August 23, 2014

Most Transparent Administration EVAH!!: TSA admits lying about allowing illegal aliens to fly without valid identification [Darleen Click]

Houston, we have a problem …

HOUSTON, Texas — The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently penned a letter that confirmed what Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby reported back in July–the agency was allowing illegal immigrants to board planes using only Notice to Appear forms that they received after entering the U.S. illegally. The revelation directly contradicts the TSA’s previous allegations that Darby’s report was “completely wrong.” Reacting to the TSA’s letter, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert told Breitbart Texas that the agency’s handling of the situation are both “egregious” and “destructive.”

“The TSA serves under and is accountable to the Commander in Chief, and this egregious, destructive conduct by the Homeland Security Department and TSA puts Americans at grave risk,” Gohmert said. “Why do we have to undergo groping, thorough review of our photo ID’s, and long infernal lines while the TSA is figuratively closing it’s eyes and waving people with no regard for U.S. law right onto airplanes?”

The congressman continued, “Maybe the President didn’t hear SOUTHCOM Commander, Gen. John Kelly, both times he made clear in Congressional testimony that the criminal networks and terrorist organizations penetrating our southern border are a threat to the very existence of the United States. That includes being a threat to whatever golf course the President happens to be on at the time.”

Heck of a job, Barry!

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  1. This is so different than how respectable countries do things

  2. It occurred to me today there is no one in the statutory line of presidential succession who would be acceptable to any thinking U.S. citizen. And I say that well aware that finding any of them acceptable can be regarded as evidence that a U.S. citizen doesn’t think.

    Nor will putting the Senate in Establican hands this November change that — I don’t even know who the new Senate president pro tem would be, and he would be next after Biden and Boehner.

  3. On a guess (haven’t looked it up) I think it’s Hatch. which, I can’t even imagine him an executive. Just grossly ugly thoughts. What a fucked up country this is.

  4. And after the PPTotS would come JFnKerry and the rest of the Distinctly Criminal Class, Executive Branch Division.

  5. We’re well and truly fucked, McGehee…and, Goddamn-it, we deserve to be.

    [I’m off to take Mrs. B. to her favorite fancy restaurant in a limo town car for her birthday, where, with the help of some single-barrel bourbon (at $10 a shot), I’ll forget about it all for a few hours.]

  6. This is so different than how respectable countries do things

    So we’re at the level of 95% of the world, then.

    Yay us.

  7. I think it’s Hatch.

    If global warming were real, it would open up a bunch of land in Antarctica, Siberia, and Canada, where we could set up a new country without people like Hatch, Graham, and McCain.

    But it’s not, so we’re stuck with it.

  8. Orrin Hatch ran for president once

    that always cracks me up

  9. orinhatch as a concept is interesting. in reality just like a harry reid wong

  10. If I lived in Utah I would go to bars often during certain election years, order cheap Scotch, wait for one of his campaign ads, yell “Down the hatch!” and slam the shot.

  11. Single barrel bourbon !!!
    Whooo Hooo!!!

  12. All of this should be documented and kept close track of,.
    So that when- not if- murders or acts of terror are committed by some of these people who were waved through, it should be pointed out and screamed from the mountain tops.

  13. ‘Whooo-Hooo’, indeed.

  14. – A Harry Reid wrong is problematical because Harry can’t keep his Wongs straight.

    – In other identity politics news – No matter what race of Feminist you’re talking about they always make their case with class.

  15. Hey, at least a feminist isn’t shitting on the US flag… for a change.

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