspect maintaining he was a regular at the mosque.

A spokeswoman for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed that the suspect, 37-year-old Gary Nathaniel Moore of Houston, was arrested early Wednesday. Moore appeared in court at 7 a.m., spokeswoman Nicole Strong said, and bond was set at $100,000.

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  1. the negro helping out his bruthas in allan

  2. He obviously misunderstood the concept of Muslim backlash.

  3. To paraphrase Skipper the penguin from the end of the first Madagascar movie:

    “Just point and laugh, boys. Just point and laugh.”

  4. no he be helping the frontlash

  5. Could it be all the Muslim apologists keep harping about a backlash to condition us to not respond at all to Muslim aggression?

  6. Moore told investigators at the scene that he has attended the storefront mosque for five years, coming five times per day to pray seven days per week.

    MJ Khan, president of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, which operates the mosque, said he was unfamiliar with Moore.

    Khan said that although Moore had attended services at the mosque on Friday, he would not consider him a regular. He was also not a dues-paying member of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, according to Khan.

    I have no doubt that the guy in charge of the “Islamic Society of Greater Houston” is not on a first-name basis with every person who attends every one of the mosques in the “Greater Houston” area (although how many of them can there actually be, especially in Texas?), but did that reporter think to ask the guy who leads the prayers at this little “storefront mosque” whether HE was “familiar” with Moore? It’s not like this is a Joel Osteen or Billy Graham-sized congregation, after all.

    I also find it amusing that Moore claims to have been there more than 9,000 times (five times per day, seven days per week, 52 weeks per year, for five years – I did the math), yet isn’t considered a “regular” because he doesn’t pay “dues”. How would Khan know whether Moore paid any dues? Didn’t he just claim to not be familiar with the guy, yet he suddenly knows whether Moore had contributed to the mosque financially? Is one required to pay “dues” to an anonymous organization committee to be considered a regular attendee at a local “storefront mosque”? Isn’t just kicking in a few bucks every payday enough? (Although given that the guy claims to be there five times a day, every day, it is unlikely that he holds down regular employment.)

    How about to be considered a Muslim in general? I know about the Pillar that says that one should give to Charities, but does any charity count, or must it be through the mosque? Does one have to include one’s name, phone number, address, etc., on every bill dropped into the collection plate (assuming mosques have such things, rather than just a box with a slot on top, or small white envelopes within easy reach, so that one can give anonymously, that is)?

    Does this fellow Khan attend prayers at this storefront mosque? If not, then how can he be the judge of who is and is not a “regular” there? If he does, then either he is lying about not knowing Moore or Moore is lying about attending so often, which is something that can be checked out, one way or the other.

    Gee, if only there were an occupation where people got paid to ask these kinds of questions and tell the rest of us what the answers were. We could give it all kinds of special legal protections so that they could ask the really embarrassing questions – the kind that secretive groups don’t want the rest of us knowing about.

  7. Gee, if only there were an occupation where people got paid to ask these kinds of questions and tell the rest of us what the answers were.


  8. Gary changed after Thin Lizzy broke up.

  9. This just proves we need foriegn immigants Syrian refugees to do the jobs Americans won’t do.

  10. #SMOD2016 #SMOD2016 #SMOD2016 ohgodpleasepleaseplease #SMOD2016 #SMOD2016 #SMOD2016

  11. You do realize, I trust, that Sideshow Donald is SMOD in quasi-human form?

  12. I posted this on PW years ago, but since it’s so entertaining and relevant, some of you may get something out of it now.

    The Great Liberal Death Wish, by Malcolm Muggeridge:

  13. i still don’t get how slaughtering a bunch of pension piggy government worker trash counts as terrorism

  14. What the hell hf? Did you tell your employer they are much too generous and ask for less than they were offering?

    There is blame to be placed, but it’s kinda dumb to blame the workers punching a clock.

  15. i just didn’t feel terrorized after Mr. lee

    maybe it’s just me

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