August 24, 2014

British rapper possible murderer of James Foley [Darleen Click]

The unassimilated — because that would be culturally insensitive, imperialistic and just plain RAAAAACIST — chickens are roosting up a storm.

American and British intelligence officials are eyeing a British-born rapper as the militant who beheaded journalist James Foley.

A senior Western intelligence official told Fox News that 23-year-old London rapper Abdel Majed Abdel Bary is the suspect believed to be Foley’s executioner.

U.S. intelligence officials are not commenting publicly on the reports, but a well-placed source told Fox News that Bary’s Egyptian-born father was extradited from London to the United States in 2012 for his alleged connection to Usama bin Laden and the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa.

Bary traveled to Syria last year to fight with ISIS, the source said.

Of course, it’s not like America is immune from fielding ISIS terrorists either.

First revealed by Somali-American journalist Mukhtar Ibrahim in a report for MPR News, Muhumed is one of the latest wave of radicalized young Americans, targeted by ISIS terrorists promoting a chilling phenomenon that security experts have dubbed, ‘Jihad Cool.’

Rap videos, romanticized notions of revolution and adventure and first-hand accounts of the ‘fun’ of guerrilla war are the latest tactics used by militant recruiters as part of what experts have identified as an, ‘intensification of radicalization,’ both in the States and beyond. […]

A Congressional Research Center study into 18,130 entries in 2,112 online discussions from more than 15 Arabic language jihadist forums has recently revealed that ‘one fifth of all discussions include an explicit call for more terrorist attacks.

‘Overall two thirds of all discussions contain some form of call for our encouragement of terrorist attacks.’

Figures such as Abu Muhammad al Amriki (‘the American’) provide ‘inspirational’ footage in a bid to further the cause and swell numbers. ISIS fighter Al Amriki is one of the more high profile ‘American jihadist’ to have taken to the public stage. Online images of al Amriki abound, as pictures of him heavily armed and posing with his ‘brothers’ in Jihad vie for priority alongside videos of him fighting or proselytizing.

A video posted on YouTube in February shows him speaking in heavily accented English. Though it is not certain from where Abu Muhammad al Amriki originates, he claims to have lived in the States for 10 or 11 years before travelling to Syria and to have fought for the Al Nusrah Front, once affiliated with Al Qaeda, before becoming a jihadist for ISIS.

Not all cultures are equal. We cannot survive as a nation until we insist that our education system stop with the indoctrination of anti-Western Civilization cynicism and we demand assimilation into the American culture as an unconditional requirement of immigration.

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  1. What’s the occidental thing which specifically opposes the oriental despotism thing again? Something greeky, maybe?

  2. There’s holes in these boy’s souls. I’d suggest filling them with Higher Purpose, but such instillation is at this junct-ure well past optimal timing and to boot is now verboten.

    So, fill ’em with lead, or whatever substitute we deem environmentally friendly.

  3. Maybe fill ’em with shit A-10 pilots don’t say, or in the alternative, things that squirt out the business end of a Gau-8/A Avenger.

  4. I think I can get Higher Purpose FMJ at my local gun store.

  5. I gotta jaunt, but leave linking with this piece by Roger Kimball: Moral Idiocy on Parade

  6. Too impersonal. These pig’s anuses need to see eyeballs over a barrel, to know that what’s coming is exactly what they’ve earned. This one cut a man’s head off for kicks and giggles, so whatever happens as result needs to take time and be recognized for what it is.

    Is that wrong, and only serves to perpetuate violence for violence’s sake?

    What’s the proper responses to heinous murderers? Is there any useful soul left to salvage? Or is what he did only answered Unforgiven-style?

  7. So, a large increase of “workplace violence” is predicted?

  8. Connoisseurs of obtuse moral idiocy have long cherished The New York Times.

    Now there’s a succinct opening sentence.

  9. According to al-Shishani, ISIS has already declared war on the world and promises to “fight them until they accept our rule” under a new Islamic caliphate. Al-Shishani is a Chechen terrorist who converted to Islam while spending three years in prison for illegally harboring weapons. The terrorist was named commander of the northern sector of Syria by the ISIS in 2013, only to be named their military leader in June of 2014.

    In a recent interview with Australian talk show host Tom Elliott, al-Shishani promised to invade Iran when the ISIS in Iraq finish their goals. He also stated that their enemy is anyone who opposes Islam:

    “We will fight them. We will take their women. We will take their children. They have to come to Islam or they will get wiped out.”

    When al-Shishani was asked about the ISIS beheading videos and the crucifixions, the ISIL leader admitted the goal is to subjugate the entire world underneath the Islamic caliphate and that anyone might become a target:

    “Everybody who stands about us and makes trouble in our land. This is according to Sharia [and] God.”

    The talk show host then specifically asked the ISIS leader if Islam is a religion of peace. While al-Shishani did not specifically say “yes” or “no,” his actual answer was not exactly comforting:

    “It is the religion of prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. It is not the religion of the Western hippie who tries to be accepted by you.”

    But they’re not Islamic, so sez da prez, so BLTs all around.

  10. I would not pontificate about the horrors of torture or barbarity if I were to hear of some enterprising SAS man who happened to get close enough to jam a lit road flare up* the decapitator.

    *Either end.

  11. geoffb

    what the hell? And when the restaurant whines it isn’t about politics, you know it is.

    Hope the local community refuses to come in and buy food at such a dhimmi restaurant.

  12. gitmo gotta go

    chop chop food stamp

    you promised

  13. A splodeydope rap artist?

    I’m the kind of wad the li’l jihadis wanna be like
    I’ll be busting in your door, wearing a vest made of C-4

    I’ve been spending all my life
    Living for the virgins in paradise
    Been fomenting Mideast strife
    Living for the virgins in paradise
    Beating shit out of my wife
    Living for the virgins in paradise…

  14. Divine permission to wreak havoc, no limits, no holds barred?

    What more could a teenaged boy want?

  15. Ali G-Hadi?

  16. Serr8d wrote:

    What’s the proper responses to heinous murderers? Is there any useful soul left to salvage? Or is what he did only answered Unforgiven-style?

    Unforgiven-style, because we don’t have the time now to worry about their Souls.

  17. proggslam news

    Hollywood’s Jihad

  18. ISIL needs to be introduced to B-52’s all day every day for a month

  19. The lo-o-o-ove shack
    Is a little old place where
    We can get to-ge-ther



  20. Two (not mutually exclusive) thoughts on this:

    1. We should see the trend over the past few years of rappers and other hip-hop culture pushers towards militaristic camouflage and battle attire for what it is: a thinly veiled desire to wage war against western culture.

    2. Is there any doubt that WWIII has been going on for some time now, and that we’ve just had our heads buried too deeply to collectively realize it? We need to be ready, willing, and able to do what will need to be done, individually if necessary. There are no peaceful Muslims, just those who haven’t begun to fight outwardly yet.

  21. there’s oodles peaceful muslims

    oodles and oodles

    if you had to buy a cupcake for every peaceful muslim put there you would balk at the price tag let me tell you brother

  22. *out* there i mean not put there

    put there makes no effing sense

  23. oh that’s that anti-jew dyke rabbi weirdo

    new york lol

  24. The light footprint starting position.

  25. Come on over boys, we’d like playing with home-court advantage.

  26. >The light footprint starting position.<

    what fun for Hollywood’s Jihad

  27. there’s oodles [of] peaceful muslims

    The history of the world is the story of the few in control of the many.

    The few being those who are willing and able to do whatever it takes to get power, and the many being those who just wanna live their lives.

    Or did you miss the part where only 20% of the country self-identifies as liberal and 40% as conservative?

    If you want to assuage your conscience, should it be necessary to inflict a sea of glass on the region, killing the good ones might be the kindest thing, given who is ruling over them.

  28. what fun for Hollywood’s Jihad

    Pedro Almodóvar?

    Pervert and freak. He can be written off rather neatly.

  29. i don’t really care about the fern ones just our ones

  30. thank you for doing the [of] thing

  31. Playing the B-52’s music violates their civil rights. Bombing them for days takes their pride out and makes them doubt Allah.
    On the plus side they won’t be able to hear any music for a while in case they get stuck with McGehee’s playlist while in Gitmo

  32. I liked it better when rappers just killed each other.

  33. there’s oodles [of] peaceful muslims

    Alluding to facts not in evidence. The only “peaceful” muslim is a dead muslim.

    Their holy book commands them to convert us, kill us or enslave us – no “coexist” in their world.

  34. I guess we should not confuse peaceful with cowardice.

    I pretty much attribute my peaceful nature to my fear of death or great bodily injury.

  35. Scott, I don’t see anything in his comment about any of them being alive…

    Maybe he meant to stipulate, but maybe not.

  36. Their holy book commands them to convert us, kill us or enslave us – no “coexist” in their world.

    To be fair, our holy book commands us not to steal, and last I checked, a majority of my countrymen were taking a third of my paycheck every week.

    As to hf’s assertion, I’d like to remind him that there are very very many good cops, and yet that has never caused him a moment’s pause as he writes his colorful opinions of them. Sometimes I suspect that hf is not a serious commentator.

  37. He’s an abnormal tater. An odd spud.

  38. american cops are not good people they’re thuggy thuggy unionwhore pension piggies and wholly unaccountable

    they don’t add value

    and their stupidity is only surpassed by their arrogance

  39. my feeling is we need to abolish police unions, make all these uniformed fucks wear cameras at all times, and revisit this whole idea of qualified immunity

  40. >make all these uniformed fucks wear cameras at all times,<

    and that video is available to the public on request.

  41. Abolishing all public sector unions would be a congenial act toward the people, taking notice of their sovereignty, the very thing the people give away.

    Won’t happen though, will it?

  42. the guns of august news

    Tripoli Falls to Islamist Militias

  43. mr. governor scott walker is nothing but helpful in this regard

  44. Y’know, I like Gov. Walker on this question (saving the taxpayers money), but think he operates on a different theory (basically attacking through attrition, indirectly) from my own. I’d sooner see a more thoroughgoing, open and honest effort at persuasion based on our nominal classical liberal contractarian principles, aimed in the two-fold sense both on the practical line-upsaving grounds, but also to reestablish the proper relation of served and servant, thereby annihilating once for all this perverted relationship grown up in inattention to the truth.

  45. fucking autofill again — apologies– “lineup-saving” should have read ” money-saving”.

  46. I like Gov. Scott Walker because he wasn’t afraid to face down Union Thugs. A Mighty Set o’Balls he must possess to go up against that well-polished annihilation machine that collected monies from every Leftist organization in the nation, ‘Community Organized’ multiple thousands to fill the Wisconsin State Capitol for weeks, drum-circling and chanting and punching counter-protesters who dared to question their lying narratives and un-American neo-Commie motives.

    That, and what sdferr said.

  47. >mr. governor scott walker is nothing but helpful in this regard<

    one trick phony. mr open borders like his handlers reeces and pauly. the wi rethugs.

  48. If Gov. Scott Walker were to throw down for 2016, I’d definitely support his efforts.

    How’s about a Scott Walker – Ben Carson ticket? Either at the head of the line. Dr. Carson as the ‘brains’, Gov. Walker as the ‘muscle’. Against Hillary “Can’t EVAH! Wear a Blue Dress” Clinton and Elizabeth “Redskins Wannabe” Warren?

    Bring it!

  49. >How’s about a Scott Walker – Ben Carson ticket? <

    no thanks. rick perry 2016

  50. I’m pretty sure outlawing public unions is the only thing that has a hope of even beginning the job of turning our country back into a constitutional republic. Job one. The first step.

    Not electing so and so president. Not winning the senate and keeping the house. Not addressing judicial over reach, runaway spending, abolishing the IRS, or any of the other crap being bandied about. None of that means shit as long as the government sector can negotiate against the interests of the American people for ever more lucrative contracts.

    Nothing, NOTHING will halt, much less reverse, growth of the levitation government and control over the individual unless and until public sector unions are gone.

    That ain’t going to happen of course, it’s too entrenched and it’s too late, which is why I’m totally fatalistic about our future. We are fucked.

  51. >Nothing, NOTHING will halt, much less reverse, growth of the levitation government and control over the individual unless and until public sector unions are gone. <

    you could attack all of it but reeces pieces/pauly/scottwalker would say stop. with applaud from karlrove and the bush syndicate.

  52. “you could attack all of it but reeces pieces/pauly/scottwalker would say stop. with applaud from karlrove and the bush syndicate.”

    I’m sure that made sense in your head, but I can’t make heads nor tails of it…

  53. Scott Walker has a fine Union-busting pedigree. And he also beat every single thing LeftLibProggs threw at him (so far). While I do understand Rick Perry, recall he did lose already? He couldn’t get the nomination last time. Romney, of all people, beat him out.

    I want someone who hasn’t lost, who has won in the face of a hellish onslaught. I like fresh faces. As fresh as the whelp the Democrats threw at us in 2008, only not so…needing worshipping or seeking public love and attention as sustaining feedback.

    Scott Walker is a warhorse, proven, unbeaten. I like that in a potential candidate.

  54. Has anyone asked Gov. Walker about immigration lately?

  55. I like Cruz, but I could be persuaded to vote for Perry. I like his stand on immigration.

  56. I’ve been giving money to Walker, but Perry or Cruz would be acceptable too.